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Wall Street's Bullish On Democrats

"Follow the money," specifically the amount of it pouring into presidential candidates' coffers from Wall Street, was longshot Democratic presidential candidate Mike Gravel's mantra during last night's presidential debate. A check of the finance reports shows Wall Street is indeed playing a major role in financing several of the Democratic candidates. The securities and investment sectors have plowed $3.3 million into Sen. Hillary Clinton's account, and put $3.1 million behind Sen. Barack Obama, according to this review by the Center for Responsive Politics. Both are out-gunning Republicans Rudolph Giuliani and Mitt Romney on Wall Street.

Even more money is flowing to the top Democrats from hedge funds and private equity firms. As for Gravel, he had a reason to feel sore. His take from Wall Street? $3,500.

--Matthew Mosk

Posted at 10:14 AM ET on Jul 24, 2007  | Category:  The Green Zone
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'Follow the money' is about right. Follow the tax burden on the wealthy through its steep descent over the past fifty years. Follow egregious corruption at the senior levels of government and industry on its ascent. Follow inflation adjusted wages on their way down as you follow productivity on its way up. Follow this generation's expectations for their children as it sinks below that of their parents for the first time in our history. Follow the tide of uninsured and underinsured rise along with the (taxpayer) costs of their emergency treatment.

Follow the money when the candidates' lips mouth the compromised positions that have sunk our quality of life into the bottom half of the first world as we become more and more dependent on the second and third worlds.

Follow the money when America's richest families started all those thinktanks that bombard us with bias at full tilt.

Follow the money as America's richest citizens grow wealth faster and faster and give less and less away...

Follow the money and you'll see that the free hand of the market doesn't favor easy money, while politicians do.

Follow the money and you'll find a bloated, inneficient system become evermore dependant on imports with ever less sustainable leverage on the global market.

Follow the money as the dollar crashes against the euro and pound (40%+ so far this decade).

Wake up People! Corruption is at an all-time high! The government has declared a perpetual war! America's largest export is trash! We are graduating less reknowned experts than ever! We've become a small nation of speculators carried by a large nation of the most overworked, underpaid, oversold and unhealthy people in the first-world! Wake Up!

Posted by: jmodeler | July 24, 2007 9:09 PM

Why do we need insurance companies running health care? They gouge us and yhen deny coverage when they can. Their CEOs reap millions which might otherwise go to doctors.

We just need to expand Medicare to all ages and even the unemployed.

Clinton and Obama have already been bought off.

Posted by: cametny | July 24, 2007 4:01 PM

Also interesting how much funding Hillary is receiving from the Insurance Corporations. Think about that when she talks about 'healthcare for all'.

Posted by: jillcinta | July 24, 2007 3:32 PM

I highly doubt that Wall st. is giving to Barack and Hillary b/c of some suddent twist in their support. They are giving them b/c they already know that Republicans understand their necessity to the economy. It's part of their mantra, they want low taxes for all and a social and economic climate that allows everyone to grow.

Democrats dont know what they stand for, they just know what they stand against.

Moreover, wasnt it elitist when the man asked if his taxes would go up. Almost all resondents said no only taxes on the upper class would go up implying/stereotyping that this man could simply not be part of that mold in society.

Posted by: vidovich | July 24, 2007 2:36 PM

It would be wise for the American people to vote for whom Wall Street does NOT want. They do not seem to be all too concerned for the well-being of the middle class. They have caused major corporations to pay off our law makers rendoring our gov't corrupt. Today's corps are mean-spirited, evil people facilitated by an evil and unpatriotic pres and v-pres. I am sure they are very happy since they have no conscience nor allegiance to the nation who gave them SO much. I pitty them. Good 'ole war profiteering too.

Posted by: swtexas | July 24, 2007 11:57 AM

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