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Going Red to Blue, By Way of Green

The "money primary," as the presidential candidates' race for cash is known, is a national affair -- with little attention given to the money produced in each state.

But now, the number crunchers at the Center for Responsive Politics have released a report in which they have tallied up the contributions to see which states are raising the most for Democrats, and which are shading to the GOP.

Turns out, a number of large states that went with President Bush in the 2004 elections are now giving more money to Democrats. Among them, Florida, Ohio, Virginia, Georgia, North Carolina, Kentucky, New Mexico, Colorado and Iowa.

The interactive map also includes some other surprising finds. Wondering who is the tops in presidential fundraising in Oklahoma? It's Sen. Barack Obama (with help from a key supporter, former Democratic senate candidate Brad Carson). The money leader in Nevada? Not Mitt Romney, whose money strength comes from neighboring Utah. Nevada's top money man is Rudy Giuliani (with help from state Sen. Bill Raggio and U.S. Rep. Jon Porter.) John Edwards leads in Alabama fundraising; and John McCain tops the field in neighboring Mississippi.

--Matthew Mosk

Posted at 1:25 PM ET on Aug 23, 2007  | Category:  The Green Zone
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Well, after looking at the map it looks like the big states are all going for the Dems and of course a lot are going for both so I have a feeling that the Dems will still win in fact I think it will be a blood bath because of the idiot who won't change course. He even said as long as I am commander and cheif in other words we are staying until he leaves. But folks though our men and women will die so will this failed experiement.

Posted by: antonio3 | August 23, 2007 4:56 PM

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