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Yearly Kos:
CPAC for the Left?

The four-day blogapalooza that is the Yearly Kos convention kicks off in the Windy City today. An estimated 1,800 conventioneers -- progressive bloggers who write about pols, pols who want bloggers to write about them, the media who's writing about the bloggers and the pols -- descend on Chicago to mingle, discuss the future and, for now, pat each other on the back. All signs point to the success of Democrats on the Web, at least for now. They're raising more money online for presidential candidates. They're rousing more support in social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace and YouTube. They're generating genuine, grassroots excitement on the Internet.

But we asked some online political strategists, both on the right and the left: Is there a Republican courtepart to Yearly Kos?

Robert Bluey, director of the center for media and public policy at the Heritage Foundation and a contributor to the conservative site RedState, thinks the Republican's answer is CPAC -- the Conservative Political Action Conference, founded in 1973. "While it was started long before anyone had ever heard of blogging, it's been catering to bloggers for years," Bluey said. "At this year's conference, blog row was overflowing with political bloggers and candidates making pit stops to make their case to the new power players." And as the Democratic contenders for the White House are doing at Kos this weekend, Republican candidates flock to CPAC every year to woo the right.

Markos "Kos" Moulitsas, the founder of Daily Kos and the namesake of the convention, doesn't think there's a Republican counterpart. "They all want to be next Bill O'Reilly, not actually do stuff," said Kos. "All talk, no action."

Micah Sifry, co-founder of the bipartisan group blog TechPresident, doesn't see a "real equilavent."


"Part of the answer is cultural -- Democrats tend to enjoy introspection and debate more than Republicans -- part of it is structural -- Republicans already built their own alternative information network in the 1980s around talk radio and then Fox, so they didn't need to develop anything when the Internet took off -- and part of it is due to the fact that they've been in power until recently and thus didn't have the same combination of frustration... and need to connect," Sifry said. "Now that the GOP is losing power, some of these conditions are changing and we may see the rise of an alternative communications network on the Right that rejects the Republican insiders and tries to build something new. However, that day still seems far away."

-- Jose Antonio Vargas

By Post Editor  |  August 2, 2007; 11:32 AM ET
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EDWARDS PROFILE: All you so called educated bumps, look at Eddy. He is a lawyer and that too trial lawyer and a liar. He is singing a toally diff tune since he never win the fund raising game and knows that he needs to draw BO and HRC down in the money game. He is a true lawyer and a liar. If he cared for the poor. Ask him the question, what percentage did he take from his cases when the fee should only be nominal as to the decency of the court. Instead they eat millions and leave the patient with bare minimum. Secondly, things which are done in secret in the past reveals who a person is.Thats why we know who Hillary is and same about Eddy and his hedge funds. Will he stop taking those contributions. REMEMBER, first every man needs money. But after you get that ALL A PERSON NEEDS IS POWER. Thats what they all want and the the way game is played. Same with Hillary too. OBAMA: I can sense a little bit of decency but I still know deep in a man lies the desire to be admired.But give it to a guy who atleast left a lucrative offer to serve people. Thats why I like BO. He is what He is. HRC is all things to all who can pay her just like hubby Billy. He just needs some extra goodies interms of "personal" favors. All are liars but I cant understand how EDDY blames HRC while he does the same on the other side. If Eddy could raise 50 million thru fund raising, boy he would never even sing this tune about lobbyists. WHO IS HE TRYING TO FOOL> EVIDENTLY THE EDUCATED IDIOTS IN THE PULPIT AT KOS. When a candidate says a contorted thing, smart folks should ask the tough questions about their contrasting actions. I HATE LOBBYISTS AND I HOPE FOR A BETTER TOMORROW.Why is lobbying an issue now?. BO took up the matter and EDDY now realizes this is an issue coz ppl started talking about it. Thats why he returned some cash which he knew will get him in trouble. Not becos he wanted to, he had to. HRC is smart enuff to think she can win cos ALL ESTABLISHMENT WILL VOTE FOR HER and there is nothing you / I can do about it. Simple ppl like us can rise up and make a diff and lets make a decent guy come in as OUR PRESIDENT.I hope people have the guts and strength to put a new face and fresh air like BO. I am also glad that folks asked BO about his liquid coal vote.
But one must also understand, b/n OIL from mid east and liquid coal, I prefer US stuff if we plan not to rely on Mid east. Thats the only reason. Remember, when you talk with so much rhetoric, its vital to have a feasible plan. I hope thats why BO thought of coal as a temp solution. KOS FOLKS rise up and challenge me or at least challenge the candidates, esp HILL and EDDY who seem to be singing diff tunes each time. Ask EDDY about policy on tort reform. Not a single person in DNC will rise up against the trial lawyers cos they make up more than half of the contributions. I guarantee you, the health system is destined for a collapse here. Nationalised system will work in all countries becos there is no trial lawyer dictating terms. I can categorically say this since I am a physician who has practiced medicine in US and abroad. I want everyone to be covered but with no trial lawyers dictating terms. You will see the diference. I am active in politics despite the fact I cannot vote. I hope you all can put BO in office and get these candidates to be free and EXPOSE them. Cheers.

Posted by: paulchacko | August 4, 2007 11:40 PM | Report abuse

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