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Giuliani Says He's MoveOn's
'Worst Nightmare'

The spat between Rudy Giuliani and MoveOn.Org has not, well, moved on yet.

In a new radio ad, which is now running in Iowa, the former New York mayor calls MoveOn the "most powerful left wing group in the country" and designates himself their "worst nightmare."

"They know Rudy is a Republican who can beat the Democrats," an announcer in the ad says. "And they know, no matter what they say- Rudy will never, ever back down."

In response, the MoveOn group announced today it has double the amount of money it is spending on an anti-Giuliani television ad in Iowa, from $50,000 to $100,000, and will also run the ad nationally on CNN. The ad hits Giuliani for quitting a congressional panel on Iraq strategy.

"It's no surprise that Giuliani can't respond to our charge that he went AWOL on Iraq," the group's executive director, Eli Pariser said. "Maybe he thinks voters care more about what he says about MoveOn than what he's failed to do to end the war."

Even as Giuliani continued the battle with MoveOn, rival presidential candidate Mitt Romney launched a new radio spot in Iowa which attempts to reinforce Romney's opposition to gay marriage.

"Governor Mitt Romney - he stood up for traditional marriage and fought the activist ruling every step," an announcer says. Later, he continues: "Now, Mitt Romney is standing up for traditional marriage in Iowa, opposing the Polk County decision to permit same-sex marriage."

--Michael D. Shear

By Washington Post editors  |  September 18, 2007; 5:02 PM ET
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Rudy Giuliani is in self-destruct mode, and it's a pleasure to watch from the sidelines. Mayor Ed Koch wrote a book about him; it's title is Nasty Man, and it is well worth reading. I lived in NYC during much of Giuliani's administration and he was the pits. His record as mayor is a litany of arrogant and ruthless decisions, without regard for anyone but himself. It is the height of hubris and hypocrisy for him to try to attract the NRA, when he has been so conspicuously outspoken about the banning of all guns, not just handguns. He is just a mean-spirited and sleazy little bully. In the last Fox debate, at the University of New Hampshire, while Ron Paul was making a point, Giuliani made faces and giggled. Presidential? I think not. If he attracts votes, it is because he has a canny ability to dupe the gullible. Not me.

Posted by: zenpiper1 | September 19, 2007 11:01 PM | Report abuse


I will challenge you

you respond here and call me on the company I worked for that (no pub) lended me access to see just WHAT people HAVE in their bank accounts ? typically 300 products on average for ANY one bank, but for the HEL's Home Equity Loans ?

Tellin' ya - America is TAPPED.

Bernanke loweing rates - this aint' gonna float second time folks

bush cherry picked this mother to carry it out as long as they can.

I do fear the worst thing I could do is to just upload a fair 20% of the nations bank data publicy - SSN's and names STRIPPED just to show you -

we're ALL being HAD

oh, on that post alone ,someone will probably be at the door tomorrow -

ain't on this machine freakin 'homeland' - and for the time you live - cash in those paychecks, because once the 'big people' show up - to save the kids from fearing their NIGHTMARES !?

You all gonna contribute to the the added 45,000 lost jobs from the sub prime fallout.

in fact

Homeland ? just like Rudy - ? BOTH are being used.

Where was FEMA + national guard not enough ?

what IS this homeland bloat crap.

BYE BYE homeland, kill me and solve the problem - you DETRACT from ANY quality of LIFE of ANY American citizen once you distill 'terrorism' to the - sorry, you need an IQ above AT THE LEAST 165 to 'get' this

but terrorism - the nameless- faceless people we 'live in fear of to spend like there IS no tomorrow ' ?

it's simply a facet of the evolution of nationalism in the advent of the best science we have to offer - leading up to nuclear weapons.

AMAZING DICK F'n' Cheney ran his Fox News esque pie hole on QUOTE "Terrorists WILL detonate a nuclear device in a US city"

my god

why let these god damn mothers inside the beltway

US ARMY? MARINES? USE your LAST breath to remove this threat - of INSOLENCE - of IGNORANCE - 'live in fear of terror'

Seems to me this is the ANTI-THESIS of Kennedy ?

I won't even GO there.

Posted by: Bushes_worst_nightmare | September 19, 2007 4:42 AM | Report abuse


I'm going to take a few moments here to share some personal advice.

Terrorism was a sell - for CountryWide that which is about to be consumed by Bank of America.

Di Pita ? Once THE spokeperson for the Pentagon ? I've done all this on my own Rudy, and I'll clue you in...

Di Pita ? is NOW spokesperson for Bank of America.

Bank of America has started their buyout of CountryWide -

CountryWide is the nations largest mortgage company.

Fox News has sold people on 'there is no tomorrow ' Fox News has promoted -yet to be prosecuted -using airwaves to say 'There WILL be an event to dwarf 9.11 WTC'

THAT has encouraged people to feel insecure -Fox News ALSO is the LEADER in predatory LENDING advertisements from CountryWide- DiTech -

You've got the greenlight BABY

No mortgage -we'll give it to you exploiting Alan's KIND rates

Alan was USED to Rudy

Own a home ? Hey, we'll give you a home equity loan to max that out too

Rudy ?

Neal Bush took America for a ride it should - have remembered on the Savings and Loan scandal

George Bush - I've figured this ALL out myself Rudy -

Bush has used this - oh my - Terror - what a NEW concept -like NO one has ever experienced PANIC FEAR before - but

George Bush used Fox News - the same people promoting YOUR campaign - to TRICK the American people into feeling HELPLESS


Guess what ?

the 14% of the US mortgage sector that is sub prime ? sure - those people WILL lose their homes on reset

the REST?

no one see's this Rudy, I DO

why ?

Even Bernanke doesn't have access to the data I've seen

I used to work for a company that - regardless of Graham Leech Bliley - supposedly protecting your private bank data ?

the company I worked for took in MORE banks - heck - they had 90% of the nations LARGEST banks for CRA - I have SEEN FIRST hand - as a software engineer - sr. developer on a product at that time to evaluate a banks profitability ?

I can TELL you Rudy- NO ONE, has seen what I have - why ? because I went down to plug it in, that's all legal pal - and people in the US - NO ONE HAS ACCESS TO THIS But the FEW companies such as that I worked for - HOME EQUITY IS TAPPED pal.

Neal bush took the nations Savings and Loan for a ride

George Bush has EVERYONE tapped - and you just guess what ?

Tommy Franks sitting on board of Directors, and Di Rita - ONCE Pentagon head spokesperson to promote the 'FEar Terror' campaign - I call it the 'Spend like mad folks, put your home in hawk' He's NOW BAnk of America #1 spokesperson - and you tie in CountryWide is DEAD- and Bank of America is BUYING them ?

I'm PAST the sub prime fallout - I'm looking at - BOM collects on 50 million American's homes - that are TAPPED.

yeah, Bush family didn't take S&L this time

I'll put MY head on the chopping block for ANY fed agency who wants to come say - 'oh crap, this guy - holy F'ck- really had access to a F'load of the nations banking data - and -well- I'm TELLING YOU - PEOPLE are TAPPED - and anyone who reads this KNOWS this from personal experience'
Rudy ?

You've NO IDEA how you are being played.

I like you

your face lately shows the result of the parasites who are USING YOU....

Bush family THIS round isn't after SAvings and Loan for $500 billion

again, you go look up where Tommy Franks went off to, and Di Rita - how do you go from head of pentagon mouthpiece telling people to live in fear of 'COME ON' there ARE no terrorists, there is the provocation of peoples in the middle east for POOR choice in energy solutions at the hand of oil sector - gee- Cheney ? CEO of the WORLD's LARGEST OIL SERVICES COMPANY ? COME ON RUDY !!!

Hey - I've not violated ANY NDA sharing what I learned working for who I did in Boston.

BOM last I checke paid $30 million, ok ok - 29 million for loss of a database, you oughta see what I LOST on a laptop - people have NO IDEA - how bad things are - I was ALWAYS amazed that the feds do NOT have account balance - product level - data - they get TAx reports from the banks - Bernanke is throwin FREAKIN DARTS


Rudy - WAke up... Borrowing from the wisdom of Biden, you have some good things to bring forward, I liked how peaceful you used to look, you're being eatin by SHARKS RUDY

Bank of America LITERALLY is Bank of America

and citizens of America, considering BOM is buying out CountryWide ? who is the nations LARGEST mortgage company ?


ASK YOURSELF - 10 years ago - did you live in 'fear of terror' Fox News mouthpiece telling you that 'no matter what ? an event will happen making WTC look insignifant ? '



REGAIN your sense of well being

and let's ask for accountability in SEC - FCC - FTC - to hold these mothers for what they've been up to.

Bush family did Savings and Loan

Bush family is getting your damn homes now

2 million sub primes about to go into the hands of Tommy Franks -NO - try 50 million.

NO ONE sees what I've seen - ok- sure - a few people who may have taken a peek- I used my time when I had access to a F'load of bank data to query on it and SEE on my OWN -

People have their mortages TAPPED on home eq. lines.

WE ALL KNOW THIS, I KNOW HOW ? because I have seen the damn data

I hope homeland is GONE in 2009.

What a CROCK - Terror ?
anyone see homeland's main page ? September is national DISASTER month, they have a pic of 6th graders in homeland hats - catering to mock 'terror event' people on the ground- it's a g'damn disgrace to all we stand for.

BYE BYE Homeland - and Rudy ? for god sakes - wake up - and realize how you are BEING USED.

FORGET Neal Bush Savings and Loan

George Bush and HIS plan - gets your home - Cheney controls the oil price to heat it !

my god - Bushes_Worst_Nightmare ?

I picked the WRONG nick



I have seen what I have seen, and even freakin 'Bernanke has NO IDEA how far people have extended themselves financially.

I KNOW THIS - I KNOW ANYONE READING THIS - who has an APR even let alone the ARM's KNOW's they have tapped themselves to PRETEND and FEND off the notion of recession..

Bernanke ? Princeton head of eco or NOT


People can't extend much further and that China FINALLY adjusted it's slanted currency JUST this year ? wait till people see 'walmart' prices escalate -as China faces reality -BETTER -= just THREE WEEKS AGO America, China said - 'we're going to cash in 1 trillion' bush said - BAD idea -we're your consumer - BUT - I and other Americans are KEEN now to say - we don't want any LEAD anyway - Bush is in a bind, sad thing is

Bank of America CLEANS UP

2 million sub prime mortgages - THINK AGAIN

people are TAPPED

I GUARANTEE YOU THIS - I HAVE SEEN THE ACCOUNT LEVEL DATA - people are tapped, and I am -again NOT violating and NDA there, I no longer work for that company, and besides, they were bought out by Walters Kluer - some damn Swiss bigass bank company.

Biden will have his hands full.

At a QUICK point American's with even APR's will start to face- gee, $82 oil ? $9 wheat ? inflation being fought off like some president wants to avoid accountability for what's been coming ?

even the APR's America, are on the chopping block -

I'm NOT sorry for sharing what I've seen Rudy.

Someone may come to blow my head off too - for 'wrecking' the perfect cleanup -again - ASK yourself, why is Tommy Franks joining board of directors for BOM who stands to profit TRILLIONS from mortgage fallout from people rackin' it all up cause ' live in fear of terror, Fox news tells us we're all gonna die'


do NOT fall to FEAR of 'ALL' terrorism IS - is the pinnacle of where nationalism can no further divide.

I'm with Greenspan, education is all that can save us from ignorance.

'Live in Fear of Terror' is flat out ignorance.

Here America - I'll cut you to the chase of how ABSURD it is to believe in 'fear terror'
picture yourself at a RED LIGHT

looking ahead at a petro automobile -

with a bumper sticker that reads '

"Fear Terror" or "Live in Fear of Terror"

yeah, kinda like that

ANYONE would go 'what the god damn mother F is THAT nightmare'

it's Bushes_Worst_Nightmare

Posted by: Bushes_worst_nightmare | September 19, 2007 4:29 AM | Report abuse

Maybe everyone should stand on edge where their brain in inflamed - only to find 6 different neurologists - not even WITH GOLDEN health insurance ? to leave you with - 'The brain is a black box' THAT's the neuro I send x-mas cards too.

I made it- I made it past a most UNGODLY suffrage - I can reason I never asked to be born, and that makes it all bonus time.

Joni Mitchell says "I want to have fun, I want to shine like the sun - I want to make you feel free"

I find wisdom in even childlike intellect.

Coming from a place I don't wish on ANYONE - I look only forward to the best humanity has to offer -

Biden is the only voice I hear inside the beltway entertaining presidency - I don't even think Joe Biden WANTS to be president, I think he stopped and said - I NEED To step in and STOP this SELLOUT -

That includes you Rudy, why ?

Fox News.

Fox News loves you.

Fox News has so much blood on its hands Rudy, if you want to invest into all humanity can be ? the 'Right' God ?

my god - that pushes my back to Alan Greenspan stating that education is the most important asset we can invest into.

I like Alan Rudy

I like Warren Buffet, second richest man in the world , who took ALL his winnings and - didn't by a YACHT - or whatever golden ticket you've been promised - I see it in your face, you're hurting, and being USED - for your connection to WTC - get your life back - I like Bill Gates - who is the #1 world's richest man, and you know why ?


it's a secret

both Gates and Buffett have more integrity offered up through MERE guise of capitalism to provide makup on the face of humanity - but the BOTH say- shhh... it's not about about acquiring power or control - they HAVE that and they've taken that ? and put it towards ALL of us -

I'm tired of hearing Fox News promote - 'the candidate with the most money will win' no, the people that have MORE money than Fox News conglemerate has ? combined ? Gates and Buffett ?

BOTH say - no, no politics, no Ditech ads to promote spending like mad while living in fear of terrror while Tommy Franks sits on the board of directors after instigating ' Fear TError - spend like mad ' yeah, HIS WITTLE COMPWANY gets not just the 2 million homes up for grabs from the sub prime crisis- but the 50 million APR homes that borrowed AGAINST THEIR mortgage cause - why ?
Why Rudy ?

Terrorism is gonna gitcha...

sorry pal, you're a left over from an era I wish to NEVER share with any child I encounter.

Homeland ? I hope you all wrap your lips around your BLACK SUV's

I checked out homelands job offerings this eve, 60% were 'Travel Protection at 28k' for US highways - come on - people -

let's dismantle this nightmare -
it's not bush

it's easy to do...

let's bring out the best in me and you...

I'm learning, I bring humility- I make mistakes - I throw stones, I also look to those leaders like Biden who throw NO stones, who remind me of - INTEGRATION, hmmm ... rudy ? I have to learn in even suggesting you do not see this same vision of truth I do - perhaps Integration ? shares etymology of Integrity ?

Rudy - you, I - need to stop dividing ourselves like a nuclear warhead validates the pinnacle of western divisonary ideals or lack there of - let us not divide ourselves...

bring forward the BEST creativity - and let us hold responsibility NOT to use that to bring forward any drive to divide us, last I checked ?

the greatest way to divide is a nuclear weapon.

That - is NO way to live, and the kids ? Rudy ?


I want to belong to the living

Posted by: Bushes_worst_nightmare | September 19, 2007 3:52 AM | Report abuse


put aside my ignorance to divide us by my nick

Bring to the picnic something that people will say- hey -this is good.

We all come to this picnic seeking to - really?

we can each only bring a part to the whole.

I USED to think Dick Cheney thinking, that as he said - some nuclear event in a US city will occur and - what ?

fission will bring us all together

have we not already learned from Hiroshima ?
Nagasaki ?

Ought Aug. 2nd 1942 be a reminder ?

to who we ought not to be collectively to divider ourselves - again FOR WHAT ?

nationalistic idealism ?

ain't floatin' in this cement swimmin' pool

Baby Ruth bar - MAYBE will send people running

Bill Murray in Somerset Maugham's Razors Edge has some wisdom Rudy

My name is not so public by CHOICE via these forums - you however have put your name out there, and I will use gravity of formality of proper nouns to address you - and really ? all candidates those who still have only nationalism to hold them together - even KNOWING - nationalism is FRAGMENTARY thinking - again - it's not just 'chance' nuclear warheads are the PINNACLE of that which can BE fragmentary, or - perhaps - that is a case for non-being ...

Razor's Edge promotes a message, that ' you and I are not seperate ' Final scene - you have to understand the beauty in people to understand WHY Bill Murray would pull TRAGEDY from the very same spring of wisdom Sophocles promotes (it really is a crying shame the early orthodox church destroyed so many of Sophocles works- TRUST ME - Russia thankfully has some of those works yet to be shared with the world - paradoxically the plunders of nationalistic war would grant preservation of some of the greatest wisdom to be offered to our species ) - BUT - final scene - in MY book as to Razor's edge - you have the main character who subscribed to division of species through nationalistic ideals - on his DEATH BED - main character walks in played by Bill Murray - to remind this bedfellow - his ills are self derived.

Rudy, what happened to New York City was not 'terrorism' it was the natural evolution that nationalism has no where else to divide, and we must face this tragedy collectively.

You COULD bring to the table - GAINS from this loss- I could even paint up a nice picture regarding comedy - would be HARD in the closing margin on temporality - perhaps - that is - temporary morality LACKING - of those willing to fall to investing persona INTO nationalism.

I have realized, once humanism - (Einstein says- only humans would paint themselves top node of the hierachy) - ( I could digress on Focault's work on Madness and Civilization - INSANITY ) but- once humanism - in MY view ? paints itself into a corner - heh, I like that wording better - it's more cartesian in nature that hierarchical, and more digestable - but - really? in MY words, once humanity says it claims the moral sword (pun intended) ? It only has but within itself to divide.

It is NO WONDER that a nuclear warhead is the PINNACLE of this endeavor carried on across our generations that lacks mythos to bring proper catharsis.

Rudy ?

Stay at the BBQ in backyard Queens, or - bring something forward that is offering up of not mere circumstance of your placement in this world- Joe Biden - as I have - PASSED BY - any conception of a 'personal' ideal of this world - as it takes.

I am not suggesting you have not experienced loss more OR less than anyone else.

But for what it's worth Rudy - and ALL candidates who seek to profess leadership - keep in mind, it's not just handing down of the middle east conflict in this up and coming election, it's the advancement of humanity beyond anything you may even understand that is capably within your power to control.

I kind of prefer taking investment into someone who doesn't offer 'the answer' but - someone who promotes a demonstrably UNDERSTANDING of the human condition.

United States is improper to hold ourselves too far from defining ourselves as simply - ANTI - Britain from Boston Tea Party...

Rudy- and anyone else reading this ?
I'll leave you with some wisdom from Joni Mitchell -

"I am on a lonely road, and I am travelling...


looking for the key to set me free...

so the jealousy, the greed is the unravelling -

and it undermines all the joy that could be


I think every person understands anything I'm on about -

Like Joe Biden - and I HIGHLY suggest - not that you vote for Joe Biden, but that you watch his videos on youtube - this global media share that also brings us Ron Paul - but Biden comes with a LITTLE MORE experience behind - the vision

that there is something beyond us - that we can reach for -

Rudy - some to see this road I as we travel upon together, bring forward what you can, but don't get caught up in being used by corporate lobbyism who wants to feed off of you for your ties to causal factors of terror

which I've aligned hopefully proper as the RED FLAG that nationalism is near it's end as proper and healthful device for humanity in advent - not so much of nuclear weapons - I wont' cheat Albert - we have only ourselves to invest into collectively - if not ? we die alone...

Rudy -and anyone else ? I suggest we entertain living together, BEYOND model of nationalism (this will be hard for those that still wish to divide humanity for what sake in advent of the science [check out the etymology of 'science' in sanskrit - TO DIVIDE to 'spread ones legs' is the final root, yeah, kinda like that - intellect has limits too - If Jung were alive, I'd credit him to that])

don't play into ANY games of fear of Iran gaining the same toys as the rest of nationstates have HAD - only to drive up oil while we all suffer as IF we live apart in advent of ETERNITY !

Posted by: Bushes_worst_nightmare | September 19, 2007 3:32 AM | Report abuse

My nick is poorly constructed Rudy

Biden has a GREAT point that this current troop surge burdening Petraus's UNFORTUNATE divide between doing his job-

Did you watch Hayden ? Fill in #3 of the CIA - facial ticks and all (hey Hayden, you too - like all veterans are welcome to my house) ?

His response in regards to the civil rights question on what I hold in my possession a letter from Gonzalez to Bush stating "I'm not part of this, you may suffer under penalty of death anything that further transpires as to 'potential' violation of Geneva Convention ? (This was to GITMO)" ? I observed current FILL-IN head of CIA (again folks - candidate #3, I'll give Hayden some room here) ? Hayden responded with "The CIA responds to the directives handed down from current administration"

I PERSONALLY object to that to inquire - is the CIA storm tossed as the Department of Justice JUST suffered through ? no guidance but through top down (800 signoffs by bush ABOVE the law now - kids - look up to THAT, no kids, look not on what you do not need to fail upon, but that which you can succeed standing on the shoulders of those who come before you) hand me downs from 'just who happens to occupy the White House' ?


AGAIN folks, I'm learning...
I admire what I see from Joe Biden...

he does not fall where I do in placing blame, he brings forward respect to everyone that brings any position of responsibility ( I WANTED to type 'power' there, but it's just not appropriate )......

I admire Biden for saying "I've worked with General Petraeus for the last 4 and a half years" and further to add "and I think he actually in heart agrees on the centralized government as NOT the way to bring peace to these critically divided 3 powers in Iraq"

Rudy ?

I have to inherit the wisdom from Biden to handle all candidates, as yourself - who seek to bring forward from within themselves to bring - not POSSIBLY on any totality - the ALL solution, the IDEAL IDEAL.

You know where Roosevelt went wrong on the New Deal ? If he would have stopped to call it the Ideal Ideal ? he might have realized when you have ideal ^2 ? you don't see any 'real' in that.

Biden brings forward just a healthy voice to be heard by all who hear him...

I still say- Biden says - this current admin play on troop surge is really about 'handing over this mess to the next president' but "I" say - this next presidency is about handing over the failed model of nationalism in the advent of nuclear weapons.

Some how ? 'terrorism' has become some 'place - token' to hold what we all know is the truth - and that is - NO territory is worth holding in advent of nuclear weapons.

Mutually Assured Destruction - MAD - was only first phase reaction to humanity's NEWLY CRADLED technological offering that one one hand - bush has re-enacted as a viable energy solution - (check out helium 3 and halliburton's acquisition of patents if you think bush really believes in nuclear energy, it's a scareCROW in the field of what h3 - russia, China announces as - 'THE ' solution to energy) and on the other hand - somehow was idealized as balancing the powers divided through nationalism maintain. NOTE - powers...

ONLY in context of nationalism does MAD work - and I am willing to drop my observation that Iraq is entitled to nuclear weapons, sheesh, Pakistan has em, Israel has em, US supports - ? Why should Iraq not be entitled to them ? I'm willing to DROP that point


there IS A better model for humanity...

WE do NOT have to - as King Saud says - shed blood for WHAT ? Petro ? Petro is DEAD - if it's not - it will kill enough to eventually show that no one needs to breath gasoline exhaust - I'm with King Saud
only I expand his concern from the natives of the middle east to the entire world.

In MY view ? These peoples of the middle east in 60 years have had their entire culture uprooted by western oil/energy solutions.

Cheney? Please- belong to the living.
You do not have to die alone - you have time to redefine yourself through - not common shared belief in the money you seek to accumulate - where did Gandhi and Darwin NEVER meet ?

REally - why should you seek derivation of your persona through inherited culture of money, when genetics is SO much greater a fruit to indulge in ?

Cheney? I say to you - you ARE capable of compassion, of finding yourself defined through ALL that live , and all that will ever live.

I'm really trying to borrow here to drop any useless meditations and only focus on what matters.

I ask ANYONE - where would you rather place your being ? in some crippled selfish - disconnected 'personal afterlife bonus points spending program ? '

Or - discover all your words - are inherited through culture -which is what ? shared meaning.


If words are to ever be used, they are inherited, no matter how they can be mis-used as the Ancient Greeks WARNED us regarding logos- the word is a tool to deceive - to control - hey Paglia at Univ. of PA says in the west - 'to name is to know, to know is to control' and again

as you read this - it's through words... but words - as any super constructs from words - are DEVICES - I say- and I hope anyone reading this also says- DEVICES NOT WITHOUT PURPOSE.

The BEST people we encounter are people who remind us - even words are temporary devices of what amazing potential exists in any one of us... potential...

This 2008 election in the US ?

ought to be about potential of nationalism to inherit the problems of the middle east - which DO involve 'nationalism' in it's most sacred sense, as we experience what I have come to understand regarding 'terrorist' as really ?

what IS a terrorist ? but the pinnacle of nationalism where it has no where else to divide but peg it to a nameless, faceless symbolic placeholder.

Idolatry is mistaking the symbol for what it represents.

Use of 'terrorist' in ANY context using device of language should be a RED FLAG to people that - nationalism has reached it's pinnacle - no WONDER nuclear weapons come into this - David Bohm - one of my FAVORITE thinkers - physicist as well - Bohm points out that nationalism shares the same root etymologically as percussion, concussion, even 'discussion' to 'divide' to 'part' to 'seperate'

It is not terrorism America as a nationstate needs to fear, it is the ignorance of the understanding of just how nationalism is only a stepping stone for humanity to be.... all it can be...
and that slogan is NOW to be taken from the US Army - as it is no longer valid in a world with the best our INTELLECTS bring forward -the science that allows for Nuclear Weapons -

nationalism CAN evolve, it doesn't have to take this turn into a dark alley to forget who all we really want our love to do...

and that is to bring out the best in me and you...

Posted by: Bushes_worst_nightmare | September 19, 2007 3:02 AM | Report abuse

I once encountered a good lecture on the nature of 'reactive' as to 'pro-active'

Watching the reactive Sarte Elevator to HELL collusive ball bounce back and forth between Rudy and this complete MYSTERY since I encountered his candidacy ? and Hillary? Obama ?


I'm with Biden - I revoke my General Petro comment, I am AGAIN and AGAIN reminded by Joe Biden what it means to have class -

to not throw stones in glass houses.

Even if Biden doesn't win, I WIN by mere TASTE of what it could be like to have a REAL person who brings forth ALL they have to do so, (NOT MONEY, NOT CORPORATE NEWS mis-use of trajectory of the airwaves to peoples retina and ears).

Rudy, I will draw on what Joe Biden brings out in me.

It's not about attacks on character.

Hillary - equally - you don't need the co-dependent insurance and pharmaceutical sector to define yourself, er derive your 'reactive' message from.

Obama - all I can say is - maybe if nationalism is still valid in 2016? I do not 'sense' you are a sellout, I don't 'sense' Hillary is a sellout either.

Rudy ? I don't know where the backyard BBQ in queens enjoying all the fringe social benefits of mayor of NYC wasn't enough.

no WTC Rudy, no Rudy as to Fox News propup - I don't like what I see in your face as of late Rudy, but that's not to say I don't like you, I do.

I would still feel safe leaving the kids with you on watch Rudy.

bush ? cheney ? no chance.

TOTAL sellout - er, heh, total BUYOUT -

as to DICK - Halliburton eyed up BlackWater private mercenary costs for firepower backup for your greed grab on - hey pal, you can't hide that face, nor expect the people of the US to 'overlook' you were CEO of the world's largest oil services company.

Bush ? I someday hope you are held 'personally' accountable by your 'personal faith' as to why Mr. Salem was blown up leaving YOUR house - in the middle of the Texas skies. I don't have to call up Ms. Cleo to figure out what you're capable of.

Your brother Neal Bush - ? I REMEMBER when your brother sold America out on CRIMINAL - MOB - level sellout from Savings and Loan scandal.

I find it QUESTIONABLE bush- that 20 of 28 years ? your family finds it 'fit' to pretend your identity is to be derived for personal profit drawing on the common share belief by ALL people of this 'WORLD' be careful bush on China - that the USD is worth anything at all beyond FAITH, BELIEF that it IS to BE worth anything of value.

George? If the plane of America crashed in the high Andes, I would HOPE that you wouldn't be pretending that by hiding some dead body to feed off of is really what is necessary for survival.

Maybe it is - maybe we are just animals mr. bush.

Really, hey, whoever promised Humanity a rose garden of religious ideals to hang onto when survival mechanism - wait -

WHAT am I granting you there...

Nuh uh... no way....

I HAVE to grant you potential to grow mr. bush.

I HAVE to - or I die alone.

even YOU have to be as equal a part in my ideal for humanity as I do not leave out the most deviled candidate of our species.

I am learning from Joe Biden Bush - even when he was asked 'Did our president LIE to us' his REVERENT response was :

"I don't want to suggest any US president would lie to it's people"

the adults have arrived, no clue who Biden's VP ticket is -I hope it's Boxer

but - these are just names.

we all have REAL identity even beyond NAME -

Where is the common share belief in humanity as their is in the philosophy of money ?

I'm reaching, I'm finding... I'm learning too -

I see the best of all we will be as humanity lives on throughout it's fair game attempt at life in the model of eternity...

I like the life Joe Biden promotes- I like the life heck - even Whoopi Goldberg promotes - you can just tell when you are in presence of good balanced people - that have interests of EVERYONE in mind.

I hope I'm ever reaching for that, and I hope anyone who wishes to take part in humanity, whether through temporary device ideal of nationalism - or deeper transnationalistic means of capitalism as has been demonstrated by Gates and Buffett - DO- have, and will do so.

It's not necessary Carl Gustav Jung is not alive, nor Siggy on the ID -

WE - 'we' will forage ahead in deep black space - with little to anchor ourselves as to meaning SHORT of diet - (which is pretty DAMN collective once you put everything on the menu)

or ?

I still shutter on Aug. 2nd, 1939 - Albert's letter to Roosevelt - maybe I should call it the 3rd Japan time - it's ALWAYS tomorrow in Japan from where I live in PA -

the BEST integrative minds lead us to ?

the greatest dividing measures to confront us as a collective species.

Bush - grow up - you should be ashamed of yourself to use a nationstate for another TOTAL deluded greed grab.

Nationalism is only a temporary mark for humanity - and it seems there is always someone who wants to take the fire from the community fire pit - run off and say - hey, lookey, I got fire - and then what ?

yeah- bigass forest fire threatening all of us.

Maybe I need to close this message with

let's keep fire away from kids. !! !

analog intended to nuclear weapons as to fire.

Posted by: Bushes_worst_nightmare | September 19, 2007 2:01 AM | Report abuse

Rudy is a great song by Supertramp. Gore/Obama '08

Posted by: nathan | September 19, 2007 12:30 AM | Report abuse

Rudy was a nice movie.

Posted by: Bushes_worst_nightmare | September 18, 2007 10:52 PM | Report abuse

Giuliani is everyone's worst nightmare:

-- his ex wives

-- his children

-- the uniformed employees of New York City

-- the citizens of the United States and the rest of the human race if, God forbid, this megalomaniac is elected president.

Posted by: mnjam | September 18, 2007 10:19 PM | Report abuse

No, the worst nightmare for America and Americans is Republicans in government.

It's that simple.

Posted by: rdfreel | September 18, 2007 8:27 PM | Report abuse

Considering how MoveOn thinks it runs the party, I'd say MoveOn's worst nightmare is a Democrat (elected or candidate) that distances themselves from MoveOn.

Posted by: lieb666 | September 18, 2007 8:01 PM | Report abuse

If were smart, they'd embrace Giuliani publicly for his progressive views towards gay marriage and other social issues. He's a non-candidate unless he can shore up more of the conservative base.

Posted by: mdawson | September 18, 2007 7:41 PM | Report abuse

Jeez-I either need to get another Key-Board, or start Proof-reading! LOL!

Excuse the Typos-Yeah, I see them too-NOW!

Posted by: rat-the | September 18, 2007 6:51 PM | Report abuse

Ohhhhh, Come on Move-It On.Clowns, attack giuliani over Illegals and his Stance on Sanctuaries and La Invasora!

BAAAAAD RAT! How DARE you get Libbies attacking each other over something they can't DEFEND! Bad, BAAAAD RAT!

Dims LOVE their Inasorios! Gullible Have-Nots ready to support Elitist Congressional Lawyers!



But we could still want you anyway!

In the Cabinet! RIGHT(Get it-"Right") Next to McCain, Dr. NO, Huckabee, Tancredo and others who can then focus on their stregnths-Of which handling Invaders is not YOURS!(See Tancredo), while Photo Op'ers and Front Men, Romney and Thompson press the flesh and visit sites!


TEAM UP!-Believe me, over-coming the Bush Nightmare is going to require a TEAM EFFORT!

Now, just who do you think is Move-It On Out's worst NIGHTMARE! LOL!!!!

Posted by: rat-the | September 18, 2007 6:47 PM | Report abuse

This one story alone should end Rudy's career, b/c it, once again, proves his criminal mind: constant evasion. (In a court of law, he'd be jailed for contempt for refusing to answer questions. The court of public opinion should be able to figure out WHY Rudy didn't DISPROVE MoveOn's criticisms. But Americans are gullible almost always.

Also, Rudy's evasions PROVE the criticisms are true. (Rudy the prosecutor said silence = guilt and I agree with Rudy: he's guilty as charged about everything from the radios which killed 343 firemen to helping Purdue Pharmaceuticals scam their customers.) (No wonder drug addict Limbaugh was invited to Rudy's third wedding!)

Rudy cannot lose the election b/c all corporations are backing him. Game over.

GiulianiScandals dot blogspot dot com

Posted by: christopher1 | September 18, 2007 6:14 PM | Report abuse

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