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Iowa SEIU Backs Edwards's Candidacy

Former North Carolina Senator John Edwards has picked up two endorsements that could help him in the states at the front of the Democratic nominating contest, Iowa and New Hampshire. While the Service Employees International Union as a whole decided earlier this month not to back a Democratic contender, the group's state council in Iowa is throwing its support to Edwards, who has long courted labor support for his second presidential run, today. Friends of the Earth, an environmental group, is also backing Edwards and said it would organize on the ground in New Hampshire for the candidate.

Edwards will not be the only candidate getting SEIU support in the next few days; the union's state organizations in Illinois and New York are expected to endorse their home states candidates, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton respectively. But Edwards is expected to get the most state chapters backing him.

In Iowa, Edwards will have the state's 2,000 SEIU members (SEIU nationally has close to 2 million members) rallying for him. And by SEIU rules, the union's members in Illinois who back Obama would not be allowed to campaign in neighboring Iowa, but other state chapters which back Edwards would be able to send organizers to the state.

--Perry Bacon Jr.

Posted at 12:39 PM ET on Oct 15, 2007
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Well good for Edwards- he worked hard for this support over the past two years. The problem is that it won't make a difference. As his support in the State goes down there are less and less people for the union to rally to him.

I think that Edwards has peaked and is heading to a fairly steep slide. The issue for his supporters will be where they go next.

Will they move to Obama or to Clinton? From what I am hearing from people in the state the majority of them are going to Clinton because she has the best chance to win nationally. The polling they are seeing is what the rest of the nation is seeing and that is that the fears of those who think she will pull down the party in a red state are being countered by polls coming out of Virginia and Florida where she is beating all possible Republicans with higher numbers than any other Democratic candidate and her negatives are any higher than theirs.

I truly believe that Iowa will end up going for the experience Hillary brings and that the women who make up the highest percentage of caucus goers will see Hillary over the top.

Posted by: peterdc | October 15, 2007 1:37 PM

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