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Democrats: What Women Want?

Democratic consultants and activists have seen the future, and the future is single women. At least when it comes to the base vote for the 2008 presidential race.

In a lunch briefing today hosted by the Center for American Progress, experts including pollster Stan Greenberg and Page Gardner, president of Women's Voices, Women Vote Action Fund argued that unmarried women now rank as one of the Democratic Party's most reliable and important political supporters.

With the number of unmarried, separated, divorced and widowed American women now equal to the number of married women, Gardner said, this group represents 26 percent of the eligible voting population and is "the fastest-growing large demographic group in the country."

However unlike Carrie Bradshaw and her Manolo Blahnik-wearing friends on the now-defunct series "Sex and the City," these single women are more focused on issue like ending the war in Iraq and better health care access, according to Gardner: "These women are worried about paying the rent, not marrying Mr. Big."

Greenberg, who released a Democracy Corps poll yesterday examining the voting habits of single women, said this demographic now amounts to "the Democrats' evangelicals," in part because evangelicals make up 23 percent of the eligible vote and are just as reliable in their support for the opposite party, the GOP.

"What happens to these two groups is going to be quite critical in this election," Greenberg said, noting that two-thirds of single women backed the Democrats in 2006.

CAP president John Podesta told reporters that single women's political influence will be critical in a race he predicted would center on economic mobility, universal health care coverage, energy transformation, national security and Iraq. And Andy Stern, president of the Service Employees International Union, said his organization would make sure voters understood the 2008 election will be about a "change in policies."

Of course, reaching single women isn't easy, especially those with fewer economic resources. Gardner said her group has started using the social networking site Facebook to reach out to female unmarried voters according to age: "It's enormously successful." However last election her group tried text messaging single women voters, and "Although it was incredibly fun to do, it was incredibly not successful."

--Juliet Eilperin

By Washington Post editors  |  October 31, 2007; 4:21 PM ET
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I, as an American citizen, believe that everything the Democrats stand for is to give everyone in America, at least, a fighting chance to become prosperous and make it possible to pay their bills.
Everything the Republicans are doing is only for the rich and wealthy. They are so out of touch with reality when it comes down to basic necessities they think that the minimum wage earner and single mother with children have it made.
The single mother(or father) with children have to feed them, put clothes on their backs and provide a roof over their heads and every year that Bush has been in office all the businesses got big tax breaks while the minimum wage only went up once. Do you call that limited government and Consitutionally correct?
When this country was founded it was supposed to be a government of, by and for the people. Not of, by and for the wealthy. The Republicans are so far away from what the founding fathers wanted this country to be, it isn't funny.
Now, with another election near it is time for the tide to turn once again. It is time for change and progress and that is why I am a Democrat and why I plan to vote Democratic. I really don't care if you call me Liberal, Progressive or even a latent socialist. All I know is that when Democrats are in charge, things get done and usually for the better.
So, pick your favorite Democrat and get ready for the best things to happen. Our future is going to change.

Posted by: pwingy | November 1, 2007 10:35 PM | Report abuse

If people could stop polarizing the issues maybe we could get something accomplished. I am an independent voter. I am married and have two children. I lean republican because I believe in limited government and in the foundation of our Constitution. People have become too dependent on the government to take care of them and in doing so have given up their freedom of choice.
It is discontenting paying more taxes to our federal government to spread the value of every dollar thinner at each level of our bureaucracy...Why send our hard-earned money to the federal government only to have them send less back with conditions. Does anyone think about these issues?
There is no party for the poor, there is no party for the rich...there are lobbyist who buy everyone lunch and expect favors in return...wake up there is no difference. Everyone needs to watch their representatives and hold them accountable for their actions.
Women want the same thing from government as they want from men...honesty, do what you say you are going to do, and respect; they want what everyone wants.
Here is the decisive factor, if we keep focusing on what divides us (gender, race, religion), we will never get it. We are ready for a woman, African American, and or Hispanic to be president, but we want the best person for the job and if he happens to be a white male it doesn't mean we weren't means those
candidates didn't prove they were ready to be President.
If you feel your representatives are out of touch with you, then you need to let them know that. If we allow the government to get away with what they have been getting away with, they will never change. There is one candidate out there who will change things for the better, has a solid record, is honest, and is just have to research each one to find that candidate.


Posted by: jthommes | November 1, 2007 6:33 PM | Report abuse

Well Single Women..Since the Men went to make WAR...there has been SINGLE women....I was married to a Servicemen and when he went to Mississippi to protect James Meridith I was single for 6 weeks..and again single..and again..the He was send to korea and i was single again....18 months later he was send to Vietnam...and again to I have be Single for a long time..So we know now that WAR creates SINGLE Women....And As a Immegrat with out any relative in this Country...and NO sopport from UNCLE SAM( goverment)...I have been Single and raising my Children ALONE...All the Social help or sopost Agency..are 00000000....
NOT EVEN could they till Today collect my CHILDSUPPORT...from the Service or the PENSION..Always excuses....
So what Women Want is Payed for Motherhood Like the European and African Countries have for there Mothers,Healthcare included Dentalcare...Freedom from ROE or is our body (not the courts etc.)
Housing for mothers and children close to schools,churches Education on parentings. monies management(now that wallstreet broke us).Four garanted Vacation plus Summers off to be with the children..Camps and Duderanches for the children Vacation.etc. Musik and Gym back in Schools.Etc.Well you get the message..
love your country

Posted by: sigup | November 1, 2007 5:46 PM | Report abuse

I agree with "treehuggers_suck" (charming name!). Our nation began its decline when women were granted the right to vote. It is the duty of all right-thinking Americans to return women to their rightful place - in the home. Hoopskirts and whalebone corsets would be good too.

Posted by: jp1954 | November 1, 2007 2:42 PM | Report abuse

The reason most single women tend to vote for liberals is because they are more likely to be oblivious to the reality that's going on around them. Typically, influencing their decisions through collegiate brainwashing and various forms of marketing is much more effective than it is for men. Married women are blessed with the knowledge they obtain from their husbands, which more likely than not is rooted in common sense and conservative ideology.

Posted by: treehuggers_suck | November 1, 2007 1:11 PM | Report abuse

Than why are the Dems' top strategists omitting discussion of women's issues, except possibly health care? It seems to me that if almost all the Republicans are willing to let the states ban abortion, a whole lot of single women--and all women--would swarm the polls if the Democrats highlighted this key difference between the parties.

Posted by: psumners | November 1, 2007 1:04 PM | Report abuse

My experience matches the poll information regarding single women watching these issues - the Republican candidates don't get it because they are completely out of touch with anyone making less than $200,000 a year.

Posted by: schultz_dv | November 1, 2007 12:50 PM | Report abuse

Indeed, we single women (in my case widowed), are more interest in paying the rent than finding Mr. Big. This article describes perfectly the concerns of most of us: ending the war, economic security, access to affordable healthcare. This is why Democrats appeal to us, whereas the GOP is the party of smug, prosperous white men.

Posted by: jsquires | November 1, 2007 11:54 AM | Report abuse

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