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A Crowded Field For N.H. Primary

The deadline bell for candidates to file in the New Hampshire presidential primary rang today at the secretary of state's office in Concord, making official once and for all the absence of notable would-be candidate like Al Gore and Newt Gingrich. But who needs a Nobel Peace Prize winner or former Speaker of the House when you've got 44 candidates to choose from that include not only Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and Rudy Giuliani but also:

1. "Sal" Mohammed, an Egyptian-born pharmaceutical engineer who has run for governor and Congress in Iowa and is now running for the Democratic nomination despite the prohibition against naturalized citizens becoming president. His campaign theme, according to his campaign Web site: "Human Decency Will Prevail." His political influences: "We missed the train of Henry Wallace in the 50's and the train of President Kennedy in the 60's, we waited 40 years for the train of Sal Mohamed to arrive carrying the banners of these both great American leaders. Please come aboard this train and make History. We can't afford to wait another 40 years. "

2. Albert Howard, a Michigan father of eight, who proposes to "return America's gold to Fort Knox and have it audited," "make it illegal to implant RFID chips in human beings" and "educate juries to the fact that they are not obligated to follow the instructions of a judge." These might not seem like a winning platform, but Howard would have you know, according to his website, that "The Angel of the Lord told me in January of 1992 that Hillary Rodham Clinton and I would meet and be running against each other and that she would lose."

3. The Massachusetts street performer Vermin Supreme (specialties include balloon animals and bar mitzvahs.)

4. Perennial candidate Caroline Killeen, aka The Hemp Lady, a superannuated but still vigorous former nun who has been running on marijuana legalization and environmental issues since 1976. She gives her contact address as the Peace Hostel on Via Valecchie in Assisi, Italy.

5. O. Savior (no information available beyond a Minneapolis post office box. A possible wildcard given that this year's primary will be occurring so close to Christmas.)

The listing of candidates also poses a potential problem for longshot GOP candidate Rep. Duncan Hunter of California: someone set on voting for Hunter might just be confused into instead voting for Democratic candidate D.R. Hunter, a Texan who wants you to know that "my mother wanted to name me Kyle and my earthly father (dad) after Darrel K. Royal, (the UT football coach). My middle name ended up as my dad's nickname." Also, that "my first cousin on my dad's side is a Texas Ranger (law enforcement). My uncle, (his dad), was a longtime U.S. Border Patrol agent. A couple first cousins on my mother's side are M.D.'s (doctors), another couple are artists (paint, music). Some first cousins I have not seen in 20 years but that does not mean that they are forgotten, (twelve first cousins). My oldest sister taught Spanish at a private school and now homeschools."

--Alec MacGillis

By Washington Post editors  |  November 2, 2007; 6:26 PM ET
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I went to hear Mitt Romney last night at a town hall meeting here in Laconia, NH. First time I actually met him. He was a distinguished looking man! Tall guy, slim, and a full head of hair. I told him that I once read that a natural born leader usually was "Tall" Slim" and had a full Head of Hair and that's why I was voting for him. He cracked up! But it's true, look at all our former successful presidents over 6 feet tall. Like. Washington, Lincoln, Kennedy, Regan, and a bunch more.Then look at the ones who were under 6 foot tall. Madison, Harrison, Adams, Carter. Good presidents but not outstanding. Anyway, Mitt was like meeting the guy next door. He stood there and shook my hand for 5 minutes, listen to my joke and laughed, and than answered my question. The question that I thought he would take a breath, and take a few minutes to answer, but took about 1 second to reply to. The Question.... Mr. Romney, If you would ask the American People to do something for their country above and beyond voting for you as President, what would you ask us to do?
He looked me in the eye and immediately said" I would ask you to back the troops and all those in harms way and who are serving this country. Good answer I thought. Figured I'd get one of those, "Well let's see" That's a tough question" Uh, I think I would ask, uh... You know, one of those answers. He also talked about how Washington used to be a government of common folk working for the people, but has become a bunch of politicians just filling positions and making speeches every now and than, and how he was going to change that. It's true isn't it? Seems like Washington has just become a place to park their A$$ and collect a big paycheck. Mitt say's he's always rolled up his sleeves and got the job done and that's what he plans to do in Washington. And he mentioned something else that hit home. He mentioned how our children need to be taught again, "that having children before marriage isn't the proper thing to do".
That, "young people are suppose to first get married, and then have children. These day's, under the Democrats and their "give away the store and then tax the people to restock" attitude, a single mother gets around $6000 a year in government benefits. That's 6k of tax payers money for each and every un-married single parent requiring government help. Much more then married couples would need. Where is this country headed as a healthy community if we continue on that course? All I have to say is, Everything Mitt say's sounds right to me and he has a high moral standard too. Some are saying negative things about him being a Mormon but who cares! Mormons don't bother anyone. And ! We won't have to worry about him having an affair on his wife, or having sex with young interns in the Whitehouse. That whole Clinton/Lewinsky thing embarrassed the crap out of us, didn't it?
Seems like the democrats have trouble with keeping their eye's off the other women, (history shows that) doesn't it? Heck it's gotten so bad, that now they even want to vote for a woman? Not that I have anything against woman. I just don't want one as Mrs. President of the United States. "First Lady" seems more appropriate to me. Far more appropriate than, "First Man" does. Don't you agree?

Posted by: gth24 | November 11, 2007 3:25 PM | Report abuse

Ole Savior is a perennial candidate in Minnesota, having run for the Democratic-Farmer-Labor nomination for Governor as well as other offices; he attracts the usual scattering of "none of the above" votes (I may have even voted for him once myself.)

Posted by: looselatchet | November 3, 2007 9:15 PM | Report abuse

Al Gore will not be on the printed ballot in New Hampshire, but that does not mean that primary voters won't be able to vote for him. Voters in the nation's first primary can still write his name in on the ballot. After more than a year of non-stop campaigning by Republican and Democratic candidates, more than 1 in 7 new hampshire voters are still undecided on a candidate. Polls of New Hampshire voters persistently show significant support for Al Gore. Farrell S. Seiler, State Coordinator, Draft Gore New Hampshire, Littleton, NH.

Posted by: windinfo | November 3, 2007 6:46 AM | Report abuse

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