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At GOP Debate, Talk Turns Away from Top Issues

JOHNSTON, Iowa -- The moderator of today's Des Moines Register debate began with a declaration: That the debate would not focus on Iraq or immigration. The logic was that Iowans wanted to hear from the candidates on other issues.

At first blush, the statement sounded odd, since a recent Washington Post-ABC News Iowa poll showed Iraq (24 percent) and immigration (24 percent) atop the list of voting issues for likely GOP caucus-goers. But also notable in that poll was that a number of issues reach double-digit importance.

While other top issues did get some air time (and no decree can stop the discussion of immigration) some of the debate's early topics rated far down the Republican issue list. Only 4 percent cited the federal budget deficit; 2 percent named education. Energy and ethanol were mentioned by less than 1 percent, as was the environment. No poll respondents cited global warming, which all candidates were asked to address, as a top issue.

Other issues near the top of the voters' list from the Post-ABC Iowa poll: terrorism (21 percent), the economy (16 percent), health care (16 percent), abortion (15 percent), taxes (13 percent) and family values (10 percent).

--Jennifer Agiesta

Posted at 5:54 PM ET on Dec 12, 2007
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It is a shame that the momentum of the illegal immigration nightmare, has resorted to THEM and US! But for the majority of the American population, its about the "RULE of LAW." It's about a troubled economy! It's about our sovereignty, our flag our language. It's about the difference between legal and illegal! Whatever your origin of birth, you are welcome no matter what your ethnic makeup, as long as you entered through the front door with the permission of the American taxpayer? We are a nation of citizen-Americans (85%), but in this century of a 300 million population and climbing, its about about drinking water and supplying energy to every community. Have you seen our highway systems lately? No person in their right mind enjoys the madness of traffic congestion, that is escalating daily. What is the major cause of "Road Rage"? Funny I never heard of these menacing conflicts on our streets back in the 50's? We can no longer as a country afford to support the millions of uneducated, poor of the world. We have become a magnet for people who want to feed their families, protect themselves from the corrupt governments. Americans are compassionate,very giving and have a philanthropist nature, but there are limits to supporting the hungry and destitute of this planet. We certainly are not the benevolent people as we once were? Taxpayers, the middle class; the white and blue collar workers are strained to even feed their own families. Yet by federal mandate we are forced to feed, house, clothe and care for wave upon wave of illegal foreign nationals. This is unjust, completely unfair and a travesty of our safety-net for our own needful citizens.
There is a building storm that could tear the very fabric of American society to shreds. We are in a period of a revolutionary mind, enacting the time of colonial loyalists and revolutionaries, because the U.S. citizen is not getting the representation they are ensured of by our Constitution. Within the midst of are many anti -American entities, who are threatening our Constitutional law and the oath of allegiance. People who legally come here must want to be an American first, and citizen should form ranks and become as ONE? Every ethnic group no matter their origin, should repudiate any un-American group, of which their are many! If we do not stand together, unite against a common enemy; our representative republic may not survive? . Our national sovereignty will vanish like the Roman Empire? We know who the traitors are; some are hidden behind non-profits, that taxpayer unknowingly support. Yet they ultimate goal is to destroy our way of life. Not only are we attacked from within, but also from foreign nations like Mexico, whose previous President demanded we accept their poor workers unconditionally. Then there is the International globalist, open border, free market machine, that underscores the peoples Will at every turn? All legal people, all nationalities, all races, religions should get involved, because their is an internal movement out there, to destroy our great nation. Not with bombs, not with bullets, but by destroying our freedom of "FREE SPEECH."

Perhaps like never before, America is on the brink of collapsing into an unholy mess? This 2008 national election could certainly be the final gasp of a once, powerful nation. Today we are confronted with immigrants who have no intention of assimilation, to them we are the cash-cow, the free handout, because our government says says we must? We as a nation, a people has been sold to the highest bidder. Our country is heading downward spiral, because the powerful corporate cartels own the majority of our politicians? Our border are in jeopardy, our ports, our infrastructure. Worse than being sold to a commercial enterprise, we have become ignorant that even our highways are up for grabs. What next toll-booths on the F-R-E-E ways, because some consortium has taken possession? What happened to the great American steel industry? What happened to shoes that said "Made in America." Even if you wanted to buy a pair of shoes that were manufactured HERE on these shores? All the time the Communist Chinese are building a War machine, for what? Why does our stupid, liberal press decry anybody who speaks out?

Before this President steps down, we must be aware of the decisions we make for our children's future? Before we go to the ballot box to vote, that is our right; who are going to vote for? The one's who see the mass numbers of illegal immigrants, as a voting power who can keep them in power, no matter the consequences? Or equally dangerous the NEOCOMS who want to stifle America workers with illegal aliens counterparts, who see unparalleled numbers as unheard of profit. You, the taxpayer are presented with a tax bill, along with future generations. Then there is the estimated profit to U.S. corporations and businesses employing illegal aliens in 2005 which was more than $2.36 TRILLION dollars; The cost of immigration to the American taxpayer in 1997 was a NET (after subtracting taxes immigrants pay) $70 BILLION a year, [Professor Donald Huddle, Rice University]; the cost is MANY TIMES GREATER now in 2006! In 2006 the average cost of each Illegal Alien here is 11,000.00 per year for American Taxpayers! Then according to Center for Immigration Studies and the tax burden will grow -- because 15 million more immigrants are set to arrive by year 2017 according to their latest research. according to Center for Immigration Studies and the tax burden will grow -- because 15 million more immigrants are set to arrive by year 2017 according to their latest research. More than 10 million immigrants have arrived since year 2000; it is estimated that nearly 6 million are illegal. All told, the group of immigrants now account for 38 million at the moment according to the White House's own census bureau.

This continuous tide of unfortunate poor from across our Southern border, South America or any other third world country, is devastating to our economy We are teeming with foreign national and their families, seeking a better life. Many have come here to harm us, intentionally, while others have imported less-known contagious diseases, unintentionally. But when they started demanding that taxpayers pay for interpreters in the courts, voting ballots; is yet another burden upon the U.S. taxpayer and unfortunately their needs are being favored by our weak politicians. Comes along The "SAVE ACT" that can alleviate much of the frustration and anger of the American citizen. Using of penalties from predator employers of heavy fines and confiscation of business profits, would pay exceedingly well for internal enforcement?

Emphasizing the principles of Attrition Through Enforcement. The SAVE Act (H.R. 4088) will broaden and enhance border security and interior enforcement. CONTACT YOUR (Public Servant) SENATOR OR CONGRESSMAN/WOMEN TO CO-SPONSOR THE "SAVE ACT."

The Iowans who vote, in New Hampshire and specifically in Nevada should remember this, when they arrive at the Caucuses, the Primaries, do not underestimate your influence in the 2008 National election?

You are the voter, you are your families future, you are the food on the table. The "SAVE ACT" is the first step to STOP; to Stop for good, the erosion of your pay check. You are saying NO! to the predator employers, who sell you down the economic river? No more free welfare for big business--They either hire American workers of any race! Or they can have a FIRE SALE!

Posted by: infinity555 | December 13, 2007 6:05 PM

The thought occurs to me: what if Ms. Washburn -- the debate's moderator -- had been around in 1858 and had been asked (what a dreadful thought) to moderate the Lincoln-Douglas debates -- would she have taken the issue of slavery off the table? Imagine either of the candidates being held to 30-second or 60-second responses, or, worse, the idiocy of a "show of hands." For more on my thoughts and those of others go to:

Posted by: BHiggins1 | December 13, 2007 10:11 AM

Tired of the same-old song-and-dance from your politicians. See this new YouTube video from the award-winning feature film, "Song of the Dead," a zombie musical that's also a hilarioius political satire on the war on terror, the MSM, and the president. The filmmaker is donating some of his profits from DVD sales to the Ron Paul campaign. See this excerpt at::

Posted by: mketcher | December 13, 2007 1:50 AM

Who won the Des Moines Register Republican Debate in Iowa?


Posted by: jeffboste | December 13, 2007 1:21 AM

One other thing: Why should my tax dollars pay for a scholarship for the child of an illegal alien, especially when I can't afford to pay for my own child's college? Sure, Huckabee says he'll build the fence, but his policies would create a magnet for illegal aliens to come here. We can't afford to pay for the world's children to all get a college education. A vote for Huckabee is a vote for more of the same: spending money we don't have, and bankrupting the country.

Posted by: WeNeedSkills | December 12, 2007 11:58 PM

Huckabee=Bush Lite

Ron Paul in 2008!

Posted by: txpenguin | December 12, 2007 11:50 PM

I was impressed with Huckabee until the last couple of days. First he says he won't get into talking about someone else's religion, then the next thing you know, he slams Romney's religion. The more I'm learning about his record in Arkansas, the more unimpressed I am with the guy. Pardoning hundreds of criminals, as long as they said they were born again. Raised taxes over and over and over. Sure, he's had a couple of good lines in debates, but does that qualify him to be president?

Posted by: WeNeedSkills | December 12, 2007 11:50 PM

Mike Huckabee facts:

1. He will Eliminate the IRS:
This means you will receive 100% of your paycheck.

2. He will drastically reduce Gas prices:
Switch to alternative fuels, changing supply/demand.

3. He will reduce global warming.
Switch to alternative fuels, no carbon dioxides.

4. He will reduce threat of terrorism.
New fuels cause middle east gov. crack down on them.

5. He will reduce rising Health care costs.
New programs that prevent diseases, not just fix them.

6. He will lead up not just hard right or hard left.
Excellent communicator, will bring parties together.

7. He will lead with principles rather than money.
He cares everybody not just those on Wall Street.

8. He will give Hope to America and enthusiasm.
He plays bass guitar in a band, dynamic personality.

9. He will carry out his goals, not talk about them.
Lost 110 pounds, kept it off, ran 4 Marathons-26.2m

10. He knows the American people is the real boss.
As Governor, his picture frame only shows citizens.

Vote for Mike Huckabee, otherwise you will not be able to enjoy these benefits

Since the other candidates don't have anything to say on what they can do for America, they take the easy road and resort to taking cheap shots at Mike. Don't fall into their trap any longer with negative attacks, let's show the critics and the naysayers that Americans have pride and we are ready to elect an honest, humble, trustworthy man for US President.

Posted by: vote4mikehuckabee | December 12, 2007 11:21 PM

Food Addict Mike Huckabee could relapse at any moment! Think of the Wendy's hamburgers at risk...

Posted by: barnesseth | December 12, 2007 6:54 PM

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