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Romney Boasts of Healthcare Plan

JOHNSTON, Iowa--The latest candidate promising universal health care to voters in Iowa and New Hampshire: former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney. That's a surprise. While the Democratic candidates have dueled for months over whose plan is most "universal," the GOP candidates have largely stayed away from that fray. Romney didn't emphasize that his plan would cover everyone when he first announced it, and experts doubt his proposal would expand health insurance to the 47 million Americans who don't have it, because he does not include new monies to finance the program.

Earlier this year, Romney was putting some distance between himself and a 2006 Massachusetts law that seeks to create universal health care in that state. Romney had worked hard on the provision and signed it in a lavish ceremony, but some of the elements, such as requiring people to get insurance or face a fine, are not popular among the conservative activists he has been courting.

Now, as the caucus nears and Republican voters in the early states keep asking health care questions, Romney pledged at a house party in Johnston, Iowa, yesterday to get everyone in the country health insurance within four years, if Congress passed his plan. He bragged that more than two-thirds of the uninsured in his state are now covered and said as president "I'll battle to get that done in every state in the country."

His campaign has a new mailer on the issue. "Promises, Promises," it says in large letters, "every day in Iowa, presidential candidates make promises to expand healthcare coverage." Pictured are several 2008 candidates, but not Romney. Inside, it says, "as governor, Mitt Romney created the first comprehensive healthcare reform program in the country," over a picture of Romney standing in what appears to be a hospital.

--Perry Bacon Jr.

Posted at 7:10 PM ET on Dec 12, 2007
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Insurance mandates are not universal health care. And politicians should stop calling it that. Nothing is Universal Health Care except "Single Payer Not For Profit Tax Supported Government Managed Health Care" (HR 676). Insurance mandates will be worse than what you have now. And what you have now is a complete, and total disgrace, and horror show. Insurance mandates will (require) you to buy insurance from the private insurance companies that have been ripping you off, and killing you by the thousands.

The #1 cause of injury, disability, and DEATH in America is, Health Care. More people die now from contact with the American Medical Health Care system than from any other cause of death. More than from Cancer, Heart disease, or Stroke. More than any other country in the world. Many times more than any other people in the world. Contact with the American medical health care system is the #1 risk factor now for injury, disability, and premature DEATH in America. This fact is a catastrophic indictment of the entire US Health Care System.

Driven by greed. And a rush to profit. Thousands of Americans are killed, and injured daily in America. By compromised health care. Cutting corners. Over, and under treatments. And poisonings with all manor of toxic, poisonous pharmaceuticals. Especially the children. America only makes up 2-4% of the world population. But Americans buy, and consume 50% of all pharmaceuticals world wide.

This is an emergency. America is in a crisis. And more Americans have died from this health care crisis than have died in all the wars in US history.

But the tide has turned. And the message is getting out. And taking hold about the fact that we have a very serious, and major health care crisis going on in America. Hurting everyone. Especially our precious little children. Rich, and poor alike. And most all Americans seem to understand now that "HR 676 Not For Profit Single Payer Universal National Health Care For All (Medicare For All)" is the way to go. Like all the other developed countries have done. Americans want government managed, tax payer supported health care Now. Medicare for all. Like other developed countries have. And like older Americans have now. Accept no substitute.

I am sick and tired of hearing how the candidates, and politicians health care plans are going to protect, and preserve the private for profit health insurance companies that have been killing, and ripping off the American people. And now the politicians want to mandate (require) that every American has to support the private for profit insurance company's that have been killing, and ripping you off. Or you will be fined, and PENALIZED. Thats right. PENALIZED. Ridiculous! The politicians really think you are all detached idiots. CASH COWS! To lead to the slaughter. Don't put up with that.

Just look at what is already happening with Massachusetts insurance mandates. It's a catastrophe. Financially, and medically for all the people of Massachusetts. And the private insurance companies just raised their rates by as much as 16%. And everyone has to pay now. It's a slaughter.

It's NOW TIME to bring out the BIG GUNS!! The BIG GUNS!! are you. The American people. And anyone else that wants to help. From now until HR 676 is passed into law. I want every person to reach out and touch their fellow Americans every day if you can. I want you to take a phone book. And call at least one of your fellow Americans every day. And ask them to pickup the sword of HR 676 Single Payer Not For Profit Universal Health Care For All (Medicare For All).

Call more than one each day if you can. And ask them to do the same as you are doing if they can. And also to put maximum pressure on their politicians to get HR 676 done. And to make sure their politicians support HR 676. Accept no substitute. HR 676 is a no-brainer. It's the best way to go on health care. It's the only moral, and ethical way to go. That is why every other developed country has done it. Most did it years ago. See, and

I know that many of you have been doing a fabulous job of spreading the word by talking it up with family, friends, and co-workers. And putting pressure on the politicians to get HR 676 done ASAP. The phone calls to your fellow Americans will increase the pressure. And increase momentum for HR 676 at an astonishing, and exponential rate. And I know many of you have been wanting to do something more to help. The phone calls to your fellow Americans is something you can do every day to help.

Trust me. It will be something to see. But you have to keep the focus, and pressure on getting HR 676 passed pronto. They will try to distract you. With all manor of other crises, and catastrophes. And other plans. Don't be distracted. HR 676 Single Payer Not For Profit Universal Health Care is the #1 concern of the American people. Thousands of Americans are dieing daily now. And you or your loved ones could be next.

There is no good reason HR 676 cannot be passed into law well before the coming elections. And SCHIP should have been passed by now. Even if it was for 3x the 35 billion congress ask for. Do not tolerate delays. If it is not passed before the coming elections. All America will know which politicians are on the side of the American people. And which are not when they vote. Well before the elections. This is supposed to be a democracy. And well over the majority of Americans want tax payer supported single payer government managed health care for free for all Americans as a right. Many of the politicians will be soliciting your financial, and political support for the coming elections. Make sure you send a note telling them that you expect them to support HR 676 if they expect you to support them.

Everyone can do this. Most of you are well informed about HR 676. This truly is one of those no-brainers. Be considerate of your fellow Americans when you call. But be comfortable about calling. These are your fellow Americans. Some will be receptive. And some will not be. Some maybe rude, and mean. Just thank them, and move on to the next. Most will be with you. And if you get a call from one of your fellow Americans about HR 676. Let them know you are already on board. And thank them for calling. Build them up. And keep them strong. They are fighting for all of us.

Keep fighting. Pickup that phone, and call your fellow Americans. It's the right thing to do. You will win. Bless you all...

Posted by: JackSmith1 | December 17, 2007 12:14 AM

tkplant says:
"I think it will help if we look at reality. What did he accomplish while Govenor. Release over 700 felons; 7 of which were murders, support programs that create magnets for illegial immigrants, Increase spending 6 billions to 16 billion; and raise taxes over 50%."

I would like to know the sources of these stats. Would be impressive if true. Without sources I don't know if it is true or just smear.

Posted by: Barbara | December 14, 2007 6:55 AM

Mike Huckabee carries more baggage ten a AC bellboy.

There is the Wayne Dumond case and literally 1000 other pardons.

Gift Gate: He received $1120.000 in gifts in one year as govenor. In 1999 he received $53.000 from a businessman (Jenning Osbourne) he later appointed on a commission.

Posted by: panagoplos | December 13, 2007 11:51 PM

If Mike Huckabee is going to do away with the IRS, what is he going to do about the 16th Amendment of the Constitution? A foolish promise made by a foolish politician!

Posted by: agrahn | December 13, 2007 10:28 PM

voteformikehuckabee - If you really believe Huckabee will actually accomplish that laundry list of items...then you probably believe Huckabee walks on water.

I think it will help if we look at reality. What did he accomplish while Govenor. Release over 700 felons; 7 of which were murders, support programs that create magnets for illegial immigrants, Increase spending 6 billions to 16 billion; and raise taxes over 50%.

Posted by: onesmallvoice | December 13, 2007 2:41 PM

"...and experts doubt his proposal would expand health insurance to the 47 million Americans who don't have it..."

I could have sworn that said "...and Democrats doubt his proposal..." last time I read it, just a few minutes ago. Does the Post edit its Trail posts without notice?

Posted by: zukermand | December 13, 2007 11:21 AM

Mike Huckabee facts:

1. He will Eliminate the IRS:
This means you will receive 100% of your paycheck.

2. He will drastically reduce Gas prices:
Switch to alternative fuels, changing supply/demand.

3. He will reduce global warming.
Switch to alternative fuels, no carbon dioxides.

4. He will reduce threat of terrorism.
New fuels cause middle east gov. crack down on them.

5. He will reduce rising Health care costs.
New programs that prevent diseases, not just fix them.

6. He will lead up not just hard right or hard left.
Excellent communicator, will bring parties together.

7. He will lead with principles rather than money.
He cares everybody not just those on Wall Street.

8. He will give Hope to America and enthusiasm.
He plays bass guitar in a band, dynamic personality.

9. He will carry out his goals, not talk about them.
Lost 110 pounds, kept it off, ran 4 Marathons-26.2m

10. He knows the American people is the real boss.
As Governor, his picture frame only shows citizens.

Vote for Mike Huckabee, otherwise you will not be able to enjoy these benefits

Since the other candidates don't have anything to say on what they can do for America, they take the easy road and resort to taking cheap shots at Mike. Don't fall into their trap any longer with negative attacks, let's show the critics and the naysayers that Americans have pride and we are ready to elect an honest, humble, trustworthy man for US President.

Posted by: vote4mikehuckabee | December 12, 2007 11:16 PM

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