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Huckabee's Money From Where His Mouth Is

In between stump speeches, Huckabee still speaking for hire. (AP).

By Matthew Mosk
Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee is having so much success with his public speaking on the presidential campaign trail, he figured he might as well continue to get paid for the effort.

The Politico reported last night that Huckabee has apparently decided now is not the time to put a hold on his paid speaking engagements for which his usual fee can top $25,000.

Huckabee told the online publication: "Unlike the members of the Senate or Congress who continue to get their paycheck and get a taxpayer-funded salary, and unlike people who are independently wealthy, if I don't work, I don't eat." He said he has two or three paid speeches scheduled in February and had two or three in November, and told the web site, "a couple in March are scheduled right now," but none in December or January because the campaign "has just eaten up" his time.

Being paid to speak is not an uncommon sidelight for politicians -- former New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani typically commanded $100,000 for a speech, and he continued to book engagements while he was in the exploratory phase of his presidential bid.

The Post reported in February that Giuliani spoke in San Diego at a seminar also headlined by famed motivational speaker Zig Ziglar and football coach Marty Schottenheimer. His talk was titled "Courage Without Compromise." Giuliani's aides said he will not accept any more requests for paid speeches.

But Giuliani discontinued the paid speech-making before he formally entered the race.

Past speechmaking by presidential candidates has attracted the attention of election regulators. In 2003, Democrat Wesley K. Clark returned money for motivational speeches after published reports questioned whether the payments amounted to improper campaign contributions.

Clark told the Post that he believed his speech fees were legal but ultimately gave them back to avoid giving opponents an issue, and that he worries that putting such fees off limits only hurts candidates who are not wealthy or members of Congress.

And, there is another politician who is on the presidential campaign trail this year who continues to take money for speeches: Bill Clinton. The former president typically commands between $150,000 and $300,000 for a speaking appearance. In November, the Buffalo News reported that Clinton provided the keynote at the Ontario Economic Summit, and prove such a popular draw, the group had to move its convention to a larger venue 15 miles away to accommodate the 850 people "who snapped up all of the $195 tickets on short notice."

By Washington Post editors  |  December 27, 2007; 10:15 AM ET
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There is ONE candidate who has proven that he cares - Congressman Duncan Hunter. Check him out.
He has a perfect rating from Americans for Better Immigration.
He voted against NAFTA and its sister deal, CAFTA.
He has NEVER voted for amnesty.
He comes from a border state, so he knows firsthand the troubles of Illegal Immigration.
He already began a triple-layered fence in San Diego:
-With three layers - one 8-foot fence, a border patrol road behind it, and another, 15-foot fence behind THAT - it is far more secure than nothing at all.
-This fence lowered the trafficking of humans and drugs by 90% in San Diego!
-It lowered crime by 53% in San Diego!
-He wrote a bill that the president WILL NOT ENFORCE to finish this fence across 854 miles of smugglers' routes across the border.
-He has sought to build a fence across the entire Southern border.
What about the rest of his credentials?
-He has an A+ from the NRA
-He has a 100% rating from the National Right to Life
-He has a 100% rating from the Americans for Better Immigration
-He supports the Fair Tax
-He has a 100% rating from the Eagle Forum
-He has a 92% rating from the American Conservative Union
-He has a 100% from the Concerned Women for America
-He has a 100% from the Christian Coalition
-He has a 100% from the Campaign for Working Families
-He has a plan to overturn Roe v. Wade
-He promises to finish the fence within 6 months if he becomes president.
-He will appoint Originalist judges, who will interpret the Constitution as it was written (as they should).
-He has a plan to balance the budget
-He has a plan to cut spending
-He promises to end trade deals with China that are cheating us out of millions, deals enacted by Bill Clinton
- took a poll asking people to describe the ideal candidate without picking names. The results were compared to current candidates, and 69% described Duncan Hunter
-He beat John McCain in a straw poll in McCain's own state
-He tied for second in a straw poll in California
-He's won multiple straw polls in South Carolina, coming in second and third in others as well.
-He has 26 years of experience
-He is a Vietnam war veteran
-His son has fought in Iraq and is now in Afghanistan
-He was Chair of the Armed Services Committee
-National Journal ranks him as the most conservative member of Congress running for president.
Visit these websites for more info:

Posted by: shirlin01 | December 29, 2007 9:44 PM | Report abuse

Who of you really enjoys being a surrogate gossiper distributing political gossip for candidates owned by Wall Street's elite? GOOD LUCK WITH THAT! Wise people know the difference between gossip and fact.

Or, would you rather spend your spare time doing something honorable and help Mike Huckabee remove the "For Sale" sign from the lawn of the White House? Your choice.

Go Huckabee!

Posted by: d_shoup | December 27, 2007 11:33 PM | Report abuse

As for Mike Huckabee is concerned I am listening to some of my family and friends in Ark. who have had to live with the man in office there. I will not vote for him.
As for John McCain he is just another copy of G.W. And I have been sick of him and his kind. So I won't vote for him. Giuliani is too untrustworthy. If he can't be honest with his women (that he knows)how can I trust him to be honest with anyone that he don't know.He's to dishonest so I won't be voting for him. Mitt Romney? Hmmm People don't like him because of his religion. But to me he is the only one that I know is at least for the family. That is the one thing I have found that the Mormons have going for them. So he is a possibity, If I were to vote for another Repub.
Now for the Dems. I don't trust Hillary as far as I could throw her Bill. They are too me very dangerous people and we will see just how much if they win. Obama? I'm not sure anyone knows for sure what he is about. He bothers me as well. I can't put my finger on it but it isn't a good feeling. John Edwards is the only one of the Dems. that I think would have any kind of a chance of a vote from me. If I were too vote Dem. But I've given up on them as well. So that only leaves An Independent. But So far there is nothing there. But I do know this, if people talk Al Gore into running as an Ind. Then I am really up a creek without a paddle. There is no way I would vote for someone that would rather "Save a Tree- Kill a Human"
So there you are folks that is the FINE LIST of CANIDATES we have too rule over us. Cuz anyone that might have our welfare at heart the Big Guys that decide who is going to win won't allow that man win anything.
Woe unto us as a Nation.

Posted by: mannaw1 | December 27, 2007 7:40 PM | Report abuse

It's not hard to understand WHY Mike Huckabee is in demand as a speaker!

Posted by: ih2005 | December 27, 2007 4:37 PM | Report abuse

I don't see the conflict of interest that other posters claim are so obvious. The issue is whether income or paid expenses from speaking fee's are used to influence an election, in which case that income or expenses could come under the purview of the FEC. For example if someone took income from speaking and gave or loaned that money to a campaign that might raise questions.

Obviously anytime a candidate spends their own money boosting their or a spouse's campaign it should provoke serious scrutiny from the FEC as to the source of the income. However as far as we know that's not the case with either Mike Huckabee or Bill Clinton.

However Mitt Romney for example has contributed or loaned his campaign many $millions of his own money but where exactly did all that money come from? That's where I would tend to look for problems.

Posted by: chrisbak52 | December 27, 2007 4:06 PM | Report abuse

"He does indeed still need to work and is not so well off that he can't and is not unethical enough to simply live his current life on campaign contributions."?????????????

Ah, yet another Huckalemming who is unfamiliar with the many ways Huckabee funneled taxpayer money to his friends and family during his tenure as governor.

Huckabee once accepted $40,000 in contributions from the tobacco giant R.J. Reynolds to campaign against a national cigarette tax proposed by Hillary Clinton.

Huckabee was also the subject of 16 ethics complaints that forced him to pay $1,000 in fines for failing to report outside income and payments from his campaign fund, and he was investigated for flying Arkansas state airplanes when on personal and political business.

"They devour widows houses and for a pretense make long prayers" - Jesus Christ.

Posted by: elbeau | December 27, 2007 2:28 PM | Report abuse


More on Romney's Leadership check out these links: and

See this video for Mitt Romney caught lying!
mitt Romney saw his dad march with Martin Luther King! CAUGHT IN A LIE

Romney is a flip flopping flake, I just found out that he has stock in all of the companies that are major promoters of homosexual rights & abortions, he is not going to do anything to these companies or the procedures but try to implement things that would advance them another example of how eloquent speaking politicians are embedded within Wall Street! HE IS ANOTHER WALL STREET CANDIDATE!all this rhetoric is follishnes and an intent denial to dismiss truth. The Demo-wacks have had control over congress for 2 years now and have done NOTHING but fund pork barrel projects and have not come close to making any kind of real progress that the promised their poor demo-wack supporters. There credibility is SHOT! and as for Huckabee... People fear that he will win, which he is... At this point I will vote for anybody other than a Demowack. i am so frustrated that I have changed party position and will vote Repub this year.I am so proud of Huckabee i do not know what to do. He is a man of principle and he surely just sealed the deal with my vote. He will win and big he will, and while the pundits try to demise him, or his other political rivals try to make him look bad. They may want to look at the mirror at themselves. You got flip flopping mitt, dead fred, pimped out guiliani , small brain mccain, and "paul is crazy and deranged"! And as for the Dems: you got Hell-ary that have sold her soul to the left party lobbyist in america, and you got chronic smoking Obama? which neither one has ANY experience in foreign policy. If it was not for Hell-ary having bill clinton last name, she would not even be known.Huckabee is the sure winner and will win big. I can not wait for romney to get out of the race. i bet he will go back to hiring illegals to work in his yard. check more out about him at he is the biggest flake since kellogs!

Posted by: in-God-I-Trust | December 27, 2007 2:14 PM | Report abuse

Another thing which impresses me about the man. He does indeed still need to work and is not so well off that he can't and is not unethical enough to simply live his current life on campaign contributions. I love the fact he's unapologetic about it to the establishment. This guy keeps getting more impressive everyday. And for folks who understand finance/economics...he's the highest ROA candidate of our time. That's worth my investment.

Posted by: Anti-wimp | December 27, 2007 1:21 PM | Report abuse

Actually, I doubt this story will get any legs given Bhutto's assassination today.

Posted by: JakeD | December 27, 2007 11:48 AM | Report abuse

First of all, BILL Clinton is not running for office. Second, I'm sure if people like Wes Clark (or the Post) thought there was anything illegal with what Huckabee was doing, they would say so. Next faux "scandal" re: the current GOP frontrunner?

Posted by: JakeD | December 27, 2007 10:58 AM | Report abuse

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