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Huckabee's Unusual Closing Speech

Huckabee spreads his campaign's gospel in Iowa. (Getty Images).

By Dan Balz
DES MOINES -- With six days remaining before the Iowa caucuses, conventional candidates are offering their closing arguments to the voters. Mike Huckabee delivers a sermon.

The former Arkansas governor is the surprise of the 2008 race, and the stump speech he delivered to a captivated audience of more than 1,000 people in West Des Moines on Thursday night was as unusual and original as his candidacy. I don't recall ever hearing anything quite like it from a presidential candidate in his position at this point in a campaign.

Most candidates in the final days before a crucial election offer a vision of what their leadership would mean to the lives of ordinary people. They include lists of issue priorities of the kind Hillary Clinton offers. They can wrap policy with an inspirational frame of the type Barack Obama presents or sound a call to arms in the way John Edwards is doing. They can identify a single issue to embody a candidacy, as John McCain and Rudy Giuliani have done with Iraq and terrorism.

Huckabee's was strikingly different. For starters, it was remarkably short on policy. Oh, he touched on issues like energy and health care and immigration and he talked about gridlock in Washington and the corruption of big money in politics. But all of these points seemed incidental to the broader message of the speech.

Huckabee's speech was long on values. It was personal and conversational and, not surprisingly, given what he has shown in debates, often quite humorous. He filled the speech with stories about himself and his family.

Some were tender and touching, especially one about a visit with his daughter to Yad Vashem, Israel's holocaust museum that concluded with what, at age 11, she wrote in the book upon leaving the museum: "Why didn't somebody do something?" Others reflected less positively on his family, including a father whose "spare the rod, spoil the child" philosophy left a deep impression on Huckabee.

But all of them conveyed an underlying message of morality and responsibility that underscored why Huckabee's rise has been fueled by a desire on the part of Republican voters for a candidate who is both socially conservative and personally authentic.

Huckabee was openly critical of his own party and suggested a victory in Iowa would shake the rafters of the GOP. "I love this country and I love it more than I love the Republican Party," he said. "The Republican party needs to be changed. There are some people who aren't that fond of me for saying it.... They want the right and the left to keep fighting, Democrats and Republicans, the liberals and the conservatives."

He also appealed to the audience to upend the GOP establishment by supporting him next Thursday. "A week from tonight, you have an opportunity to do something completely different that would utterly confound the political ruling class in this country," he said, saying a victory would "shock with seismic energy" the political foundations of his party.

Huckabee's support is grounded in the community of evangelical Christians in Iowa, but his speech included no calls for a constitutional amendment to ban abortion or talk about gays and lesbians. He spoke of the sanctity of life and used story-telling to remind the audience that none of them are free agents in deciding right from wrong.

One lengthy story involved one of his sons, who was apparently difficult at a young age and who was left behind at home one day while the rest of the family went out. When Huckabee returned, his son presented him with a cake he had just baked -- a cake that turned out be inedible.

His son, attempting to interpret unfamiliar phrases in the recipe, decided that "a dash of salt" meant a cup of salt -- and in doing so, ruined the cake. The audience was in stitches as Huckabee described the result, a cake no human could eat, but as he said, if you set it outside, the cows would lick it for a week.

Then came the message. "My son did not set out to do anything that turned out so horrible," he said. "His motives were pure. His actions were admirable. He was dedicated to the task. And he intended in every way to do something good. But he made one colossal mistake. My son had made his own definition of what a dash meant.... When we start defining right and wrong with our own matter how well intentioned we are, no matter how sincere, the result is a disaster."

When he finished, he met with reporters, before whom he skewered Mitt Romney, his main competitor here in Iowa, by turning Romney's criticisms of his record back on the former Massachusetts governor.

Huckabee has risen so quickly that there is much voters do not know about him, and as they learn more, they may like him less than they do now. His appeal may be limited to social and religious conservatives, rather than extending to a broader conservative electorate. He may have trouble finding a second act, even if he wins Iowa next week.

But he demonstrated Thursday night an original touch, a unique style and a sense of self-confidence in his own instincts. His performance was the work of a politician who no longer should be underestimated by anyone in his party.

By Web Politics Editor  |  December 28, 2007; 1:46 PM ET
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It is highly ammusing to observe the masses of people who will go running online to spout off their mouths. It is even more ammusing when you realize how many people will do this before having any facts to back up their ranting.

That being said, to those of you who would bash Huckabee for acknowledging his faith and his beliefs I would ask, "Would you rather support someone who lies and is deceptive about what they believe?" (one example, Barack Obama) Or would you rather support a candidate who promises you everything but the moon knowing full well that even if elected she (Hillary Clinton) wouldn't be able to make good on half of what she's promising.

Everyone has the right to his or her own opinion, a right that our Constitution protects. But for the sake of our country, and our future as a nation, I sincerely hope that Mike Huckabee is elected in office.Those of you who ahve actually researched his policy, will understand why. And for those of you who can't get past the fact that he is an openly moral person, even if you don't agree with him atleast you will never have to wonder what he believes in or where he stands on the important issues. That is certainly more than can be said for most of the other candidates.

Posted by: supercivic2003 | January 19, 2008 3:17 PM | Report abuse

For the believers,

For everybody else, ........

Posted by: david | January 18, 2008 2:44 AM | Report abuse

For VFazio,
I read your comment about the biblethumping, ignorant, southern leaders the republicans keep electing... I am a Christian and from the South and Republican, but I am not ignorant. I am actually well educated on the issues and will make a level-headed decision about who I vote for. You also typified republicans as those who hate Muslims or are culturally backwards or afraid. I also have numerous muslim friends, as well as friends from various other religions. Your discrimination and stereotyping of southerners, those who are religious etc... is just as bad as what you accuse the "republicans" of doing. I think Mike is a very viable candidate who never forced his beliefs onto Arkansas citizens. That's the beauty of this country -- we can all believe different things, share our beliefs and discuss our convictions -- it's what keeps us open and democratic. I respect Huckabee's beliefs and I also respect the beliefs of all the other candidates. I'm not sure many people understand the respect the leaders of this nation deserve for their dedication to this country. I know Huckabee can earn it!

Posted by: relightfoot5483 | January 9, 2008 3:30 PM | Report abuse

Some people seem to indicate that because of Huckabee's religious beliefs and because of his southern heritage that he might not be as qualified a candidate or as good a potential leader as others running in this race; As an Arkansas native, where I have lived under Huckabees leadership, I can honestly say I believe he is one of the best candidates, if not the best candidate coming out of either party. Here in our state he was a progressive leader who was not afraid of change. Arkansas went under some of the most rigourous and controversial educational reform during his governership, and we've come out the better because of his progressive attitude. Mike knows about opportunity, because he's from the state that is the "Land of Opportunity." Under his leadership Arkansas' economy picked up, and he paved the way for Democratic governor Mike Bebee to continue Arkansas' sucess story-- illustrative of Another of Huckabee's good qualities- he may be the best candidate to unite the parties in the house. He is open minded and perhaps one of the most change oriented governors Arkansas has ever had. I believe that there are many great things Huckabee has to offer this nation... He cares about this nation and I believe he has the ability to unite this nation again!

Posted by: relightfoot5483 | January 9, 2008 3:05 PM | Report abuse

The more I read about Mike the more I like him. The Fair Tax is a bold idea, but one that the American people need to get behind! I am so tired of hearing that "it" whatever "it" may be "will never happen". Did we forget that we the people are supposed to have the power in this country? Do not underestimate the power of the "silent majority". The sleeping giant is waking up and it it full of young unhappy christians that are ready to take the power back, rasie our kids the way we see fit, and quit sending half of our income to the government. I don't care if you hate me or belittle me because I believe in the Bible. I do let it infulence my vote, and it is my right to do so.

Posted by: mally928 | January 9, 2008 5:03 AM | Report abuse

I am not a creationist nor a fundamentalist. I did live in Arkansas for 5 years while Huckabee was governor and covered him as a photojournalist of one of the larger papers in the state. I can tell you that religion was not an issue dealing with the governor's office. He did not attempt to introduce creationism into the public schools and I saw no signs of his requiring a specific set of believes in the people he appointed to office.

I found him to be a sincere man willing to work with anybody, including the other party, to do what was best for the state. One who was open to ideas and could work with people.

That is why I'm supporting him,

p.s.: I found my way to this page with all the insulting comments about him through a link on his website.

R.J. Oriez

Posted by: rjoriez | January 4, 2008 4:03 AM | Report abuse

This is the part where Mike Huckabee wins the Iowa caucus!

Posted by: smkosik | January 2, 2008 8:09 PM | Report abuse

What liberals fail to understand is that most of America is made up of grassroot conservatives who care about ethics and morals and doing the right thing...even, and especially, in politics which affects us all. We know that the world is only about six thousand years old and was created by our wonderful living God, Who still has His hand on our affairs. He still rules, no matter what the liberal view! Unbelief does not change this reality! TRUTH stands, regardless! God's eye is on the liberals, as well as the consevatives. And this Bible, that some are so anxious to say isn't true, contains a message that those in leadership are placed there by God. It also says the "the heathen rage." I hear a lot of raging! But, God is still in control. Go, God! And go, Huckabee! My prayers are with you.

Posted by: joyce | January 2, 2008 9:43 AM | Report abuse

You know this is my observation about Mike Huckabee.

The more I read and hear about him in the media and from his political opponents, the less I think people will like him.

HOWEVER... the more I research on my own, and learn the TRUTH about Mike Huckabee the more amazed and the more I grow to like and support him.

Sure the anti-Christian bigots don't like him or any other Christian who is serious about a personal faith. Sure the establishment Republicans do not like him because he represents their worst fears... a party like Abraham Lincolns Republican Party... of the People, by the People, and for the People. They do not want the party to be returned to the people. They want to keep their power base.

Well, the anti-Christian bigots simply do not understand Southern Baptist's commitment to the separation of church and state. Nor do they understand Evangelical Christianity. From an Evangelical perspective you CANNOT force Christianity on ANYONE. It is a very PERSONAL choice and decision that an INDIVIDUAL makes between them and God... period. This type of Christianity simply could NEVER be legislated.

As far as the Establishment Republicans... well... they actually do have something to worry about. The PEOPLE of the Republican Party are taking it BACK from the special interest groups.

Go Mike!! The more they attack you, the more I like you!

The more I learn the TRUTH about you, the more I support you!!

Visit to learn more for yourself.

Posted by: resume51 | January 2, 2008 1:19 AM | Report abuse

Huckabee is refreshing! Thanks for reporting this story.

Posted by: cyndysalzmann | December 31, 2007 6:03 PM | Report abuse

Mike Huckabee has my complete support. This is the first chance we have had in a very long time to have a leader who is for "the people" of America.

Mike motivates me and I am excited to see the great things he will do for us and our country.
All of the negative attack ads won't change Mike's proven leadership record.

As everyone has seen, Mike Huckabee has surged to number one in the polls. When people hear him speak, they understand why he is the right choice to be President of the United States.

God bless Mike. If "we Americans" stick together, our country will move ahead stronger than ever with Mike leading it.

I endorse Mike Huckabee.

Dan Campbell
Sgt., USMC

Posted by: marinepatriot | December 31, 2007 12:05 PM | Report abuse

kevindreed and others:

Just because someone does not believe in evolution does not mean that he or she is stupid or believes that the world is 6,000 years old. I believe in natural selection and other forms of micro evolution, I just reject the idea that advanced and complex organisms evolved from fish or bacteria. Creationists have their evidence to support their ideas, and Darwinists theirs, so I think that its time to stop putting a person down for having their own religious and scientific beliefs. Also, Chasemonster, an individual is not stupid because he or she believes in the Bible! There is plenty of historical, archeological, and scientific evidence to support the Bible. Would you criticize a Muslim for being stupid because the believe in the Koran? I wouldn't because kind of criticism shows true ignorance.

Posted by: onespiritedgal93 | December 30, 2007 2:06 PM | Report abuse

This article reads as if it is more about the writer's political opinions than it is about good journalism. Oh and one more thing...GOD BLESS AMERICA, IN GOD WE TRUST, and Gesundheit! See you all at the polls!

Posted by: smkosik | December 30, 2007 11:52 AM | Report abuse

oldschoolgirl, some food for thought...

False history gets made all day, any day,

During the earth-shattering struggles of his time, Mr. Romney repeatedly chose to remain on the sidelines while others took the lead and now he wants us to believe that he is a leader. Where was your leadership Mr. Romney when the country was going through the previous struggles that defined a nation and a generation? An example would be the exclusion of blacks from his Church, Mr. Romney would have us believe that he was against it, yet nowhere publically did he speak out against it, even though being the son of one of the most prominent Mormons in the country he had a platform to do so. But Mr. Romney chose to play it safe and go with flow supposedly secretly wanting the Church to change its doctrine of exclusion.

The other issue where Mr. Romney again showed a lack of courage was the question of the war in Vietnam. I'm sorry but I just have to ask; besides John McCain was there any Republican politician that went to defend the country they now hope to lead? So the best the Republicans can offer the country is another long list of chickenhawks, defenders of the war only because they or their ilk will never have to fight in it. What a sad state of affairs for our country. Mr. Romney not only chose to take a deferment, he again uses the disingenuous response of I really wanted to go, but. Mr. Romney if you really wanted to go there would have been nothing to stop you. Take for instances the former professional football player Pat Tillman, he really wanted to go and he went. He left all the comforts and privilege and chose to stand up for what he believed in. It eventually cost him his life, so don't disgrace the memories of all those who did choose to go and fight with that weak kneed answer.

False history gets made all day, any day,
the truth of the new is never on the news - Adrienne Rich

The Disputed Truth

Posted by: jhawk10 | December 30, 2007 9:16 AM | Report abuse

I do have two other (non-political) remarks to make concerning kevindreed's remarks against religion. First, if it is true [?] that religion--especially genuine, biblical Christianity--promotes violence, then it is all the more true that non-religion is at least 10 times worse. The 20th Century stands as a testament to the murderous intent of man's heart (a point I believe kevindreed agrees with). In the 20th Century, non-religious governments slaughtered more human beings than did all religious wars of the prior 19 centuries combined. Pol Pot and Mao by themselves are responsible for the deaths of more than 55 million human beings. So, whatever one wishes to say on this score against religion, he must admit that the non-religious are worse. Second, science is not the benevolent savior kevindreed assumes it is either. Science, by design, is a work in progress and cannot offer truth. Kevindreed's assertions about the certainty of evolution and knowledge from science is little more than faith--faith in science. And before we bow down before the men in white jackets, let us remember that it was science which missed simple mathematical equations on the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), wasting hundreds of millions of British pounds in an attempt to replicate the Big Bang theory. It was science which pronounced the coelacanth extinct along with the dinosaurs, until an Indonesian man and his son caught one a few months ago. More to the point, it was scientists who delivered babies up to their necks, killed them, then farmed out their body parts for "research." If we must look for a savior from the evil in the world, I would rather look to the one in the white robe whose blood can save from sins than the ones in the white lab jackets with blood-stained hands.

Posted by: doccochran | December 29, 2007 7:39 PM | Report abuse

This is my favorite article so far on Huckabee, but I am voting for Mitt. I will gladly vote for Huckabee as VP, however. I would love to see Mitt and Huck work together!

Posted by: JedMerrill | December 29, 2007 7:16 PM | Report abuse

Mike Huckabee Joins the Club

Somewhere Inside the Virtual Beltway
December 28 (Reported by holywoodog)

It was only a matter of time. The preordained finally happened today. Mike Huckabee, the former Governor of Arkansas, joined the Beltway Club, putting an end to a brief but bold experiment to straight-talk to the American people about real issues using honest words. John McCain having abandoned a similar path to the White House earlier, the Huckabee move spells the end of experiments with truth and authenticity as legitimate tender in the marketplace for political ideas and public policy choices.

Governor Huckabee chose the tragedy of the Bhutto assassination to signify his readiness to accept the Beltway ways by pulling what can only be described as a Joe McCarthy. He pulled out a number from his vest pocket around 600 and announced that that was the number of Pakistanis (yes, Pakistanis) crossing the US-Mexico border every month. His source, he said, was the the CIA. Later he modified that to include "other agencies" also in his listing of sources.

Knowledgeable sources have told this reporter that the data the Governor used does not come close to the fact in the matter. Pakistan nationals do not make even the list of the 25 largest national groups crossing the Mexican border illegally to the US.

The consensus among Beltway pundits has been one of approval: "Smart move," ons said, "if a long time coming."

Posted by: RMGopal | December 29, 2007 5:39 PM | Report abuse

kevindreed, thanks for putting out a clearer picture of what you (and I assume others) are saying about Huckabee's views and how they may disqualify him, or at least impair his judgment. I have much I would like to say, but I will limit the response here to 2 remarks. First, Huckabee does not hold to the young earth view. He has said so on numerous occasions in televised debates. Though many Christians hold to a young earth, there is nothing in the Bible that demands it; the Bible does not state the age of the earth. There are Christians who debate the arguments for and against young earth & old earth. Christianity is very much compatible with science, which brings me to the second point I'd like to make. No one wants America to be Christian in the sense that anyone be demanded to attend worship, etc. Yet, there must be a steady view of reality, of who we are as humans, of what the world is, of what is good and what is not. This steady view has historically been provided by the Judeo-Christian view of God, and it allows much free speech and debate. Other religions were rejected by the founders (who were not all Christians) because they did not offer the most freedom for human beings. The Christian view that all men are created equal and endowed by the creator with certain inalienable rights has guided our country on purpose and by design for 200+ years. To hear it disparaged so naively is shocking. One doesn't debate matters of theology in a muslim country. We ought to be a bit more careful and not bite off the hand that has fed us these last two centuries.

Posted by: doccochran | December 29, 2007 4:59 PM | Report abuse

Although Huckabee delivered a "different" message, his message is refreshingly different. We need a man in the White House who is not bought and sold by lobbyists and corporations for profit.
This man is authentic, just, and not afraid to speak his mind.
How refreshing. How different!

Posted by: teresamuller | December 29, 2007 3:18 PM | Report abuse

jhawk10: You, my friend, are the one who seems to be misinformed about Mormonism. Try doing some research about Mormons and their treatment of blacks throughout their church history.

And did I read that you believe religious conservatives are intolerant of blacks, Latinos, and poor people? That's funny, since lower/middle class conservatives gave more money last year percentage wise to charities that help poor people than liberal democrats who talk a big talk but don't put their money where their mouth is. Please see
for more detailed information about conservatives and giving.

I also had to laugh at your post jhawk, since many of my conservative Christian friends are minorities- do they hate themselves or something? Please, explain more of your brilliant ideas oh Wise One, and here's a shovel.

Posted by: oldschoolgirl | December 29, 2007 3:12 PM | Report abuse

doccochran - The idea is not that people that are Christian are stupid. The idea, from my view anyway, is that, in the face of evidence that mounts by the hour, at some point I have to wonder when One Faith - out of thousands (all of which have no evidence to back them up or repeatable experiences without guidance from authority) - must yeild to what all humans can see on a daily basis. And, regardless of how many languages a person can speak or how much they know about various topics, if they still think the Earth is 6,000 years old based on the content of one book written by various men, then that person's ability to reason and process factual evidence must be questioned. Rather than stupidity, that is seeing what one wants to see, which we're all guilty of at one time or another. I don't consider myself smarter, but I do expect some sort of challenge based on observable facts. If Huckabee believes the Earth is 6,000 yrs old, it's because of the writing in the Bible, and no other reason, and it's simply becoming a belief that has no basis in reality. I respect most religious people, but I think the time has come for a respectful, insightful, and open discussion about ALL religions and how they relate to actions taken in our world. There are 2,000 religions. They all ain't right. Most likely, they are all wrong. Science, music, art, medicine, and a host of other disciplines at least provide us stepping stones on which humans can advance and avoid self-destruction. Praying doesn't cut it.

Posted by: kevindreed | December 29, 2007 3:11 PM | Report abuse

Unfortunately for Mr. Romney many of the religious right voters he courted, despite their protestations to the contrary, are bigots. They don't understand Mormonism and you didn't explain it to them when you had a chance, now you are seeing the true nature of your conservative brethren. They are not going to vote for you. The thing about America is that the polls are inaccurate. The reason they are inaccurate is because very few people will actually say what they truly believe, usually they say what they think they are suppose to say. It is only when they are alone or around like minded individuals do they feel comfortable enough to tell the truth.

The truth is simply this; many of your religious conservative friends do not believe that Mormons are Christians. When Mr. Huckabee "innocently" asked about Jesus and the devil being brothers he knew exactly what he was doing and his rise bears that out. The fiscal conservatives don't care what religion you are because their religion is money, but those down home true believers are the ones who are flocking to Huckabee by the boat loads. It is a dangerous game when you mix politics and religion, especially if your religion isn't their religion.

The sad part about it all is that no one wants to deal with this issue truthfully, because if they do then they will expose the religious right for what they really are. Why do you think Pat Robertson endorsed an adulterer and pro-choice liberal from New York? You, Mr. Romney are not their kind of people. These people sad to say are intolerant of not only blacks, Latinos, and poor people; they are also intolerant of those who do not share their exact beliefs. The Evangelical movement in America has done more to promote disunity of the Church than any other movement in the history of the Church. Because of their narrowly defined views and belief that they possess the only "real truth" from God, they have alienated more than they have united.

The Disputed Truth

Posted by: jhawk10 | December 29, 2007 2:11 PM | Report abuse

I am partly appalled but mostly entertained at the paranoia which has gripped so many of you who consider yourselves to be both educated and superior simply by virtue of your lack of faith. I have two degrees from a public university and am working on my second degree from a Christian seminary, and I can assure you that the seminary degrees have proven much more challenging. Just to enter my present program, I had to demonstrate proficiency in 5 languages for research purposes. The fact that you so easily dismiss Mike Huckabee simply because he is a Christian says much more about your narrow-minded ignorance than it does about his. Where's the tolerance here? Why not join the Huckaboom, and we can all get along, holding hands and singing Kumbaya.

Posted by: doccochran | December 29, 2007 12:29 PM | Report abuse

Hate is the answer for those that are frightened by what they don't know.

If you folks KNEW Huckabee, you wouldn't be so angry. If you have the patience to sit through JUST TWO video's, you'd know more than you do now. Try it (unless you're scared you might learn something).

(it's NOT about ESTABLISHING a religion)

(and here's one on EVERY major issue)

Posted by: lgander | December 29, 2007 12:04 PM | Report abuse

I was just reading through the comments, and I discovered that many of you must live on this forum! I just wanted to touch on a couple of points:

To Elbeau: Wow! Congrats on making it your life's mission to take down Huckabee! I'm not African American, but I would have to guess that your comments comparing Mormons to Rosa Parks would be horribly offensive. Huckabee is not a bigot, and has not made it his goal to destroy the Mormon faith, so you can leave the forum and return to your life now. He made one comment about Mormonism that offended some Mormons. I say some because there were many Mormons on another forum I visited that said that Huckabee's comments about Satan and Jesus being brothers (or at least spirit brothers) were correct and even though Huckabee may have not said it nicely, it was indeed taught in the LDS faith. Regardless of Huckabee's accuracy in this matter, he recognized that his statement offended some, and so he personally apologized to Romney and Romney accepted his apology. Rosa Parks? You really should go back to your elementary school history book and try that again.

To address the Creationism questions, I have to start by saying that the vast majority of this country believes that "God" was involved in creation in one way or another. Huckabee has clearly stated that he believes that God played a part in creation. The shock! The horror! It seems you all want to push the subject of what type of creationism he believes in, and I really don't know or care. I personally believe in a young earth creation, and I am not alone. Many of the fathers of modern day science believed in creation, most in a young earth creation. These include but are not limited to: Francis Bacon, Galilei, Kepler, Blaise Pascal, Isaac Newton, John Dalton, Matthew Maury, James Joule (thermodynamics), Louis Pasteur, William Thompson, Lord Kelvin, Joseph Lister, James Clerk Maxwell, etc. etc. If you are truly "open minded" I would encourage you all to visit the following website to learn more about the belief of creationism throughout history in the scientific community, as well as the long list of present day scientists and doctors who have publicly professed to their belief of a biblical creation.

Posted by: oldschoolgirl | December 29, 2007 11:04 AM | Report abuse

Everyone should go to Mike Huckabee''s web home page and watch the brillant speech he gave in Washington about terrorism.

It was magnificant, he went into great depths as to why the terrorist are fighting us. Mike Huckabee is an extremelly intelligent man. He really understands the root cause of the issue. He wants to drill down and resolve the root cause, not just put out a fire.

Fred doesnt havent a clue what he is talking about, really! He rambles on in speeches leaving the viewer perpexed as to what he just said.

Fred Thompson is one of those I dont want to get in their and fix the details guy, he is the type of person who rambles on with speeches trying to confuse the listener that he knows something.

Mike Huckabee is the "roll up the sleeves" type guy. He wants to get to the root cause. He wants to "prevent it" not just "fix it" attidude.

Go watch his speech, it was totally magnificant. Mike Huckabee is extremelly intelligent.

Posted by: vote4mikehuckabee | December 29, 2007 10:45 AM | Report abuse

Sounds like your average Sunday morning sermon from the evangelical pulpit, full of ridiculous stories that are supposed to mean something, moralistic. Evangelicals can't quite get past the parables. Fortunately most of the American electorate can. There are more pressing issues at hand.

Posted by: slbk | December 29, 2007 8:36 AM | Report abuse

The last statement in the article about no one in his party should ever underestimate him again was encouraging and chilling, depending what your feelings on Huckabee are.

Posted by: river845 | December 29, 2007 7:42 AM | Report abuse

Wow, the "hate mongering right",huh? Not a lot of thoughtfull debate here. Just a lot of fear over something (christianity) that most of you say you don't even believe in.
Check out this comment in one of the posts "too genuine to be taken lightly". Are you serious? Now genuine is a bad trait.

Here's an idea, open your mind, educate yourself on things that you don't actually believe in. It will at least give you an honest basis for discussion, instead of just name calling.


Posted by: regina7 | December 29, 2007 7:21 AM | Report abuse

So much made of faith by most posters, but why not a word about the Fair Tax? The greatest transfer of power back to the people since the revolution, and you don`t want to mention the power over your own money.

Posted by: dterraman | December 29, 2007 5:15 AM | Report abuse

elbeau - the ignorance lies in assuming that one religion--as opposed to the other 1,999 religions in this world alone--has all the answers written in a book that does not even have dinosaurs in it. You'd think would have bragged about it someplace. Like the ark only having Old World animals in it, the writers of the Bible--men--had no clue about dinosaurs or New World animals. So, was the "order" of the universe created by some outside force? Perhaps. But, we don't know. And we most certainly have no idea what kind of force that might be, should it exist at all. This is the problem with the religious view. There is nothing that a person who is not blinded by said view can do to confirm the beliefs of the religion. Thus, as disagreements mount, violence results and exchange of information shuts down, further holding the human race back. And yes, quite frankly, as wonderful as many people that believe in the Bible are, they are ignorant based on the heaps of scientific evidence that is being gathered around the globe, by the hour, exponentially. Don't take my word for it. Don't take their word for it. Go dig up a fossil on your own. Breed fruit flies in your own house, or mice, and observe evolution in the privacy of your own home. But take your "theory" a step further. Order in the universe, most certainly, according to specific rules. And it's a most violent world, isn't it? People are designed for violence, as are ants, microbes, lions, dinosaurs, and even plants (slow wrestling matches when necessary). Parasites live in nearly all living things, from humans to bacterium. Microscopically, life is a constant, murderous battle. I see a "creator," if there is one, that relishes violence, murder, stealth, and death, with not just the strongest surviving, but also the lucky. Not only is the bible at odds with itself over the "love" of god, but that whole book is additionally at odds with what any human can observe on their own--without help from "authority"--on this planet, about how life interacts. God--if s/he exists--made parasites that bore into children's brains, same as s/he made children. He made people that, through predictable and often preventable circumstances (not Satan), do things like dismember, decapitate, and rape children and women and men alike. If there is a god, that entity most certainly could care less about the human condition. More likely, as science, art, medicine, and many other studies show us, things are just as they are, without some being guiding every move, or a devil making "evil." It's an ugly world. Humans have over time invented well over 2000 religons to make themselves feel better about it, but it's time to let all that go and face reality. It's really the only hope for humans at this stage, as our technology greatly outweighs our abilities to control it. Huckabee is another nail in the coffin, and another shove down the path of ignorance, fear, violence, and backward thinking, same as other extremes like communism.

Posted by: kevindreed | December 29, 2007 3:08 AM | Report abuse

JakeD - I can guarantee beyond a shadow of a doubt that, based on your answer, you are most certainly not a scientist. You do not even understand the core path of science, which is "theory." Theories are made, and they are broken, by design. But all the while, information is being gathered and learned. I can guarantee you that if you douse yourself in gas and light a match, you will go up in flame. If you stick your finger in an electric current you will be shocked. If you splice DNA from one creature to another you will get predicatable results over time. Faith in made up religion offers nothing that a person can recreate on their own. I'm an agnostic. Athiests are just as overconfident as religious people. And there is nothing more beautiful in this world than seeing things larger than myself, like the universe, stars, planets, microbial life, ocean life, the dramas of humans over time, the wonder of a child or just of everyday life. It's all there for anyone willing to view it. It is the sad, empty, frightened person that needs a bunch of other people to tell them what to think, when it's all there in their head and heart for anyone--ANYONE--to see on their own, without false "guidance" from bad authority. Will humans figure this out in time to move forward? Remains to be seen. But by continuing to vote for leaders that cannot understand the simplest of concepts, we are nailing our coffin shut. If you are a scientist, sir, you are most definately a very bad one.

Posted by: kevindreed | December 29, 2007 2:50 AM | Report abuse

"i just love the way he's unapologetic about it and the non-religious way he governed AR for over 10 yrs"

LOL...that's a good one.

The "non-religious" way he pardons any criminal that can get a pastor to call the governor's office.

The "non-religious" way he acted when he was Leutenant Governor by waiting until the actual Governor had to leave the state and then holding a grand press conference where he signed a bill recognizing the importance of Christmas and Christianity to Arkansas (the actual governor at the time refused to sign, pointing out the obvious fact that Christmas is a religious topic).

The only thing "Non-religious" about his governorship was his morals. Ethics violations over and over again. Stealing, destroying public records, undermining the whole judicial system by pardoning jury verdicts at a pace unprecedented in Arkansas. I guess that's what you mean by "non-religious".

Posted by: elbeau | December 29, 2007 1:39 AM | Report abuse

trampling on your civil rights? HA! what a wimp.

Posted by: Anti-wimp | December 29, 2007 1:31 AM | Report abuse

because i don't get offended and feel that so many wimps do. and feel that so many people live in la la land and don't appreciate the truth and constantly are cynics and think all politicians are lying. i'm more impressed with him everyday. he's basically sticking a christian middle finger up against the establishment and i love it. and his faith means very little to me. i just love the way he's unapologetic about it and the non-religious way he governed AR for over 10 yrs getting great results. good stuff.

Posted by: Anti-wimp | December 29, 2007 1:25 AM | Report abuse

This guy becomes less impressive every day...not more.

I was blogging for Huckabee quite a bit two months ago, before he decided to berate my religion over and over again. This guy is trampling on my civil rights in order to pander to your votes.

Posted by: elbeau | December 29, 2007 1:21 AM | Report abuse

i know huckabee and i've lived in AR for 29 years. i know a lot more about the people in politics on both sides here than is needed for this short comment but suffice to say that people seem to forget that no candidate seems to please us on all fronts but this guy, after deep examination, becomes more impressive everyday. he did great things for our state and worked with the team and staff he was given not to mention the history of electing democrats to all offices. on the scale of pros and cons, including his HUGE ROA...he's really impressive.

Posted by: Anti-wimp | December 29, 2007 1:15 AM | Report abuse

The bottom line is Gov. Huckabee has the executive experience (one of Best Governors - Time Magazine). Is in tune with not only most Republicans, but most people in the country unlike the political and media and financial elite.

They still think its about them and their polarized power brokering. It is about America and the common man and building a better debt free America for our posterity.

The powers that be are terrified that the people like Huckabee... all I can say is that if people hear him speak then they will know for themselves where he stands.

As for relegating anyone that supports him or his positions to the uneducated.. well my wife and I would debunk that as I have several degrees including a M.Ed. We are both educators who came from the business world to make a difference in the lives of young people (law and information technology).

The diversity of people who support him is amazing. Check Huckabee out for yourself, don't rely on the political hacks and media's pundits.

Posted by: issuesandtruth | December 29, 2007 1:09 AM | Report abuse

What the article doesn't mention is that Pastor Huckabee punctuated a point about hiring John Bolton as his foreign policy advisor by discharging his shotgun over the reporters' heads. In the ensuing ruckus, he didn't have time to mention that he is also advised by Kofi Annan, Henry Kissinger, and Michael Gorbachev. The other thing that was not mentioned in the article is an explanation of Pastor Huckabee's comment about Pakistanis entering the US illegally. What Pastor Huckabee probably meant was that rather than coming in from Mexico, the Pakistanis could be smuggled in by cargo containers originating from the so-called geographically shared eastern border with Afghanistan. This would make sense because, as Pastor Huckabee mentioned, martial law is being enforced in Pakistan, so that everyone else must remain inside their homes which would allow terrorism suspects to slip into the containers unnoticed for journey to the US.

Posted by: washpost3 | December 29, 2007 1:06 AM | Report abuse

0 diggs by tulsastandlee 12 minutes ago
what is all the fear you have of each other Huckabee is at least a breath of fresh air in his honesty and telling it like it is. no p[political flip fl oping but most important is his support of the fair tax it is time to change our tax system from a 19Th century tax to a modern 21st century system that will take the power over your lives that government has today and give it back to you this is the greatest gift any candidate could promise you quit your infighting and take advantage of this effort. this is an offer of freedom you may never get again. most politicians don't want to give up this power over you, huckabee has promised to work to change the tax code don't throw this away quit fighting over your religious problems and free yourself of taxation

Posted by: tulsastandlee | December 29, 2007 12:53 AM | Report abuse

0 diggs by tulsastandlee 12 minutes ago
what is all the fear you have of each other Huckabee is at least a breath of fresh air in his honesty and telling it like it is. no p[political flip fl oping but most important is his support of the fair tax it is time to change our tax system from a 19Th century tax to a modern 21st century system that will take the power over your lives that government has today and give it back to you this is the greatest gift any candidate could promise you quit your infighting and take advantage of this effort. this is an offer of freedom you may never get again. most politicians don't want to give up this power over you, huckabee has promised to work to change the tax code don't throw this away quit fighting over your religious problems and free yourself of taxation

Posted by: tulsastandlee | December 29, 2007 12:52 AM | Report abuse

Tonight on Chris Matthews, he and his four elitist pundits were talking about how the Iowa people need to show up in order for Huckabee to win. Then one of them gave an example of an Iowa man that said he'd love to go vote for Huckabee but he couldn't because "had to work on his farm." Of course "farm" triggered a barrage of laughter and snickers from all of these snobs, no doubt furthering their joke about Huckabee being a "hick" and their general low view of farmers and those less forunate as them. It was despicable.

I haven't seen such snoberly since grade school. But it only made my prayer stronger that the Lord help all Iowa voters actually be able to get to the polls and to avenge the good name of Mike Huckabee and the good people of the Heartland he represents so well, and not let Romney's lies and money take them in.

Huckabee's speech, especially the part about his son using the salt instead of sugar was just awesome!


Posted by: MoniQue2 | December 29, 2007 12:43 AM | Report abuse

As a conservative Republican who has been watching Fox News routinely for the past 8 years, I am quite disappointed by their recent campaign against Governor Mike Huckabee.

In the last week, they have taken every opportunity to laud and eulogize their man Romney and as they have seen that tactic fail, they are now using their "air-time" to attempt to prop up the campaign of left leaning candidate John McCain. The past few days have been a non-stop infomercial for the Senator to the point where Fox should be required to register as a PAC. They have made every possible attempt to cast aspersions on Mike Huckabee with any fabricated rumor no matter how questionable the source.

The truth is prevailing and the establishment will have egg on their face in the end. They know it - and they cannot handle it. The people are not as ignorant as the media think and as the voters bypass them and listen to Huckabee directly through alternative sources such as raw video on youtube, they can see that the specious rhetoric ABOUT Huckabee does not match the actual candidate. It is a new paradigm. As Huckabee is proving, the hallow crys from politicians like McCain and Feingold about "special interests" controlling the elections is history. It no longer takes hundreds of millions of dollars to win the Presidency. The Net has leveled the playing field as Huckabee is winning on a FRACTION of the budget. The cream is rising and anyone with leadership abilities and a strong message WILL be heard. Mike Huckabee will be America's first - Internet elected -President.

I produced this video to encourage the campaign and verbalize my opinion on what is taking place.

Here is a link to my vlog "Fox News Foments Republican Party Schism"

Yours truly,


Posted by: goodidea4 | December 29, 2007 12:15 AM | Report abuse

A rough couple days for the Huckster... it reminds me of the final scenes of the Wizard of Oz... we are now starting to see the man behind the curtain... in the past 48 hours he has...



SCREWED UP SAYING PAKISTAN DOES NOT HAVE ENOUGH CONTROL OF ITS EASTERN BORDERS NEAR AFGHANISTAN (but Pakistan shares it's western border with Afghanistan, not eastern)

SCREWED UP SAYING WE HAVE MORE PAKISTANI ILLEGALS COMING ACROSS OUR BORDER THAN ALL OTHER NATIONALITIES EXCEPT THOSE IMMEDIATELY SOUTH OF THE BORDER. (just wrong... plain wrong... illegals from Philippines, India, Korea, China and Vietnam were all far more numerous than those from Pakistan)




Did I leave any out?

Posted by: FRedStatescom | December 28, 2007 11:26 PM | Report abuse

"DES MOINES, Iowa (AFP) � US Senator Hillary Clinton Friday called for an independent, international probe into Benazir Bhutto's murder, saying Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf's government had no credibility."

--- That is the WORST thing ANY candidate could say or do.

MISTAKE #1 - Go on National TV and tell the world what needs to take place in another country.
MISTAKE #2 - Go on National TV and tell the world that a president of another country has NO credibility.
MISTAKE #3 - Deliberately embarrass this other president nagging him about what he should be doing.

ALL THAT SHOULD BE SAID IN PRIVATE. If the US has lost credibility because we continue to FORCE our ideals on other countries, what does Hillary think she's accomplishing? WHY discredit and harm the US further for mere politics?? And HOW is she going to get anything accomplished in private with after demeaning him in front of the whole world??

Hillary is NO leader. She has NO executive experience. She has NO foreign policy credibility. She is NOTHING except for Bill.

IF she was married to Brett Favre she'd probably think that she could replace him and become quarterback of the Green Bay Packers. HOW MUCH DUMBER CAN AMERICANS GET???

btw - i'm a Huckster. Unlike Hillary and Romney who POLARIZE this country, Huckabee is a UNITER.

Posted by: lgander | December 28, 2007 11:24 PM | Report abuse

Negative Mitt has so viciously attacked both of the noble men, McCain and Huck, with such disdain that he has formed an alliance between their supporters. Mitt has sealed his fate and even if he wins a few states he is now persona non grata among the rest of the GOP field.

Posted by: TrueHawk | December 28, 2007 11:22 PM | Report abuse

MITT-MIKE....What's not to like :-)

Posted by: elopez40 | December 28, 2007 10:51 PM | Report abuse

Here's why I'm opposed to Huckabe: his attempt to pin the blame on his activities to free a rapist -- on the Clintons, who opposed freeing him. (He raped a cousin of Bill Clinton and was found guilty by a court.) The Right Wing declared Clinton was framing the rapist -- and Huckabee repeated all their falsehoods (never botheing to check out the real facts and listen to the OTHER victism.)

OK. Huckabee made a mistake.
NOT OK -- it is dastardly to try and say the Clintons were to blame -- just dastardly.

"[Rapist Wayne Dumond's] parole eligibility happened in 1992 during the time when Bill Clinton was still governor [of Arkansas.] Rather than me having an issue with that, if Hillary is the nominee, [the Dumond parole] will be as much an issue for her and for her husband as it ever will be for me."
--Mike Huckabee, Hannity & Colmes Show, Fox TV, Nov. 15, 2007.

Posted by: truthseeker1 | December 28, 2007 10:18 PM | Report abuse

"Take back America for Christ" -- Huckabee, 1998

IMO, this one statement alone disqualifies Huckabee from being president.

Huckabee says he loves this country more than the GOP. But he loves Jesus more than either.

We don't need another Bible-toting creationist theocrat wannabee. This is not now -- nor has ever been -- the United States of Christ. If you love Jesus that much, go home to Little Rock & preach in a church, Huck.

Posted by: ssomo | December 28, 2007 10:04 PM | Report abuse

JakeD: " don't make me vote for Satan herself though, please...please...please"

Jake, the only Satan is the current occupant in the White House. Satan in the Bible is male (despite Mel Gibson's creative re-interpretation of the gospels.)

Remember the biblical verse... Ye shall know them by their works?

What works?

* Who lied he had intelligence that Iraq had WMD to waste trillion(s) much on graft by contractors?

* WHo decimated the 1 million Christian community in Iraq with NO care about helping them afterwards?

* Whose policies killed nearly 4000 US soldiers, maimed tens of thousands more. Impoverished innocent Iraqis -- destroying their country (including those who supported us.)

* Who broke his oath he would work with nations to slow down the impact of pollution and global warming?

* Who precided over the largest deficits in the history of the country? With massive tax cuts to the wealthy?

* Who placed right wing administrators in federal agencies to rape the public -- environmental, SEC regulations, tax cuts for the extremely wealthy, etc. (Even Warren Buffet says so.)

Ask Arnold how he feels about Bush's EPA head derailing his efforts to control pollution in California.

When you look at ACTIONS, it is clear -- the devil is the one you know already in the WH:

(And I do respect Huckabee for calling Bush on his "arrogant bunker mentality"!!

Posted by: truthseeker1 | December 28, 2007 9:14 PM | Report abuse

Balz is so clueless. He swims in the same pack every four years, and admits it with his "I don't recall.." sentence in the second paragraph. Anyone with vision could have sen this Huckabee thing coming. Southern, conservative gov. who could play the bass and preach. Balz never leaves DC, unless it's a pres. election year. Clueless. A pack runner. He'll be shocked when Edwards wins Iowa.

Posted by: davidbrowne | December 28, 2007 9:04 PM | Report abuse

Please provide a link to the trump speech.
Kindly email me the link also,


Posted by: miscpsatya | December 28, 2007 8:54 PM | Report abuse

Pastor Huckabee would like to make a big cake for America!

Posted by: hamishdad | December 28, 2007 8:49 PM | Report abuse

All of the Presidential candidates are trying to gain some advantage from Bhutto assassination. But what few will acknowledge or discuss either Pakistan, Iraq, or Iran have never invaded the USA and killed , raped and robbed 10,s of thousands of Americans Citizens like Mexico. Most of the Politicians in both parties think the Largest invasion in world history and the unbelievable harm & damage suffered by Citizens is a OK as long as they get either money or votes! The Harm to American Citizens or turning this Nation into another third world Spanish speaking Cesspool of Crime, Corruption, Cruelty, Poverty, and Misery does not bother the Politicians because that only applies to the masses but makes the rich, richer & more powerful!

Posted by: american1 | December 28, 2007 8:37 PM | Report abuse

What I like about Huckabee is that he is honest that there are serious problems with the GOP.

What I DON"T like about Huckabee is how he tried to pin the blame on HIS Decision to release a rapist, on the Clintons -- who were in truth opposed to releasing the same rapist. Haven't gotten over that one yet....

Posted by: truthseeker1 | December 28, 2007 8:36 PM | Report abuse

I just stopped by to see where the Huckabees are registered for wedding gifts.

Posted by: news3 | December 28, 2007 8:32 PM | Report abuse

When did Huckabee say the world is 6000 years old?

Posted by: ddegelman | December 28, 2007 8:27 PM | Report abuse

"We've already elected a wanna-be born-again and a hollywood actor. Can we now move on to electing a leader for the entire country?"

You forgot the rapist felon.

Posted by: RobLACa | December 28, 2007 7:53 PM | Report abuse

Huckabee is far from being an honest candidate, he is a veritable montage of exaggerations, half truths, and opportunistic rhetoric. He is in my opinion the epitomy of the sleazy pandering Elmer Gantryish style of politician this country I had hoped, had learned their lesson about. But apparently not, he has his supporters mesmerized with his folksy facade of one liners, and simplistic down home tripe. God help this country if that man becomes the next POTUS, he will make Richard Nixon look like Abraham Lincoln. You broke it Mr. Huckabee by entering the race, now don''t deny knocking everything on the shelf over by blaming special interest groups who are out to get you. Time to " buy it" as you so simplisticly and smugly put it during GOP debate.

Posted by: montrealslim2002 | December 28, 2007 7:38 PM | Report abuse

If one line zingers are qualification for the presidency then we should hire a pro like Leno. The Huckster is disingenuous in his treatment and comments concerning mormons and mormonism.
What exactly are his policy proposals for illegal immigration and protection of our borders????

Posted by: jododudek | December 28, 2007 7:37 PM | Report abuse

What exactly is a "HUCKABEE"? Is it related to a "HUCKAFLY"?

Posted by: harried | December 28, 2007 7:32 PM | Report abuse

Simply don't understand how anyone can support Huck. I live in Tennessee and his ethics as governor certainly don't say much for his Baptist education. He's as shallow as a mud puddle.
Why a quick facile wit qualifies someone to be president defies all understanding.

Posted by: papotter | December 28, 2007 7:30 PM | Report abuse

Romney does evil in the sight of the Lord & will bring destruction to our country. Huckabee is a man of the Lord & will bring blessing & prosperity.

Posted by: mlgunkel | December 28, 2007 7:27 PM | Report abuse

"When we start defining right and wrong with our own definitions. . . the result is a disaster"

Whose definition should we use, Huckabee?

Posted by: zqll1 | December 28, 2007 7:18 PM | Report abuse

Where is this guys dark side? There is rumor of a vindictive hot tempered side of his personality, I want to see it. Until he shows something other than the warm fuzzy huck a bear I can't vote for him. For goodness sake his son hung a dog there are issues there maybe stemming from a disturbed childhood. Kum bi yah how ever the heck you spell it is what comes to mind when I read about Huckabee.

Posted by: camdryg | December 28, 2007 6:56 PM | Report abuse

At this stage, "we" might end up liking this particular person even more, as we learn more about him -- why isn't that line in the article then?

Posted by: JakeD | December 28, 2007 6:41 PM | Report abuse

jaked wrote: "This one line stood out: ". . . as they learn more, they may like him less than they do now." Care to substantiate the basis for that opinion at least?"

I am amazed that the one line that stood out to you was the one you chose.

The entire article centered around his sudden popularity, and what the sources might be, from my perspective.

I felt the writer did us all a service by reminding us that "we" might not like this particular person, as we learn more about him.

Isn't that true of almost everyone we meet?

Sure helps explain a lot of divorces, at least.

For now, Huckabee seems to be peaking and is loved and respected.

I'm old enough to know it won't last forever.

But, as with the author of this story, I was struck by the account of Huckabee's willingness to admit that his party must change, that we cannot be a nation of people who each define mores individually, and his ability to connect and resonate with voters.

I, for one, would not be surprised if Huckabee were our next president after a close race with Obama.

Posted by: HaxToTheMax | December 28, 2007 6:35 PM | Report abuse

Are you the same "fwonschik" who posted this back on June 27, 2007 at 03:23 AM?

Like "Boy George" Bush*, Cheney could not find a quart of oil in a filling station, nor a drop of oil under a car. REAL oil men are honest and very hardworking people unlike these twerp/thieves.

Posted by: JakeD | December 28, 2007 6:31 PM | Report abuse

It sure seems like there's more than 10-15% anti-Christian radicals on this thread at least -- again, don't worry, atheists, no one is going to lock you up for your lack of faith.

Posted by: JakeD | December 28, 2007 6:21 PM | Report abuse

Praise Jeezus! (and the crucified Tom DeLay)
"Oh, I don't care if it rains or freezes, long as it got my plastic Jeezus ridin' on the dashboard of my car...I can go 100 mph, long as I got that Almighty power ridin' on the dashboard of my car...

Posted by: fwonschik | December 28, 2007 6:19 PM | Report abuse


Huckabee better get some new "homers" then becuase, as I've stated several times already, my guy is Romney. BTW: I thought there was no such thing a "hell"?

Posted by: JakeD | December 28, 2007 6:14 PM | Report abuse


Didn't George W. Bush allegedly "pander" to the religious right? Last time I checked, he didn't lose (twice ; )

Posted by: JakeD | December 28, 2007 6:12 PM | Report abuse

First of Jake D: everyone knows that you are a Huckabee homer that makes comments on any article that mentions Huckabee's need to get a life. Now, to the real issues. This is so typical Huckabee to avoid the real issues. Mix in a little humor with some lip service to the Christian right, and that's all he is. I've been saying this for weeks...Iowans need to wake up and really look at him. No foreign policy experience, raises taxes like a Democrat, supports tax money for illegal immigrants and pardons anyone the professes to be Christian...over a 1000 over them. America, please do not elect Pastor Huckabee or America will be going to hell.

Posted by: lakeside7 | December 28, 2007 6:11 PM | Report abuse

Yeah, that's right, swmuva -- because like GWB found out, it's really lonely in the Oval Office with no advisors around when you need them and a complete and utter lack of so-called "experts" over at the State Department . . .

Posted by: JakeD | December 28, 2007 6:09 PM | Report abuse

Mike Huckabee will never get elected President nor will Mitt Romney. When candidates pander to the religious right, they turn off everybody else - so they'll lose. (Thank God for that!)

Posted by: Geno2 | December 28, 2007 6:06 PM | Report abuse

We have more than one border. The "Tortilla Curtain" is red meat for conservatives, but will do nothing to protect our border with Canada, nor our coastlines. Anyway, I'm more concerned with how many of his facts Huckabee got wrong regarding a potential international crisis that he will inherit if he's elected. It has nothing to do with his religion--it's a matter of keeping abreast of world affairs.

Posted by: swmuva | December 28, 2007 6:06 PM | Report abuse

nick4: I'd stay away from mibrooks, he appears to be seriously unhinged. The mere mention of gays has set him off.

Posted by: Spectator2 | December 28, 2007 6:04 PM | Report abuse

wow mibrooks, you're the most anti-gay person on this board and you claim to be a Democrat?? I was only off by about a century; I should have said 1853, when Democrats were the rightwingers.

Posted by: Spectator2 | December 28, 2007 6:02 PM | Report abuse

nick4 - I'm a democrat and I'm anti-gay, anti-immigration, and anti-abortion. To your dismay, you're about to find out that MOST American's care more about jobs than you. Illegal immigrants cost us billions of dollars and take jobs from American's. They are the perpetuators of more than half of all crimes, and, along with other inner city gangs, are responsible for 80% of all firearm violence. The Clinton-Bush diasterous globalization schemes oversaw the loss of more than 40 million jobs from the U.S. Gays brought us the AIDS epidemic. Rather than quarrantining them, as we have done with TB patients, we allowed them to roam around free, spreading this awful disease. Why? Becasue gays are the cultural elite, the wealthy, the very same twits that they are in England and elsewhere, they very *cause* of most of societies problems. ANd abortion? Most people want it limited to where the life of the mother is at issue or in cases of rape or incest. They DO NOT want late term abortions, abortion as a means of birth control, and certainly not as some sort of holy sacriment of feminism. Go peddle you hysterical garbage somewhere else. No one with any brains is buying it today.

Posted by: mibrooks27 | December 28, 2007 6:01 PM | Report abuse


Wrong. It is not illegal but *unconstitutional* for THE GOVERNMENT to establish a state religion, as was the case in England and many of the early colonies. And the Federal Government is forbidden to 'prohibit the free exercise thereof'. (Ammendment 1)

There is NOTHING illegal for a candidate for the presidency of the United States of America to be a man or woman of faith -or- to express that faith.

As to Mr Huckabee's authenticity - well, that is certainly up for grabs - just as with any other candidate. Personally, I'd really like to see some good, old-fashioned debates where there are no moderators (referees? :) ) I think that each and every candidate should be asked REALLY tough relevant questions. I think Mrs. Clinton would absolutely fall to pieces and not more than a few of the Republicans as well.

I want THE BEST candidate who can lead in a very dangerous world.

Posted by: ddodge2 | December 28, 2007 5:59 PM | Report abuse


What part of shutting down the border leads you to think that terrorists will still overrum our country?

Posted by: JakeD | December 28, 2007 5:58 PM | Report abuse


No thanks. I have the definition of a cult. Protestant Fundamentalism fits the description quite well. Pentacostal speaking-in-tongues and snake-handling immediately come to mind.

Posted by: hisroc | December 28, 2007 5:55 PM | Report abuse

Go read today's article on about Huckabee's complete ignorance and confusion regarding the crisis in Pakistan (something Balz seems to have missed,) and you'll see what a disaster he would be dealing with foreign policy. I don't care how well Huckabee quotes the Bible, if our country is overrun by terrorists, the Bible is going to be banned and Huckabee will lose his sole reason for being President.

Posted by: swmuva | December 28, 2007 5:54 PM | Report abuse

See you later, elbeau : )


No, the KJV is a translation, not "adding to the Bible" -- I am well aware that William Tyndale was strangled and his body burned at the stake by the Roman Catholic authorities for his alleged "heresy" in such a translation though.

Posted by: JakeD | December 28, 2007 5:51 PM | Report abuse

hisroc: done deal 12 centuries before ML? you need to do a little more historical reading. I'd love to get into it, but I really do have to go. Perhaps we'll cross paths another time.

Posted by: elbeau | December 28, 2007 5:51 PM | Report abuse

Like all spend-spend-spend Republicans, Huckabee is still anti-gay, anti-abortion and anti-immigration. Isn't it about time for someone who is positive and pro-American?

Posted by: nick4 | December 28, 2007 5:51 PM | Report abuse


Posted by: mindstretch1 | December 28, 2007 5:49 PM | Report abuse

JakeD: "Wait a second, elbeau! Huckabee says exactly what I've been telling you is the case all along, and you just dismiss it without even a second thought?"

LOL...yeah...I do. Oh please...after the campaign he's run?

"Religion shouldn't be a plus or minus" vs "Christian Leader".

How could that be confusing?

Oh, and no, they've strictly forbidden VCR's in my compound, they only allow TIVO's.

Anyways, I've got to take off...thanks for all the good debates today.

Posted by: elbeau | December 28, 2007 5:49 PM | Report abuse


When I get a chance, I will review all 95 for you, but in the meantime, the general doctrines of the Reformation can be summarized as a) the rejection of papal authority and extra-canon Roman Catholic doctrines, b) the priesthood of all believers, c) the primacy of the Bible as the ONLY source of revealed truth, and d) the belief in justification by faith alone. Do you also need the definition of "cult"?

Posted by: JakeD | December 28, 2007 5:44 PM | Report abuse

Just a couple reminders for the Hucky suckers.

1. Authentic? You'll never know. He was a radio host. He was and is show biz. He has learned how to create a persona that appeals to his audience.

2. No establishment of religion. It's illegal.

Posted by: jimdim | December 28, 2007 5:44 PM | Report abuse


BTW, does not the King James Version constitute "adding to the Bible?"

Posted by: hisroc | December 28, 2007 5:44 PM | Report abuse

Spectator2 - Nope. Actually a Democrat. Since I, and many other Democrats, discovered that Hillary Clinton is their candidate and they spend so much of their time maligning mainstream candidates like Obama, Edwards, Biden, Dodd, we decided they are the enemy. Gays can go back to their closets and feminists can go back to using coat hangers for abortions if they inflict Clinton on us...oh, I forgot, since Clinton and the more than 30 million jobs that have been outsourced, those coat hangers are made in China...and out of plastic. Probably toxic, too. You people just declared war on every working man and woman in the country and don't understand it yet. When we desert the Democratic Party en mass, when Roe is history, when "gay" becomes a universal term of derision, currently only used by high school students, maybe you will. Look at what happened when the illegals came out and protested in Los Angeles. The backlash is for mass deportation. THAT is your future. Take ytour cackling old hag of a candidate and go play somewhere else.

Posted by: mibrooks27 | December 28, 2007 5:42 PM | Report abuse

P.S. jaunalmanza62 -- see Matthew 28:16-20; Luke 24:44-49; Acts 1:4-8; and John 20:19-23.

Posted by: JakeD | December 28, 2007 5:42 PM | Report abuse

including = include

Posted by: JakeD | December 28, 2007 5:40 PM | Report abuse

JakeD wrote:

No, hisroc, I call Roman Catholicism a cult because the Pope is adding to the Bible (just like the Mormons do) which caused the entire Protestant split.

Posted by: JakeD | December 28, 2007 05:09 PM

Wow! You fundies are really as uneducated as your rejection of science implies. Tell us again, JakeD, which of Martin Luther's 95 Theses rail against the Pope "adding to the Bible?" Lots of rants contained therein concerning graces and contrition, but the Christian Bible was pretty much a done deal about 12 centuries before Luther. Now, the Book of Mormon is another story...

Posted by: hisroc | December 28, 2007 5:38 PM | Report abuse

This Bee is right, the Republican party is a nest of hypocrites, devoid of heart, soul and reason. All they want is money and power

Posted by: bluelagoon21 | December 28, 2007 5:38 PM | Report abuse

Well, jaunalmanza62, the Great Commission does indeed including making disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

Posted by: JakeD | December 28, 2007 5:38 PM | Report abuse

reagan did no more or less to end the cold war than any of his predecessors. A good case can be made that his initial belligerence actually gave kremlin hard liners a new lease on life - albiet a temporary one. KGB actually created a unit to determine when, not if but when, reagan was going to start the war. He simply followed the Truman Doctrine in a bellicose manner, which was the baseline for US cold war policy from 1946 through 1991 when the cold war ended. Not coincidentally nearly three years AFTER reagan was gone. Many many factors went into the soviet union collapsing, but one of those factors was not reagan saying "tear down that wall...." Every American president from 1961-then had said essentially the smae thing. The entire "reagan ended the cold war" narrative is an invention of conservative politicians and pundits to justify their own belligerent forign policy schemes and to somhow lend credence to their anti-American social policies. It is not supportable by any reasonable examination of the historical record.

As for this euphemistcally named "fair tax" - that is accurate as calling bush environmental plans "Healthy Forests" and "Clear Skys." The "fair tax" is only "fair" if you are rich. Otherwise it is a rip off in every way.It is a flat tax scheme intended to starve the federal government of revenue and therefore force an end to wildly successfull and popular social programs.

Posted by: John1263 | December 28, 2007 5:36 PM | Report abuse

How come nobody stopped the Reagan's fascists Daddy? Becuase our flag and cross is better than Hitler's sweety. And it's our job to enslave and christinize the world. Especially those pesky Islamists who rebuff of puppets and scoff at our taking their resources. God's Own Party!! Socialism is for the people, sweety. God wants us to control everything.

Posted by: jaunalmanza62 | December 28, 2007 5:34 PM | Report abuse


You don't have one of them VCRs in the cult compound?

Posted by: JakeD | December 28, 2007 5:33 PM | Report abuse

Wait a second, elbeau! Huckabee says exactly what I've been telling you is the case all along, and you just dismiss it without even a second thought? Someone complained above about "ignoring facts" -- don't you think it's even possible that Huckabee means exactly what he says?

Posted by: JakeD | December 28, 2007 5:31 PM | Report abuse

Very interesting comments on this board. I've read them closely. We seem to have one real rightwinger on here, someone named mibrooks27. His comments about gays seem straight out of 1953. Must be a big Huckabee supporter.

Posted by: Spectator2 | December 28, 2007 5:31 PM | Report abuse

Sunday morning's out. I have to bring all my wives to my weekly cult meetings that morning...but I'll catch it later that day. Thanks.

Posted by: elbeau | December 28, 2007 5:29 PM | Report abuse

God willing, annrutherford, I will be here.

Posted by: JakeD | December 28, 2007 5:29 PM | Report abuse

LOL...Here's a quote from Huck today "I don't think a person's faith ought to be a plus or minus. I would not want to think that people vote for me only because I'm a Christian."

Set to air today on Bloomberg Television's "Political Capital with Al Hunt"

Wow...why would anybody think otherwise Huck?

Posted by: elbeau | December 28, 2007 5:28 PM | Report abuse

Wow, not only is JakeD fanatical, but he's using an awful lot of time to parade around this page. I can only hope he's still all over the place after this is all said and done. I doubt that he will be, considering who will have won. Nonetheless, the desire to see pie on the face of extremism holds strong.

Posted by: annrutherford | December 28, 2007 5:26 PM | Report abuse

Either huckabee is just trying to prove beyond any shadow of a doubt that he is less stable than even george dubya, or conservatives really are all that crazy. His logic connecting a pat buchannan-esque fence on the Mexico border and the assassination of bhutto is a tortured as the presdient's case for invading Iraq, and then staying there. huckabee has the same problem that all the republicon candidates suffer from-they are conservatives in a country that has experienced first hand the dibilitating effects of conservatism. They have to play to their fellow conservatives in the party - but those folks have been proved beyond any reasonable doubt to be dangerously unhinged. Most of America remembered that from the 1930s through the 1980s - but then began falling for the "you can have ice cream and cake every day" rhetoric of the conservative movment, a movment whose cynicism and kust for power knows no end. huckabee is a sideshow freak - no more or less so than any of the other's in the grand obstructionist party field of candidates.

Posted by: John1263 | December 28, 2007 5:26 PM | Report abuse

Sunday mornings, NBC, but it's also re-broadcast throughout the day on cable.

Posted by: JakeD | December 28, 2007 5:24 PM | Report abuse

When does Meet the Press air?

Posted by: elbeau | December 28, 2007 5:23 PM | Report abuse


As someone noted above, when Ronald Reagan became President of the United States, he did not bring with him a long list of foreign policy accomplishments either, but he ended the Cold War nonetheless -- give me someone of character like Huckabee (or Romney) any day over "experience" and no character like Hillary.

Posted by: JakeD | December 28, 2007 5:23 PM | Report abuse

But most democrats are phony. I might give Obama a pass on this one, but by and large they are entirely phony. Look at what Billy is. What does is mean again?

Posted by: elbeau | December 28, 2007 5:21 PM | Report abuse


Why the personal attack against kxrc?!

Posted by: JakeD | December 28, 2007 5:20 PM | Report abuse

Genuine? You mean because he can crack some jokes and make some far-fetched analogies? This is the same tripe we heard about Bush in 2000 and look where he got us. Huckabee is anything but genuine; he has a record of amazing corruption in Arkansas and he is deeply ignorant of foreign affairs. Haven't we had enough of amateurs running for president, and enough of the MSM swooning over Republicans as genuine (which always implies the Democrats are phony)?

Posted by: LevRaphael | December 28, 2007 5:19 PM | Report abuse

I will be interested in the Meet the Press interview. They tore into Romney something fierce last week. It will be interesting if they do the same with Huckabee and Obama.

Posted by: elbeau | December 28, 2007 5:19 PM | Report abuse

P.S. don't miss "Meet the Press: this weekend with Huckabee AND Obama from Iowa -- should be very interesting for us political junkies -- oops, sorry, I know I'm not supposed to use that word in the same sentence as Obama's name. Please forgive me, Oprah!

Posted by: JakeD | December 28, 2007 5:17 PM | Report abuse

Huckabee got it all right. If he continues on this path and wins this election, the U.S will be pulled out from the rot that it's on. Politicians making grand promises usually fail because simply of one word -PRIDE.

Posted by: spidermean2 | December 28, 2007 5:16 PM | Report abuse

kxrc is one of those "lifestyle" perverts who will trash anyone, any religion, any moral code, that condemns their actions as unsafe, demented, perverse, and just plain wrong.

Posted by: mibrooks27 | December 28, 2007 5:15 PM | Report abuse

For those who take the position that we who believe the Bible are stupid I would remind you that ALL of science rests upon the notion of the scientific method ( , where a given set of tests, under the same conditions, will return the same results. The scientific method, in turn, rests upon the notion that there is order in the universe. Given that the universe is following the law of entropy ( it seems reasonable to believe that this order, which is in fact devolving, was established, and that by a force 'outside' of itself. The universe is not a closed box.

In order to establish order there must be at least two components - Intelligence, purpose & self-awareness and the ability (power) to 'make it so'.

If you can't figure this out then your ignorance is not one of capability but choice. Please don't blame those Christians like Newton, et al, who established the very foundation (as believers) of what you seek to deny. It is entirely irrational to attempt to use the logic that flows from this system as a basis for attempting to destroy that very same system. Duh!

On to politics... :)

Just because Mike Huckabee is a Christian, that in no way, in and of itself, makes him the most viable candidate for President, nor does it take anything away. Those who demonstrate THEIR intolerance and bigotry towards Christians are just that - intolerant and bigots.

As far as Mitt Romney's LDS faith goes. I would say, as a Bible-thumping :) beliver who happens to be married to a member of the LDS faith that a) I disagree with many of their doctrinal positions and b) I think that the LDS culture, more than any other I have seen so far in my short 55 years of life, does more to promote patriotism than any other.

I might also add that I have seen far too much bigotry (fear & ignorance-base) from christians towards mormons as well as a lot of chip-on-the-shoulder we-are-religiously-persecuted thinking from members of the LDS faith. I wish christians would show a little more love and that mormons would ditch the victim chip on their shoulder. Neither are healthy at all.

I am not going to vote for Mike Huckabee because he is a Christian nor am I going to not vote for Mitt Romney because he is a member of the LDS faith. I fail to see the overall relevance.

Candidly, I'd prefer someone who has a solid (read Judeo-Christian-sourced) moral compass and a very strong understanding of evil in its many forms AND with a backbone. How's about some good, solid judgement, the ability to make decisions, lead, communicate and inspire.

Someone committed to defending the Constitution maybe? Nominating judges who will not make law and someone who can work with Congress (with a PhD in cat herding? :) ).

Most Rpublicans have little or none of the above while the liberals (whether they be R or D) are actively hostile to the fundamental principles that this country was built upon.

Does Mike Huckabee have all of this? Don't think so, but he has some of these qualities. What about Mitt? Nope, though he has some as well.

Read Thomas Sowell's book, 'The Vision of the Annointed' to fill in the blanks.

Posted by: ddodge2 | December 28, 2007 5:15 PM | Report abuse

JakeD: Is that bait I smell?

Posted by: elbeau | December 28, 2007 5:14 PM | Report abuse


Are you actually claiming that a preacher should be DIS-qualified to be President of the United States?! That kinda turns the entire "No Religious Test" clause on its head!

Posted by: JakeD | December 28, 2007 5:12 PM | Report abuse

No, hisroc, I call Roman Catholicism a cult because the Pope is adding to the Bible (just like the Mormons do) which caused the entire Protestant split.

Posted by: JakeD | December 28, 2007 5:09 PM | Report abuse


Gov Huckabee gave a speech that according to a report (in the Washington Post) was light on what made the word go around, but long on the value of the meaning of words. Implying that his meaning of words are the correct ones ("a dash of salt" being the only concrete example) he asked voters to upset the establishment and show the country that presumably, it needs a preacher for a President, the details of how he would run the country be damned, his depth of understanding of foreign countries and their workings be damned, the intricacies of how the federal bureaucracy be damned, but that we should all trust him because he KNOWS what is right saying, to quote the article, "none of us are free agents in deciding right from wrong."

It means he knows what is right and if you join with him you too will know what is right and if the whole country accepted him as president they could know what is right.

We do not need someone who can preach, but someone who can deliver reasoned logical arguments based on a combination of history and fact for a course of action. (Tony Blair comes to mind as a perfect example of this, although he was wrong about Iraq)

He asks voters to, in essence, rock the republican establishment and move it further into the fundamentalist camp. One fails to understand how much further it can get into that area.

Finally if he is to be the Bryan of our day, he needs a modern day "Cross of Gold Speech" the subject of which was how a gold standard would harm the working class is totally irrelevant today, but still rings and stirs the heart, "You shall not press down upon labor this crown of thorns. You shall not crucify mankind on a cross of gold."

Although, when you think about the history of the Gold standard in the 20th century, esp. with the involvement of JP Morgan in getting England to go back on it and the disastrous results there of, and the reason why the US abandoned the Gold standard in the late 60's. Bryan might have had a point -- albeit a hundred years too early. (Ron Paul and John Edwards take note, Bryan was a REAL populist.)

Meanwhile, if Huckabee is nominated, that will finish off the Republican Party because it will be the party of fundamentalists and mercantilists.

Posted by: kxrc | December 28, 2007 5:07 PM | Report abuse

Ohhh LOL!

Well, everyone is playing into the MSM's Trap!

THEY support the Dems. THEY are aware the Dems are about to implode, sooo rather than point out the fact that the Socialists, are about to part with the Moderates, and get the two to fully realize their differences, they throw some comments about Religion to create a wedge in the conservatives!
And you suckers all bought into it!

Now, listen to this Catholic while I try to put an end to the childish bickering and squabling!

How old do you think the Concept of the one True God is? Goes all the way back to Abraham, at least! Hint, that is the time the Pyramids were being Built-How many years ago?

See, The Israelites were imprisoned for generations! THEY were denied their Vedic based Religion by the Egyptians. The Books of Genesis much like the Tarot of the Bohemiens, was a way to disguise their Faith's teachings so that their Masters did not catch on! The Stories were designed to open the doors for SERMONS about issues of MORALTY! Duh!

The whole World LOST the single largest accumulation of Religious Doctrine, when Alexader the Great's Library BURNED DOWN in Alexandria where all of it was stored!

The Israelites who gave the Christians the Old Testiment, SHARED the fundementals with all of the other Abrahamic Faiths!

Modern Hebrew Doctrines, Catholic Doctrines, Angelical Doctrines, Mormon Doctrines-All of them, are RECREATED Doctrines from a SHARED older source based on the ONE TRUE GOD OF ABRAHAM!

Who really are any of us, to claim WE have anything, but a recreation?

Soooo, now that I have laid that bit of reality down,

The reason I want huck as Mitt's VP, and all the other Republicans in the Cabinet, IS SO WE UNITE OUR ENTIRE BASE!

After the damage done by Bushie and the Congress during his terms, the conservatives are going to need every single Vote, and a determined TEAM Effort to ward off the Socialists, and repair the Damage!

Stop allowing the MSM, and their TRICKS, to defeat the effort!

Posted by: rat-the | December 28, 2007 5:05 PM | Report abuse

Maybe somebody here can help me understand this. Why is it so appealing to evangelicals to have candidates that are also evangelicals? I can understand arguments about morals and values, but we all know that claiming adherence to a religion, or even preaching a religion does not mean you actually live the morals and values of that religion.

It just seems to me that the "religious-right" really doesn't care about the morals and values...they really just want someone who claims their faith.

I'm Mormon so maybe I've just been interpreting the new testament differently than you guys or something...but I can't recall a single time that Christ or his apostles formed political revolutions. Quite the opposite in fact, "Render under Caesar what is Caesar's and unto God what is God's" was much more of the message.

Posted by: elbeau | December 28, 2007 5:04 PM | Report abuse


No, dipstick, I do not reject the Bible. I accept it as God's inspired instructions to his children. It is a blend of factual narrative and allegorical representation.

BTW, that belief is called Roman Catholicism, something that you call a "cult" because anything that you can't understand is wrong.

Posted by: hisroc | December 28, 2007 5:02 PM | Report abuse

Thanks for the info, callcamille.

P.S. to coloradodog -- our second President, John Adams, prayed for a "moral nation" too -- did that make him an "Elmer Gantry"?

Posted by: JakeD | December 28, 2007 5:01 PM | Report abuse

Huckabee is unelectable:

What kind of US voters would ever vote for a man who helps rapists get out to rape and kill again?

Huckabee lobbied for the release of convicted rapist Wayne Dumond.

Huckabee who reportedly wrote a letter to the convict expressing his wish that he be paroled. It said: "My desire is that you be released from prison. I feel that parole is the best way for your reintroduction to society to take place," the letter was obtained in 1996 by National Review Online.

Huckabee said that Dumond had an "unblemished prison record," and that he met all the qualifications for parole, including having a job lined up and a sponsor with a church.

Dumond was paroled by the board in 1999. But shortly after his release Dumond moved to Missouri where he raped and murdered Carol Sue Shields. He was convicted and sentenced to life in prison in Clay County, Mo., in 2003. He died in prison in 2005.

Read more here

Huckabee lobbied for the release of Wayne Dumond when he was originally convicted of brutally raping a 17 year old cheerleader relative of the Clinton's.

It seems it was Huckabee's hatred of the US President and Clinton's in general that made him able to lobby for the release of a rapist; even when he received personal letters from victims of Dumond such as this: where the victim said that "Dumond had raped her while holding a butcher knife to her throat, and while her then-3-year-old daughter lay in bed next to her." Also included in the files sent to Huckabee's office was a police report in which Dumond confessed to that rape.

Dumond was caught after Huckabees lobbying for his release by DNA evidence from under his victims fingernails where she had scratched her attacker while defending herself.

Dumond was a serial sexual predator and was also due to have been tried for many other rapes and at least one other Murder.

Seems to be a NeoConMen habit; freeing criminals, murderers, rapists, traitors they all get special deals from the NeoConMen.

Guess the questions Americans have to ask them selves are:

Do they want to vote for Rapists and murderers to be freed?

Are American voters happy with voting for a Republicommie Party that is soft on crime?

Do voters want that kind of USA?

With no reasonable candidate for the GOP and its increasingly communist stance driving away conservatives in their droves; America needs a real Conservative party to put America's economy back on the straight and narrow; and such a traditional conservative party needs A Real Conservative leader like Michael Bloomberg.

Because pretty soon the Democratic Party will realise that a Clinton/Obama President and Vice President would be a dream ticket for the Democratic Party, with Democrats at their convention shouting "16 Years! 16 years! 16 Years!

Posted by: walker1 | December 28, 2007 5:00 PM | Report abuse

kevindreed - You are obviously not a scientist. I am. Current theory is that the universe is roughly 10 billion years old, and began with a big bag. Whether or not the universe collapses in on itself or expands forever depends upon the amount of matter in the universe. The fact is, that is on a razors edge and wwe simply cannot determine that. Likewise, current theory is that the [current] universe began with an explosion and encompassed a volume several thousands lights in diameter in something under a nanosecond. We even have picture from the Hubbard telescope that seem to confirm this. This sounds neat, until you realize that the speed of light provides a limit to how fast matter can travel. There is no possibility of the universe's expanding as rapidly as those pictures suggest. Something is amiss!

The fact is, science and scientific explanation do not provide consistant or even reasonable explanations for many natural phenomena. There are mysteries to creation, to beginnings, to life, that will never be explained in the vacuum of atheism. I think that s why roughly half of the people in this country would agree with Mr. Huckabee as to the universes age. Now, I don't agree with them, but I certainly DO NOT think that my explanations are anything more than belief that have no genuine scientific basis and probably never will.

Posted by: mibrooks27 | December 28, 2007 5:00 PM | Report abuse

Look, elbeau, I already said that I'm supporting Romney -- despite our different beliefs -- don't make me vote for Satan herself though, please...please...please ; )

Posted by: JakeD | December 28, 2007 4:59 PM | Report abuse

The novel ends as the Rev. Gantry prays for the USA to be a "moral nation"

Posted by: coloradodog | December 28, 2007 4:59 PM | Report abuse

Jake D,

Yes sir, I'm a registered Republican and most definitley a conservative family person.

I've thought about all of the candidates and leaned various ways throughout the year.

There is certainly no perfect candidate, and the media paints them all according to its own slants. And they can all say whatever they want, but I'm looking for action, not rhetoric.

The National Review articulated the same position I came to independently. While he's no perfect candidate, I do believe Mitt Romney is a man of action and that he's got what it takes to effect change. He only became successful in business by making others successful. I think he understands the economy, understands how to run things and get things done, and that he is a man of values.

I was more partial to Huckabee before his surge in the polls. I knew he'd be running long ago and had followed his politics, but like I said, I feel he talks more about faith than about politics.

Although I'm a religious person myself, I don't believe that religion is a platform to run on.

Posted by: callcamille | December 28, 2007 4:58 PM | Report abuse


Yup...thanks for the chat. I hope you'll reconsider your pledge to vote for Huckabee. Even Clinton hasn't crossed the lines he has. ( makes my skin crawl to think of having to place that vote)...let's just drop Huckabee now...please...please...please...please...please...please...please...please...

Posted by: elbeau | December 28, 2007 4:56 PM | Report abuse

P.S. that's the third time on this thread someone has brought up "Elmer Gantry" -- is that today's talking point against Huckabee? Did anyone else see Edwards claiming that Obama is living in "never never land"? LOL

Posted by: JakeD | December 28, 2007 4:55 PM | Report abuse

For better or for worse, we live in a secular society. The founders of this nation insured that it would be, so technically what an individual candidate's religious affiliation is should be private. I believe that it is important to know what a candidate does or does not believe, but that belief should not qualify nor disqualify anyone for office. The problem is when you make religion and moral values campaign issues you do more to divide the country than to unite it. We do not have a state Church, nor do we have a monolithic religious body. Instead we have more different denominations and religious orders than any country in the world, so when one group comes along and claims supreme truth it tends to alienate the other groups. This may be fine for the individual group, but when you are running to lead all the groups it can be problematic.

If we have learned anything from the "compassionate conservatism" of George Bush, it should be that what a person says in public is irrelevant in comparison to what he does in private. Too often those who espouse their religious convictions publically are having a difficult time adhering to them privately. We all want to be judged on what we say and not on what we do. It is easy for candidates to espouse certain values publically (Larry Craig) and yet live a completely different way. I don't really care what you say, I do care what you do. There seems to be this disconnect between speech and actions and it is not just confined to Republicans, they just seem to be better at it.

The Disputed Truth

Posted by: jhawk10 | December 28, 2007 4:54 PM | Report abuse


Elmer Gantry was a FICTIONAL womanizing fraud -- do you have any evidence that Huckabee is a womanizing fraud? Or, do you simply libel every preacher as "Elmer Gantry"?

Posted by: JakeD | December 28, 2007 4:53 PM | Report abuse


I enjoyed our discussion of the issue -- we'll have to agree to disagree for now -- but, if the choice really comes down to Huckabee vs. Clinton, I hope you will reconsider your pledge not to vote for him : )

Posted by: JakeD | December 28, 2007 4:52 PM | Report abuse


Are you SURE you are a real Christian if you reject the Bible?

Posted by: JakeD | December 28, 2007 4:49 PM | Report abuse

" underlying message of morality and responsibility..." By whose definition - Elmer Fudd's or Elmer Gantry's?

Posted by: coloradodog | December 28, 2007 4:46 PM | Report abuse


It seems as if you answered your own 1st question; so, to answer your second question: YES, I would vote for someone who thinks we used to kick it with dinosaurs -- heck, I said I'd even vote for someone I think belongs to a cult -- no one running is going to agree with me 100% of the time.

Posted by: JakeD | December 28, 2007 4:45 PM | Report abuse

My apologies to the author of the article...but....

Huckabee's 'Closing Speech' should be titled "Gotta Go, God's Calling and I Think I Should Take The Call"

Oh, god tells Mike ~ 'go back to that cave you came from in Arkansas.'

And stay there.

Posted by: CaptainJohn2525 | December 28, 2007 4:45 PM | Report abuse

It is time for the conservatives more or otherwise to be booted out.

Posted by: josmith812 | December 28, 2007 4:45 PM | Report abuse


I don't fault you for liking Huckabee as a person. He is engaging and articulate, in a southern sort of way. I was openly blogging for him in early November...way before most evangelicals liked him. But he threw my support away in favor of yours.

Posted by: elbeau | December 28, 2007 4:43 PM | Report abuse


I don't need your pardon; that was czarcasism.

I was answering your 2:44 post.

As to your earlier post concerning the percentage of Christians in this country, you are distorting the statistics by lumping other Christians in with you and your flat-earther friends. I am a Christian and I do not believe that the Bible is the literal truth. I do not believe that there is any inherent conflict between the Bible and Darwinian theory or any other science.

Also, for some of the other posters here, just because someone opposes Huckabee they are not necessarily left-wing Clintonistas. I am an Independent who has voted for as many Republicans as Democrats and Huckabee would never get my vote.

BTW, JakeD, if I misspelled any other words, stick 'em where the sun don't shine.

Posted by: hisroc | December 28, 2007 4:41 PM | Report abuse


Are you considering voting for ANY of the other Republicans running?

Posted by: JakeD | December 28, 2007 4:41 PM | Report abuse


No -- the U.S. Constitution prohibits any Religious Test for elected office. Next question?

Posted by: JakeD | December 28, 2007 02:44 PM

Does the Constitution have any test for candidates having a decent grasp of logic and/or science? No....well it should.

Would you vote for someone who thinks we used to kick it with dinosaurs JakeD?

Posted by: RightDownTheMiddle | December 28, 2007 4:41 PM | Report abuse

The truth is that we are a nation of hypocrites. We espoused our belief in separation of Church and State but by our very process of electing leaders we violate those beliefs. These are supposed to be two Christians and you see the intolerance, imagine if one were a Muslim or Hindu? I however do not feel sorry for either, they both have used their religions to pander to the forces of intolerance and bigotry and everyone knows what happens if you play with fire. The Republicans are now scrambling to derail Mike Huckabee's momentum, but they were the ones who opened the door for him to run through by their years of courting religious fanatics and bigots. I for one hope that he is the nominee, they deserve each other.

The Disputed Truth

Posted by: jhawk10 | December 28, 2007 4:40 PM | Report abuse


Huckabee never pardoned Dumond -- you were saying something about "ignoring facts" -- Dumond was released by the Parole Board (but none of them are running for President, are they?).

Posted by: JakeD | December 28, 2007 4:40 PM | Report abuse


Yup...I did. Although the democrats were doing some lip-service to the rights issues, it really didn't appear as ugly of a topic to me as it now does...and Bush did go downhill with it since 04.

I still defend many things about Bush, including Iraq, but I won't defend him on the rights issues.

Posted by: elbeau | December 28, 2007 4:38 PM | Report abuse

Do we need another president who comes across as a sincere, nice guy, and prefers faith to facts. See, for example, his pardoning of Wayne Dumond when there was plenty of evidence that the guy was a serial sex offender, but Huckabee had faith that he couldn't be guilty because his latest victim was a distance relative of Bill Clinton. I don't fault Huckabee's compassion; I fault his ignoring facts like another president we know that ignores inconveneient facts and makes a great public show of his Christianity.

Posted by: t1 | December 28, 2007 4:35 PM | Report abuse

Well, johng1, way back at 2:47 PM, you laughed about Huckabee's education and asked me: "Is this supposed to impress me?" You never answered my question, however, and left for a while -- so I asked it again when you came back to the thread -- my "point" back then was going to be that Huckabee has a better education than many other Presidents before him.

Posted by: JakeD | December 28, 2007 4:35 PM | Report abuse

It concerns me that Huckabee makes jokes more than he makes real conversation about the issues. I mean he IS funny, but where's the substance?!

He seems like a fun guy to have next door, but doesn't have the experience or vision I'm looking for in the white house.

I'm looking for a future president, and I'm not finding it in Mr. Huckabee. A good pastor, sure, a world leader, I think not.

Posted by: callcamille | December 28, 2007 4:33 PM | Report abuse

I also find it interesting how people like LarkinGMead confuse not falling into a relgious category as "socialism." Was Christ for the merchants? Or was he more socialist in nature? Do his views even count anymore, or is it all about these "moral values" that typically mean isolating groups of people different from Christians and forcing things down their throats? Which typically serve as a smoke screen while conservative people bury their heads in the sand, and conservative politicians make "moral value" decisions like promoting ignorance and disease, restricting birth control, preventing pollution control measures, promoting war over peace, and so on into the night. The few religious leaders I respect are those that take tough issues to heart, and reach out to those different than themselves.

Posted by: kevindreed | December 28, 2007 4:33 PM | Report abuse

Huckabee has a disquieting knack of being liked and trusted among many of those who may disagree with some, or even all, of his words of communal change.

Posted by: johnkwhite1 | December 28, 2007 4:32 PM | Report abuse


Did you know that Harvard was founded as a seminary?

Posted by: JakeD | December 28, 2007 04:22 PM

Wow, that is interesting! What does that have to do with anything. My old school was a boys-only military institution. Now it is coed.

Posted by: johng1 | December 28, 2007 4:29 PM | Report abuse

Sorry, elbeau, to hurt your feelings -- but if Huckabee is the GOP nominee against any of the Democrats currently running, I am definitely going to be voting for Huckabee -- as a follow-up to gasmonkey's post, did you vote for Bush in 2004 too?

Posted by: JakeD | December 28, 2007 4:28 PM | Report abuse

LarkinGMead: "When he is elected President of the United States, you and I do not have to worry about his attempting to convert us all to Baptists nor do we have to be worried about his forcing Christian doctrines down our throats."

Oh, whew...for a minute there I didn't think he like my Mormonism. I'm glad to see he's planning a flip-flop bigger than anything from Romney.

Posted by: elbeau | December 28, 2007 4:28 PM | Report abuse


You are pardoned -- I believe you spelled it right the second time -- now, were you answering some question of mine with your "no"? Or, were you trying to quote my 2:44 PM post?

Posted by: JakeD | December 28, 2007 4:25 PM | Report abuse

JakeD: "No one is coming to arrest you either -- unless it's for polygamy (sorry, I couldn't resist ; )"

To Shay... :)

Just don't vote for the guy. He has crossed a line that no other modern candidate was willing to cross. I've never played the "victim" card before...but to see him brazenly attack my religion in order to become my president is beyond the pale.

Posted by: elbeau | December 28, 2007 4:25 PM | Report abuse

mibrooks27 - Huckabee believes the world is 6,000 years old, look it up. He does not acknowledge evolution, even in the face of fossil evidence. Even a child could look at and see evolution of microbes and fruit flies over the span of hours or weeks. How you jumped from that to homosexuality I have no idea. But do some research and look into homosexuality throughout nature, as it occurs in species other than homo sapiens under different social conditions. Homosexuals have made and will continue to make massive contributions to humanity in all fields to include art, music, science, medicine, politics, military, education, and anything else you can think of.

Posted by: kevindreed | December 28, 2007 4:24 PM | Report abuse

Former Arkansas Governor, Mike Huckabee, is not as he is being portrayed, a religious zealot. When he is elected President of the United States, you and I do not have to worry about his attempting to convert us all to Baptists nor do we have to be worried about his forcing Christian doctrines down our throats.

The reason so many liberal, left-wing, Clinton and Obama supporters detest the thought of a man of Mike Huckabee's religious and moral convictions aspiring to the presidency of the United States, is because, their anti-religin, secularist agenda will die on the vine and Socialism will be soundly defeated.

The 2008 general election is not only about who our next leader will be, it is also about whether or not we will preserve our Republic and the democratic principles that have sustained this great nation since its' founding. Will we become a Socialist Welfare State as promised by Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and ashamedly by the tendencies of Mitt Romney and Rudy Giuliani? The Marxist doctrine is being played out by Clinton and Obama right in our faces, but we don't hear the outcry, do we? A man such as Mike Huckabee talk about his God, his moral beliefs and vision for America based on a rich Judeo-Christian heritage, and the gates of hell open up and the evil public discourse seems to take center stage.

I encourage Democrats and Republicans to read the Inaugural Address of John F. Kennedy, delivered in January, 1961. You can look it up on the web. After reading Kennedy's address and particularly his vision for America, please consider if any of the Democratic candidates running for President today even remotely resemble the Democratic Party of Kennedy. The liberal-left wing socialists have taken over the party headed by Clinton, Obama, Pelosi, Harry Reid and ironically, Teddy Kennedy.

Let us consider that pre-war Germany became a Socialist State, (all for Germany and Germany for all), and along with that Socialism came isolationism from the rest of the world while secretly planning the great expansionism that would wreak havoc, mayhem, murder and destruction throughout western and eastern Europe. You see, when people of a nation become decadent and selfish, they fall prey to the promises offered by the Welfare State, (i.e. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama).

Do not underestimate the foreign policy experience and knowledge of Mike Huckabee. As governor he traveled to over 49 different countries and visited Israel 9 times. He is pro-Israel and supports our ally, the only true democracy in the middle east. When Ronald Reagan became President of the United States, he did not bring with him a long list of foreign policy accomplishments, but, he was instrumental in bringing down the Berlin Wall and the eventual collapse of the former Soviet Union. Not a bad legacy for a guy with little foreign policy experience. Reagan's secret was that he was an excellent communicator, like Huckabee is today, and, Reagan placed the right people in the positions of his administration who would perform their functions exceedingly well. Huckabee has that same eye for choosing people of good character and sound work ethic.

I, like the rest of you, are faced with a decision that will effect all of us for a very long time. Do we choose Socialism for America or do we choose to remain a Republic with democratic principles. If you choose the latter, you will choose Michael D. Huckabee to be our next President of the United States.

Posted by: LarkinGMead | December 28, 2007 4:23 PM | Report abuse


Did you know that Harvard was founded as a seminary?

Posted by: JakeD | December 28, 2007 4:22 PM | Report abuse


Pardon me for misspelling a single word in a blog. BTW, how do you spell JUDGMENTAL?

Posted by: hisroc | December 28, 2007 4:22 PM | Report abuse


You're absolutely right, I can't stand what W has done with our rights. It's the biggest thing I regret about my vote...but I can console myself in the fact that most of the worst of it came after I voted. My mention of my W votes was to point out that I am not running a religious agenda and have voted beyond the lines of faith before. I would never vote for W again.

Posted by: elbeau | December 28, 2007 4:21 PM | Report abuse

John Edwards comes from a working class background and retains that set of values. He thinks like a working class guy and I like that. He is, also, honest, a good family man, and a Christian. I like John McCain, Barak Obama, Mike Huckabee, Joeseph Biden, and Chris Dodd for exactly the same reasons. The fact is, this country has many good and decent men and women to choose from as leaders. There is no reason for us to take second best or to choose from the lesser of two evils. Guliani, Clinton, Romney, shouldn't even be on the map and we should never have been sold that fake bill of goods Bush-Cheney.

Posted by: mibrooks27 | December 28, 2007 4:21 PM | Report abuse

Calm down, elbeau -- I can think Mormons (or Catholics, for that matter) are a cult and still vote for Romney (John F. Kennedy). No one is coming to arrest you either -- unless it's for polygamy (sorry, I couldn't resist ; )

Posted by: JakeD | December 28, 2007 4:21 PM | Report abuse

"Dr. Barney Maddox is a urology specialist in Cleburne, Texas, and author of the biological sciences course material for the Creationist Worldview distance education program offered by ICR."

dakotasky70 advises evangelicals to keep this author's work handy for arrogant atheists.

Didn't the Catholic Church accept the abundance of evidence for evolution as having a reasonable basis? Didn't they eventually come to terms with the facts, just as they had to after persecuting Galileo? My point is, it is not only about atheists. But as a born-again I had to share an office with for two years informed me many years ago, "Catholics are all going to hell. Oh well."

Man and dinos indeed. LOL. How can any rational human being with an ounce of brain matter possibly believe this is true? Oh, faith!!! The Dead Sea Scrolls! Tablets in the dirt!

Posted by: johng1 | December 28, 2007 4:19 PM | Report abuse


Elmer Gantry was a FICTIONAL womanizing fraud -- do you have any evidence that Huckabee is a womanizing fraud? Or, do you simply libel every preacher as "Elmer Gantry"?

Posted by: JakeD | December 28, 2007 4:17 PM | Report abuse

Hey dakotasky70 - you better hope there's no truth in this quote.

"It is an insult to God to believe in God. For on the one hand it is to suppose that he has perpetrated acts of incalculable cruelty. On the other hand, it is to suppose that he has perversely given his human creatures an instrument--their intellect--which must inevitably lead them, if they are dispassionate and honest, to deny his existence. It is tempting to conclude that if he exists, it is the atheists and agnostics that he loves best, among those with any pretensions to education. For they are the ones who have taken him most seriously." -Galen Strawson

Posted by: EvilPoet | December 28, 2007 4:17 PM | Report abuse

JakeD: "is there some specific instance you are referring to?"

Where to begin...

In late November and early December, the general Romney-Mormon-Scare was at it's peak. Polls were showing that significant portions of the population would not settle on Romney because of his religion. Knowing full well the argument about whether Mormons are allowed to call themselves Christians, Huckabee took the VERY FEW advertising dollars he had and ran the now-famous "Christian Leader" add...and the evangelicals came running. His poll numbers went through the roof overnight. Huckabee attributed the rising polls to God in one interview. When asked whether or not he considered Mormonism a cult, he told the media that it was a question "Romney needs to answer". His poll numbers kept rising. Romney realizes he can't survive the election without giving "The Speech", so he does...and it was a beautiful speech for anyone not athiest. As soon as Romney's speech started dominating headlines, Huckabee decided he needed to spend time with the Utah voters, so he went to Salt Lake City and gave the speech that we need to "hear the alarm and reclaim this nation for Christ".

A few days later, during an interview with the New York Times, he started spouting anti-Mormon talking points...then when the media questioned him about it, he tried to convince everybody that he just didn't know much about Mormons.

I guess the best place and time for him to learn about Mormons wasn't in 1998 when he was a keynote speaker at an anti-Mormon rally in Salt Lake City, it was during a high-profile interview with the New York Times where he knew he could steal headlines and pander to the fears of his base.

This guy has done everything he could get away with doing to point out to people that Mormonism isn't trustworthy and that he by comparison is their "Christian Leader".

It's sick, because it sends the message that I'm not an equal citizen and that the rights to run for political office only apply to those who submit to a very defined religious doctrine.

It's nice to see that Rosa Parks can sit at the front of the bus these days, but it's sad to find out that the reason she is accepted there is because she was Baptist.

Posted by: elbeau | December 28, 2007 4:16 PM | Report abuse

elbeau, you voted for Bush, but you're worried that Huckabee won't respect your constitutional rights? Uh, that does not compute. I guess your concern about constitutional rights only gets raised when you are the one who might be losing them?

Posted by: gasmonkey | December 28, 2007 4:13 PM | Report abuse

It's a sad commentary that we are all congratulating Mr. Huckabee for not elaborating on his well-documented views about how he thinks women, gays, etc., should be treated as inferior Americans. So the man neglects to mentions these ideas in one speech and now we are to congratulate him?

Our standards for basic human decency have been set pretty low, haven't they?

Posted by: HillMan | December 28, 2007 4:12 PM | Report abuse


Are you answering some question of mine with your "no"? As for the Constitutional test, you forget the age requirement -- nothing I've seen from Huckabee forces me to question his JUDGMENT (that's how we spell that word here in the U.S.) for the job.

Posted by: JakeD | December 28, 2007 4:12 PM | Report abuse


Unfortunately, our side has its own share of people who come across as naughty children who need discipline -- it doesn't help that most of us do consider Mormonism a "cult" and too often forget to point out truth IN LOVE -- that "pastor" picketing funerals, for instance ; )

Posted by: JakeD | December 28, 2007 4:09 PM | Report abuse

Go back and re-watch the debates. You will find that every question asked of Huckabee was a "softball" question about morality. He has been spared any questions of substance, of foreign policy, of national security, etc. In short, he's getting the "George Bush" treatment from the mainstream press. Why? Because it would make a great story to get this Elmer Gantry elected, that's why.

Posted by: gasmonkey | December 28, 2007 4:08 PM | Report abuse


No, the Constitution imposes no religious test for President. In fact, it imposes no qualifications whatsoever except for native citizenship and residency requirements. However, by electoral tradition, a candidate for POTUS must show good judgement and an ability to make sound decisions based on incomplete but reasonable evidence.

Anyone who believes that human beings and dinosaurs walked together on Earth less than six thousand years ago doesn't meet that test.

Posted by: hisroc | December 28, 2007 4:05 PM | Report abuse

Why is it that those who write that the ideas of Mike Huckabee should be taken seriously consistently express themselves in mature and thoughtful prose, while those who want to dismiss him out of hand come across as naughty children who need discipline?

Posted by: Andersod7 | December 28, 2007 4:00 PM | Report abuse

"In 1986 I read my first creationist article, written by a biologist. By the time I finished, I knew I could no longer justify my evolutionary thinking. Was it Scripture that convinced me? Actually, no. The author did not mention God or the Bible once. She simply pointed out, armed with modern scientific facts, that practically everything I had learned in medical school--especially in genetics--directly conflicted with Darwin's theory."

I'd advise evangelicals to keep this link handy for arrogant atheists:

Posted by: Kurt_Evans | December 28, 2007 3:57 PM | Report abuse

Again, elbeau, I don't think that Huckabee has told you to sit at the back of the bus because of your religion -- why do you think he has led an anti-Mormon campaign -- is there some specific instance you are referring to?

Posted by: JakeD | December 28, 2007 3:56 PM | Report abuse

mibrooks27: Are you really trying to tell us that Edwards isn't Elite?

Posted by: elbeau | December 28, 2007 3:55 PM | Report abuse

Why, exactly, are Romney, Bush, and Cheney "hucksters and frauds"? Bush talks about the same, exact values as Huckabee just did.

Posted by: JakeD | December 28, 2007 3:53 PM | Report abuse

"Why? Bigotry. People do not fault his positions as much as the fact that he is a Christian"

I fault him because he IS a bigot. The fact that his bigotry isn't against you seems to make it ok for you. If anybody pulled an anti-Baptist campaign the way Huckabee has led an anti-Mormon campaigh, your song would change very quickly.

Posted by: elbeau | December 28, 2007 3:51 PM | Report abuse

The problem is with the complete lack of morality by our elite. They lead wated and empty lives and fill them with momentary pleasures. They think making money, by whatever means, is "free enterprise". They want acceptance and take pride in their sexual perversions. They believe in nothing, stand for nothing, but themselves. Decent honorable people like Edwards, Huckabee, McCain, Biden, Obama, and Dodd are discarded becasue they tell the truth, while hucksters and frauds like Romney, Clinton, Bush, Cheney, and Guliani get their support because they are so easily controlled. People would much rather believe a lie than a hard truth, but the hard truth is that the elite, the wealthy, are a detriment, a danger to us all. If the foolish morons posting here get what they think they want, they and we are doomed.

Posted by: mibrooks27 | December 28, 2007 3:50 PM | Report abuse


You got something to back up your rather odd suggestion that homosexuals are 'elite' and 'wealthy'?

I know a whole bunch of gay people, and not a one of them works on Wall Street, as you oddly suggest.

Or that AIDS victims are wealthy?

Try telling that to the millions dying of AIDS in Africa.

Posted by: HillMan | December 28, 2007 3:44 PM | Report abuse

The comments on this board show how difficult it is to be elected in a secular country like the US. In this day and age, a Christian politician who professes their faith is is smeared with association with Islamic terrorist. Why? Bigotry. People do not fault his positions as much as the fact that he is a Christian. It is amazing that this country survived the terror of Christian politicians since its founding.

Posted by: new_jobkh | December 28, 2007 3:37 PM | Report abuse

how folksy and charming. a candidate who decides to ignore the issues, and didn't know a dash from a cup. what else doesn't he know?

Posted by: e9999999 | December 28, 2007 3:37 PM | Report abuse

Why didn't someone do something his daughter asked? There is a very long answer to that question. What she should be asking is, how can we stop that from happening over and over and over again.

Lets look at the road we're going down.

1. Hitler staged a terrorist attack on Berlin, blaming the Russians. It got out of control and ended up burning down half the city.

2. The parliament,controlled by Hitlers party, suspended habeas corpus.

3. Hitler used the lie of a terrorist threat to rally the people to his cause.

4. Many people in Germany warn the jews about what is going to happen to them. The mainstream media and the government call them "kooks" and conspiracy theorists.

5. Hitler declares the jewish people enemy combatants, claiming they are terrorists and a national security threat.

6. Hitler rounds them up and sends them to concentration camps.

Many of those steps should sound familiar.

Why didn't anyone do anything? Why didn't anyone do anything when the US did the same thing to Japanese/Italian Americans in WWII? Why didn't anything do anything has hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis died and millions fled their homes? Why are we constantly repeating the same wars, the same mistakes, generation after generation?

The answer is simple, but it something people really need to figure out on their own. Most people die before they ever do.

Posted by: YouGotRooted | December 28, 2007 3:32 PM | Report abuse

kevindreed - That, most of us would submit, is NOT what Huckabee believes, but even if he did, it would be vast improvement over the PC wisdom that buggery is an acceptable alternative lifestyle.

Posted by: mibrooks27 | December 28, 2007 3:27 PM | Report abuse

The last thing we need in a time of reason is a person that thinks the world is 6,000 years old. A person that ignores heaps and mounds of evidence when forming an opinion cannot hope to wrestle successfully with the concepts of war, disease, microbes, social structures, diplomacy, or the environment, which are the key issues facing humans today. I like the quote about the ingredients in the cake and the big "point" there. The message there seems to be "don't think" and "read the bible" for information on right and wrong. However, if you follow that philosophy, then each of the world's 2000+ religions are doing just that - making their own interpretations of right and wrong, of reality, not to mention all the denominations within each one of those religions formed when people disagree about this or that, or simply have a personal fallout. The truth of the human condition lies with factual information: science, medicine, observation, facts, feelings, hopes, dreams. That reality makes enough people scared that Huckabee might just get elected. If so, prepare for more intolerance in the name of god, more war, less advancement, more disease, more pollution, and more movement closer to that self-fullfilling prophecy of the End Times.

Posted by: kevindreed | December 28, 2007 3:24 PM | Report abuse

As I said, don't worry, atheists, we are not going to lock you up for your lack of faith.

Posted by: JakeD | December 28, 2007 3:23 PM | Report abuse


Sorry, I didn't realize the question was that important to you. Hmm, based on what I know of Lieberman, I probably would, although I really haven't delved into his voting record. The main reason a ticket like that would be appealing to me is because I'm sick of this red/blue divided government...although not too many left-wingers really consider Lieberman one of their own anymore. I'd LOVE for the next president to have a truly mixed cabinet.

I really don't understand the purpose of your question. Are you wondering if I could vote for a Jewish candidate? sure, as long as they seem right for the job.

Posted by: elbeau | December 28, 2007 3:22 PM | Report abuse


I understand your concern that Governor Huckabee would "brazenly lay(s) aside the civil rights of 2 million citizens of our country". According to the American Religious Identification Survey performed in 2001, Mormons comprise some 1.4% of the population. Governor Romney in turn saw fit to disenfranchise the 15% of the population that identified themselves as "No Religion/Atheist/Agnostic". Setting aside the repeated sophistry of his arguments (Freedom requires religion just as religion requires freedom), how do you feel about the civil rights of a group 10 times the size of the one you express concern over?

I was first exposed to religous discrimination in 7th grade, a year in which I coincidentally began playing with the Mormon kids down the street from me and enrolled in Catholic school. The Catholics informed me that I was "not Christian", notithstanding the fact the I was serving as an acolyte in my church and studying for confirmation.

I continued to play with my Mormon friends and was relieved that as an American, NO ONE in government could define what it meant to be a Christian.

Posted by: eebsnallof | December 28, 2007 3:20 PM | Report abuse

vfazio - The key word in your rant is "gays". That is and always has been the core to Clinton's support - the elite, hedonistic, self centered perverts of Wall Street and after hours gay bars, swinger/sex clubs. That, ultimately is what this is all about, isn't it?

Posted by: mibrooks27 | December 28, 2007 3:20 PM | Report abuse

Again with the anti-Christian radicals -- last I checked 90% of Americans identify themselves as Christian -- no big surprise really when 50% plus 1 vote for Christian candidates. Don't worry, atheists, we are not going to lock you up for your lack of faith.

Posted by: JakeD | December 28, 2007 3:19 PM | Report abuse

How does nominating a Bible-thumping inexperienced, relatively ignorant Governor constitute "shocking" the GOP establishment? Didn't the GOP voters nominate a similar candidate in 2000? It's quite obvious that the GOP is run by ignorant Bible-thumpers who rely upon fear and hatred of Muslims, Mexicans, immigrants, gays, and media elites from the Northeast. So Huckabee is the perfect candidate for the anti-intellectual, faith-based voter that dominates the GOP. Enjoy the Wilderness, Elmer Gantry!

Posted by: vfazio | December 28, 2007 3:16 PM | Report abuse

....."I love this country and I love it more than I love the Republican Party," he said. "The Republican party needs to be changed. There are some people who aren't that fond of me for saying it.... They want the right and the left to keep fighting, Democrats and Republicans, the liberals and the conservatives."

Great observation !! I have new respect for Mike Huckabee.

Posted by: rkmfcca | December 28, 2007 3:11 PM | Report abuse


I didn't automatically assume you would vote for Romney based on the sole fact that he's a Mormon -- you already stated you would not vote for him if he asks Huckabee to be his Vice President -- the pending question (again, not assuming you would vote for Romney) is whether you would vote for a Romney-Lieberman ticket?

Posted by: JakeD | December 28, 2007 3:08 PM | Report abuse

The first time I heard Huckabee speak in one of the debates (years ago it seems) I immediately perked up because he sounded so genuine and different than any of the other contenders on either side. Therefore, before automatically writing him off at least listen to him speak. Thanks Dan Balz for your fair and balanced commentary.

Posted by: windyfan853 | December 28, 2007 3:07 PM | Report abuse

I truly enjoy watching the GOP candidates tear each other apart. It's especially fun watching Guiliani disintegrate and get nasty.

Guiliani will show more of his as the days go on. He can't help himself. He's just a mean and nasty person, and pretty soon he'll make some comment about Huck being a hick. Heck, maybe he'll just call him Mike Hickabee. Or, he'll make a comment about Romney being a freaky Mormon. It's going to be something mean and nasty and pure Guiliani. Mean and rotten Guiliani. Ohhhhhh, I can't wait.

And, poor John McCain. I guess kissing Jerry Falwell's big butt didn't do him much good now that the old con artist is dead. It's too bad that Tancredo dropped out because he was the only one McCain was beating. I used to like and respect John McCain, but now he's just pathetic.

Poor, poor John McCain.

Posted by: asdasd1 | December 28, 2007 3:06 PM | Report abuse


I always find it humorous that people like you automatically assume I'll vote for Romney based on the sole fact that he's a Mormon. I'll admit that there's plenty of Mormons out there who are willing to do that, but not all of us. I consider anybody who votes for a religion to lead the country instead of a candidate to be a religious bigot, and that goes for my fellow Mormons as well...although we're far outnumbered by the Huckagelicals.

Personally, if someone could detect a pulse in Thompson I like his positions best...but that corpse is starting to smell, I think it's too late. Barring a miracle surge for Thompson, I'll vote for Mitt, but I could grudgingly settle for McCain or (shudder) Guiliani. I really just can't stand Huckabee.

Posted by: elbeau | December 28, 2007 3:04 PM | Report abuse

Why is everyone so against the Christian "religion" when an article, such as this, is released? Is the internet only filled with violent Anti-Christian radicals? Everyone who bashes Christians seem to be the more violent bunch, starting an "anti"-movement. Why can't we focus on the candidate and discuss how well he would do in office? I understand that a person's faith has a large part in the decision making, but any president will have cabinet members as well as advisors that will influence the decision. The checks and balances nature of the government will also play a large role. I believe selecting the right candidate is key. I'm not sure how well Huckabee would do examining his work as a governor. I believe Romney, McCain, and Huckabee, all have the capacity to become a great president.

Posted by: fooyoo | December 28, 2007 3:03 PM | Report abuse

Oh, well, then your post (as to me at least) is pointless -- I've read the Constitution and Founding Fathers plenty of times, both before and after law school -- whether your intended it or not, your post was a smear.

Posted by: JakeD | December 28, 2007 3:03 PM | Report abuse

I can't help but note the hysterical personal attacks from the Clinton perverts here. It's interesting that these folk care more about legalized gay marriage than they do about the fate of Western civilization. Most of us have long memories, at least better memories than you, and we recall quite clearly that Clinton's insane outsourcing policies had landed this country into a recession as he left office. Moreover, we recall the series of shady and outright illegal actions of the Clinton's - Rosewater, the missing records, the firings of the travel office, the paid for pardons, the Cattle futures deal, all that money from India and other foreign governments, the politics of destruction by Carville that were a processor to those of Rove, and on and on. Mike Huckabee is a breath of fresh air. He does believe in "creationism" but he has stated many times that he does not believe it should be taught in science classes in schools. He thinks homosexuality is a sin, but so do the vast majority of American's; and it is a self destructive at the very least, one practiced by the American wealthy, just as it is in England. Has it passed no one's notice that with epidemics of typhoid, tuberculosis, etc. the carriers were isolated/quarantined to prevent the spread of the disease, but with AIDS, the disease of the hedonistic self centered elite, nothing was done and it was allowed to spread until it now is a threat to millions?

The Presidency is place for armatures and hacks and Clinton is both. So is Romney and Guliani. Mike Huckabee, Barak Obama, John Ewards, and Joseph Biden have very clear visions of where this country needs to go. In the aftermath of the Bhutto assassination, something for which both the Clinton's and Bush are to blame because of their too cozy relationship with India and Indian corporations, we need to be rid of the "free traitors", those that pervert the American dream, those elite few with no concept of personal morality.

Posted by: mibrooks27 | December 28, 2007 3:02 PM | Report abuse

Dear JakeD,
You missed the point of my post. What I am arguing is that for many, many years, people have used religion to gain political power, that there are plenty of examples around the world and in this country today, and that most of them are not so good. Try reading the US Constitution and the writings of this nation's founders to see what they thought of the use of religion to obtain political power. That's the point of my post.

Posted by: Bob22003 | December 28, 2007 2:59 PM | Report abuse


Wow! Not much of a Romney supporter then, are you? How about if we went in the other direction -- would you vote for a Romney-Lieberman ticket?

Posted by: JakeD | December 28, 2007 2:57 PM | Report abuse


At least none of his offspring brutally murdered a helpless human fetus ; )

Posted by: JakeD | December 28, 2007 2:55 PM | Report abuse

elbeau, I mostly agree with you. I am also Republican, but I would cast a vote for Obama instead of Clinton (EWWWW). If it comes down to either Clinton or Hucklebee, I will not vote.

Posted by: johng1 | December 28, 2007 2:53 PM | Report abuse


Well, I certainly don't know enough about you to determine what would impress you. For instance, did you know that Harvard was founded as a seminary?

Posted by: JakeD | December 28, 2007 2:51 PM | Report abuse

Elsewhere in the paper today, there is a story of a excellent leader who points to his faith as the source of his leadership skills- Joe Gibbs. Just give me leadership, the source doesn't matter.

Posted by: rick1 | December 28, 2007 2:50 PM | Report abuse

Somebody needs to tell Huckabee that's running for public office, not the Southern Baptist Convention presidency. Somebody also needs to read him the article of the Constution which states there is no religious test required of candidates.
And how interesting Huckabee should tell this "cute" story about his "troubled son," but not mention how one of his offspring brutally murdered a helpless dog. Disgraceful.

Posted by: vegasgirl1 | December 28, 2007 2:50 PM | Report abuse

JakeD: "If Romney asks Huckabee to be his Vice-President, would you vote for that ticket?"

I honestly would not. I cannot in good conscience place a vote that would put Huckabee in public office. I've voted Republican my whole life but I would vote for Clinton for president before I would vote for Huckabee for vice president.

Posted by: elbeau | December 28, 2007 2:50 PM | Report abuse


Your post is right up there with those who smear Barack HUSSEIN Obama as Muslum . . .

Posted by: JakeD | December 28, 2007 2:49 PM | Report abuse

"Huckabee graduated magna cum laude from Ouachita Baptist University, completing his bachelor's degree in Religion in only 2½ years before attending Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (where he did not graduate). He has two honorary doctoral degrees: a Doctor of Humane Letters, received from John Brown University in 1991, and a Doctor of Laws from Ouachita Baptist University in 1992."

Is this supposed to impress me? LOLOLOLOL

Posted by: johng1 | December 28, 2007 2:47 PM | Report abuse

Oh, Thelma, I forgot to answer your other question -- I would hope EVERY President prays for guidance to fix the problems of the world and the problems of America -- you don't?

Posted by: JakeD | December 28, 2007 2:47 PM | Report abuse

What's "unusual" or "original" about using religion to advance one's political aims? Huckabee and his ilk are right up there with Osama bin Laden, the Taliban, Iranian mullahs, and Saudi monarchs, just to name a few people who claim religious justifications for their accumulation of political power. Or we could look at James Dobson or Pat Robertson in this country, again just to pick out a few.

Posted by: Bob22003 | December 28, 2007 2:45 PM | Report abuse


No -- the U.S. Constitution prohibits any Religious Test for elected office. Next question?

Posted by: JakeD | December 28, 2007 2:44 PM | Report abuse

What the Huckabee candidacy has exposed is the lie that has been the lynchpin of Republican politics since Nixon's campaign, the lie is that social conservatives and fiscal conservatives share commonality of views and issues. The truth is that they don't and the destruction of the Huckabee campaign will expose it for all to see. While the fiscal conservatives have always needed the social conservatives, it has always been a one way relationship. The fiscal conservative candidate would pay lip service to the social conservative agenda and they would be allowed to speak at the nominating convention, but then after the election the fiscal conservatives would go back to business as usual. That business of course is to turn on the public faucet for the wealthy to fill their pails at the public's expense. This game has been played out in election after election.

The Disputed Truth

Posted by: jhawk10 | December 28, 2007 2:42 PM | Report abuse

How about a link to a transcript of the speech? Come on, Washington Post

Posted by: jchaus | December 28, 2007 2:42 PM | Report abuse


Huckabee graduated magna cum laude from Ouachita Baptist University, completing his bachelor's degree in Religion in only 2½ years before attending Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (where he did not graduate). He has two honorary doctoral degrees: a Doctor of Humane Letters, received from John Brown University in 1991, and a Doctor of Laws from Ouachita Baptist University in 1992.

Keep in mind that Al Gore took religious studies courses at Vanderbilt, once upon a time, and was considering the seminary too, before he decided on law school.

Any more questions?

Posted by: JakeD | December 28, 2007 2:41 PM | Report abuse

Was Huckabee's son with the dash of salt the one who allegedly abused the dog in an extreme manner at a Summer Camp where he was counselor?

Newsweek reported Huckabee may have personally intervened on said son's behalf while Governor.

My apologies if this is mere gossip, but I imagine Newsweek to be credible in these matters.

Also would like to know if Huckabee's marvelous weight loss was due in part to digestive surgery, as I have heard.

Posted by: Spectator | December 28, 2007 2:41 PM | Report abuse

Huck believes that man used to hang out with dinosaurs.

Shouldn't that disqualify him from being the Leader of the Free World?

Posted by: RightDownTheMiddle | December 28, 2007 2:38 PM | Report abuse


I think that I am following the race pretty close, and I honestly don't feel that Huckabee has told you to sit at the back of the bus because of your religion. If Romney asks Huckabee to be his Vice-President, would you vote for that ticket? I already told you I would.

Posted by: JakeD | December 28, 2007 2:35 PM | Report abuse

I would like to hear more about how broad is his education. I would hope he has made high grades in a college that would have given him a broad education. Does he know much about world issues and how to deal with them, or will he rely mostly on prayer to fix the problems of the world and the problems of America?

Posted by: ThelmaMcCoy | December 28, 2007 2:35 PM | Report abuse

So I shouldn't "start defining right and wrong with [my] own definitions"? I guess I need to use Mike Huckabee's?

I'm not too fond of any candidate who builds his campaign on a platform of "Don't think for yourself, that's evil/wrong/liberal"

Posted by: stillcynical | December 28, 2007 2:34 PM | Report abuse


Not only is there a "glowing white cross" on that "MIKE" but notice the red band across the cross -- obviously signifying Christ's sacrifice for all mankind.

Posted by: JakeD | December 28, 2007 2:31 PM | Report abuse

Oh Huckey, can you tell us the story of the that BIG BOAT and that terrible flood now!

Posted by: kparc | December 28, 2007 2:31 PM | Report abuse

You know...growing up Mormon you find out quickly that not everybody in America has a high opinion of you. When you see someone from your church run for office, you expect a lot of the ridiculous fear-mongering that we're seeing from the big deal.

What IS a big deal is that Huckabee has not just promoted himself as a religious person, but he is using every opportunity he can find to enforce the prejudices that people have against Romney's religion...for the sole purpose of promoting himself into political office. The other thing that IS a big deal is that people are buying it.

Please...Iowans...I implore you...If America should elect this guy, he would be my president too. I couldn't stand Bill Clinton, but I could go to bed at night feeling that he hadn't attacked my civil rights in order to get into office. I cannot say the same about Huckabee. He has no regard for the constitution of our country or my rights as a citizen. I voted for and supported President "W" in both elections, happy to have a man of faith leading our nation.

I honestly feel that Huckabee has told me to sit at the back of the bus because of my religion. Everyone following the race knows it's true. Can you really vote for someone who so brazenly lays aside the civil rights of 2 million citizens of our country?

Now, I'm not saying to vote for Romney. There's plenty of political things to consider and there are plenty of other contenders...but PLEASE don't vote for Huckabee and let me have the dignity of knowing that our party as a whole rejects religious bigotry.

Posted by: elbeau | December 28, 2007 2:30 PM | Report abuse

We've already elected a wanna-be born-again and a hollywood actor. Can we now move on to electing a leader for the entire country?

Posted by: zane2 | December 28, 2007 2:30 PM | Report abuse

Huckabee seems to be a pretty decent and competent candidate. Why did the writer put in his own commentary as to weather the electorate would like what they learn about him, or not? What is his basis for this commentary?

Posted by: cel1ery | December 28, 2007 2:30 PM | Report abuse

frightening...i can't believe he doesn't believe in evolution...what else won't be believe when he's president?

on the other hand, his winning the election almost assures a hilary or obama win

Posted by: laf2h | December 28, 2007 2:28 PM | Report abuse

Ok. He's a great story teller...and so was Sheriff Andy Taylor from The Andy Griffith Story. Your point is...what? Is it that a good story and warm milk and cookies make Huck's fans sleep well at night? What?

Posted by: zane2 | December 28, 2007 2:28 PM | Report abuse

Like Jake, I'm curious about that "they may like him less than they do now" line. It seems pretty lazy, but I guess that's typical of the establishment media.

Huckabee's politics terrify me, but it's clear that he's the only likeable face in the Republican race. Surely the Pubs won't tire of him before they tire of candidates like Romney and Giuliani.

Posted by: MyManGodfrey | December 28, 2007 2:28 PM | Report abuse

"...because just Like the Clintons,"

Right, a budget surplus, growing economy, etc.; don't let the right wing door hit you on the way out

Posted by: Duke69 | December 28, 2007 2:27 PM | Report abuse

LOL! Notice the 'glowing white cross' on the mike in the picture in front of the Huckester?

Posted by: kparc | December 28, 2007 2:25 PM | Report abuse

P.S. why hasn't Peggy Noonan decried that picture of Huckabee, with his arms streatched out, as a subliminal "cross"? Dan Balz was able to work in the words "sermon" and "[G]ospel" ; )

Posted by: JakeD | December 28, 2007 2:22 PM | Report abuse

Doesn't matter how eloquent huckelberry's speech was...the public is not going to elect a fundamentalist ever again!

Posted by: honeycum | December 28, 2007 2:21 PM | Report abuse

Just exactly how smart can this religious wacko "Huck-a-Bible" be when he has swallowed hook line and sinker everything that's written in his bible?

Posted by: chasemonster | December 28, 2007 2:18 PM | Report abuse

A useful synopsis of the Huckster's schtick. You're spot on with your cautionary note about liking him less as he becoms beter known. Nonetheless, he is too genuine to be taken lightly and may surprise in South Carolina and Florida.

Posted by: gandalfthegrey | December 28, 2007 2:17 PM | Report abuse

Go Huck!

Posted by: zukermand | December 28, 2007 2:16 PM | Report abuse

Romney-Huckabee!! Finally, something I can agree with rat-the : )

Posted by: JakeD | December 28, 2007 2:15 PM | Report abuse

Child Abandonment?

Huckleberry, how could you?


Seriously, the Huckster does have the ability to keep many conservatives with the party, and offer insight into the common man's views.

As a VP, with a very astute and competant CEO/Exectutive like the Mittster, while pulling the other talented Challengers in as Cabinet Members to help the cause, I believe the GOP will survive the attempt of the World Labor Party supporting Socialist Masses of Obama, Edwards, and Richardson's!

God help us if the GOP does not Team Up, because just Like the Clintons, the Combined Socialists will defeat a divided Conservative Base!

Posted by: rat-the | December 28, 2007 2:12 PM | Report abuse

This one line stood out: ". . . as they learn more, they may like him less than they do now." Care to substantiate the basis for that opinion at least?

Posted by: JakeD | December 28, 2007 2:06 PM | Report abuse

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