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Romney Accuses Huckabee of Being Soft on Meth

By Michael D. Shear
Just how fierce is the battle between Mitt Romney and Iowa-poll leader Mike Huckabee? This flyer recently mailed to Iowans by the former Massachusetts governor provides a flavor:

Flyer from Mitt Romney mailed to Iowans. Obtained by The Washington Post.

By Web Politics Editor  |  December 29, 2007; 5:24 PM ET
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Back on topic, Huckabee addressed the meth smear as well:

MR. RUSSERT: But has Mitt Romney said anything that's untrue about you?

GOV. HUCKABEE: How long do we have on the program today? He's said many things that are untrue. He said that I reduced methamphetamine sentences in Arkansas. Truth is I signed a bill in 1999 that doubled those sentences. We did not reduce them. Our sentences were four times harsher than they were in Massachusetts. He said that I supported special breaks for illegal aliens. That's not true, Tim. We supported simply giving children who had earned a scholarship the same--it never happened, it didn't make the legislature. He made allegations that our increased spending by ridiculous amounts, and The New York Times came back and defended that, and said that's just simply not true. And they took him apart and showed that the increases in spending were, frankly, the same if not a little better than his if you took into consideration the accounting methods we changed in Arkansas, very modest gains in spending.

He made claims about things like tax increases, but he failed to mention that some of those were either court ordered or they were voted on by the people and approved by the people for things as roads. And I left my roads in great shape, took them from the worst in the country to what Truckers magazine said were the most improved. He left his roads in a mess in Massachusetts, with huge problems in the infrastructure. He claimed that he didn't raise taxes, but, in fact, he did raise taxes by half a billion dollars.


GOV. HUCKABEE: Fees. It's a tax. If you're a small business person and you pay more money than you paid last year to the government, you can call it a fee, call it a tax, it's a three letter word that means the same.

Posted by: JakeD | December 31, 2007 11:52 AM | Report abuse


Did you watch Huckabee on "Meet the Press" yesterday? Could you please point to ONE SENTENCE where you think he is pandering to any group -- on the contrary, I think he believe 100% of what he said -- does that type of "straight talk" scare you for some reason?

Posted by: JakeD | December 31, 2007 11:50 AM | Report abuse

ya know folks that any of the main line repub/demos will say or pander to any group that they think will help them worm their way into the presidecy . if you are realy interested in straight talk with absolute fact then I encourage you to quit playing the main line games with them and stop listening to them . they are children in a recess at elementary school. they want to be the teachers pet. lol they are still playing the same games that worked for them when they were children. pointing and screaming , tatling, accuseing , pouting, vieing for attention. go to Ron Paul RonPaul2008

Posted by: nobushyhair270 | December 30, 2007 2:21 PM | Report abuse

Mitt Romney is the biggest phony. He uses the hard earned money of those sending in contributions for throwing stones at the other candidates. What a big waster of money!!

Mitt Romney has already lost $60 million dollars of his voters money. How in the world can he balance the budget of America?

If the staunch New Hampshire newspaper calls him a "Phony" it goes to show Mitt Romney has no integrity or crediability.

On the other hand, did you see Mike Huckabee performed brillently on "Meet the Press" today.

Mike Huckabee's ability to communicate is superior over all the other candidates by far. You get the sense from his calm, caring and convincing responses that he is the next great communicator like Ronald Reagan.

Mike Huckabee is a role model for society. No one would ever believe that someone who used to work at J.C. Penny store cleaning windows and the floor in his teenage years could become the next President of the United States.

Mike Huckabee and his family has worked so hard to get to this level. When he was running for Governor in Arkansas his family worked so hard, they spent their entire savings down to the last dime and lived in a two room apartment for $40 a month.

Mike Huckabee's dedication to serve the people goes unmatched by any other candidate. He could have gone in another career making much more and living much better, but he saw the ultimate need to help those in need rather than focusing on his needs.

This man is a really great role model for society. He is working so hard to earn the respect of the voters. His down home charm, his likeability, his honesty, his integrity, his humbleness and his trustworthiness is what is really needed to lead this great country of ours.

The American voters can not and will not be purchased like a item on ebay. They are looking for a candidate with integrity. Mitt Romney and Fred Thompson want to buy the presidency with their gobs of personal money. Mike Huckabee wants to earn their vote the good old fashion way.

Posted by: vote4mikehuckabee | December 30, 2007 1:54 PM | Report abuse

The "Wives for Romney" group has been mobilized to surround and isolate Huckabee until the Caucus. He'll hardly be able to do anything or be seen while Romney floods the State with his profile. (By the way, Romney sure got a [terrible] Florida haircut.)

Posted by: filoporquequilo | December 29, 2007 6:29 PM | Report abuse

There is a HUGE difference, between the Manufacturers, and their Victims!

What needs to be addressed, is the difference between levels of Purity being sold.

Speed, has been around for DECADES! From Benies to Amphetamines, the biggest difference in the current crises, is the significance of the effects of "ICE", on the Body as compared to a much more diluted form!

The purity of "Ice" totally blows the body's production of Serotonin away! INSTANT Addiction!

To market anything as strongly addicting as "Ice" Purity, goes beyond the normal boundaries of Drug Dealing, into entrapment!

For anyone who knows of, or is caught up in anything like that, as someone who is aware of the Biological/Physiological/and Psychological significance of this type of an addiction-GET THE PURE STUFF AWAY FROM THE VICTIM!

I could recommend Cutting, cutting some more, and cutting to the point, they are finally getting nothing stronger than the levels used to treat Attention Deficit Disorder!

Yeah, you hypocritical fools, that's what is in the ADD Medicine!

Then, the Victim can finally have a fair chance of breaking away!-Or, just getting diagnosed with ADD!

Posted by: rat-the | December 29, 2007 5:51 PM | Report abuse

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