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Clinton Addresses Supporters in Las Vegas

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Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Hillary Clinton spoke with the press after winning the Nevada caucus. (AP video)

Posted at 7:40 PM ET on Jan 19, 2008  | Category:  Video Report
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In the face of tough situations and defeat, it is disappointing to watch Obama's behavior contradict his rhetoric for positive change. When he lost in Nevada he lost his grace and whined, even suggesting the others did not run a clean campaign. His campaign even gave misleading statements about the delegate-winning process. If he's not ready, he's not ready. It's tougher in national elections. He cannot be whining and accusatory all the time.

In fact, his recent behavior and rhetoric is gradually peeling off the mask of "positive change". He cannot have it both ways - He cannot posture to be positive and then his rhetoric is negative. He mocks, he snipes, he mis-characterizes his rivals. Of course he can say they're doing it to him as well. But the difference is they did not make a pretentious "battle cry" out of "positive change" and did not posture themselves as "holier than thou". Obama did. That makes it a greater calling for him to mean what he says and to say what he means.

I like Obama for VICE President. He would work wonders to prosper America AFTER Hillary has worked her brilliance to take America back on track to fiscal responsibility, economic stability, and international respectability. Sometimes, it takes a really wise man and true leader to recognize humility and right timing so more and better things can be achieved for America not just for the moment but for the long term.

Posted by: readingbetweenlines | January 20, 2008 7:03 AM

I am a white female - and I do not see this election process as having anything to do with either race OR gender. I see it as 'who is the best person for the job' and who has the most integrity. From what I have seen in Nevada, even today at the caucus, that person IS indeed Barack Obama.
I had an elderly woman, who walked with the assistance of a cane, come up to me at the caucus today. She was extremely upset. While she was not from my district, I was not going to turn her away. She proceed to tell me how she went to sit in the area set aside for her district and was told if she sat there, her vote would be counted for Clinton, despite the fact she is an Obama supporter. I walked her back over, and very loudly told her that her Obama vote was HER RIGHT, and if she had any more trouble, to walk across the room and I would help her, basically, see to it that her vote went went where it was supposed to go. This happened well before the time that the doors were to be closed, the chair had not yet announced that the groups should form. What kind of campaigns intimidate little old ladies? I'll tell you - those that lack integrity!

As it stands, it is my understanding that the caucus rules here were that anyone standing in line before 12:00 noon was allowed to caucus, that Independents could register as Democrats AT the caucus, AND that we were ALL allowed to sign in - not just Clinton supporters! And yet, in many caucus areas today, that is exactly what happened! How disgusting that the Clinton campaign is behaving in a way that SHAMES ALL DEMOCRATS!
The whole world is watching this election process - don't think for a moment that they are not...and, Clinton, your campaign tactics are embarrassing us before the world! I sincerely hope the other caucuses/primaries will keep a strong eye out for these 'tactics' and do their best to prevent them! Do not let the rules be bent by those who seek to tilt the situation in their own favor. This is supposed to be a DEMOCRATIC society.

Lastly, with only 88% of the precincts in, many of the major newspapers, media, already announced the winner as can that be? The spread was 587 votes more for Clinton...and now, at 98% of the votes in, it is still a 587 vote spread...does anyone else see something wrong with this picture? Also, it originally showed Clinton with 13 electoral votes and Obama with 12, when it was actually the other way around...and has since been corrected. Before this is over, I wonder just what else will have to be corrected?

Posted by: ndolan622 | January 19, 2008 8:41 PM

There is absolutely 100 % no doubt that w vote based on our emotion, i.e., the person n we like or dislike not the based on who will do the best job. You can be rest assured if you take the emotion out of this equitation; Hillary is the best no matter what

Posted by: ikarshadi | January 19, 2008 7:45 PM

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