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Obama, Huckabee Lead Register Poll

Updated 10 a.m.
By Jon Cohen
DES MOINES -- New Year's came three hours early for national political reporters here. In the caucus equivalent of a ball-drop, The Des Moines Register released its final pre-caucus poll at 9:00 p.m. local time.

Among Democrats, Barack Obama holds a 7-point lead over Hillary Clinton and an 8-point advantage over John Edwards -- outside the margin of sampling error for the first time in this poll.

With three days to go, Obama tops the field, supported by 32 percent, followed by Clinton at 25 percent and Edwards at 24 percent. Since the last Register poll a month ago, Obama has ticked up four percentage points, while Clinton and Edwards have held about steady.

Survey respondents also prioritized change over experience, which has been a pivot point in the Democratic race all year. They also gave Obama the edge on ability to bring change and unifying the country.

Quick on it's feet, the Obama campaign distributed the new poll via e-mail just moments after it was posted on the Internet.

The Edwards campaign followed with an e-mail offering "guidance" on the poll, saying "there are good reasons to think it is NOT" accurate. Among other things, they objected to the poll's counting of independent and Republican voters: the survey said 45 percent of the likely Democratic electorate identifies as independent or Republican. That would be more than double the proportion of independents (19 percent) and Republicans (1 percent) recorded in the 2004 NEP entrance poll.

The make-up of the voter pool is important to the results, particularly for Clinton vis-à-vis Obama. Obama has a big lead in the poll among self-described independents, but 33 percent of self-identified Democrats preferred Clinton, 27 percent Obama and 24 percent Edwards. Despite the Edwards campaign argument, he does about as well among independents (24 percent) as among Democrats.

However the Democratic electorate shapes up, with only 72 hours to go, more than a third of likely caucus-goers said there's a chance they could change their minds about which candidate to support.

In the poll, Obama also counts heavily on the support of first-time caucus goers, so turnout will be a key indicator on Thursday night. If 60 percent of the electorate are new comers as the poll suggests, turnout would be at record levels. (Nearly three-quarters of Obama's support in the new poll comes from those who've not participated before.)

On the GOP side, Mike Huckabee is up six points over Mitt Romney, 32 percent to 26 percent, with John McCain well back in third place at 13 percent. A month ago, Huckabee stood at 29 percent, Romney at 24 percent.

Despite late campaign pushes in Iowa, Fred Thompson gets 9 percent and Rudolph W. Giuliani gets just 5 percent. Giuliani's support has eroded by eight points, while Thompson's is the same as it was in November. By contrast, at 9 percent, Ron Paul's support has been gradually increasing from October, when 4 percent backed him.

Religion continues to be a key component of the race. In the poll, evangelical Christians broke for Huckabee over Romney by more than 2-1 (47 percent to 20 percent).

But views among Republicans may be even more fluid than they are among Democrats: Nearly half of GOP voters said they could be persuaded to support someone other than their current first choice.

As the new numbers came out and Iowa prepared to ring in the new year, Clinton and her husband and daughter held a rally in the skywalk mall in downtown Des Moines. "Let's have a great 2008," Clinton said to a cheering crowd of revelers. "Party, party, party and then tomorrow the work starts again."

By Web Politics Editor  |  January 1, 2008; 10:00 AM ET
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I can't wait for the results on both sides. I changed my voter registration from Democrat to Republican in order to support the nomination of the only guy who truly *will* get us out of war and straighten out our foreign policy. Other fellow Dem's, I urge you to check out Ron Paul, he's *not* your typical Republican.

It's nice to see him climbing the polls.


Posted by: angelak_johnson | January 2, 2008 9:38 PM | Report abuse








Posted by: vote4mikehuckabee | January 2, 2008 7:01 PM | Report abuse

If the only criterion you were going to use to decide your vote in 2008 was the problem of corporate power in the political process, who would get your vote?

Read on:

From The American Prospect "Raising the Bar" by Ezra Klein

"Edwards, to be sure, is not anti-enterprise, but his comments lack the deification of business and business leaders that so often lace elite Democratic rhetoric. This, again, speaks to background. Career politicians spend their lives raising money, not making it. As they ascend in prominence and power, their need for well-heeled supporters grows ever greater. A corporate friend is not only a good golfing buddy; he's also a financial savior, an indispensable political asset. Indeed, in such a relationship, the politician needs the business leader more than the business leader needs the politician. In politicians, it breeds an inevitable idealization of corporate executives."

Perhaps the timid should take a different perspective on "change," that magical something for which we are all salivating. Real change is always a fight and only Edwards is ready to accept this reality. Clinton is without hope of ever escaping her "let's meet in the middle of the road" stances; Obama, whom I admire immensely but is only at the start of his careful career path, should recall his Frederick Douglass lesson: "Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will. . . ."

Only John Edwards is a candidate with nothing to lose but respect for himself. He is at the end of his political career. Think John Quincy Adams, think Bull Moose candidate Teddy Roosevelt, think Eugene Debs against war and going to jail for it, think Fulbright and Viet Nam, think Robert Byrd most days of the week.

Edwards' fire is real, his willingness to fight is real, and the change he supports is real--not watered down, greasy hands across the aisle stuff. This can be a turning point, but too many Democrats are still with the failed mindset of Gore 2000 and Kerry 2004.

Posted by: garyd63 | January 2, 2008 6:00 PM | Report abuse


A few things "changed" under George W. Bush that I would argue were actually good for Americans -- for instance, there has not been a terrorist attack here since 2001 -- are you saying that's not good for Americans?! Perhaps we disagree about when human life begins, but I would argue that partial-birth abortion ban, no federal funding to destroy human embryos, and Chief Justice Roberts / Alito are all "good" in this particular American's view ; )

Posted by: JakeD | January 2, 2008 11:28 AM | Report abuse

America had always produced great men. My most fascinating thing about America is it's convergence of race with great patriotic zeal no matter their racial origin. Americans will be greater by voting a young, dynamic, focussed, level -headed intellectual to occupy the White House come 2009.
Barack Obama is the best choice available for now.

Posted by: umanaeti | January 2, 2008 11:15 AM | Report abuse

I've only got one thing to say to voters who intend to support Obama because he is the candidate of "change."

Things "changed" under George W. Bush, but few if any of those "changes" were actually good for Americans!

Obama can make all the promises he wants now but, no matter how well intentioned he may be, his limited record provides no evidence that he can deliver on any of them.

With respect to vague promises of "change," then, I'd much rather elect someone who has a real track record of passing legislation that actually implements positive change, and who has the real, high-level international credentials and experience necessary to lead this country through the difficult times ahead -- and that candidate's Joe Biden.

Posted by: gmeierhoff | January 1, 2008 11:56 PM | Report abuse

Iowa poll numbers are starting to emerge with Mike Huckabee 2 to 1 over Mitt Romney. It appears in the final moments before the polls, Iowa voters are looking for a candidate with integrity rather than money.

This is so true. Integrity, honesty and dedication to country. Money will never buy our votes in Iowa. it may in NH and MA.
We are aware of wolves in sheep clothing!!!

God bless AMERICA.

Posted by: kellenberger | January 1, 2008 11:44 PM | Report abuse

Huckabee is the MOST dishonest person in the race! He uses dishonesty to falsely accuse another of dishonesty! What a disgraceful sham!

If Mike Huckerbee is the most dishonest person in the race, where does that leave the flip flooping Romney who will say anything to get elected? He is the most untrustworthy, deceitful and disingenuous candidate ever.

You are out of touch! read and get with the program.

Posted by: kellenberger | January 1, 2008 11:34 PM | Report abuse

The way the Obama and Huckabee supporter are reacting on this blog, you would think it is all over. People wake up!! You are going to have to go to the polls and caucus first. Time enough to celebate later. Back to your phone banks and step in time from door to door. Wow, sure glad I live in Yuma, Arizona. NO SNOW, just a little drifting sand.
Good Luck to the Obama and Huckabee people.

Posted by: oren1956 | January 1, 2008 11:17 PM | Report abuse

John Edwards offers the country a chance to return to values that are decent and equitable. Obama is just more of the status quo and Ms Clinton follows in that category. I believe Mr Edwards, he sounds and acts sincere in his campaign objectives and I cannot find the same passion for the others. Obama just does not ring sincere and I don't intend to be vicious but the term "snake oil salesman" comes to mind when I hear or read him and Clinton appears smug and uncaring. My gut feeling has sustained me in life and politics and it tells me to support Edwards.

Posted by: hargren | January 1, 2008 11:16 PM | Report abuse

John Edwards is the most sincere and honest of the all the candidtaes who are running. Obama is flipping and flopping all over the place and offers nothing other than the status quo. Hilary is much of the same. Mr Edwards talks about bread and butter issues while the others cling to the same old politic and rhetoric that divides Americans into a nation of rich and poor. For the future of our children vote John Edwards. Signed H.Greenwood, hargren.

Posted by: hargren | January 1, 2008 11:14 PM | Report abuse

The biggest mistake Iowa can make is pushing Obama over the top.... I don't want Oprah as the next Secretary of State...Condi was bad enough!
Happy New Year to all anyway!!!

Posted by: vjg75235 | January 1, 2008 9:25 PM | Report abuse

Can intelligent people be hoodwinked by some one as blatantly dishonest as Mike Huckabee? I hope not! He is a charlatan if ever there was one!!!

Posted by: ALMANOJODO | January 1, 2008 8:44 PM | Report abuse

Huckabee is the MOST dishonest person in the race! He uses dishonesty to falsely accuse another of dishonesty! What a disgraceful sham!

Posted by: ALMANOJODO | January 1, 2008 8:41 PM | Report abuse

Huckabee Exposed as New World Order Puppet
The National Expositor
December 29, 2007

Mike Huckabee recently named Richard Haas (the President of the CFR) as his advisor on foreign policy. CNN's WOLF BLITZER asked "Who are your principal foreign policy advisers, Governor?" Mike Huckabee responded: "Well, I have a number of people from whom I get policy. I'm talking to Frank Gaffney, I talk to Richard Haas"

So what does Richard Haas believe in? In an article written by Haas for the Tapei Times he basically states the Bill of Rights and Constitution should be given up in favor of a cooperative world body run by elite consensus. Who needs individual rights in the techno-futuristic world police state? And you thought liberty was in jeopardy now? Just wait till you see what your children will have to deal with. Get activated folks, These police state freaks want to shape your future into a control grid enforced through the fear based reaction to state sponsored false flag terror.

Posted by: jude3 | January 1, 2008 7:51 PM | Report abuse

Obama, Huckabee sounds like America wants to turn the page away from Bush, Clinton, Bush, Clinton. Both parties are having a realignment back to middle America away from Wall st. and K st. to Main st.! An Obama win in Iowa will be big news a 10 on the Richter scale a World event! An Obama win in Iowa would hit the history of American politics so hard he will split it in two before Obama and after Obama! A win for Huckabee would send a message to the GOP elite the little guy in the GOP matters he will bring the GOP back to compassionate conservative social justice a change from the last eight years for sure!

Posted by: gfsurrette | January 1, 2008 7:01 PM | Report abuse

When I read about the views of the Democratic candidates, at first I was for Hilary, then went on reading, found Obama may be more of what this country needed, even took it to the level that Just maybe the best result would be to pair the two up,Hilary with Obama as VP. I continued my reading, found Obama wouldn't place his hand on his Heart for the Pledge of Allegiance, wouldn't say the pledge, that changed my views on him. Hilary started to pull away from what would be best as a whole for the country, going more for the wealthy, there went that.I have listened to Mr. Edwards Many times now, I believe he is on the right track, the best interest for All Americans. But that's just one Americans Point of view, I hope it will become more peoples as well.

Posted by: kurtngenna | January 1, 2008 5:49 PM | Report abuse

Can we please cast our votes BEFORE everyone decides who won?

I'm caucusing for Edwards. I do not believe that corporate lobbyists will negotiate...look at Congress now: The Dems have supposed majorities, but are unable to pass anything because they keep trying to negotiate. We need people to stand up and fight for the middle class. Edwards is the one with the skills and willingness to do so.

The majority of people want Universal Health Care. The majority of people want the war to end. It is only the lobbyists speaking on behalf of their corporate clients who want to keep shifting money from the middle class to the ultra rich who stand in the way...they are the people we must fight...they are not going to give up just because Obama says to play nice.

Obama's largest block of contributions come from huge investment firms...the very people who are lobbying to privatize Social Security! How does someone take money from these people and then negotiate with them to take their power away?

None of the candidates are perfect, but at least Edwards has NEVER taken any contributions from corporate lobbyists...either at the state level or the national level. He is the ONLY candidate who hasn't. He fought against these same people as an attorney and won on behalf of regular people. He is the best equipped to fight for us.

Posted by: sandyd | January 1, 2008 4:50 PM | Report abuse

Iowa poll numbers are starting to emerge with Mike Huckabee 2 to 1 over Mitt Romney. It appears in the final moments before the polls, Iowa voters are looking for a candidate with integrity rather than money.

Posted by: d_shoup | January 1, 2008 4:40 PM | Report abuse

Those folks who are tired of fighting and just want to unite are basically delusional. Our government spends trillions of dollars a year and controls the expenditures and futures of more trillions of dollars. Where there is this kind of money on the table, there will always be fighting. The rich didn't get rich by sitting on the sidelines. Current betting is: $100,000 on lobbying Congress will get you $1,000,000 plus. Edwards is right. The drug companies and HMO's write health legislation. Energy legislation is written by the automobile companies, power companies and the oil companies. Special interests rule and anyone that can't see that isn't looking.
A special interest is always, always seeking to be protected, enchanced, etc. in derogation of the general interest, i.e. we the people. It's our government, if we want it; if not, it's theirs and, we the people, have betrayed the Founding Fathers we say we hold dear. They pledged their lives, their property and their sacred honor. What have we pledged?

Posted by: rlthorn1 | January 1, 2008 4:19 PM | Report abuse


Posted by: rugman | January 1, 2008 4:00 PM | Report abuse

|McCain, Heckabee, all of the Democrats and the rest of the open Border pro-illegal Aliens supporters false compassion for Illegal Aliens is sicking. This Nation has 47 millions citizens without medical insurance, Million of our elderly chose between food and medicine every day. Millions of American children live in poverty with no chance at the American dream. Our vets. return from the war that came about by lies from Politicians without proper medical care or treatment. Yet they shower rewards on the Illegal Aliens, free medical, free schooling for their many children, no reward is too great for the ones that break our laws, invaded this country and demand their rights while Slaughtering, Raping and Robbing thousands of American Citizens each year. The Politicians try to get the public to believe it is their great Compassion. Bull it is the money they get from business from supplying them cheap labor with 20K worth of benefits paid each year by the tax payers on the Republican side and the welfare votes on the Democrat side. If they really are Compassion and Caring there are Millions of American Citizens that have played by the rules, payed their taxes, obeyed the laws, fought the wars and built this Nation in great need that the Politicians could use to show their Compassion but Compassion for American citizens does not get either Money or Votes for our Corrupt lying Politicians.

Posted by: american1 | January 1, 2008 3:17 PM | Report abuse

We have survived 8 years of Sleaze, Scandal, and Corruption under Bill and Hillery followed by 8 years of Arrogance, Corruption, Criminal Incompetent and Gross Stupidly under Bush Jr.. and Chicken Hawk Chaney. Either party cares about our Constitution and the rule of Law but served their selves first, the party second and the special interests third. It is increasingly looking like this Nation cannot survive more years of the same type of Corrupt, Lying, Self serving, Worthless Politicians.

Now both parties seen to have the nearly the same type candidates seeking our vote. From the polls it seems we have learned very little in the least 16 years and seen to prefer Sleaze, Corruption and Lies over Honor, Principles, our Constitution, the Rule of law and Love of our Country or Ron Paul would win the election by a wide margin.

Posted by: american1 | January 1, 2008 3:15 PM | Report abuse

If the Des Moines Register poll included Independents and Republicans, that should be a huge boost for Obama. It shows that Obama more likely to win in the general election. There is just too much hostility towards Clinton among Independents and Republicans.

Posted by: tom.mueller | January 1, 2008 3:05 PM | Report abuse


One big distinction with the DMR poll is that it's model tries to closely follow that of actual voter turnout and makeup. As such they polled likely caucus goers, which accounts for the discrepancies of the other polls which fail to account for independent voters and republicans that intend to switch parties.

Posted by: fox_qajgev | January 1, 2008 2:34 PM | Report abuse

An Obama vs Huckabee general election would restore my hope for the future of this country. I am with Barack Obama all the way but Huckabee has alot in common with Barack. Obama .They are both willing to buck the hard core partisans in their respective parties for common sense solutions to our problems. They are both men of traditional faith and values. Neither are perfect, both are genuine.

Posted by: eSPO1 | January 1, 2008 2:12 PM | Report abuse

Too many flaws in the poll to take it seriously. Three different polls over the past week have Edwards, Hillary, and Obama ot front. That's not right...

Posted by: parkerfl | January 1, 2008 2:04 PM | Report abuse

The next 10 Months are going to seem like 10 YEARS!

...and as they round the first corner, it's Huckleberry by his Pinochio Nose, but Mittster takes the inside and pulls ahead by his Hair...But Huckster claims another fib and gains the lead with an extended nose..but the Dr. NO supporters start dragging their deceased looking candidate out of the starting gate crying foul...

While on the Left sider of the track, Bill carries Hillary behind the Socialists who are in the lead...

While the RAT keeps insisting the whole Primary system is FLAWED due to Opposition voting attrition!

A VERY long next 10 MONTHS!

Posted by: rat-the | January 1, 2008 1:47 PM | Report abuse

Just one clarification on the caucus process.
Adirondackal said, "Unlike a secret ballot, you must attest to your candidate in front of your neighbors and friends."

Not exactly accurate. When you caucus, you are in your local precinct in your neighborhood. If your boss lives cross town, he or she will be in his/her own precinct.

While you do go stand with people who support your candidate in one part of the caucus room, you DO NOT have to "attest" or speak or campaign for your candidate. Precinct captains for each campaign usually do that. If you speak or campaign for your candidate, it is strictly voluntary. You will not be forced to "defend" your choice. There will not be "retribution" if you support someone and your friends or neighbors do not.

If you candidate is not viable -- meaning not enough supporters are there to caucus for him or her, you get to make a second choice and move to one of the viable groups (or go home.) By the way, the most boring part of the caucus can be doing the local business -- electing delegates to the local and state conventions.

The media has tried to make caucussing sound scary, difficult, intimidating, where in fact it is great fun. and Iowans are smart enough to know that they will may not all choose the same candidate, and don't try to intimidate, badger or force people to support a candidate they don't want.

So get out there, Iowans and have some fun.

Stand for Change! Stand up for Barack Obama!

Posted by: jade_7243 | January 1, 2008 12:43 PM | Report abuse

NO more Clinton dynasty, McCain's Politics of Fear, Edward's Phony tactics and corrupted Health Industry.


Also its time to end 20 years of Clinton/Bush political


Hillary Clinton Voted for War on Iraq.
Barack Obama opposed this and he was right.

Hillary Clinton recently labelled Iran as a terrorist country.
Barack Obama opposed this and he was right.

Hillary Clinton supported Bush on aid to Pakistan for wrong reasons.
Barack Obama opposed this and he was right.



Posted by: jkojs | January 1, 2008 11:33 AM | Report abuse

Mike Huckabee's poll numbers are again skyrocketing. Mike Huckabee's claim to fame with his consistent views on integrity and honesty is ringing in tune with the Iowa voters.

Mike Huckabee is creating a new American Spirit. Iowa voters feel Mike's energy and his optimistic drive to take people up.

Posted by: vote4mikehuckabee | January 1, 2008 10:47 AM | Report abuse

What is worrisome with Huckabee is that he doesn't quite understand science when we are competing in a globalized world where science is crucial to our country's economic future. He seems to think science in a belief as believing in this or that religion. Any scientific therory has to be repeatedly confirmed by observations, not by unquestioning belief. East Asian societies do not have this antagonism between science and religion as Budhism is based on questioning and abstraction as the means to the truth. The past 7 years has been religious politics censoring, rewriting, and editing science, particularly in biology, energy, and climate to fit it's beliefs. I fear Huckabee will continue the same subjugation of science much to the detriment to the US as it competes in the scientific and technological world.

Huckabee's long lack of international curiosity is not a positive in a more globalized world. One sees what disaster that can lead to in our present occupant of the White House.

We don't need a President who's idea of being a true red blooded American is one who is ignorant of foreign affairs and is proud of it. This is probably why Huckabbe felt compelled to quip to Imus, "And the ultimate thing is, I may not be the expert that some people are on foreign policy, but I did stay in a Holiday Inn Express last night

Posted by: d-seid | January 1, 2008 10:02 AM | Report abuse

And four other polls, done at the same time show Hillary Clinton in the lead, CNN, Insider Advantage, Cspan/Zogby, and American Research group. The demoines Register poll, which was out by 11% last time for the first two finishers in the Democratic race, is counting 40% independents and 5% Republicans in this poll. Does anyone think that 40% of the people who show up to caucus are going to be independents??? Or 5% Republican. Other polls that show him leading weight gender and age. Does anyone think that more men are going to showup this time than they ever have before or more young people??? Those are a lot of bets to place for Obama to win, under 30's, men, republicans, and independents showing up to caucus like they never have before. I think Obama will be third. What young peple and republicans say on the phione is one thing, showing up is another.

Posted by: slbk | January 1, 2008 10:00 AM | Report abuse

Prediction: Huckabee and Edwards win the Iowa Caucuses. Edwards' angry populism and Huckabee's Christian Theocracy prove unappealing, however, to the more representative electorate across the country. Both drop like a rock and are effectively eliminated from the race well before February 5th.

This result demonstrates the utter irrelevancy of Iowa to the Presidential nominating process. The parties realize the huge amounts of money spent in Iowa were completely wasted, and this prompts reform. Result is, by 2012 the process is changed to a series of four regional superprimaries (which will rotate among the regions each four years).

As side-benefits, a rational Farm Bill is passed and ethanol subsidies are eliminated. Peace comes to the Middle East, Global Warming is solved, and all Celebrity News is restricted to a single cable entertainment channel and never appears anywhere else (well, I can dream, can't I?)

Posted by: malis | January 1, 2008 10:00 AM | Report abuse

Quote from Hillary a day ago in Iowa: "We are going to take back the white house."

Hill and Bill emptied the white house of its furniture, artwork, china and cutlery last time they left the white house. Everything paid for by tax payer money was taken to their New York residence. The only things they left behind were stains of Bubba and Monica's juices on the oval office walls. Hillary ain't going to repeat that again. Because she is not going to be invited for sleepover when Barack Obama gets into the oval office next year.

Posted by: JohnMcCormick | January 1, 2008 9:36 AM | Report abuse

An Arkansas resident/retired/independent but conservative leanings: Mike Huckabee won all his elections: relected twice. Lots of spending was for matching funds to replace worn out I40 throughout the state and other overdue projects which the people gladly supported. Truly represents the middle class hard core values of typical American. Urge Iowa to support Mike---No scandals in his admin. He did approve most of what the parole boards recommended. Is he perfect--certainly not, but he is neither M and M --Mormon or Muslim background. Thats not being negative just how it is.

Posted by: glennd67 | January 1, 2008 9:34 AM | Report abuse

I agree with aoneal. The vote really seems to be about change after all. And given the fact, that the Washington elites are acting as if they could go on ruining your country without any real interference from voters, this is a good sign.

I still can't get my head around why "impeachment is off the table", despite this:

Small wonder voters are beginning to vote for change. You can't get anywhere with politicians like the Washington bunch. I wonder how polls for Senate and Congress look like. If I were an incumbent I'd worry.

Posted by: old_europe | January 1, 2008 8:18 AM | Report abuse

Iowa poll numbers are not starting to emerge with Mike Huckabee 2 to 1 over Mitt Romney. Mike Huckabee's claim to fame with integrity, honesty and charisma is creating a huge buzz in Iowa now. It appears in the final moments before the polls, Iowa voters are looking for a candidate with integrity rather than money.

Posted by: vote4mikehuckabee | January 1, 2008 8:15 AM | Report abuse

alexcherian321,..FDR was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth, but a golden spoon in his mouth and never did community service, as far I know. Whether one has 1.3 or 24 million is not the point. The point is whether you are willing go up against the coroporate powers that have skewed everything where their rights supercede those of indiviuals in an attempting to return American to the period of Robber Barons. FDR was ready for a partisan fight, not a Chamberlain plactoer avoiding conflict. It was blueblood FDR who is called a traitor to his class by my GOP blueblood corporate acquaintances. Therefore it is irrelevant as to who has how much in the bank but who will fight for the diminished rights of the struggling working middle class. How is Obama going to be the uniter when opposed by powers that will do anything to retain their position? My fear is that Obama unwillingness to rock the boat is a milquetoast negociator ready to capitulate and compromise heavily when face with powerful monied corporate interests. We need a fighter not a placater to turn thing around after 7 disasterous years of Bush.

Posted by: d-seid | January 1, 2008 8:01 AM | Report abuse

The fascinating part of this poll is that Huckabee and Obama are leading! The two men are both advocating fairly radical change - though the specifics are still lacking, especially for Obama. As a conservative, I'm fascinated by the horror and fear the Huckabee is putting into many of the Republican "establishment" and big money folks. I quit participating in the Republican party in my state when I saw the power structure and how they were as corrupt and "in it for themselves" as the opposition. This COULD be huge!

Posted by: aoneal | January 1, 2008 7:40 AM | Report abuse

Mike Huckabee has guts.

Can you imagine training for a Marathon for years, and you are just about to cross the finish line when you see a old lady fall on the road.

Do you stop and help her up, or do you sprint to the finish line and set a new Olympic World Record time you have worked so hard to obtain?

It had to take real guts on Mike Huckabee's part to stop and do the right thing for (others). It shows when the going gets tough, Mike Huckabee will be there to support (others) not himself.

Iowa voters have integrity and honor, they see how courageous Mike Huckabee is to lay down his prize while getting up to help others. They respect a man with integrity and character like that.

Iowa voters is looking a president that will earn their respect not just buy it. Mike Huckabee is a role model for society in how we should want our children to act with other children when they are playing. Mike is setting a good example, and Iowa voters love that.

Mike Huckabee is not just leading America to the hard right or hard left, but rather up to higher ground. He wants to create a new American spirit.

Posted by: vote4mikehuckabee | January 1, 2008 7:13 AM | Report abuse

Polls are always interesting, especially when your guy is leading, but they mean nothing if you can't get out the vote. Don't forget- the caucus method is different than a primary in that it requires people to go somewhere, like a high school gym, and group together publically. Unlike a secret ballot, you must attest to your candidate in front of your neighbors and friends. I know that the media has been highlighting the millions of dollars that Willard Romney is spending to limousine his supporters to the caucus sites, but I wonder how that will play inside? Every voter has a price, but people are expected to sell out for a free ride? Supporters of Mike Huckabee will have no such problem. Underspent by a ratio of 20 to 1 by the Massachusetts Millionaire, the Huckabee campaign will have to depend on people making the effort on their own.

Posted by: adirondackal | January 1, 2008 7:07 AM | Report abuse

d-seid, I just dont understand how Edwards can bring about any change. He can do all the talk that he does today, what is guarantee that he is gonna do any of what he proposes. Just giving specifics does not mean that they are gonna be true to it. He has changed his stance on multiple issues in the past and then said that they were mistakes. Wont he just do the same with all these promises he is making. Have you heard about the whole 527 scam ? How can he both be against 527s and then have 527s running ads for him ? Sounds like he is ready to get swiftboated :) Also, he was a trial lawyer, who made a lot of $$$. Do you know how much he is worth ? Do you know how much Obama is worth ? Do you research buddy. Obama chose to be a community organizer when he could have made a whole lot more bucks working as a trial lawyer or something else, the guy is incredibly smart. His total fortune is around 1.3 million dollars most of it is from his spouse. Edwards has 24 million. Edwards talks about corporate greed but he used to take a 500k salary. See a disconnect there ? It is easy to talk the talk but walking it is tough. Better to place your bet on somebody who doesn't have so many disconnects in their life.

Posted by: alexcherian321 | January 1, 2008 6:34 AM | Report abuse

In my earlier posting, it was meant to read,

"I thought, is this a change for the 47 million who cannot afford insurnace in our for profit medical system?"

Posted by: d-seid | January 1, 2008 5:55 AM | Report abuse

I have been listening since Obabma's first inerviews and I find this agent of change speaks in platatudes and generalities when I'm waiting for specifics on policies changes. In one of his first interviews, he said his solution to the unisured was "affordable healthcare," that he would cut cost by computerization. Hmmm, I thought, this is exactly what Bush said when he ran. I thought, is this a change for the 47 million who can afford insurnace in our for profit medical system? I also noticed him using what I felt were coded signal to the corporate powers that be that they need not fear him as he used free market economic phrases and words that a Republican might use. During those interviews I also was listening carefully to what he wasn't saying. He said nothing about the working mddle class and their deminishing economic future.

It is only recently after Edwards has made gains by sharpening his fight for the struggling working middle class has Obama suddenly started speaking about Maytag workers. Where has he been?

I do not trust Obama will fight to make my situation better if he is so inclined to non-offend and to ingratiate himself towards powerful corporate special interests that have grown so powerful over the Bush years. These forces will stop at nothing to retain their position and unless Obama is willing to confront them and fight for the middle class then Obama is not the agent of change he says he is, but really only lip service for the status quo. Clarence Thomas taught me to not read a book by its cover but by what it says or doesn't say. To who does Obama identify and relate to. I don't thinks it with the struggling working class.

Posted by: d-seid | January 1, 2008 5:50 AM | Report abuse

As an Obama supporter, this is the best news that I've heard from Iowa so far. Sometimes I think of the Obama-Clinton race as hope versus cynicism, where of course the cynics go for Clinton's harsh pragmatism and the hopeful go for Obama's idealism. I *do* think that there is a place for idealism in national politics, and I'm really glad that so many voters in the early states seem to agree.

Posted by: jarmyta | January 1, 2008 5:08 AM | Report abuse

I have to agree with rfrdjns, I respect both Huckabee & Obama for the way in which they have campaigned this year. All I would ask is that if the American people truly love and care about there country, like they claim they do. Then I urge those Americans to check out this website, to take an in-depth look at Mr. Romney.

Posted by: McFox1 | January 1, 2008 4:09 AM | Report abuse

A Huckabee vs. Obama race would be the best thing that could happen to this country. Both Hillary and Romney would gve us a cut-throat race, both have a history of dishonest campaigning.

Romney is slick, Hillary is certainly not slick. But both would destroy the country for their own campaign success.

Huckabee and Obama both appear to be good men, who would discuss their widely different views of tne country with civility and hopefully, with honesty.

This would give our country the respite that it needs.

Posted by: rfrdjns | January 1, 2008 3:21 AM | Report abuse

Mike Huckabee has my complete support. This is the first chance we have had in a very long time to have a leader who is for "the people" of America.

Mike motivates me and I am excited to see the great things he will do for us and our country.

All of the negative attack ads won't change Mike's proven leadership record. Great job to Mike Huckabee for continuing the positive campaign. Mike is a man of honor and integrity.

As everyone has seen, Mike Huckabee has surged to number one in the polls. When people hear him speak, they understand why he is the right choice to be President of the United States.

God bless Mike. If "we Americans" stick together, our country will move ahead stronger than ever with Mike leading it.

I endorse Mike Huckabee.

Dan Campbell
Sgt., USMC

Posted by: marinepatriot | January 1, 2008 3:20 AM | Report abuse

Haven't been this excited since Perot. GO OBAMA!

Posted by: sherry | January 1, 2008 2:59 AM | Report abuse

"Fired up! Ready to go. Fired up! Fired up!
Fired up! Ready to go. Fired up! Fired up!Fired up! Ready to go. Fired up! Fired up!Fired up! Ready to go. Fired up! Fired up!Fired up! Ready to go."

Christophefiero, you just made my New Year's morning that much better....and it was already great to begin with!!!

Obama does have a way of bringing people together that have no reason even knowing one another. And, THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT AMERICA NEEDS!!! Someone that can bring this country together across party lines.

Thanks for the awesome post and Happy New Year, good buddy!

Posted by: thehawk7777 | January 1, 2008 2:42 AM | Report abuse

Thankyou people of Iowa! Obama is the way also for the free world. Please support him for rest of us who cannot have a vote for the leader of the free world. Many thanks!

Posted by: refreds | January 1, 2008 2:37 AM | Report abuse

NONE of the liberal candidates could hope to "unify" reason within reality then, how would they ever unify the country...Stop the jokes already.

With three days left do you think a majority of Iowans would take their responsibility of their vote seriously and learn who these alleged republicans are??

Candidate Research

Posted by: Winghunter | January 1, 2008 2:30 AM | Report abuse

One hopes that the Huckabee campaign will counter Romney attacks by pointing out how, at Bain Capital, Mr. Romney used offshore corporations (and continues to) in order to avoid U.S. taxation, and he fee-milked acquired businesses before firing workers and taking them into bankruptcy, to amass his great $250,000,000 wealth.

So, when you compare how Mr. Huckabee's visionary FairTax advocacy compares to Romney's interest in the current tax system, it's pretty easy to see who will lead us out of tax slavery - the $265 billion annual tax code compliance costs representing 5 billion wasted hours, annually.

Posted by: ih2005 | January 1, 2008 2:03 AM | Report abuse

I am not mormon, But have some great friends that are. I hope that this is not why somebody would not vote for him. That makes you a you know what. So if that is not the reason to not vote for him what could it be? CLEARLY, he is the most expeienced person to "run" the country and get America back on track. Nobody ever questions that. Mike Huckabee is NOT qualified to run this company! He has never done it or anything like it!! We cannot afford to go with a "Huckamaybee". Mitt is Pro-Life, a Finacial genius, and a Phenonenial LEADER!! It is time to do whats right for the Country both home and abroad!

Posted by: brittanandcompany | January 1, 2008 1:54 AM | Report abuse

It is glorious news that the Des Moines register poll has Mike Huckabee and Barack Obama leading with three days to go. If the caucus goes as these polls do, it will be eloquent testimony to the good sense of the people of Iowa not to be intimidated or confused by the distortions and lies of the media pundits. For any who still believe that Mitt Romney might be the better choice on the Republican side, visit the website For those who lean to Hillary Clinton, it has been said if not for her husband's name, she couldn't have been elected county dog-catcher.
Go Iowa!!!

Posted by: Andersod7 | January 1, 2008 1:20 AM | Report abuse

What hurts Romney is that he is not a conservative(or least has no record to point to). His 2006 Health Care legislation state subsidized health care by taxing small businesses and any individual who didn't sign on to it to the tune of $1.3 billion over 3 years. He had 3 or 4 narrow tax cuts passed but his overall effect as governor was an increase in taxes and fees of around $600 million. So he fails the spending test. He supported the Brady Bill and just joined the NRA last summer. Throw in his life-long hunter gaffe and it's clear that he fails the 2nd amendment test. Romney endorsed the legalization RU-486, the abortion-inducing drug. During his debate with Edward Kennedy Romney declared: 'I believe that abortion should be safe and legal in this country. I have since the time that my mom took that position when she ran in 1970 as a US Senate candidate. I believe that since Roe v. Wade has been the law for 20 years we should sustain and support it.' So for those who care, he failed (or passed and now fails) the abortion test. Throw in his complete lack of foriegn policy experience, and a unique ability to distort his own and others' records. You are left with Mitt Romney, the liberal.

Posted by: donttreadonme | January 1, 2008 1:06 AM | Report abuse

Fired up! Ready to go. Fired up! Fired up!
Fired up! Ready to go. Fired up! Fired up!Fired up! Ready to go. Fired up! Fired up!Fired up! Ready to go. Fired up! Fired up!Fired up! Ready to go. Fired up! Fired up!Fired up! Ready to go. Fired up! Fired up!Fired up! Ready to go. Fired up! Fired up!Fired up! Ready to go. Fired up! Fired up!Fired up! Ready to go. Fired up! Fired up!Fired up! Ready to go. Fired up! Fired up!Fired up! Ready to go. Fired up! Fired up!Fired up! Ready to go. Fired up! Fired up!Fired up! Ready to go. Fired up! Fired up!Fired up! Ready to go. Fired up! Fired up!Fired up! Ready to go. Fired up! Fired up!Fired up! Ready to go. Fired up! Fired up!Fired up! Ready to go. Fired up! Fired up!Fired up! Ready to go. Fired up! Fired up!Fired up! Ready to go. Fired up! Fired up!Fired up! Ready to go. Fired up! Fired up!Fired up! Ready to go. Fired up! Fired up!Fired up! Ready to go. Fired up! Fired up!Fired up! Ready to go. Fired up! Fired up!Fired up! Ready to go. Fired up! Fired up!Fired up! Ready to go. Fired up! Fired up!Fired up! Ready to go. Fired up! Fired up!Fired up! Ready to go. Fired up! Fired up!Fired up! Ready to go. Fired up! Fired up!Fired up! Ready to go. Fired up! Fired up!Fired up! Ready to go. Fired up! Fired up!

Posted by: christophefiero | January 1, 2008 1:03 AM | Report abuse

Thank you Iowa for still believing in Huckabee in the midst of a sandstorm of negative ads, etc. I believe, as I trust you still do, that Mike Huckabee is a rare and great man who has all the talent and passion necessary to win the Presidential election and guide our party to new successes. Leave no doubt on caucus night. Gather every vote. Be wise and patient and strong. Then trust in a great victory and rest with a clear conscience and the satisfaction of having done the right thing!

Posted by: michaelLitz | January 1, 2008 12:59 AM | Report abuse

Go Obama!! Iowans, please caucas for him and lets safe America from the hands of the Bushes and Clintons. The last time a checked this was USA and we practice democracy not a monarchy. Obama = CHANGE WE CAN BELEIVE IN!!

Posted by: kwaboat | January 1, 2008 12:47 AM | Report abuse

sorry about the double post....

Posted by: julieds | January 1, 2008 12:08 AM | Report abuse

I am SOOOO happy about this poll!
PLEASE, OH PLEASE, OH PLEASE, IOWA, get out and caucus for Obama! If you need more info, go to!

Obama is the best candidate, and 3 polls in a row show he does the best against republicans!

Here's the latest:

p.s. I'm an Obama supporter, but i agree with thegr8, about Ron Paul.

Posted by: julieds | January 1, 2008 12:07 AM | Report abuse

I am SOOOO happy about this poll!
PLEASE, OH PLEASE, OH PLEASE, IOWA, get out and caucus for Obama! If you need more info, go to!

Obama is the best candidate, and 3 polls in a row show he does the best against republicans!

Here's the latest:

p.s. I'm an Obama supporter, but i agree with thegr8, about Ron Paul.

Posted by: julieds | January 1, 2008 12:07 AM | Report abuse

Go, Mike, Go!

Romney's dirty campaigning has hurt only himself.

Posted by: akuruvilla79 | December 31, 2007 11:44 PM | Report abuse

What a disrespectful article. Could you not have placed Ron Paul in order, mentioning him before Giuliani?? I mean, come on. Perhaps if Ron Paul upsets the pundits in this Caucus you major media outlets will start giving him his due respect. Unreal.

Posted by: thegr8one2k | December 31, 2007 11:33 PM | Report abuse

My question for each one of the presidential candidates is, "Why would you put your presidential campaign profile on the MySpace website when MySpace has thousands of swingers with profiles looking for extramarital relationships?" Where is the proclaimed "holier-than-thou" proof of character in the campaign decision to advertise on MySpace? What is next, campaign ads in strip clubs? It seems like "selling out your soul" for the sake of American "pop culture" and popularity. I have yet to receive an answer on this issue. Give me a candidate with some common sense. Focus on the issues and address them on your own presidential campaign website and quit trying to win an Internet popularity contest.

Posted by: rlynn | December 31, 2007 11:11 PM | Report abuse

Go-bama! Go-bama! Go-bama!

Posted by: cmss1 | December 31, 2007 11:07 PM | Report abuse

Go Obama! All the way to the White House!

Posted by: fiddle25 | December 31, 2007 11:05 PM | Report abuse

I'm looking the elections, and as always I see people who consider themself as christians are only pagans..the evangelicals, baptists, catholics, episcopalian, even now the mormons all of them have problems with homosexuality and they are part of the political game, in that way they are not christian at all.- If you are a true christian you are not part of the wordly system because is in the hands of the Devil...Reed the Bible, sorry but you are not truly christian.

Posted by: jwalwayshotmailcom | December 31, 2007 11:03 PM | Report abuse

I know the message of hope and unity will win any day over anger and fighting, John Edwards are you listening? Americans are tired of fighting. We're ready to unite our country and only Obama can do that. Edwards and Clinton can go away with their hatered and anger.

Posted by: lumi21us | December 31, 2007 11:02 PM | Report abuse

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