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Obama Wins South Carolina Primary

Presidential candidate Barack Obama (L) gestures to his wife Michelle Obama after his last rally before the South Carolina primary vote January 25, 2008 in Columbia, South Carolina. (Getty Images).

By Chris Cillizza
Sen. Barack Obama (Ill.) scored an overwhelming victory over Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (N.Y.) in South Carolina's Democratic presidential primary with strong support from black voters, according to network projections. The win sets up a full-scale clash between the two candidates on Super Tuesday, Feb. 5.

Obama, the first black candidate regarded as a legitimate contender for the Democratic presidential nomination, appeared to win African American voters by a four to one margin -- numbers that nearly replicated his performance among blacks in Iowa and Nevada. But unlike in those states, where blacks make up a small percentage of the overall electorate, more than 50 percent of Democratic voters in today's South Carolina primary are black, according to preliminary exit polls.

Among white voters, the candidates ran far closer, with Clinton and former senator John Edwards of North Carolina running neck and neck while Obama lagged slightly behind. But among black voters, Clinton's showing was modest and Edwards's showing was negligible.

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By Web Politics Editor  |  January 26, 2008; 7:13 PM ET
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Have mercy, hotnuke!
I can't write this much in a single evening and not get finger cramps.
I'll be totally transparent about why I (and so many others on this blog) are not taking you very seriously:
First, you go off not having checked your facts. Consider this: Why would Obama inject race when it is the most precarious position he could put himself into by doing so? Do you think America as a whole has completely forgotten about race? Blacks have much history trying to downplay the stereotypes that have been perpetuated about them, and that history continues. Why would he make further light of his ethnicity knowing this stereotype still prevails?
No. The Clintons started this. Specifically, Bill started this. The crazy thing is, he's still injecting race into the campaign.
I understand that you are backing the candidate of your choice and you feel strongly about the choice you've made. But step back, look at what you've stated in this blog and go prove it. This isn't wishful thinking. It's real-life.
I don't know who you think has been lying to you, but Obama is offering hope and many very important, good people in business, government and communities all across the country have commented on how honorable he has been in the face of Billary. I can say this because I've really looked. Remember, I started out on the Billary bandwagon but I made an informed decision to go with Obama because I see in him the same profound good and honorable intent that made JFK, also a uniter, one of our most loved and effective presidents.

Posted by: read.jk | January 28, 2008 4:17 AM | Report abuse

Dear Printthis,
I agree with you. Bill will go balistic on the race thing. However, Obama is gleaning some VERY heavy hitting endorsements, now. Caroline Kennedy endorsed Obama because he reminds her of the energy her father created in his presidency. Uncle Ted endorses Obama based chiefly on the issue of how the Clinton's have unfairly accused Obama of things that are patently false. Sen. Kennedy specifically stated that he doesn't like the way Bill and Hillary are attacking Obama, saying that it looks just like what we're trying to get away from.
You watch. Bill and Hillary are going to get it in the pants for what they've already done and what they will undoubtedly try to do next.
They really are doing whatever it takes to get elected. It has made me an "Obamanaut." I started out voting for Hillary until I began to see a Republican in Democrats' clothing.

Posted by: read.jk | January 28, 2008 2:20 AM | Report abuse

Jeez, Hotnuke,
Are you presently taking any medications that if they reach toxic levels, might cause disjointed emotions or erratic logical responses?
You're doing a lot of ranting, there.
Truth is, I think you should go ahead. It's a free country, still, and the more you exercise your right to free speech, the more of those undecided voters will want to assure that the person someone like YOU wants in the White House, never makes it there.
Please tell me what foundation is helping you with your problem so I can send them a charitable contribution.
You need some assistance.

Posted by: read.jk | January 28, 2008 2:09 AM | Report abuse

No, hotnuke, I can't say fixed election. No, not after Jeb pulled his crap in Florida in 2000. Did you know Jeb and the then secretary of state used to date? Who certified the election? Who discounted all those punch-cards because the chaf didn't fully drop off the card, and there was zero indication that there was ANY intent to do otherwise than to punch the card right where the chaf was hanging? Jeb's girlfriend. Who's Jeb? Bush's brother. Do the math, ya dink.
Can I say fixed election? No! I've personally never seen any evidence that any election I've been a part of has been fixed.
We don't do that sort of thing, now do we? Of course not.

Posted by: read.jk | January 28, 2008 1:58 AM | Report abuse

hotnuke, please step away from the microwave before it further damages your brain. Yes, Obama is just a plant of the right wing. I would roll my eyes, but they are already so far rolled up from your statements that it would take a team of twelve ophthalmologists to restore them.

Billary are the ones who have continuously injected race into the campaign, and are now claiming Obama won just because of the black vote.

Way to alienate their former supporters by making not-so-thinly veiled racist remarks!

Great win for Mr. Obama. I hope he continues to rise above all the poo-slinging by Billary. They're already digging their own graves... and it's no longer sad, just amusing, to watch.

Posted by: tinroofrusted77 | January 27, 2008 2:11 AM | Report abuse

Usually exit polls don't lead the corporate media to call the victory when the lead is less than 10 points. But today the lead of Obama was 28 points. Yes, there is no typo here, you read well: 28 points lead. That is why all the corporate media didn't had to wait a second to call Obama as the winner.

28 point ahead of the 2nd. place!!!

This can't be over stressed.

And this means tonight he beat the Clintons by MORE than 2 to 1. Yes, the Clintons by more than 2 to 1.

This means Obama got more than 100% the votes the Clintons got.

Obama got more votes than Edwards and Clinton combined!

When Obama hasn't won he has been only 2 points behind.

When Obama wins, he wins BIG.

For me today South Carolina has send a very strong and thoughtfull message to the rest of the Union.

It is to each one of us to get that message right. It speaks volumes. And it is a very rich message with many points to consider. It speaks about what America wants.

To crown the win, Caroline Kennedy has come forth, in the New York Times, to speak his heart about this decisive moment in American history.

God bless America!!!

God bless Obama!!!

Thanks South Carolina, thanks Caroline, Thanks Michelle, Thanks Obama!!!

Posted by: JpAcosta | January 26, 2008 11:48 PM | Report abuse

If my memory of US history is correct, South Carolina - was the first to leave the Union because of a US Senator from Illionos being elected president; Today was as a nation should be forever grateful to our Southern brothers for doing right by the nation in giving a new young US Senator from Illinois a LANDSLIDE VICTORY!! Can you believe it 24% of the Whites voted for a BLACK man. That's a mircale in and of itself in Dixie! Thanks to our Southern brothers the nation can perhaps stop THE CLINTON MACHINE ON 05 FEB 2008!!! Go, OBAMA!! John Edwards don't give-up hang in there. You could perhaps be the "king maker" in this race.

Posted by: LAGCII | January 26, 2008 10:56 PM | Report abuse

America lost something today. It has been losing it slowly for decades, but today marked its COMPLETE and UTTER disappearance. What is it that America lost? Its ability to recognize the truth.

America has finally been overrun by the lies of the Right-Wing controlled media. They've finally bought into the lies, hate, fear and divisiveness these scum have been selling.

At least it appears that way. Perhaps it's only an anomoly of South Carolina. Here's hoping it is. Here's hoping that the EVIL, VICIOUS, DESPICABLE LIES told by the Obama campaign about the Clintons, and repeated ad nauseum by their defacto surrogates in the Right-Wing media like Joe Scarborough, constantly saying over and over every day that the Clintons had injected race into this election, when they knew it was Obama who had, will not hold sway over the rest of America.

We will find out February 5th. And if the LYING, LOWLIFE, RACIST PIECE OF SHIITE NAMED BARACK OBAMA is successful that day, then America is doomed. For it will mean none of our votes really matter. It will mean we've truly become a corporate fascist state, controlled completely by a bunch of Right-Wing, Neo-Fascist scum in the media and their corporate controllers, bent on twisting reality to fit their needs at the cost of all Americans. And truthfully, it'll be a day I really will begin planning on leaving this country.

Posted by: hotnuke2007 | January 26, 2008 10:47 PM | Report abuse

Thank you Senator Obama! You're a true class act and the most qualified person for the job. Obama in 08!

Posted by: maq1 | January 26, 2008 10:09 PM | Report abuse


Bloomberg's Staff Covers-up Lost of Pastor's Harlem Home

As Clintons Are Deaf to Disabled Pastor's AIDS Appeal

UPDATE 25 January 2008

Mayor Bloomberg and his deputies have left disabled Harlem Pastor Michael Vincent Crea homeless, now 50-days, after APS corruption cost him his home, household and pastoral projects, including buying his SRO building for fixed-income and persons with HIV/AIDS from ABECO CEO Abe Betesh, a Brooklyn property pillager, who illegally evicted the pastor on December 6, 2007.

Appeals for food and a hotel room, while searching for a new apartment have gone without any response from Mayor Bloomberg, the man who would live at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, bargaining now for the DC digs.

FOR ALMOST 100 DAYS, Pastor Crea has had an appeal at the Clinton Foundation to buy Betesh's buildings to be for persons living with HIV/AIDS to be called 'The Craig G. Harris Grassroots-Global Community House.'

Clinton has yet to respond to the initiative by Crea, who is asking now, 'Where's the Magic?' The Pastor has asked Clinton to convene Magic Johnson and others like Denzel Washington and Alicia Keys, who use Blacks as backdrops for big-buck films but 'have not dropped coins back into the fountain of Harlem's future to retain residences and merchants' for whom Pastor Crea is standing-up.

'President Clinton and Magic Johnson are trash talking on the campaign trail, while myself and others face trials in the community, needing more than Magic's message on Harlem trash cans,' points out the disabled but still

determined Pastor. Even Congressman Charlie Rangel is 'awol,' not responding to the pastor's plight after handing a letter and a copy of his appeal to his representative's chief of staff, Jim Capel.

Pastor Crea, as Director of Fellowship at Saint Teresa of Avila in Anacostia, D.C. began an AIDS ministry when Black pastors refused to visit persons with AIDS in group homes. He co-chaired with the late Craig G. Harris, a Harlem born activist, the first HIV-AIDS Conference to D.C Metropolitan African American Catholics on February 6, 1988.

Then Catholic Pastor George Augustus Stallings, Jr., fired Crea six weeks later, after he spoke out against visiting priest Charles Stephany having an open sexual affair with a Brooklyn teen in the rectory.

Stephany, who opposed the conference remarked once, "Why wear a condom if you're going to die anyway." Along with Stallings' chief of staff, music director and his wife, Stephany died from complications due to AIDS.

Stallings' replacement Ray East wanted Crea to work without pay in pleading for the same-gender loving activist pastor's return. Instead, Pastor Crea founded and has served pro bono his own peace and justice ministry "One World Life Systems" since 1990.

Pastor Crea received his Master of Divinity Degree in May 1987 from The Catholic University of America.

A professional pastoral minister, he chose not to be ordained in the Catholic Church having been raped at NY's St. Joseph's Seminary and accosted at St. Paul's College, D.C, on whose grounds sits the headquarters of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops.]


As Mike Bloomberg bundled-up to jet out to Oklahoma for an independent bid to win the White House, his HRA Chief Robert Doar continued to cover-up for Adult Protective Services [APS] staff, bungling-up their admitted, deliberate loss of disabled Pastor Michael Vincent Crea's Harlem home on December 6.

APS Central Intake Unit Supervisor Gary Barberio's pre-Christmas collusion with SRO owner Abe Betesh, who illegally locked out and removed all Crea's belongings, stole the housing rights activist's holidays and home a month ago. Now, Mayor Mike Bloomberg, the man who would live at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, had left town and Pastor Michael Vincent Crea is still left homeless out in the cold.

Mayor Bloomberg's Deputy Mayor for APS Linda Gibbs has been AWOL, while HRA Commissioner Doar has failed to discipline Barberio, as APS Central Director, Rema Rivera, has not investigated her Grinch supervisor, selling out the disabled pastor's rights, stealing his holidays and home, yet, not his Spirit.


On November 20, Pastor Crea, who had won both a 230-violation HPD case, including getting his SRO neighbors hot water for the first time in over 10 years, along with his and his roommate's 40-month rent strike, Adult Protective Services staff told him "not to worry," as Abe Betesh sought to evict him.

Already losing four times to the pro bono pastor, Betesh, a Brooklyn property pillager, saw Adult Protective Services assisting Crea, as another defeat in the making. Gary Barberio despicably disregarded APS policy and procedures, coldly blowing away the pastor's person with disabilities rights.

The defeated Abe Betesh, reneged on both Court ordered, signed settlements, having the pastor continue to strike rightfully, until Betesh did repairs but he never did justice to them. City Marshal Gary Rose and Abe Betesh 'assassinated' the apartment activist, while Crea was not home on December 6, rather than allow Justice to be served after his arduous and courageous four-year stand.

Immediately, the pastor went to work with calls to Deputies Mayor Walcott and Doctoroff, with whom he had shared his proposal at the Clinton Foundation to buy Betesh properties to be used for AIDS and fixed-income residents.

Non-profit Eviction Intervention Services' advocate Ronald Rogers told the pastor, "I don't know what happened but someone realized that [they] made a really big boo-boo with the wrong person," informing him of a hastily scheduled APS appointment.

Yet, after the APS legal team failed to secure the SRO kitchenette on December 13, the pastor's calls were not returned and nothing was attempted, even to have him in a hotel for the holidays. Distraught but determined, Pastor Crea kept up calls and emails until Christmas Eve.

As Mayor Bloomberg and his entire Human Resources Administration staff enjoyed the holidays at home, Pastor Crea stayed up sleepless in a chair at a computer at a local radio station. A few evenings were spent on his community garden coordinators' couch, until their own company came for Christmas.

On December 28, APS supervisor Carmen Hernandez, told to call the pastor after all his own calls, did nothing afterwards on Crea's requests to be given a hotel room and food until housed. On New Year's eve, he applied on his own for a new apartment with Harlem Congregations for Community Improvement, Inc. who is a contractor for city-owned units in Harlem, where he's lived for 9 of the last 15 years.

HRA previously lost the Pastor's first Harlem home, when he served Rwandan refugees for Christmas 1994. He had lost work in 1992, while being called "a n-gg-r lover" for defending Mayor Dinkins and Cardinal O'Connor, visiting a family after police killed their son.

Then again, telling him to go, "not to worry," HRA promised to pay his rent with a one shot deal but never paid it. While still maintaining his Harlem ties and after caring for a friend with AIDS until his death, Pastor Crea returned in 2003.

Last week on January 2, Pastor Crea called Manhattan APS Director Patrick Taveres, asking that the Bloomberg administration do the right thing, in moving Crea into a new Harlem home. As the Mayor left town, nothing was done again.

Both APS's Taveres and Hernandez failed to supply the promised 'one shot deal' funds to recover what remains after Abe Betesh's illegal removal of Crea's belongings, now, in a Bronx warehouse.

Only receiving a $659 Social Security Disability check monthly, Pastor Crea had to make, on his own, a $375 certified check to save his household from the warehouse, ready to get rid of all of it after 30 days. On January 7, like going to the morgue, his $375 was brought to the Bronx to identify and to secure what remains of his lifetime of pastoral projects and personal belongings, as Bloomberg begins bargaining for new D.C. digs of his own.

Friends and contributors may contact Pastor Michael Vincent Crea at 212-427-9849 or at his "OWLSsight":

Posted by: owlsmvc | January 26, 2008 8:23 PM | Report abuse

I think Mr. Bill clinched it for Senator Obama. Mr. Bill's tactics clearly told us all that Hillary can't stand on her own two feet and it is Mr. Bill who's really running for president behind his wife's skirts. I never saw Dr. Thatcher run interference for the "Iron Lady" Margaret Thatcher in her push for Prime Minister. I'm sure Mrs. Thatcher would not have tolerated such a put down from her husband. We now know that Mr. Bill doesn't think his wife can handle the job without him. I wonder if he knows he has insulted her and all the rest of us. I am a woman, white, 77 years old, extremely capable and Hillary is one weak sister. That's what Mr. Bill is telling me. That's not the 'madam president' I'm looking for. I'm especially furious that Mr. Bill has made such a humiliating spectacle of his wife. By this time, he should have learned to keep their personal problems to themselves.

Posted by: TheTraveler | January 26, 2008 8:07 PM | Report abuse

When will John Edwards drop out? Edwards is like the relatives who come to stay over, and don't know when to leave!!

Posted by: Phil6 | January 26, 2008 7:59 PM | Report abuse

I am realy proud of the South Carolina Democrats, black, white, & otherwise.
We did it in Iowa, you did it in So. Carolina, and the rest of America's chance is coming up.

Posted by: SoldiersMom | January 26, 2008 7:59 PM | Report abuse

Thank you, South Carolina!!

:) :) :)

Posted by: sethatwork | January 26, 2008 7:51 PM | Report abuse

hotnuke2007 --

i'm definitely in agreement that the media's rush to conclusions is irritating, and often mistaken. (remember florida 2000?) but i don't see how that means the election is fixed.

exits polls are not perfect predictors, but they're usually fairly close to the actual polling results. and when the margin of victory is large, as it was here, their "call" on the race is usually a safe bet.

besides, that the media "calls" a race does not mean the contest is decided, much less fixed. there's nothing improper about making a prediction, especially when the media waits until after the polls have closed to make their predictions, so as not to discourage last-minute voters and give them the sense that their votes won't matter.

Posted by: markrconrad | January 26, 2008 7:41 PM | Report abuse

To quote Goethe: "Divide and rule, a sound motto...Unite and lead, a better one"

SC repudiates the tactics of the Clinton campaign and cronies!



Posted by: Rubiconski | January 26, 2008 7:37 PM | Report abuse

Sad Day

Clintons will say they lost SC due to black voters,
using fear of a black president to get Hispanic and
lower income whites to come out for them.

Bill will be full blast on the skin color beat.

Just watch!

Posted by: printthis | January 26, 2008 7:37 PM | Report abuse

Amazing that the AP, MSNBC, CNN, EVERYONE called the race for Obama at 7:00 PM EST, the SECOND THE POLLS CLOSED, without a SINGLE FUKKING PRECINCT REPORTING.


Posted by: hotnuke2007 | January 26, 2008 7:27 PM | Report abuse

THANK YOU south carolinians!!! we love you all!!!!!

Posted by: caligirl1 | January 26, 2008 7:25 PM | Report abuse

I'm undecided, but found this great article called "Slaves, Democrats and Honest Abe" on the BlogZine SAVAGE POLITICS.

WOW- all I have to say!
Here is an excerpt: "Since we are today nearing the closing of the voting polls in the Democratic Primary of South Carolina, it would be interesting to lightly discuss the racial elements that have been brought to the publics attention by the Media, ever since Obama's bid for the White House has taken the lead in all political discussions. One of the most important aspects of this year's campaign has been the continuous advocacy of the claim that it has always been the Democratic Party who has been at the forefront in the fight for diversity (which ironically negates true racial integration) and racial tolerance. Although most African Americans have historically proven themselves to be distrustful of all politicians, no matter their ideological inclination, they have also overwhelmingly voted for Democrats. Ever since the Democratic Party's convenient realignment in favor of the Civil Rights Movement during the 1960's, a factor which directly caused the other famous realignment in Party Politics, in which many conservatives herded towards the Republican Party in the 1970's and 1980's, Democrats have coroneted themselves as the Party of equality and racial harmony. But their history is not as pristine as many of their advocates preach to the public. What is the historical background of Barack Obama's Party, when it comes to ideas of racial harmony?
Most people are not well versed regarding the facts surrounding the immense split in the Democratic Party which was directly responsible for the founding of the Republican Party. It all began with the (1854) Kansas-Nebraska Act, which intended to spread the institution of Slavery into Kansas, and in consequence to any new State that intended to join the Union. This Act..." Find the rest of the article at

Posted by: elsylee28 | January 26, 2008 7:24 PM | Report abuse

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