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Romney Invokes Game Show Before Teens

The Romneys campaign in Michigan. (AP).

By Juliet Eilperin
GRAND BLANC, Mich. -- Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney invoked a decades-old game show today to urge a group of teenagers here to stay in school and avoid having children before marriage.

Echoing the conservative values message he championed early on in his presidential campaign, Romney spoke at length about Olympic role models and the need to make wise choices to a packed audience at Grand Blanc High School. Students were warned before the speech by a school official that "absolutely no laser pointers will be tolerated."

Recalling how he watched "Let's Make a Deal" as a teenager, he told the crowd of more than 2,000 students that they had an advantage over that game show's contestants when making life decisions because "you get to make the trade, but you know what's behind the curtain. You're not blind." (He mentioned that there's a version of "Let's Make a Deal" airing today, which is not quite right; presumably he meant to refer to the current hit show "Deal or No Deal.")

Romney urged the students to attend college, avoid drugs and marry before having children. "I believe marriage is essential," he said, adding that if the students were like his father they would discover marriage would bring them "the most happiness you can imagine."

That line only drew modest applause, but the crowd grew more enthusiastic when Romney pledged to aid the state's ailing economy. "I will not rest, if I'm president of the United States, until Michigan is brought back," he said, drawing a loud cheer along with clapping.

While most of the attendees -- including the cheerleaders and marching band who welcomed Romney onstage -- are too young to vote in tomorrow's primary, several said they were pleased he was paying attention to their state.

Jerry Craney, a 16-year-old junior, said he liked the way the candidate "was talking about concentrating on Michigan and reforming Michigan."

And Chris Contreras, an 18-year-old senior who is a registered Republican, said Romney had won his vote with the speech. "I believe he's going to help out Michigan," he said.

By Web Politics Editor  |  January 14, 2008; 2:33 PM ET
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Dear Vote4Mikehuckabee:

Your man knows there is nearly zero support for a national sales tax both nationally and in congress. Pushing it is snake oil salesmanship at its finest. It is nearly impossible to find an economist who moves from endorsing it in theory to endorsing its actual implementation. Many think it's implementation could cause a market crash

Even though the 14th amendment has never been ratified if we don't repeal it and replace it with a constitutional amendment, we will be taxed both in income and sales, like some states. When is the last time we had a constitutional amendment?

Huckabee is also being deceptive by pledging abolishment of the IRS. There will have to be an enforcement/collection agency. It will be a huge beast of an agency like the IRS. Perhaps is will get a different name like NTE (National Tax Enforcement).

Most economists believe a consumption tax will discourage consumption.

So much for everyone running out and buying a new tv.

Posted by: DanLounsbury | January 15, 2008 12:53 AM | Report abuse

Alert *** Alert *** Alert ***

Would you like to own a brand new high definition 60" LCD / Plasma TV with reclining chair with large cup holder for your cold beverage of your choice?

Huckabee! He is the ONLY candidate out of the presidential field willing to implement the "Fair-Tax" system.

Look at your paycheck and see how much they are taking out of your paycheck for taxes... go ahead go look at it now.

Now take the cost of a brand new 60" LCD / Plasma high def TV and reclining chair (& cup holder) and divide that number by how much taxes they are taking out.

$3,000 (TV cost, chair) / $325 tax holding each week = 8 weeks

That''s it, only 8 weeks to get this great deal!!!

But if you vote for any other candidate it will take years to save up for this! Say you put away $10 each week, well that''s 4 years!

So if you want to become poorer then vote for McCain, Romney, Thompson, Guiliani, Paul, Clinton, Obama, Edwards..... but if you want to become richer vote for Huckabee!

PS - Then after buying a new 60" high def TV in 3 weeks, let's go for a :

1. Brand new set of Ping Golf Clubs in week number 4 to 6...... then
2. Relaxing cruise to the Bahamas in week 7 - 10 then
3. Huge diamond ring for your wife or girlfriend in weeks 11 - 15 then
4. XBox 360 for your kids in week 16 - 17 then
5. Blazing fast big screen computer in week 18 - 20
6. John Deer Tractor in week 21 - 24
7. New puppies for your kids and wife in week 25 - 28
8. United Way donation in week 29 - 30
9. Brand new spiffy suit and tie in week 31 - 33
10. Ten dozen roses for your beautiful wife or girlfriend in week 34 - 35
11. Huge collector authentic train set for your kids in weeks 36 - 37
12. Large cheery oak desk for your office in weeks 38 - 40
13. Food for the hungry in your neighborhood donation in weeks 41 - 43
14. Family trip to Diseyland in weeks 44 - 49
15. Seasons pass to your favorite sports team all home games in week 50 - 52

,,,, And then there's next year's purchases and the next year after that and the next year after that and so on.

ONLY ONLY ONLY if you vote for Huckabee. He will make you and your family a lot Richer!!! No other candidate is offering to implement the Fair tax where you get 100% of your paycheck!

Vote 4 Mike Huckabee! His Huck-a-bus is ready to board, he is saying "All Aboard!!!" Let's jump on the Huck-a-bus NOW and increase the speed from Huck-a-Boom to Huck-a-Bam-Boom speed!

Just look at all those great things you can purchase or give to needy families if Huckabee becomes President! Huckabee is taking us to a new American spirit on Higher ground! Let's do it for the Gipper!!!

Posted by: vote4mikehuckabee | January 14, 2008 9:58 PM | Report abuse

Someone should give Mitt a swift kick in his butt!
A day before a critical Primary, and he is doing an impersonation of Bushie reading "My Pet Goat" while 911 was occurring!
Uh, Mitt. Very few of them is able to vote for you, at least not this early in the Year!

Then, TALK ABOUT THE CURSED ECOMOMY AND SHOW YOU HAVE THE BRAINS TO FIX IT! Starting with, getting the wage destroying practice of Un-Documented/ Non-Payrolled Employment out!

More and better paying Jobs for Legal Americans(Millions) right there!

Hint Mittster: Rather than BSing High Schoolers about Marriage, talk about Summer Jobs getting Tanned while making GOOD Money, doing the Construction Jobs, many High School Kids used to do in the Summers! Till it paid no better that Blockbuster does!, like NOW!

Posted by: rat-the | January 14, 2008 6:10 PM | Report abuse

Who is Juliet Eilperin and why is a petty, obnoxious teenager allowed to post on the Washington Post's web site?

Posted by: zukermand | January 14, 2008 5:03 PM | Report abuse

Since when were politics "civil" to begin with?

Posted by: JakeD | January 14, 2008 4:12 PM | Report abuse

You mean a person that buys elections and America? No-deal!

(per Newsweek)

"Romney had hired Warren Tompkins as a South Carolina consultant. Known admiringly in the political trade as "the god of hell," Tompkins is legendary in the state as a disciple of the late Lee Atwater, an old Bush-family operative and perhaps the most renowned modern practitioner of campaign dark arts. The old Atwater attack machine may have been switched off, or at least turned down. Still, Tompkins, who has always denied authorship of the nastiest attacks on McCain in 2000, tells NEWSWEEK that he doubts the state's primary will suddenly become a model of civility."
(source Newsweek)

Posted by: marinepatriot | January 14, 2008 4:09 PM | Report abuse

"I believe he's going to help out Michigan," he said."

He didn't help Massachusetts as governor. Manufacturing jobs declined 14%, double the national average, from 2002-2006 leaving Massuchusetts ranked 48th. Under Romney, the Tax Foundation calculated, Massachusetts fell from America's 29th most business-friendly state to No. 36. Romney can say he cares about Michigan, but his actions won't back it up.

Posted by: donttreadonme | January 14, 2008 3:41 PM | Report abuse

We each seem to have our own major issue(s) that make their choice for President seem like the best one. My question is: Would someone tell me why we should NOT elect Ron Paul?

The rest, with Richardson out and Kucinich low in the polls, seem to be talking crazy talk about our military adventures in the Middle East. Additionally, no one else seems to understand the problems with the economy, inflation, and out of control deficit spending. Inflation is going to eat us alive, as it has already started to do so. Do you really believe that the REAL inflation rate last year, the rate that was used by the government for Social Security check increases this month, was 2.3%? Just look at the price of gold up 30% in 2007, now at an all time high and getting higher!

One can not talk about tax cuts without ALSO talking about cutting spending. We have a $9 trillion debt (double since 2000) that must be paid so we can afford Social Security and Medicare. The interest payments will go sky high when we begin to fight inflation with higher Federal Reserve bank rates.

And we must stop inflation or everyone's life savings will go down the tubes, along with the middle class, like what has happened to the middle class in most countries south of our border. And do not forget National Health Insurance, which is coming down the tracks right at us, unless Republicans begin to understand the seriousness of runaway deficits and inflation. And start educating the country. A Democratic President will surely not fight inflation like Volcker and Reagan did!

Please vote Ron Paul and save the country from bankruptcy abroad and at home!

Posted by: RamseySt | January 14, 2008 3:25 PM | Report abuse

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