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Schwarzenegger Gives McCain the Green Light

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By Juliet Eilperin
LOS ANGELES -- Standing in front of rolls of photovoltaic solar panels, Calif. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger endorsed Sen. John McCain's presidential bid this morning, saying he represents "a great future."

The governor, who has made a point of working with Democrats during his time in office, said McCain shared his commitment to environmental protection and bipartisanship. "He has shown over and over again he is reaching across the aisle to get things done."

Schwarzenegger's endorsement is sure to help McCain in his efforts to win this delegate-rich state in the Feb. 5 primary, though it is unclear whether the governor's backing would alienate conservative Republicans in other primaries next week. McCain said he was "honored" to receive Schwarzenegger's nod, adding that if elected the two of them would work on forging a new global agreement aimed at cutting greenhouse emissions linked to climate change. "Governor Schwarzenegger, I commit to you, you and I and all of the others who are concerned about our globe, not just our states....[will] hand our children a cleaner planet."

Former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani, who joined the two others for the announcement, said today's event underscored the senator's ability to lead. "This is a man who is moving us into our future, understands how to do it, and also understands how to keep this country safe in a time of peril."

The men's remarks were preceded by a lengthy lecture on solar energy delivered by the president and chief executive officer of Solar Based Integrated, Randall MacEwan. Schwarzenegger quipped after MacEwan's introduction that there would be a quiz following the press conference, and added the fact that so many journalists had showed up at the company's warehouse underscored the media's passion for green technology. "This is an example of how much excitement solar energy can create," the governor said, smiling. "I love it."

By Web Politics Editor  |  January 31, 2008; 1:52 PM ET
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Arnold turned out to be a phony conservative so it is only appropriate that he should endorse another phony, McCain....who is next, Kerry (who says you can't endorse across the aisle? After all, McCain said he would entertain choosing Kerry as VP....buds and soul mates).

Posted by: plmillerFL | February 2, 2008 5:27 PM | Report abuse


Bob Dole (at 73) was constantly labeled too old to run against Bill Clinton in 1996 and age is NEVER mentioned (at least yet) as a factor with McCain who's 72. John McCain's candidacy was dead and buried until a few weeks before the NH primary due to incompetent staff, mismanagement and lack of money. McCain himself admits that he's not well versed on economics...and voters are somehow convinced that this man can oversee the country's economy better than a highly successful private sector businessman like Mitt Romney?

Strip away John McCain's 40 year ago military experience, which we're NEVER allowed to forget about or question (it's just about ALL he ever references in speeches and debates no matter what question he's asked), and you have nothing but a tired, old, empty suited, Washington, D.C. political hack/insider. He is an extremely weak candidate and a terrible debater by every account, especially compared to Mitt Romney (or even Huckabee).

Without the assistance of his "Canes" propping him up during this farce of a campaign, John McCain candidacy would still be dead and buried. Day after day, the canes come out of the political woodwork to endorse ol' RINO (Republican In Name Only) Johnny.

MCCAIN'S CANE # 1...the Liberal biased Main Stream Media and Press. With orgasmic puff story after puff story, it resurrected McCain from the dead, elevating him to frontrunner status just in time for the election.

MCCAIN'S CANE # 2...Independent and Democrat voters, who, for some bizarre reason, are allowed to vote in the REPUBLICAN primaries. I'd LOVE to meet the rocket scientists in those states who allow THAT to happen.

In Florida, Mitt Romney was gathering tremendous momentum and soaring in the polls until the weekend before the election.

MCCAIN'S CANE # 3...Florida Governor Crist who endorsed McCain just TWO days before the election.. Unfortunately, it was enough to convince a woefully uninformed voting public to vote for McCain and against Romney who was soaring in the polls until that moment. While this was bad enough, the fact that so many thousands of Floridians had to be TOLD who to vote just TWO days before such an important election was despicable, shameful, if not downright scary.

MCCAIN'S CANE # 4...Rudy Guiliani, who ends his "campaign" with an endorsement of, who else but John McCain hours before the California debate. Even with THAT, McCain who always been a terrible debater, was crushed by Mitt Romney at every turn...imagine what Obama would to to him?

MCCAIN'S CANE # 5...California Governor, Arnold Schwartzenager who now is endorsing old Johnny just before the Super Tuesday primaries.

If John McCain is the Republican nominee (heaven forbid), it will be done SOLELY with his the assistance of his canes and without them he is nearly helpless and will be easily defeated by either Hillary Clinton or upstart, or half-McCain's-age, 36 year old Barack Hussein Obama.

Mitt Romney is by far the most qualified man in EITHER party and is a class act all the way. And yet since he became a GOP candidate for president, I have seen nothing but negative, trivial articles/stories about his Mormon religion, his money, his slick appearance, etc, all fully intended to sway a naive electorate that pays far too little attention to the most important 4 year event in our country.

Mitt Romney is a TRUE family man and very successful at turning failed or failing enterprises around and Lord knows the United States of America needs turning around. It should be run as a business first, with a strong military to protect it from harm. All other social, giveaway programs should be scrutinized (and certainly would be under a Romney presidency) as to efficiency and even necessity. The fact that he was even elected Governor in a state (MA) controlled by 85% Democrat legislature was a feat in itself. In spite of it, he did a very admirable job as Governor, turning a large state deficit into a surplus. Of course, his many justified vetoes were constantly overturned by those liberal Democrats which made for a lot of frustration.

If Mitt Romney does get the GOP nomination it will be MUCH to the chagrin of the Democrat National Committee liberal propaganda machine because he will be their worst nightmare and most difficult to defeat...Obama, Clinton, or otherwise.

John McCain's time has long since come and gone and it has become more than obvious during this primary campaign that he doesn't even have the ability to WALK up the White House "stairs" without his "Canes", let alone RUN the biggest economy and country in the world.

Posted by: mrunpc | February 1, 2008 1:14 PM | Report abuse

So what.

E=MC2... "Energy is never created or destroyed" (Einstein) You would think our economist, Fed-friends and John McCain would have learned that money can not, SHOULD not be created from thin-air- printing the ever less valued US Dollars (DEBT=MONEY), will lead to a collapse, sooner or later:

Posted by: davidmwe | January 31, 2008 5:21 PM | Report abuse

Will Schwarzenegger's endorsement bring an end to Romney's Presidential bid?


Posted by: jeffboste | January 31, 2008 3:42 PM | Report abuse

Two a_ssho_les give each other the smothered helping hand !!! ---------------------------------------------------Well, well, lot of liemericans read newspapers to keep informed over the presidential race. I might as well grab the opportunity to ask 2 rather burning questions. What will happen with oil supply when you use 9 barrels pro second and find only 1 barrel pro second ? What happened with building 7 on 9-11-2001 ? Opinion Research Business and the Independent Institute for Administration and Civil Society Studies figured out that 1 million Iraqis have died sinds the start of the American invasion in 2003. Figures are based on questioning more then 2000 Iraqi's in Baghdad. In Baghdad 40 percent of the families lost at least 1 family member during the war. The WHO (World Health Org) figured out that sinds the start of the war in 2003 120 people died on a daily basis. They questioned 9000 Iraqis and used figures from the Lancet and Iraqi health organizations. Enough seed for growing a million terrorists...yah continue the good works. This administration gave you Americans indeed a million reasons to be afraid. This is not a question but an answer to your feelings of insecurity. But you've got to do something when other big economies steal your oil away under your nose, and your economy is drifting on oil. In short 'NO OIL, NO AMERICA'. I wish the next president of the U.S.A., Barak Obama, all the best to get your economy back up again. Against all odds, take my advice and set up a good infrastructure to strengthen your home market, railways etc and get rid of domestic flights, to boost your economy on the longer term.

Posted by: jwholtkamp | January 31, 2008 3:03 PM | Report abuse

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