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Obama Campaigns at Univ. of Maryland

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Sen. Barack Obama spoke to thousands of supporters at the University of Maryland's Comcast Center on Monday. (Video: Hamil Harris, The Post; Ed O'Keefe,

Posted at 5:57 PM ET on Feb 11, 2008  | Category:  Video Report
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Before I make a decision to back either of these candidates, I would like to know a couple of things.
One being, Obama keeps referring to "change" Exactly what is he going to "change"? I have never heard him discuss any details.
Also I would like to know why there is a Cuban flag with the picture of well known communist Che displayed at his Houston Campaign head quarters.
I was leaning toward supporting him but this new information reported by a Houston TX news station is very disturbing especially when someone is talking to me about "change"

Posted by: Dakota3 | February 12, 2008 1:23 PM

To Michael Payne of Illinois and Crystal Basler Payne,

You took the time to write such a long, passionate message, but I think you probably lost anyone you hoped to convince when you used the Fox News tactic of including Obama's middle name in your argument. What does his middle name have to do with anything? Did it somehow keep him from supporting the coal project that you are obsessed with? Give me a break. I agree with your praise of Hillary Clinton. I would be happy to vote for her in November. I should warn you though, that she won't get there thanks to people like you who try to infer some dark secret in revealing Obama's middle name. The name Hussein is as popular as the name Smith. It does not contain evil within it. And don't pretend you weren't using it this way. It is obvious.

Another thing to consider is that no politician can possibly serve every constituent on every issue. You have one issue that you are obsessed with and you want everyone else in the country to turn their backs on a man because you are throwing a hissy fit about losing a coal project in southern Illinois.

Obama is creating excitement in voters that hasn't been seen in a long time. We need passionate involvement on the part of the people if we're going to be able to win in November. Already we're seeing the Republican terror machine ramping up. This 9/11 show trial is timed perfectly for the election so that the Bush gov't can raise terror alerts and scare everyone into voting for McCain. Passionate involvement of informed voters is needed to overcome this bs tactic. Obama is the one who can sustain this energy and involvement. I love Hillary, but this appears to be Obama's moment.

Posted by: mcr92473 | February 12, 2008 11:29 AM

I think this post is supposed to be about Obama packing 20,000 strong into Comcast in the freezing cold. Not slander of him or Clinton. A vote for change is a vote for hope is a vote for belief in the USA.

Posted by: lncheyne | February 12, 2008 11:11 AM

With all due respect 'bestidea1000' she says in her book Living History, that she had help with that investment. You shouldn't just say things and not have anything to back it up with.

Posted by: clingram1 | February 12, 2008 9:46 AM

I respect the opinion posted by thecountrygoddess, but I don't belive it.

The issue to me is that I truly do not trust Hillary Clinton. Remember the report that she invested 1000 dollars and got 100,000 dollars return within 10 months? She claimed she did it herself! Just imagine that we elect aP resident that we can not really trust! Franly she does often insult people's intelligence.

Posted by: bestidea1000 | February 12, 2008 5:22 AM

I respect the opinion posted by thecountrygoddess, but I don't belive it.

The issue to me is that I truly do not trust Hillary Clinton: Remember the report that she invested 1000 dollars and got 100,000 dollars return within 10 months? She claimed she did it herself! She does often insult people's intelligence.

Posted by: bestidea1000 | February 12, 2008 5:20 AM


Greetings to you America, home of the free, the brave and the disenchanted. Home of the internationally disgraced, economically challenged and the politically confused. This year is a year that we can turn around our fortunes, both internationally and economically. This is the election year.

A year that has finally come around after seven years of embarrassments by a leader that no more cares for the lesser citizen than the lint in the back of his sock drawer. A chance for you and me to go to polling places across this nation and vote our conscience for who we know will be the leader to rub off the tarnish that once was most powerful, wealthy, and respected nation on this planet. Our dollar is weaker now than what it was when it was created. Our leaders are mocked rather than respected. Our leadership is more feared for its stupidity than its financial and military might.

Our three choices for our next leader boil down to a centrist conservative, a woman that has had the benefit of seeing politics from many different career angles and the third choice is a wannabe rock star.

Barack Hussien Obama the newest, latest American idol craze of politics. Whose resume barely includes two and half years of national-level work and a spotty performance as a state legislator as well as a U.S. Senator. A man who basically ran unopposed for his Senate seat and has no idea how to protect the interests of his home state, let alone run a nation.

Obama says his is the voice of change from the typical Washington politics. Who stands on bipartisanism but could never get the support of the republicans due to his lack of experience wants to unite the country. Being from the southern most part Obama's home state I can tell you when word of this man running for US Senate filtered down south, my thought first was - "Great another Chicago politician whose wallet is fattened by my tax dollar and wants me to vote for him while he gets his pet Chicago projects paid for." Well, unfortunately, I gave the man a chance since he was a Democrat--it was a costly mistake. His message of change was his rallying cry. That jobs would be created for southern Illinoisans and our coal would be used again. That all Illinoisans would be heard and their voices would enact that change.

Sound familiar?

I can tell you, as well as many others Illinoisans from across the state, my voice is still the same as it was before he was elected. A little hoarser from shouting into the wind, but still the same While he works for relief packages for the Congo, most Illinoisans go without adequate healthcare and can't pay their electric bill, we just lost one of the biggest job projects in the history of this state from the federal level, think about that on a national level. His constituents, the one's who elected him in overwhelming numbers, have now lost a $1.8 billion dollar coal refinery earmarked to help produce cleaner coal including the high sulfur, nearly unusable by EPA standards, coal of southern Illinois. The project known as the FutureGen Alliance was to build a coal energy producing plant that would reduce the amount of carbon dioxide emissions from coal refinement into energy. The fact that the state of Illinois only spent $1.5 million in their bid and the state of Texas spent $5 million in their bid to woo the FutureGen Alliance was at the forefront of a controversial Department of Energy decision to not move forward with the construction of the plant when east-central Illinois was announced as the site for the plant. What was Obama's response? Nothing yet.

America, it's time to stop thinking this is an episode of American Idol.

It is time to look hard in the mirror and get behind the one candidate, Democrat or Republican that can expertly guide this nation and turn things around.

Hillary Clinton.

Senator Clinton has been there time and time again, from Watergate to fighting for Arkansas less fortunate and as First Lady going up against Congress in an unprecedented role in the fight for health care that would be a precursor of things to come. She has the experience, the tenacity, the knowledge and more importantly, the know-how and the respect of her colleagues to navigate and effect real change this country's capital of legislative swamp. She doesn't talk change, she is change. She is growth, she has overcome and she can lead us back to respectability.

The here and now that we live in is almost as critical as when we broke free from British rule. Experience and maturity are the most important qualities that we as Americans need right now. Do we want a leader that barely has two and a half years of experience as a junior senator with no international experience and has spent more time campaigning than working for his own state? Or do we want a leader that has been entrenched in American politics from her days as a law student to a powerful voice alongside one of America's most effective leaders of all time, and one of the most effective leaders in her own right, such as 9/11 in New York and serving on the highest Congressional committee in Congress. She has been to IRAQ to talk to our troops and survey the land 6 times.

Hillary's voice is one that represents all of America. Not just the poor or uneducated as most have been misled to believe, my wife and I hold six degrees. The media's sexist bias and misinformation campaign is afraid to give her a voice and ask the tough questions of her opponent, notice how the media handles Obama with kid gloves? They don't even give her equal air time and resort to personal and family insults. What are they afraid of? A real leader?

All this voting season has been a popularity contest. This isn't high school. This is life. Vote to reclaim your life and your nation with a real candidate, vote for Hillary Clinton not a rock star wannabe.

By Michael Payne of Illinois and Crystal Basler Payne of Illinois, formerly of Virginia

Posted by: thecountrygoddess | February 12, 2008 4:28 AM

Hillary is finished. The sooner she bows out, the sooner Obama can unite the party and take on McCain. Let's hope she shows some grace, and soon.

Posted by: gmundenat | February 12, 2008 1:56 AM

I was at Obama's Rally at University of Maryland today. It was important for me to go and witness history in action! Obama not only is a great speaker but he's also the best man for the job. I love his approach on the issues. He sounds like someone I can call on the phone and speak to and he'll listen if I have a problem or he'll just call to say hi. I also like that he has two very young children that he's looking out for. I have a 5 year old and today's America will affect their America, be it good or bad, and we need change IMMEDIATELY!!! Because if we continue down the path that we are currently on, America as a whole will be a nightmare for our children in the future!! Obama definitely has my vote!!!

Posted by: T.Scott-Crawford | February 11, 2008 9:49 PM

what a great video

Posted by: skhyle | February 11, 2008 6:55 PM

We need to take advantage of the excitment we're seeing for BOTH amazing Democratic candidates this year. Sign the petition to Howard Dean and the DNC at

Posted by: steven4 | February 11, 2008 6:44 PM

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