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Milbank on Rebuilding Hillary

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Hillary Clinton visited a General Motors transmission plant in White Marsh, Md., on Monday for a tour of the facility and a chance to unveil a new and improved version of herself. The Post's Dana Milbank was there. (Video by Akira Hakuta,

Read Washington Sketch: At the Transmission Factory, a Smooth Shift.

Posted at 2:38 PM ET on Feb 12, 2008  | Category:  Video Report
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Hillary needs another image makeover. Hasn't she already gone through a couple of image makeovers since the Iowa caucus and also found her voice a couple of times. Is she looking for her voice again? Has anybody noticed that Hillary's chant about her 35 years of experience has more or less vaporized. She does not count her years of experience anymore, since a big percentage of the voting population are still not 35 years old.

As a beltway insider Hillary hasn't fared well in the beltway states. That is a big flop for her. Bill has become mute recently. We don't see him waging his fingers or tooting his legacy anymore. He drove Hillary's campaign to the ground by his remarks about blacks. Otherwise Hillary would have won a couple of those states with black voters. Well Hillary can now go home and count her pearls and diamonds peacefully.

Posted by: ChunkyMonkey1 | February 12, 2008 8:11 PM

There will come a time our grandchildren will read these blog posts and, looking at us in horror, they'll ask, "How could you have just stood by and let this happen? Had you no sense? Pride? Shame?"
This is a dark period in the history of our nation.

Posted by: zukermand | February 12, 2008 3:39 PM

With that blue suit you definitely could have "blue-screened" some bionic bodyparts on her or something.... I give it a B. Nice try. :)

Posted by: BABucher | February 12, 2008 2:58 PM

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