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Obama Calls Passport Intrusion 'Deeply Disturbing'

By Jonathan Weisman
PORTLAND, Ore. -- Sen. Barack Obama said he told Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice this morning that he expected a full and thorough investigation of the rifling of passport files by State Department contractors, later calling the intrusion "deeply disturbing."

In a wide-ranging press conference after he accepted the coveted endorsement of New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, Obama also called for an end to the military's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy toward gays in the military, potentially reopening a difficult hot-button social issue. And he showed how difficult it has been to put behind him the controversy surrounding his former pastor and spiritual adviser, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

On Wright, Obama said he had not changed his position when on Tuesday he admitted he had been present in the pews when Wright had uttered controversial remarks. In his most specific explanation yet, he said he had been present during Wright's condemnations of U.S. foreign and domestic policies. But he said he was unaware that Wright had called HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, a U.S. government plot to wipe out African Americans -- a charge Obama called "out of line and off the wall." Nor was he aware that Wright, who brought him to his Christian faith, married him to his wife and baptized his children, had declared, "God damn America" until such sermons burst onto the Internet and cable television in recent days.

"There's no doubt that we've had a turbulent couple of weeks," Obama conceded, "but we've had turbulent weeks in the past. People just don't remember them."

On the passport security breach, Obama decried what he called "Not just one but a series of attempts to tap into people's personal records."

"That's a problem not just for me but how our government is functioning," he added, calling not only for the administration to investigate openly but for the relevant oversight committees of Congress to weigh in.

Posted at 3:43 PM ET on Mar 21, 2008
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Posted by: jreno18 | March 23, 2008 3:33 PM

"The CEO of a company whose employee is accused of improperly looking at the passport files of presidential candidates is a consultant to the Barack Obama campaign, a source said Saturday."

LOL! This should be fun...

Posted by: plaza04433 | March 22, 2008 11:01 PM

Lying Lying Obama, stop deceiving the public. First you said you wasn't there for the inflammatory remarks and then after having the speech you thought was gonna heal everything you come out and say that you were there for some of those remarks. Who could like a person like that? I don't know how you got to be a senator. QUIT NOW OBAMA!!!!!

Posted by: pbencosme70 | March 22, 2008 9:18 PM

Obama's efforts to connect to the Republican Party, specifically Bush, and Dick Chaney, of the Halliburton Company, dates back to the Presidents Grandfather, Prescott Bush, and indeed Chaney was once an executive officer of Halliburton.

The American military pounds Iraq with Artillary, bombs, and the like, destroying large sections of cities, and infra-structures, then Halliburton comes in to rebuild. Halliburton and Halliburton associated companies have raked in ten's of billions.

Obama is just like the BIG HALIBURTAN. Haliburton has contracted to build detention centers in the U.S. similiar to the one in Quantanammo Bay, Cuba. Halliburton does nothing to earn the Two Dollars for each meal an American Serviceman in Iraq eats.

Halliburton was scheduled to take control of the Dubai Ports in The United Arab Emiirate. The deal was canceled when Bush was unable to affect the transfer of the American Ports.

Now we see what some might suspect as similiar financial escapading from the Democrats.

Two years ago, Iraq's Ministry of Electricity gave a $50 million contract to a start-up security company - Companion- owned by now-indicted businessman (TONY REZKO) Tony Rezko and a onetime Chicago cop, Daniel T. Frawley, to train Iraqi power-plant guards in the United States. An Iraqi leadership change left the deal in limbo. Now the company, Companion Security, is working to revive its contract.
Involved along with Antoin "Tony" Rezco, long time friend and neighbor of Democratic Presidential hopeful Barack Obama, and former cop Daniel T. Frawley, is Aiham Alsammarae. Alsammarae was accused of financial corruption by Iraqi authorities and jailed in Iraq last year before escaping and returning here.

Recently, Obama's campaign staff have been vetted by the IRS to disclose his connection to the criminal money generating underworld. Besides, his connections to the REZCO MAFIA types, his up-coming tax fraud charges -- Obama needs to disclose why he is a MUSLIM "PATWANG-FWEEE" and disclose Obama's MUSLIM Farrakhan mob connection to Chicago's Trinity United Church of Christ. Its minister, and Obama's spiritual adviser, is the Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr. In 1982, the church launched Trumpet Newsmagazine; Wright's daughters serve as publisher and executive editor. Every year, the magazine makes awards in various categories. Last year, it gave the Dr. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr. Trumpeter Award to a man it said "truly epitomized greatness." That man is Louis Farrakhan. Farrakhan and Chicago's Trinity United Church are trumpeting Barack Obama AKA Barack Hussein Obama as the second coming of the messiah. Obama should stop suppoting our intervention in IRAQ. It's time to introduce this false, fake Xerox - X box Obama and invite the self-indicting thief plagiarizing pipsqueke "GLORK" Xerox - X box to meet the Buffalo "GAZOWNT-GAZIKKA" Police Department Buffalo Creek. He is MAD!!! --


"GLORK" Obama looks like Alfred E. Newman: "Tales Calculated To Drive You." He is a MUSLIM "Glork" He's MAD!!! Alfred E. Neuman is the fictional mascot of Mad. The face had drifted through American pictography for decades before being claimed by Mad editor Harvey Kurtzman after he spotted it on the bulletin board in the office of Ballantine Books editor Bernard Shir-Cliff, later a contributor to various magazines created by Kurtzman.
Obama needs to disclose why he is a MUSLIM "PATWANG-FWEEE" and stop suppoting our intervention in IRAQ. It's time to introduce this false, fake "GLORK" Xerox - X box Obama and invite the self-indicting thief plagiarizing pipsqueke Xerox - X box to meet the Buffalo "GAZOWNT-GAZIKKA" Police Department Buffalo Creek.

Michelle Obama should be ashamed.

"GLORK" Michelle Obama should be ashamed of her separatist-racist connection to Farrakhan and Chicago's Trinity United Church trumpeting Barack Obama AKA Barack Hussein Obama as the second coming of the messiah. If Michelle Obama new what her husband -- the Hope-A-Dope, Fonster Monster -- Barack Obama AKA Barack Hussein Obama did in Harlem, she would wash her wide-open, Hus-suey loving MUSILM mouth out, with twenty-four (24) mule-team double-cross X-boX-BorraX. He is a MUSLIM "Glork" It's time to introduce this false, fake "GLORK" Xerox - X box Obama and invite the self-indicting thief plagiarizing pipsqueke Xerox - X box to meet the Buffalo "GAZOWNT-GAZIKKA" Police Department Buffalo Creek. He's MAD!!!


The Apologia has arrived and once again the self-indicting, separatist-racist Barack Obama AKA Barack Hussein Obama, promises to heal the wounds of the world. The speech is the rude awakening of mass messianism of his campaign. Apologetically, Obama the MUSLIM double-cross X-boX-BorraX has an astonishingly empty two-prawn echelon explanation of his misjudgment.
In the first prawn: with regard to his connection to separatist-racist Rev. Wright; Obama summons voodoo and juju to express slavery as beginning and ending with the Rev. Wright.
In the second prawn: Obama's speech takes credit for Ashley's dream. A dream of unity Martin Luther King, Jr. borrowed from Ashley for his historic "I Have A Dream" speech. In Obama's speech, the connective bond Ashley, the elderly black man and Obama's grandmother share; represents Obama's self-indicting rise to the Harvard Yard. For Obama, the grand flag of language is the semi-fore of words, bestowed upon our nation by the messiah-alumni from Harvard. Obama's Swoon-Song Apologia to the nation represents a failed hymn -- a hymn that fails to heal the nation, repair the world, or make this time different than all the rest. Obama's speech is a brilliant failure.

Posted by: jreno16 | March 22, 2008 3:15 PM

I don't care what he did or didn't do. I will vote for him if he is the democratic nominee. I don't care what his preacher said or didn't say, I will vote for him. I don't care what his middle name is - he gets my vote if he is on the ballot. I will vote for Obama or Hillary and I don't care what the latest disclosure is about either candidate. Keep the republicans out of the White House

Posted by: alexthen2001 | March 22, 2008 10:40 AM

Hillary got exactly what she asked for. She wanted to be Clinton 44. Well, that Gallup poll on whether each candidate was 'honest and trustworthy' gave her a...wait for it...44% rating.

(Don't let the door hit you on the way out.)

Posted by: TomJx | March 22, 2008 5:33 AM

ps, at-a-boy Richardson, Viva Obama!

so just when exactly is Obama's victory official once it is unrealistic to expect Hillary to catch up?

Posted by: eljefejesus | March 22, 2008 3:17 AM

The earlier post is correct, Obama does have a lot of names.

However, judging by the rising attacks, his most important title will soon be "Democratic Nominee for President"

Posted by: eljefejesus | March 22, 2008 3:16 AM

Much ado about nothing. The Obama campaign
with feign outrage created a hysteria thinking they could make a political hay out of it.

The fawning MSNBC people who are unabashedly pro Obama,devoted several hours of broadcasting supposed sinister political motives sold by the Obama campaign.They even tied the dates of supposed breach to the time that Sen. Obama won primaries.

I thought these people are smart but it seems they got low IQ'S.

1. Passport files contains very thin information and it is doubtful that something could be used against anybody politically.

2. If the Obama campaign is accusing the Republicans, I doubt if they are going to use low level employees to do their bidding. They could use those at the top without anybody getting wise. Further, there is much more information at the FBI, NSA or CIA.

3. That leaves the Clinton campaign as suspect which the Obama campaign is shamelessly insinuating. Are the Clintonites so stupid that they always asked for the passport files everytime Sen. Obama wins a primary.What changes in the files can be obtained in two months time?

I agree that investigation should be made to protect one's privacy, but I will bet my devalued dollar that this is nothing but mere snooping of curious individuals. Let us not create a mountain out a molehill. The only sinister political motivation I see is the
shameless use of this incident by the Obama campaign to smear Sen. Clinton. They thought that they got the antidote to Jeremiah Wright's " GODDAM AMERICA".

Posted by: tim591 | March 21, 2008 11:05 PM

Obama's Brother to Capture Nation's Attention
Next scandal awaiting in the shadows:

In Obama's book he said that he was the most proudest of one brother, and this brother is the older half-brother of the upstart Democrat presidential candidate is a militant Muslim activist in Kenya who has urged his younger brother to embrace his African heritage and supports implementation of Sharia law in a country that, until recently, has been regarded as among the most pro-Western and modern African nations.

Obama's older brother still lives there. Abongo "Roy" Obama is a Luo activist and a militant Muslim who argues that the black man must "liberate himself from the poisoning influences of European culture." He urges his younger brother to embrace his African heritage.

Posted by: Tina8188 | March 21, 2008 9:58 PM

Anyone decrying the Rev. Wright sermons based on Fox News clips has no business commenting. Those clips are taken out of context. Before you say anything, check out the full sermon, see:

While I disagree with a lot of it, it certainly isn't something that would get me to walk out the church, and I'm not African American.

Posted by: dcwsano | March 21, 2008 8:42 PM

The people who Obama's file worked for Stanley, Inc. The CEO of Stanley, Inc. was a big financial supporter of the GOP, until Obama started winning all those primaries in February, at which point the CEO gave a big contribution to Hillary.

Is anyone surprised?

Posted by: dcwsano | March 21, 2008 8:37 PM


Posted by: LOONYBIN2000 | March 21, 2008 7:51 PM

This guy has more names than you can shake a stick at. al-barrack(barry) used in his school daysHussein Obama (so close to OSAMA) jUST CHANGE THE "B" to "S". and there you have it. How sweet it is! Who is this Creature?

Posted by: LOONYBIN2000 | March 21, 2008 7:45 PM

I confess, I have come to relize that Barack Hussein is out for True Unity.

He, is ready to reach across the existing barriers like no-one has done before.

It will be, Barack Hussein Obama, who will bring the Black Muslims, and the Black Evangelicals TOGETHER!


Obasama's the ONE!

And G' D' AMERICA(Whitey America that is!) ;~)

Posted by: rat-the | March 21, 2008 7:43 PM

JakeD-No it is actually pretty funny. They fired two, and NOW that they wish to question them, they realize they can take the Fifth!

They did blurt out the incredibly damaging facts though!

Barack was a Muslim until he found a Reverse Racist Church to join that was even more Vitriol towards America!

That His Father was a Kenyan, so he has NO ties to Slavery at all.

That his Middle Name is "Hussein"! :-(

And that he misspells his Jewish First Name!

But Wait!

WE, already knew all that! ;~)

Posted by: rat-the | March 21, 2008 7:33 PM

In an attempt to distance himself from the vicious Rev. Wright Senator Obama thought he could "turn the page" by blaming the Bush Administration for this passport snafu.
See, he implied, they're out to get the black man.

Obama's accusation fell flat on its face, however, when even those white people's passports were exposed.

You can run, Obama, but you can't hide.

Posted by: dyend | March 21, 2008 7:31 PM

I had an uncle that was a tank commander in WWII in Europe. Perhaps that still passes as "the good war". They entered a French town and were taking fire from snipers in the church tower. He was ordered to take them out. Unfortunately, the town's children were sheltering in the church.

Yes, the US did lots of unsavory things during the Cold War. Add up the body counts on both sides if you have trouble figuring out who the good guys were.

Posted by: edbyronadams | March 21, 2008 7:22 PM

Too bad Obama didn't think the same thoughts when he was sitting in his church with his young children and listening to his dear friend Pastor Wright the past twenty years!

Posted by: Cantabrigian | March 21, 2008 7:21 PM

A big problem in our democracy is the extent to which political actors and campaigns of all stripes play "gotcha" with candidates when their associations with people who make inflammatory remarks are "discovered" and aired ad nauseum on certain media outlets.

Anything short of the candidate's getting up and shooting the offender at close range on network TV results in the candidate being roundly condemned for making an inadequate and less than credible effort to dissociate him- or herself from the offender.

We need a president to be able to say, both to people whose careless speech is hurtful and especially to extremists and disaffected persons, "You are Americans, you have wounds and grievances and we are listening. In return, it is only right that you accord your fellow citizens the respect you demand." We don't need a President who sticks his fingers in his ears and disavows any connections to anyone who has ever said anything inflammatory. Our tradition of free speech permits people to be blowhards, to get that anger out and then hopefully settle down to work on a problem. Pastor Wright's cursing of America was obviously more than unfortunate -- it was cruel and hurtful. I would bet you that he regrets his words even more than Obama does. Now perhaps we should let the man try to make up for them with some good works.

We may not wish our President to take too literally the command to "Love thine enemies" that Jesus and prophets of other major world religions have expressed. But perhaps we could agree that casting stones at our fellow sinners is less beneficial than chiding them to come back to the fold of civility and earnest debate that our political process should be about.

Understanding how our nation's actions may be perceived by some extremists is not the same thing as relieving them of their responsibility for their actions, or blaming ourselves for their crimes - Jeremiah Wright's error was in ignoring this fact, and then compounding the implication of blame into a ringing condemnation of our country.

During his candidacy, Ron Paul made some of the same points that Rev. Wright did about "blowback" but found a way to do so within the structure of presidential debates. It created a stir in both parties but it also resonated with a respectable percentage of voters who recognize -- as we all should -- that the US has a long history of clandestine military operations, some of which have destabilized or toppled foreign regimes, and that the consequences of this activity can indeed "come home to roost" as Wright has said. For a thorough discussion of this, see Chalmers Johnson's book entitled "Blowback" --written before 9/11 attacks and warning of the risks of retaliation against American interference and lawlessness by other countries or by extremist groups.

Posted by: stallwart | March 21, 2008 7:11 PM

"largest number of political prisoners"


Take that out on the campaign trail and see how many votes it gets.

Posted by: edbyronadams | March 21, 2008 7:06 PM

You obviusly don't understand our black experience.

Posted by: objective1 | March 21, 2008 6:55 PM

Obama gave Rev. Wright's church more than $20,000 in just '06. How much more of an endorsement do you require?

Yeah, the last two chief executives of New York state were Republicans. I don't think itchy pants syndrome is a partisan calling.

Posted by: edbyronadams | March 21, 2008 6:43 PM

Two government employees were fired today for unauthorized viewing of Barack HUSSEIN Obama's passport file. DEVELOPING . . .

Posted by: JakeD | March 21, 2008 6:39 PM


just thought you'd like to know you've been quoted twice on my blog. thanks for offering valid info.

Posted by: chris.delacruz.ku | March 21, 2008 6:14 PM

I am really shocked at the ignorance of people who connect Rev. Wright's comments with Obama, as if Obama made them or endorses them in any way. People who believe that "this continues the cycle of violence" are blind patriots who are more interested in appearances than reality, i.e., fascists. Has anyone in your family or circle of friends ever made an offensive comment? Do you then instantly shun that person from you and your family's life? Is that the way to heal the country, or is it the way to perpetuate racial and political divides? Obama will become president, because Americans on the left and right can see when a candidate is thoughtful, insightful, intelligent, and deeply committed to the betterment of our country, they can see when a candidate is truly interested in world peace, rather than the continuation of wars for profit, without regard for diplomatic solutions, or the sovereignty of other nations. The political right has for many, many years constructed a machine preying upon the hatred and fear that all humans are susceptible to, while at the same time hypocritically backing some of the most repressive and violent dictatorships the world has ever known, as long as those regimes play ball with the U.S. It is the U.S. which has the largest number of non-violent offenders in prison, the and largest number of political prisoners, both per capita and in sheer numbers. As one example, Castro's Cuba couldn't hold a candle to the type and scale of American war crimes and atrocities unleashed on the world, and yet the current administration condemns the Castro regime without considering the outrageous practices it perpetrates... torture, extraordinary rendition, illegal wiretaps and searches of its own citizens, lying to congress and protecting its own from congressional inquiries, as if it were totally above the law and is immune to the dictates of our precious Constitution. The right continues to find its congressmen caught in scandal after scandal, and denounces behavior that it is most often guilty of committing.

Posted by: chrispk | March 21, 2008 6:08 PM

I find Obama's contradictions disturbing.
The guy who did not hear any controversial comments at Wright's church--oops, change that to I did hear some controversial comments..Duh-twenty years as a member of his congregation.
I received 150 grand from Rezco...oops, the trial has started, I actually received 250 grand.
I want America to rise above racist attacks....but I will go after Ferraro like no tomorrow.
I will accept public funds in a general election.....I take that back, I am raking in a lot of dough.

Posted by: thejaner | March 21, 2008 6:03 PM


For any sane human being, let alone, American to still support Obama after one of his "closest advisors" has such feelings of hatred of America to not mourn 9/11 is evil at best! Not only does this "rev" use a Christian house of worship to denegrate the USA and fellow Christians, but he does it with such crass disrespect for the church and the pulpit, that he can no more be considered a viable reverend than he can be considered a viable American! I can't wait until the IRS nails his ass to the wall for campaign rules and laws violated by him... that I will consider my tax dollars well spent!

Obama is finished... regardless if he gets the nomination! McCain, will wipe the floor with that fool!

Posted by: amsdist | March 21, 2008 6:03 PM

Not only that, edbyronadams, but that stay was quite extended and certainly not properly documented in his passport ; )

Posted by: JakeD | March 21, 2008 5:27 PM

A close examination of John McCain's travel records would reveal an unauthorized stay in N. Vietnam during wartime.

Somebody better work on that one.

Posted by: edbyronadams | March 21, 2008 5:18 PM

Meet the man who inspired Reverend Jeremiah Wright's now famous tirade about America's foreign policy inciting the terrorist attacks of September 11.

His name is Ambassador Edward Peck. And he is a retired, white, career U.S. diplomat who served 32-years in the U.S. Foreign Service and was chief of the U.S. mission to Iraq under Jimmy Carter -- hardly the black-rage image with which Wright has been stigmatized.

In fact, when Wright took the pulpit to give his post-9/11 address -- which has since become boiled down to a five second sound bite about "America's chickens coming home to roost" -- he prefaced his remarks as a "faith footnote," an indication that he was deviating from his sermon.

"I heard Ambassador Peck on an interview yesterday," Wright declared. "He was on Fox News. This is a white man and he was upsetting the Fox News commentators to no end. He pointed out, a white man, an ambassador, that what Malcolm X said when he got silenced by Elijah Muhammad was in fact true: America's chickens are coming home to roost."

Wright then went on to list more than a few U.S. foreign policy endeavors that, by the tone of his voice and manner of his expression, he viewed as more or less deplorable. This included, as has been demonstrated in the endless loop of clips from his sermon, bombing Hiroshima and Nagasaki and nuking "far more than the thousands in New York and the Pentagon and we never batted an eye."

"Violence begets violence," Wright said, "hatred begets hatred, and terrorism begets terrorism."

And then he concluded by putting the comments on Peck's shoulders: "A white ambassador said that yall, not a black militant, not a reverend who preaches about racism, an ambassador whose eyes are wide open and is trying to get us to wake up and move away from this dangerous precipice... the ambassador said that the people we have wounded don't have the military capability we have, but they do have individuals who are willing to die and take thousands with them... let me stop my faith footnote right there."

Watch the video (the relevant material starts around the 3:00 mark):

So it seems that while Wright did believe American held some responsibility for 9/11, his views, which have been described as radically outside the political mainstream, were actually influenced by a career foreign policy official.

Who is Peck? The ambassador, who has offered controversial criticism of Israeli policy in the West Bank but also warned against the Iraq War, was lecturing on a cruise ship and was unavailable for comment. But officials at Peck's former organization, the Council for the National Interest, a non-profit group that advocates reducing Israel's influence on U.S. Middle East policy, offered descriptions of the man.

"Peck is very outspoken," said Eugene Bird, who now heads CNI. "He is also very good at making phrases that have a resonance with the American people. When he came off of that Fox News, a few days later he said they would never invite me back again."

And what, exactly, did Peck say in that Fox News interview that inspired Wright's words?

Here are some quotes from an appearance the Ambassador made on the network on October 11, 2001, which may or may not have been the segment Wright was referring to. On the show, Peck said he thought it was illogical to tie Saddam Hussein to the terrorist attacks on 9/11, and that while the then-Iraqi leader had "some very sound and logical reasons not to like [the United States]," he and Osama bin Laden had no other ties.

From there, Peck went on to ascribe motives for what prompted the 9/11 attacks. "Stopping the economic embargo and bombings of Iraq," he said, "things to which Osama bin Laden has alluded as the kinds of things he doesn't like. He doesn't think it's appropriate for the United States to be doing, from his perspective, all the terrible things that he sees us as having been doing, the same way Saddam Hussein feels. So from that perspective, they have a commonality of interests. But they also have a deeply divergent view of the role of Islam in government, which would be a problem."

Posted by: dropbrianaline | March 21, 2008 5:09 PM

texdon21, explain how the sub prime mortgage scheme worked and how it went south, wouldja?

Posted by: edbyronadams | March 21, 2008 5:04 PM

You people just don't get it! There are TWO WARS going on! ECONOMY in RECESSION! DOLLAR value all time Low! OIL 100 dollars a barrel!
70% of rest of the world HATE America!
All you care about is whose pastor said what?
I wish you people would spend more time studying about your economy than this stupid media spins. Do you see anything on the media comparing the policies of these three candidates? They want to report only stupid political fights and nothing useful. They want you fight with each other so they can improve their ratings.
I don't know why people take politics too personal. THINK!THINK!THINK!THINK!THINK!THINK!
When you vote just think who will keep your job safe, who will make the health care affordable, who will make the college more affordable.
If you are going to vote against someone for pure personal reasons then you don't need GOD to DAMN America.

Posted by: texdon21 | March 21, 2008 4:53 PM

His remarks on Wright in this article seem so disconnected to reality. Is he really tired or really delusional?

Posted by: brigittepj | March 21, 2008 4:31 PM

"I don't find my church particularily controversial."

This passport thingy is "deeply disturbing".

Barack Obama

Posted by: brigittepj | March 21, 2008 4:25 PM

Obama's enormous failure was that he sided with his personal history, his relationship with Pastor Wright, ignoring the broader fundamental threats our country is facing: 9/11, AIDS, War, Ignorance. Obama's inability to see the bigger picture in Wright's rhetoric is fatale because the people who got evaporated into dust in 9/11 weren't Black or White, or Hispanic. They were humans. Obama's lack of vision on this fundamental point cannot be reconciled. Race is important but not more important if you are facing a window on some tall, giant building and see a giant 747 coming on to you. No matter how Obama wishes to spin this--he can not. Furthermore, he allowed his daughters to witness Wright's demagogue thus perpetuating the cycle, diminishing the very post-racial America he is trying to achieve.

Posted by: Kelvin1 | March 21, 2008 4:19 PM

So, is Barack HUSSEIN Obama upset that Hillary DIANE Clinton and John SIDNEY McCain's passport records were accessed too? Or, just that someone now knows how many times he's gone to Muslim countries?

Posted by: JakeD | March 21, 2008 3:57 PM

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