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Clinton's Final Pennsylvania Push

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On her final full day of campaigning in Pennsylvania, Hillary Clinton delivers a simple message: you know me, and I can lead. The Post's Anne Kornblut reports. (Video: Ed O'Keefe /

Posted at 8:37 AM ET on Apr 22, 2008  | Category:  Video Report
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I know you, 4 in 10 Americans know you. You know that you are a everything that is wrong in America today. Greed! Greed for power. Dishonest! Will do or say anything, no matter how caustic, to yourself, the party, and the country to achieve your aims. Yes we know you, Hiliary.

Posted by: tydicea | April 22, 2008 3:06 PM

Pennsylvania - vote for the person who will put head down, dig in and clean up Bush's mess. SurveyUSA now shows Obama TIES McCain while Clinton beats him 51-40 in Mass, usually a bastion of dem support. The trend is very alarming as the rock star shine wears off. We risk losing in November unless Hillary is the nominee.

Obama has outspent her 4/5 to 1, the media has pummeled her and the voters of MI and FL have been cast aside (btw, Obama aired cable commercials in FL) AND yet the race is close. This says ALOT about the strength of her candidacy.

Let's go Pennsylvania, we are counting on you!

Hillary 08

Posted by: Fran | April 22, 2008 12:52 PM


i would happily have this argument everyday of the week.

let's look at Hillary's response to the Bosnia question at the PA debate last week:

Statements she made??
She "said some things that weren't in-keeping" with what happened and I hope you can "look over" it. "unfortunately I was not as accurate as I have been in the past"

And Barack's response? Says let's move on! He has had so much opportunity to berate her - legitimately - because of the ridiculous things that have come out of her mouth - and he has taken the higher road every time.

And Barack's follow-up question had to do with his use of a lapel-pin. His response was, more or less, 'can we talk real issues, please?'

This is a man eager to win NOT because he made Hillary Clinton look bad. But he because he fights to be voted on on legitimate merit.

If you'd like to compare anyone to the GOP, why don't you consider the former Young Republican who is happily fighting, scratching, and clawing, to take this nomination WITHOUT popular support, WITHOUT most delegates, WITHOUT most contests won, and WITH 60% of the people finding her untrustworthy.

Remind you of anyone? We gave an election away once and arguable twice already to someone without them winning the popular vote. Why follow-up GW Bush with GW Clinton???

Obama '08

Posted by: jencm | April 22, 2008 12:26 PM


Posted by: Mary in AZ | April 22, 2008 12:12 PM

Oh Yes we know Hilary.
Lies, rich friends and now a Republican. Vote for the same old already. USA and Canada need each other, like it or not. The whole world is watching, with every right to speak. From Canada who wishes our friends and neighbor, THE PEOPLE OF THE USA, all the best.

Posted by: justada55 | April 22, 2008 11:22 AM


It's so disturbing how many of the Republican tactics the Obama campaign has skillfully and underhandedly implemented throughout this campaign.

Obama and his followers have accomplished almost a verbatim replay of the Republican smearing of Al Gore in 2000.

They branded Al Gore, of all people, a liar.

They made fun of his clothes - "He wears earth tones?!!"

They ridiculed his mannerisms - he sighed and rolled his eyes during a debate with Dubya!!!

And the media aided and abetted the Republican attack machine in support of G.W. Bush.

In addition to the above, the Obamaphiles have added a few new ones in smearing Clinton. They've had the audacity on several occasions to try to pin the label of racist on both Clintons who have long been noted for their impeccable record on civil rights - but then BO needed those AA votes.

Fortunately, BO got caught on that one and had to hang his head in public at a later debate and admit, "The Clintons are not racists."

The media played along with BO for months, pilloring Hillary during every debate and shamelessly favoring BO throughout the campaign - why is anyone surprised that Obama has received most of the newspaper endorsements?

Then came the ABC debate, and the favored one got a few tough questions. He and his minions have been on a frightening rampage ever since.

It's not hard to envision an Obama presidency: If BO doesn't get his way with Congress, his supporters will storm the barricades and take no prisoners.

Posted by: sister | April 22, 2008 10:11 AM

i know her, and she lies.

Posted by: jencm | April 22, 2008 9:22 AM

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