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McCain Refines Plan for Homeowners

By Dan Balz
BROOKLYN -- Two weeks after drawing criticism for saying he favored only a limited federal role to help deal with the home mortgage crisis, Republican presidential candidate John McCain sought to assure Americans he is prepared to use the government where necessary to help ease the impact of a declining economy on working families.

In a campaign appearance with small business owners in Brooklyn, McCain also addressed the spreading economic downturn with proposals to help families facing foreclosure restructure their mortgages and to give workers who have lost their jobs more flexibility and incentives to seek retraining and a speedier return to the workforce.

McCain plans a more comprehensive economic speech for next week, but came here today to blunt criticism from Democratic rivals Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton that he is insensitive to the plight of ordinary Americans.

"Let me make it clear that that in these challenging times, I am committed to using all the resources of this government and great nation to create opportunity and make sure that every deserving American has a good job and can achieve their American dream," he said.

McCain noted that Americans face multiple economic pressures from the economic downturn, from declining home values and threats of foreclosure to the impact of rising gasoline prices on family budgets to fears that a worsening economic situation will throw more people out of work.

On the housing crisis, McCain once again made clear his opposition to broad federal intervention or bailouts. He said he continues to oppose helping those who engaged in and fed the speculative frenzy in the housing and credit markets

"Tax breaks for builders, funds to purchase homes in foreclosure, and tax credits that are not targeted to where the need is greatest do not constitute the federal help that is warranted," he said.

Instead, McCain proposed a federal program that would require individual homeowners to seek help from the federal government and, if they qualified for assistance, emerge with a restructured mortgage that would allow them to stay in their homes.

"There is nothing more important than keeping alive the American dream to own your home, and priority number one is to keep well meaning, deserving home owners who are facing foreclosure in their homes," he said.

There are some limitations. Those families who can afford the terms of their current, albeit higher, mortgage would not qualify. And the assistance would only cover primary residences and only go to families that can truly afford the new mortgage.

McCain economic adviser Douglas Holtz-Eakin said the housing assistance would reach an estimated 200,000 to 400,000 families, with an estimated cost of $3 billion to $10 billion. He said McCain's goal is to use federal money only for those families "who really need help." He also called McCain's approach superior to some Democratic measures because it places primary emphasis on the individuals in need, rather than the lenders.

McCain also demanded a Justice Department investigation to look into criminal wrongdoing in both the home mortgage industry and in the securitized credit instruments that were created to fuel the speculative bubble in the housing market.

For displaced workers, McCain proposed restructuring current job training programs. Repeating past criticism that federal programs are duplicative and inefficient, McCain said he favored changes that would give workers the ability to build up assets in an account that could be used to pay for retraining programs, offset lost income or even provide bridge payments to continue health insurance. The plan also aims to giving older workers who lose their jobs additional benefits.

McCain touched briefly on energy issues, calling on Americans to look for ways to cut back on their consumption and recommending a halt to the purchase of additional oil for the nation's Strategic Petroleum Reserve.

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, who had ridiculed McCain's earlier economic speech, greeted his latest proposals with fresh criticism, describing them as "half-measures" that are inadequate to the scope of the problem.

"Apparently Senator McCain got the message: letting the phone simply ring and ring is not the way to respond to economic crises," she said in a statement. "So now he's changed positions and is finally responding to a housing crisis that has been going on for months."

McCain spoke at a small window replacement company in Brooklyn and was introduced by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who recently shelved consideration of an independent campaign for the White House.

By Web Politics Editor  |  April 10, 2008; 1:39 PM ET
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When a democrat does it it's flip-flopping, when Republican does it it's refining.

Dan Balz is a hack and needs to be fired, but then again so do most of his colleagues.

The Washington Post - Spinnng for Republicans

Posted by: Sid | April 11, 2008 9:18 AM | Report abuse

Refining? Why is it so difficult for the media to check into the specifics of the plan. McCain refined his speech -- his talking points. He didn't refine his plan. Essentially, he believes that subprime borrowers who can PROVE they were credit worthy at the time they borrowed their home loan (Post-2005) are eligible for assistance if they have current mortgage payments, but cannot afford their mortgage and could afford a fixed rate mortgage.

How has he changed? Please. He'll help a couple of hundred thousand mortgage borrowers. He ignores the real problem, which took place:

at the mortgage broker's offices (liar loans, where mortgage brokers told borrowers they wouldn't verify income or employment) and

in the back shop, where buyers of individual mortgage pooled such mortgages together and sold them as unregulated securities.

Does McCain approve of either of these practices? He has no plan to limit either such practice, leaving it to the "market" (where the smart guys make up rules like, "You don't need to save a down payment because home values forever increase"). Both Hillary and Barack understand the problem and will work to correct it. McCain is a joke.

Posted by: teo | April 11, 2008 7:49 AM | Report abuse

"refine" is the wrong word, "flip-flop" is closer to the truth.

Posted by: Steve J. | April 11, 2008 1:02 AM | Report abuse

Is it true that John McCain once punched a hole in a cow just to see what was coming up the road? Also, I've heard they use Maverick's poop for currency in Argentina...true?

Posted by: Max | April 11, 2008 12:27 AM | Report abuse

Thanks, Dan Balz! Got it: When a Democrat changes their position, it's called a "flip flop," and when a Republican changes their mind, it's "refined." No biased reporting here, folks!

Posted by: Tab Khan-Cahn | April 10, 2008 11:31 PM | Report abuse

I swear the WaPost is all about making sure that McCain, as opposed either one of the two Democrats, gets his message on front page every day.

It's a sad day when the WaPost has become just like all the other media outlets in their backwards coverage of elections.

Just some thoughts from a regular reader.

Posted by: | April 10, 2008 3:31 PM

AGREE WITH YOU.just like the NEW YORK TIME becomes a surogate of HILLARY CLINTON,seldom balanced coverage for both CANDIDATES

Posted by: jeff shawn | April 10, 2008 9:55 PM | Report abuse

Agree-"Refine" was something we need more Plants in this Country to be able to do-Instead of Dumping too Expensive and Short Supply Oil into "Reserves"(AKA-Ground!).

EXPANDED Plan-Much more accurate! ;~)

Then, Allow me to "Flip" the Dimocrat "Flops"! :-)

Posted by: RAT-The | April 10, 2008 9:54 PM | Report abuse

It's not a REFINEMENT. It's a flip flop.

Or it would be if you were writing about a Democrat!

Posted by: AndyO | April 10, 2008 9:42 PM | Report abuse

REFINE? If that was Al Gore you'd be calling him a dirty liar!

Posted by: AndyO | April 10, 2008 9:41 PM | Report abuse

Democrats who say they will vote for McCain if their preferred candidate loses the nomination are bonkers.

Do you really think that McCain is better than Clinton or Obama? Are you really so thick and conceited that you will cut off your nose just to spite your face?

McCain will put TWO right wing nuts on the Supreme Court, giving the nutters a 6-3 majority! Do you really want this? Think about the consequences in terms of all the rights we have now!

And don't even start with his foreign policy....

Posted by: NoMcCain | April 10, 2008 9:04 PM | Report abuse

Forget it.

The Terrorists have won.

We have met the enemy, and they are us.

Posted by: Von Zipper | April 10, 2008 9:02 PM | Report abuse

It's a FLIP FLOP, Balz.

Stop spinning for the old man.

Posted by: Rich | April 10, 2008 8:54 PM | Report abuse

"REFINES?" No, he FLIP-FLOPS. He DID NOT support it two weeks ago. He said that it is not the Government's job to bail out. Now he SUPPORTS it. It's called a FLIP-FLOP Mr. Balz. It's despicable how low you people go to protect Saint McCain's radical right-wing policies by couching them in moderate terms.

Posted by: David | April 10, 2008 8:45 PM | Report abuse

"REFINES?" No, he FLIP-FLOPS. He DID NOT support it two weeks ago. He said that it is not the Government's job to bail out. Now he SUPPORTS it. It's called a FLIP-FLOP Mr. Balz. It's despicable how low you people go to protect Saint McCain's radical right-wing policies by couching them in moderate terms.

Posted by: David | April 10, 2008 8:45 PM | Report abuse

John Kerry Notes to Self:

1. Invent time traveling DeLorean
2. Travel back in time to 2004, meet with Dan Balz
3. Ask him and others in media to substitute "refines" for "flip flops"
4. Win election.

Posted by: Jordan | April 10, 2008 8:43 PM | Report abuse

I looked up 'refine' in the dictionary but I couldn't find 'flip flop 180 degrees in a shameless play for votes' anywhere. But I guess WaPo has a better dictionary...

Posted by: richie | April 10, 2008 8:25 PM | Report abuse

Oh, Dan if you need help in how journalism is supposed to be done check this site out, Please.

Posted by: RichardRodriguez | April 10, 2008 8:24 PM | Report abuse

"McCain Refines Plan for Homeowners:" Shame on the POst and reporter Balzar. In the span of just two weeks, McCain does an about face and you label it a "Refinement" ? Let me geuss you or your editor rreally really loved that Bar-B-Que at Cindy's cabin?

Posted by: RichardRodriguez | April 10, 2008 8:21 PM | Report abuse


.... just add it to the long list being compiled by "The Maverick"....

Posted by: Lucky Lakeshore | April 10, 2008 7:39 PM | Report abuse

So did McFlip propose this? Or McFlop?

The "straight talk" has become so labarynthine that you need a scorecard to even know what game is being played.

Posted by: tc125231 | April 10, 2008 7:26 PM | Report abuse

McCain is a flip flopper.

Posted by: truth1 | April 10, 2008 7:21 PM | Report abuse

This is the first time anyone in this administration, including McCain has even addressed the dire needs of homeowners, but as in all legislation to date the taxpayers are footing the bill for these lenders who have already made billions of dollars off of the subprime, mostly adjustable mortgages so why are these lenders the first in line to receive billions in bailout money from our tax dollars. These corporations aren't even the ones paying most of the taxes in our treasury but the administration is doing everything it can to see that they get most of any and all bailout funding in every way possible. Bush and Cheney continues to categorize the homeowners as irresponsible borrowers and other such terminology, when the truth is that most of them were deceived into these loans and tricked by these lenders who made all the money in the first place so why would this government even consider using our tax dollars to bail them out and give another lender a sale price at our expense and at the expense of the employees of these companies who have stock in them. Watch out for these Republican operatives in the so-called bailout packages because they are going to trick the public into thinking they are going to provide significant financial assistance to most homeowners in need who are facing foreclosure in the future or adjusting loans, when the greatest benefit will be for the lenders once again and the homeowners will be left homeless and penniless. EVERYONE THOROUGHLY EXAMINE THESE BAILOUT BILLS BECAUSE YOU ARE ABOUT TO BE TRICKED AGAIN BIGTIME!!!!

Posted by: G.Pope | April 10, 2008 7:05 PM | Report abuse

I think McCain is doing himself no favors by pandering to the 5% of homeowners who are behind on their mortgage payments at the risk of angering the 95% who don't want to participate in any such bail-outs. Please leave the bail-out promises to your Democratic rivals, Senator McCain! Your original hands-off approach was really more popular than you think.

Posted by: cocktails42 | April 10, 2008 6:54 PM | Report abuse

If McCain were a Democrat the headline would be that he "FLIP-FLOPPED" yet again.

Posted by: Ed Szewczyk | April 10, 2008 6:38 PM | Report abuse

Senator John Mccain also has some great pieces of swampland with rustic estates on them to sell anyone who bleieves any of his tripe. McCain is already one of America's nightmares. We Americans cannot afford to allow another Traitor and Swamp Rat to occupy the White House in Novemeber.

Posted by: J-MAN | April 10, 2008 6:17 PM | Report abuse

Was it not too long ago McCain said is was the fault of the home owners in the way they secured a loan to buy a house?

Posted by: satchnthesaint | April 10, 2008 6:01 PM | Report abuse

If Mr. McCain cannot find a way for the billions in Iraq oil money to continue PAYING FOR US TO FIGHT THE IRAQI'S CIVIL WAR, then he needs to be a MAN and bring our troops home.

I know you are not much of an Economist, but let me spell it out for you:

We are BROKE...DEAD BROKE, and we cannot afford this war while our own country goes down the DRAIN!!

Posted by: MaryB | April 10, 2008 5:58 PM | Report abuse

This is fantastical Obamaland news. While Elton John was supporting the best candidate - Mr. Obama was in San Francisco - visiting BILLIONAIRES !!

Didn't hear about it? Because he didn't SPOON FEED it to the press and they seem to have a stake in his future. I remember early on when he wouldn't talk to them at all for fear of being found out.

Anyway - here is the link to Obama's Billionaires Event yesterday. REAL DIFFERENT politician? I don't think so. Just a liar.

Posted by: Todd | April 10, 2008 5:57 PM | Report abuse

WOW....I am absolutely STRUCK by how completely out of touch our presidential candidates really are......

They are ALL multi millionaires that are owned by the Special Interests. They couldnt give a hoot about how bad life is for hardworking, responsible, tax paying citizens---The bailouts for their banking buddies will all be on OUR BACKS.

THROW THE BUMS OUT-- All of them.

Britney Spears would do a better job running our country stoned out of her mind from the her room at the Chateau Marmont.

Posted by: SamX | April 10, 2008 5:54 PM | Report abuse

How could he say that he will intervene and help out? He wasn't even there when they voted and probably didn't partake in any discussions about it. To me, it shows he doesn't care. The same with Hillary and Obama. They have a job to do and they need to do it. If they care so much, then they should have taken an active role.

I am so sick of them.

Posted by: Lkat | April 10, 2008 5:52 PM | Report abuse

Message to McCain.


Go on vacation.

Let Hillary and Obama kill each other.

But don't open your mouth and wiffle waffle like the closet Lib you might be.

Posted by: John Bailo | April 10, 2008 5:38 PM | Report abuse

McCain does an "about face"!
McCain supports Government intrusion into the Market!
McCain reverses himself. Government to the rescue!
McCain can't remember what he said 2 weeks ago! Says something different!

Posted by: thebob.bob | April 10, 2008 5:38 PM | Report abuse

It just seems to me, what to me would be common sense, that if McCain thinks it is nonsense this issue that people made purchases with possible gains in mind and ended up under these circumstances, then of course he'd also be against prolonging the stay of our military in Iraq for illegit reasons. If he thinks this housing issue is nonsense, surely he'd see this war he's for in the same light.

My personal requests for McCain:

1. FIND a way to make plans to bring our military out of Iraq.

2. Make plans to redirect the money that would be used for the war, to make much needed improvements here at home first.

This is presidency for the United States, not of the world. We need to come first.

Posted by: Obama2008 | April 10, 2008 5:25 PM | Report abuse

He said "100 years" before he didn't say it.......
(something like that).....

Posted by: TOMHERE | April 10, 2008 5:23 PM | Report abuse

Hmmmm...I personally don't understand how he is SO against helping our own people here on home grounds, but SO strongly pro-continuation-of-illegit war. These are two issues that we have. When we weigh them out, it seems to me he would think the continuation of the war is far more damaging. If we're going to use up trillions of dollars, we may as well go ahead and use them to help OUR PEOPLE here on home grounds, and spare more lives at that even. McCain, can we PLEASE talk about That agenda? =)!

Posted by: Obama2008 | April 10, 2008 5:14 PM | Report abuse

Why does the headline say Refines Plan as it should read sounds like another flop by the big flipper. Taxes, campaign contributions, immigration, lobbyists, Jerry Falwell, New Rich wife....what next as he sounds alot like Kerry.

Posted by: Phil | April 10, 2008 4:59 PM | Report abuse

Hee Heee! I'm Baaaaack!

As the Good Senator Said:

"Let me make it clear that that in these challenging times, I am committed to using all the resources of this government and great nation to create opportunity and make sure that every deserving American has a good job and can achieve their American dream," he said.

So he did Say!


Hola! Senor Sub-Contractor! Pedro, Juan, and Enrique here are missing anything remotely close to PROPER IDs! Es no Bueno, Comprende? THIS set of three $1,000 Fines is for YOU!
Prove their eligibility to work today, and they will be dismissed, otherwise, I'd try finding a Cheaper source of Labor, if I was YOU!

Hasta MANNANA! ;~)

Yep! Even $30/ Hr. is a whole lot cheaper than $10/ Hr. with a Thousand Dollar Bonus to the Community!

BTW! Muchas Gracias Criminal Employer! Let's do it again! ;~)

All Satire aside Senator, let's get Skilled AMERICANS- BACK to doing Skilled work at FAIR Wages! IF, you actually USE ALL the Government's resources, it is really VERY Easy to do! :-)

Then, has anyone been able to help Nancy Pelosi FIND that House Resolution 1940: Birthright Citizenship Act she lost?

Dimocrats Para La Invasora! Dimocrats Para Reconquista!

No Mas Dimocrats por Favor! ;~)

Posted by: RAT-The | April 10, 2008 4:59 PM | Report abuse

McBush has a housing plan? He basically said people were on their own, so now he's got a plan, sounds like the same way him and his buddy Bush planned the WAR in Iraq!

Posted by: Sue F | April 10, 2008 4:26 PM | Report abuse

Who writes the headline for these stories?

If a democrat were to "modify" or "clarify" his or her earlier position, the Post would characterize it as "reverses" or "changes" or "softens."

But since it's McCain, the Post editors characterize his change of position as "refines."

Unbelievable, how many in the media excuse his behavior.

Posted by: Ian | April 10, 2008 4:23 PM | Report abuse

John "Preemptive" McCain, if you want to pander for some street cred you should quit your senate seat and do some part time at Home Depot. Even then you will have a hard time beating Obama. It's called "being connected to people".

Posted by: Matt | April 10, 2008 4:17 PM | Report abuse

mcbush's housing plan: foreclose on everyone and offer a free house to every new enlistee. still won't be enough to fight his personal war against islam but it's a start!

Posted by: estevegrande | April 10, 2008 4:00 PM | Report abuse

Just remember, now that John has awoke from his nap, his is doing something - not much - but something.

Also remember, he voted to support Bush and the CIA continuing to TORTURE prisoners, and

Also remember he has VOTED AGAINST raising the budget for the VA three times running.

He is a complete hypocrite, and I still ask the question that remains unanswered to this day - What does five years as a POW have to do with making him qualified to be President?

Posted by: swanieaz | April 10, 2008 3:57 PM | Report abuse

"Bloody John, Bloody John,
Who the hell you gonna bomb?

Flip-flop John, Flip Flop John,
Why can't you make up your mind?

Condi "Nutcracker" Rice
Pick her for your torturing Vice.
That girl's got some big ones
When it comes to hurting somebody.
Hell, they killed over 100.
Over 100 dead in Condi-directed CIA Torture Dungeons.
You go, girl!
Check out them glossy eight-by-tens,
Of them nekkid Arab mens......

Posted by: Tom | April 10, 2008 3:54 PM | Report abuse

Feds: Just stay out of private business, please! The system will correct itself when the idiots who bought more house than they could afford lose their homes and are forced to go back to renting or buying cheaper houses. Everyone knows an ARM is NOT the way to go, and they were just riding the great rates out and "saving money" over fixed rate loans. They are getting what they knew could happen. This is a free market. The lenders are stupid for lending to subprime buyers, and they assumed the risk. Bailing them out is not a solution. It is rewarding them (both banks and short-sighted buyers) for losing on a risky loan, and you will see this situation again if you bail them out.

The federal government is not supposed to be a huge monster. If you want coddling from your nanny state, look to your state-level government for help instead of wanting Uncle Sugar to bail you out of every little situation. I refuse to pay for your stupidity with my taxes any more than I already do.

Posted by: EngineerGA | April 10, 2008 3:44 PM | Report abuse

I swear the WaPost is all about making sure that McCain, as opposed either one of the two Democrats, gets his message on front page every day.

It's a sad day when the WaPost has become just like all the other media outlets in their backwards coverage of elections.

Just some thoughts from a regular reader.

Posted by: Anonymous | April 10, 2008 3:31 PM | Report abuse

He will start WW-III, No questions ask as he said he will not rule-out a pre-imptive strike on IRAN. Translated he will start world war III. So will "hil-LIE-re" the Clintons are very good friends with the BUSH family. Make no mistake about it will be a big mess!!!!!!!

Posted by: Kfitz | April 10, 2008 3:29 PM | Report abuse

On the POSITIVE Side for Senator McCain, he does have better plans than the Dimocrats or the rest of the Senate.

Uhhhhh YEAH! Let's TALK about that RESERVES BS! I never did get any answer about just HOW MUCH we are currently Buying-OR WHEN, and in JUST WHAT SORT OF PROPORTION to Previous Amounts! :-(

My BET, Bushie has been constantly buying up amounts to protect his Venture Speculators who should have been BURNED a Couple of Hurricane Free Summers Now!

Along with Prices staying up because Supplies are "Tighter" than anticipated!

I am starting to want to prevent Bushie from boarding His Plane to Paraguay until the Next President gets to review his possible culpability in the Gouging! ;~(

I am not gone YET!

Posted by: RAT-The | April 10, 2008 3:28 PM | Report abuse

Not that I think I need to be worrying about any of it too much longer, but;

IF, Mitt Romney is left out, he should recharge his Bid.

Any fool can play God with an Armed Force like we have. but the Economic Screw-ups are KILLING US!

No$$$, no decent Paying Job-Folks, $8-12/ Hr DOES NOT FLOAT THE BOAT-Unless you are collecting assistance, used to doing without, and paying NO TAXES!-IE; ILLEGALS!

70's Wages in the 2000's is a Reason to Revolt!

Obama Change is NOT the Answer. His Ilk have been in a shared control already, and are just a part of the Problem-One we have tried very hard to keep under control! :-(

Teddy Kennedyism-Bites!

Mitt Romney, is his Own Man! HE, is true Change from the Status Quo! He has some Clues!

Remember Folks, it is Called the EXECUTIVE BRANCH! Try putting in a SUCCESSFUL (Read:Non-Bushlike) Businessman in!

How DID John McCain win the Primary?

Oh yeah! Giuliani and al-Huckleberry Collusion! :-(

It is Still 6 MONTHS until November! ;~)

Posted by: RAT-The | April 10, 2008 3:20 PM | Report abuse

What about those of us who can afford to pay $400 more for our ARM mortgages that are resetting and can't refi now because their neighborhoods are illegal alien and financial idiot havens now that have destroyed all of their equity. We are just ineligible for getting our mortgage reset to current values?... BUT, those who spent well beyond their means and who are irresponsible with their personal finances can qualify for a lower payment AND a lower total mortgage. Yeah, that's fair. I see that plan starting a full out riot if they reward idiots with mortgages based on current values while those of us who can afford the payment are left with overvalued mortgages because of the idiots that McCain wants to help. That's the stupidest thing I have ever read. Help all or help none. A person's salary has nothing to do with it. This is just rewarding irresponsible behavior and not helping those of us who are responsible and who have just been swept up in a perfect storm of a housing nightmare.

Posted by: Dave | April 10, 2008 3:16 PM | Report abuse

I'm tired of listening to politicians talk about fixing the housing market. The housing market was a bubble and everyone knew it, if you bought in a bubble then you deserve the financial loss. Doesn't anyone remember when investors moved their money from the stock market to the real estate market many years back looking for greater returns? That should of been the first signal to everyone that the housing market was going to bubble.

If they want to help out the average american then they should be giving low cost loans to developers to build apartment buildings with affordable rent. Doesn't anyone remember when rent use to be 1/2 of the cost of a mortgage? Now rent is as much as a mortgage if not more. Poor city planning is responsible for the lack of affordable housing. Alot of cities don't want the low wage worker living in their city so they ensure it by not allowing too many apartment buildings to be built thus inflating rents.

Posted by: Anonymous | April 10, 2008 3:13 PM | Report abuse

It never ceases to amaze me how citizens in America like to hear their own voice, even at the risk of sounded ignorant. I am an independent voter and claim no affiliation with a political party. However, I have read the Constitution, and have studied the structure of our government. Whether the people like it or not, the United States government was carefully designed to move slowly, and somewhat ineffectively. Both the conservatives and liberals complain that the other side does too much and their's too little. Just imagine if there were no 'road-blocks' to hinder the process. My main point: Those criticizing McCain's plans, in my opinion, are ignorant, because most of his plans are much more realistic than any universal health-care or 60-day withdrawl.

Posted by: level-headed | April 10, 2008 3:10 PM | Report abuse

John McWar is just playing lip service there is no way of lifting us out of the recession without ending the War in Iraq

John McAlzheimer's knows nothing about the economy

John McAncient is a war hero but a war monger and has began sable rattling with Iran

Posted by: Andrew Kenneth | April 10, 2008 2:52 PM | Report abuse

The "character" of AMNESTY-JOHN can be summed up in one word: BETRAYAL.

1. Wife BETRAYAL. When his wife was injured in an auto accident resulting in a severe limp, AMNESTY-JOHN didn't hesitate to divorce her to marry-up into money. (His current wife is a multi-millionaire beer distributor who has refused to provide a single penny of her money to the AMNESTY-JOHN campaign, but her distribution warehouses reportedly employ dozens of illegals!)

2. Constituent BETRAYAL. AMNESTY-JOHN betrayed his constituents on many, many issues. Most notable is his total support for providing citizenship to illegal immigrants - an issue opposed by more than 70% of his constituents.

3. Party BETRAYAL. AMNESTY-JOHN is one of the few "Republicans" most likely to vote against or oppose the interests of his party. He's done it on taxes, spending, appointments, policy matters, social issues and on and on and on.

4. Country BETRAYAL. Several independent investigators have alleged that AMNESTY-JOHN betrayed both his country and fellow solders while a POW. They concluded that AMNESTY-JOHN provided military information to his captors in exchange for better food and medical treatment. AMNESTY-JOHN has made sure that such details of his military service will never be known since he used his senator-influence to have his military record PERMANENTLY SEALED FOREVER. Just what is AMNESTY-JOHN trying to hide?

If AMNESTY-JOHN is elected, the citizens of American will suffer intense "buyer's remorse" once he sets out on his own agenda - instead of the one American citizens want. Fortunately, once the true, disgusting character of AMNESTY-JOHN is known to the voters, they will run from this senile, ill-tempered, war monger faster than you can say IMPEACH DICKNBUSH.

Posted by: ALEX H. | April 10, 2008 2:34 PM | Report abuse

Alas, Waaaaaaaay too LITTLE.

Waaaaaaaaay too LATE!

For me at least!


And I take NO Consolation in knowing I am not alone! :-(

But Hey Jerks, throw more money to Wall Street and the Damned Banks while Allowing Criminal Employers to build more un-necessary Houses, with illegal invaders, to Sub-Prime Lend on!

And may God have NO mercy on your traitorous souls!

Posted by: RAT-The | April 10, 2008 2:22 PM | Report abuse

John McCain knows all about housing. In fact, he owns eight houses.

Did you know McCain is as rich as Romney, or in other words as rich as Croesus? They both have about $250 million. But McCain has it through his wife, and the media never mentions it.

PS I'm not making up the eight houses. McCain and his wife own at least eight homes, according to the Associated Press.

They also have their own jet.

Posted by: OD | April 10, 2008 2:13 PM | Report abuse

See, if someone important to McCain lost a house or two (like Trent Lott did in the hurricanes) THEN there would be incentive for him to care about this issue.

I have it!!! Just tell him that "Al Qaeda" caused the mortgage crisis. Since he has little idea what "Al Qaeda" actually is, he might buy into it.

Posted by: steve boyington | April 10, 2008 2:10 PM | Report abuse

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