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Obama Takes Questions on Sean Bell, Clyburn and Wright

Portrait of Majority Whip Jim Clyburn in his office during a 2007 interview. (The Washington Post)

By Alec MacGillis
INDIANAPOLIS -- Sen. Barack Obama weighed in today on the acquittals of New York City police detectives charged in fatally shooting an unarmed black Queens man, Sean Bell, saying he believed that the verdict needed to be respected and urging those who disagreed with it not to resort to violence. That would be "completely unacceptable and counterproductive," Obama said.

"Well, look, obviously there was a tragedy in New York. I said at the time, without benefit of all the facts before me, that it looked like a possible case of excessive force. The judge has made his ruling, and we're a nation of laws, so we respect the verdict that came down," he said in response to a question at a gas station in Indianapolis, where he was holding a news conference.

"The most important thing for people who are concerned about that shooting is to figure out how do we come together and assure those kinds of tragedies don't happen again," he continued. ... "Resorting to violence to express displeasure over a verdict is something that is completely unacceptable and counterproductive."

The verdict, which has touched off a storm of protest in New York, arrives at a delicate time in the campaign for Obama. After his loss to Sen. Hillary Clinton in the Pennsylvania primary, some Democrats are quietly worrying whether Obama's difficulty in winning over working-class white voters could pose a problem for the party if he is the nominee.

Obama addressed that challenge, along with several other racially oriented questions, at his wide-ranging news conference, standing before a gas pump. He dismissed the comments made by his former pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, in an interview this week, in which Wright labeled as political posturing Obama's speech criticizing incendiary snippets of Wright's sermons.

"I've commented extensively on my profound disagreements with some of Reverend Wright's comments. I understand that he may not agree with me on my assessment of his comments, and that's to be expected," Obama said. "He's obviously free to express his opinion on these issues. I've expressed mine very clearly -- I think that what he said in several instances was objectionable, and I understand why the American people took offense. As I indicated before, I took offense."

Obama also declined to engage with comments made this week by Democratic Rep. James Clyburn of South Carolina, the highest-ranking black member of the House of Representatives, who said that Bill Clinton's actions during the campaign may have left an irreparable breach between Clinton and the black community.

"I never believe in irreparable breaches. I'm a big believer in reconciliation and redemption," he said. "So, look, this has been a fierce contest. I've said repeatedly, come August there will be a whole lot of people standing on a stage with a lot of balloons and confetti raining down on the Democratic nominee, and people are going to be excited about taking on John McCain in November."

And he generally downplayed the challenge of winning white, working-class voters, saying he was confident that many of them would support him after he had a chance to draw a contrast with John McCain.

"There have been concerns in Ohio and Pennsylvania, but in both of those states, if you look at the polling, those Democrats are more than likely to vote for me in a general election. They preferred Senator Clinton, although we did better in Pennsylvania than in Ohio," he said. "Bottom line is, I think people across the board are figuring out how are we lowering gas prices, how are we putting people back to work, are we going to make sure we're dealing with the war in Iraq and starting to bring our troops home now. I don't think there's a huge difference between the black working, the white working class, suburban, urban rural. I think people want to see the country make progress. So what I'm going to continue to do is address issues that affect people's bottom lines, the issues they're talking about around the kitchen table."

By Web Politics Editor  |  April 25, 2008; 2:42 PM ET
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Posted by: dmxrp camnkt | May 13, 2008 12:09 PM | Report abuse

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Posted by: qzrhcubde sixnboe | May 13, 2008 12:08 PM | Report abuse

That was a really stupid thing for a really intelligent man to say.

Posted by: Anonymous | May 6, 2008 5:52 PM | Report abuse

Obama's mother was a wh0re and his father was a pimp.

Posted by: stephen7167 | May 4, 2008 1:48 AM | Report abuse

After listening to pulblic radio today that stated there are indeed seeing more cops and violence in black communities...police are afraid and they respond out of fear. Well..we surely feel safer now. So in the Bell case...if I were Mr. Bell..I would have taken those cops to possibly be the 'bad gugys'...afterall, they were in plain clothes, carrying guns so would you believe those guys if they said they were the police? And if they did say they were...would you be even more afraid??? I change my mind to believing this was somewhat racially motivated and believe Ms. Bell can win her case on those grounds...and that the NYPD has to change their tactics. I know I don't face the difficulties that some do...but once here a few years ago I slid at an intersection with snow..a sheriff put his lights on and with our windows rolled down he started yelling at me...saying I was going to go thru that intersection without stopping and I'm just the kind of person who will kill someone someday. You can feel it when a person is close to the edge...and he was I said the yes sirs, etc...but held firm with telling him that I was stopped. but here I was, a 50 year old white woman, afraid of this cop and humoring him so he wouldn't get out of his vehicle and pummel me to death. This disturbs me greatly, as it should, and it was a real wake-up call for me. I'm sure we have all heard the latest about the Obama/Wright thing that the media wants us all hog tied to, so go to and read the editorial: "Barack Obama, Rev. Wright and Racism, America Responds:We're not done with you yet."'s excellent.

Posted by: an_gel47 | April 29, 2008 9:00 PM | Report abuse

I'm white... and I can relate to wanting to leave this dying ship ... but, I'm not sure if that shooting was entirely racially motivated because I'm seeing much more police brutality in all areas of this country against everybody. I think it's certainly a police force brainwashed and unskilled...they increased the police force and I think they lowered the qualifications to get in. In my opinion they need to start over. Not all people are bigots...but those few that are.. rattle their cage and are heard of more; they want to scare you because they're so frightened by their own ignorance like a cornered dog..they'll strike out at anything. They're so frightened that Obama will become our next president..but stand your ground.
Obama is running first as an American and nothing else. Shame on those who think otherwise. If this country looses its diversity...then would the previous poster do you do me a favor and let me know if you find a better place 'cuz I'll get the next ticket out-of-town too. Seriously..an_gel47

Posted by: an_gel47 | April 29, 2008 7:36 AM | Report abuse

I hate this country. Why on earth does a black man have to put his tail in between his legs to please this country... tis of thee? It is an outrage for any human being to be shot dead by 51 bullets. Wouldn't anyone of us, no matter our skin color, be saddened by this amount of aggression shown at any human being? And then to think there were three officers and not an army that killed him, adds more anger to this rising fire. I just want to scream out to people: 'Do you feel the flames of racism everyday? Those of us without pigment and melanin, this is my question to you? Is it just a figurative discussion to ponder your worth here or do you literally have to be afraid of the sun rising each day because you don't know if you will die from natural disasters or the hands of a police man? Have you ever wondered why me? Why people like me are the ones for centuries to be the ones of the cross, hung because of our skin color, tortured because of melanin? Are our differences this great? What on earth makes us different? Why do we die so frequently when it comes down to simple procedures? or are the simple procedures aimed at killing me? These are the questions that I wish some of you would turn and face the mirror and ask yourself. These are the questions that I am forced to face just because I was born here and with this beautiful, black, melanin enriched skin. I ask you to ask yourself: 'Am I that privileged and out of the loop to give two damns? I'm ready to get out of here and go abroad like many brown people have in the past... somewhere else where my skin color does not prevent me from enjoying civil liberties, and of course, the simple joy of the sun rising each day.

Posted by: Khalil Anthony Peebles | April 28, 2008 8:48 PM | Report abuse

What Clyburn tried to do is to divert the attention from Obama's scandal for the weekend and tried to attack President Clinton in order to ward off topic of Sunday talk shows. Obama's deceptiveness, dishonesty and calculating attitude is well know. He tried to use the RACE card from the very start by bringing in Oprah and hiding jesse jackson, sharpton, etc behind the scenes to hoodwink the general public. Obama surrounds himself with American flags but do not respect them. Obama is winning ONLY because of black vote. If his wright's problem was exposed earlier, he would never win Iowa, Virginia and Maryland.

Posted by: UTW | April 28, 2008 9:04 AM | Report abuse

to whom ever posted the last post calling Obama a pig...I feel you are truely cloaked in paranoia and fear..but that doesn't surprise me..that's how you keep people in line. I really don't have to watch the Reverend Wright again nor do I spend a moment thinking about the fact Senator Obama was on a committee with William Ayers. The great thing about Senator Obamas relationships with people who have come up from past conflicts in somewhat 'harsher' times is that he shows he can work with and negotiate a storm and at the same time offer a challenge to do better. See my biggest fear is living in a country with great ignorance. Would you actually believe that Senator Obama would turn his back on a church that has been trying to support people who were in great need of supporting? He doesn't condone some of Reverend Wrights comments but he understands that both Wright and Ayers come from turbulant times.. I worked with a fellow from upstate New York once. He was 'bout my age at the time..40 or so and told me that his boyscout leader told him...when he was just seven years old (imagine this) that he'd never amount to anything 'cuz he was black. I'm sure that made an impression... But what amazed me even more was this mans ability to overcome such abuse..he, btw, was my boss and a very good one. He had to have had a very strong support system...I would surmise it was family and church that helped him to overcome the hate that this white person in a power position forced upon him.
Senator Obama knows what it's like to be black in a white society and white in a black society.. Not too many people get that vandage's unique.
I'm a huge Carter fan...and last I heard..the Carter family have endorsed Senator Obama and so do I and many of my friends.

Posted by: an_gel47 | April 27, 2008 2:01 AM | Report abuse


I watched Wrights interview on PBS. This guy is a PIECE OF SH*T just like OBAMA

Posted by: OBAMA the PIG | April 27, 2008 1:22 AM | Report abuse

For all of you who don't think Senator Obama is a uniter...look at the crowds of people at his rallys, and while you're at it...look at the numbers of unified groups coming out to vote for him in the primaries. We're seeing history in the making. If you don't think Senator Obama is saying're NOT PAYING ATTENTION.
I'm going to keep this short due to the attention span of a few here on this forum..oh, and don't mention it.

Posted by: an_gel47 | April 27, 2008 1:07 AM | Report abuse

I don't know why Hitlery was not questioned on the acquitals of these rogue cops...especially since she is the senator of New York. Then again that would be too revealing of her natuire and that is to LIE on her whereabouts and actions

Posted by: Charles | April 27, 2008 12:15 AM | Report abuse

Hillary lost her coronation. Her supporters should stop crying and get behind the winner.

Crow / Sinbad '08

Posted by: tchanta | April 26, 2008 11:56 PM | Report abuse

BUT I think you conveniently missed out MSNBC as an OBAMA Network.

CNN is a big question mark for Hillary? Lou Dobbs and Tony Snow are the only objective people there. The rest are all Obama pussycats.

Look at this guy McLarty (? spelling) never in the last 6 months did he say anything good about Hillary.

He seems to be another Chris Matthews at MSNBC working for CNN.

Posted by: Sycamore, VA | April 26, 2008 10:36 PM | Report abuse

As with all statistical analysis, all of our calculations come with a certain degree of imprecision. However, our goal is more modest than to forecast the exact results of hypothetical primaries. Rather, we wish to make three broad points. First, because voter turnout is lower in caucuses, the popular vote dramatically devalues the popular will of citizens of caucus states. Second, the size of the devaluation is large, given that about one-third of states have used caucuses and caucus turnout is only one-fifth of primary turnout. Finally, both the actual caucus results and the results of our hypothetical primaries suggest that were every state to have held primaries, Obama would have a larger lead in the current tally of the popular vote."

bottom line = PLEDGED DELEGATES not popular vote, so quit spreading your bullsh*t (JakeD the idiot)

right,absolutely right!

Posted by: jeff shawn | April 26, 2008 10:20 PM | Report abuse

During the current Democratic nominating contest, the popular vote has been named as one of the criteria that should help determine the winner in the eyes of the public and the super delegates. A major problem with using the popular vote as a measure of democratic will is that some states have held primaries while others have used caucuses, which have far lower turnout. According to our analysis, an additional 4.1 million voters likely would have participated in the Democratic nominating process had every caucus state instead held a primary - people who are left out of current popular vote tabulations. Additionally, it is likely that the candidates' share of the popular vote would be different. When we forecast the likely outcome of hypothetical primaries in caucus states by using their demographic profiles to project vote outcomes based on national demographic voting patterns, we find that Barack Obama's lead in the popular vote would increase from about 2.5 percentage points to about 3.5 percentage points. This translates into a lead of more than 1.3 million votes, up notably from the current number of about 717,000 votes (as of April 9).

Posted by: | April 25, 2008 3:00 PM
yes,yes,yes.this is really a factor has to be considered

Posted by: Jeff shawn | April 26, 2008 9:54 PM | Report abuse

Plenty of snake-oil on the runway in Bosnia! Plenty of lizard guts surrounding White Water land deal. How about that frog feces related to Bill Clinton and Columbia trade? How was Vince Foster really united with death? What about scorched earth as an approach to winning, this surely will unite the people? What about illegal narcotics sales in Arkansas?

HRC --bad for America!

Posted by: DebtToSociety | April 26, 2008 9:14 PM | Report abuse

I would like to know how Obama is somehow a "uniter". The only thing we know about Obama is that we don't know much about anything of him. Apart from his Illinois Senate votes, Obama has not shown his ability to be bipartison, nor has he shown any leadership capabilities within the US senate. How he is able to project his ability to "unite the country" is beyond me.

"Uniting the country" and "going beyond petty politics in Washington" has been the favorite motto of MANY Presidents, Obama is not the first to use it. Let us look into history and we can see that Reagan, Clinton, and our current president have all claimed the same thing, while at the same time dividing the country even further.

In my mind every single politician will say whatever he/she needs to win an electorate, therefore the only way to judge a politician's future course of action is by his/her votes. While Obama has preciously few of them, HRC has plenty. I support HRC on the basis of her votes and distrust the lofty words of Obama. Again, just because a snake-oil salesman can say lofty things doesn't mean that his words are true.

Posted by: logicaldoubtofhumansanity | April 26, 2008 9:03 PM | Report abuse

"rosalala", please expound on the uniting capabilities of your candidate. Also, the people that have united in support of the Senator's candidacy are the greatest testament to his uniting ability. I have no problems with anything you posited for you stated your convictions absent hateful and divisive venom, which provides for intelligent discourse. I would like to know the details on which candidate you are supporting and why you feel they would be more successful at uniting a country that was already divided before Barack Obama decided to run for President of The United States of America.

Posted by: Grain O. Sand | April 26, 2008 8:50 PM | Report abuse

I just don't see from Obama's past work that he's done anything to unite people of different race, class, socioeconomic background, age, etc. much less both sides of the aisle in his short stint as a junior senator. On the other hand, he has searched and found his black side and has introduced several bills for black issues: Juneteenth, a stamp for Rosa Parks, interest in the continent of Africa, veterans issues. He has donated money to a black church with a African focus in their mission. While viewing the Utube video clips of Reverend Wright, I didn't see any diversity in the church. Now, it may sound like I'm racist or judging him based on his focus, however, this is not my intent. As I've searched thru his achievements, there aren't many things that he's done to earn the title of "Uniter". I don't find him particularly inspiring as a speaker, rather he often sounds as if english is his second language the way he labors over words when answering questions. During the first debates, he came across as a generalist and didn't say much of anything. The last debate he had plenty to say, perhaps because it was about himself. I saw a woman the other day wearing a shredded tshirt skirt with Obama across her butt...yeah, this is how we're going to see our president...across the rears of mother's driving volvos with their kids in tow. It's fine that he's liked and even, that he's a celebrity that's interested in politics, that he's got the youth and the wine drinkers up out of the coffee houses and restaurants, but, I just can't see him as president like the way that so many hip cool folks see him...hip and cool. Is this enough to run our country as we face a challenging future?

Posted by: rosalala | April 26, 2008 8:36 PM | Report abuse

"an_gel47" makes me proud to be an American. Thanks for weighing in with sanity and true patriotism. I read your postings twice with no concern for their length and I am better for having done so.

The comments of "Jew boy" are equally compelling. Anyone desirous of truth should read that posting concerning the machinations of those who are void of character and integrity.

It is said that a product is only as good as the process by which it was manufactured. The recent outcries against tainted products from China highlight this fact. This election process is manufacturing a candidate. Look to the details of how each candidate has gotten to where they are to determine how they will govern. I do not want a president who will say anything and do anything to push a hidden agenda that seeks to feed personal insatiable and twisted ambition with no regard for who is hurt by their lust for power --even if who is hurt is an entire country. I do not want a president who will only work hard for his friends and have no real regard in policy for the rest of us and therefore send our sons and daughters off to fight and die in endless wars, while those of us who work for a living face starvation in the streets. There is only one candidate who is being made by a process of integrity, honesty, and dignity, and that is Barack Hussein Obama.

Can we get a reality check in here because some are teetering on the edge of insanity with the malarkey they are representing as truth. Do not believe the hype of compromised zealots who are unpatriotic and un-American. America is much better than the compromised would have you believe by their comments. Let's show them --people of America, who we really are and let's drive home the fact that we are not going to take it anymore. Not this time! Too much is at stake to be "fooled again", Not this time! Poster "Dave" is a glaring example of the astute nature of the voting public in this most crucial of elections. Avail yourself of a higher truth versus wallowing in the mud of a lowly lie.

Trickle down econmics was a call for the rich to *** on the rest of us. Don't get fooled again; be you rich or poor, tragedy and death does not distinguish! Something is happening in our world (right now) and people of good conscience must respond or face untold peril. These are urgent times --do not stay asleep on the couch and allow FOX news to enter your dreams and manifest a nightmare.


Posted by: TrickleDown | April 26, 2008 8:26 PM | Report abuse

First of all Obama has said "without benefit of all the facts before me". He doesn't know everything that happen and that's why he said that. He's out there campaigning and focusing just on that! There are many crimes and corruption going on where there is no need to bring up one case. That is Bloomberg's problem or the governor right now if anything.

And second the whole thing about the snippets of Rev Wright was a big lie the media created. People need to see the PBS interview found on the website in order to talk about it. You will find how the media cut parts to make it sound like he was saying something else.

Posted by: Pedro | April 26, 2008 8:21 PM | Report abuse

If anything else, the fact that Senator Obama voted against the war in Iraq clinched it for me. My feeling is that Obama not only is a highly educated person and elloquent speaker..but he is 'street wise'; he looked at who was espousing war and the real reasons, analyzed what the outcome would be...and said, 'no'(he knows his history), even though it was unpopular to do so and stood by his conviction..that takes 'GUTS' AND WE NEED GUTS..'Street smarts'means you don't have to have all of the detailed information to make a good decision..I believe he knew who was holding the strings to the puppet..and the players at the table...he's a very wise man. Many of the voters, I fear, are people who would be good candidates for the Jerry Springer show and that's why a good education is important in order for this country to be progressive...and why ALL people MUST have access to quality education..ALL, not just us white folks...with diversity brings us different perspectives on makes us all smarter...SMARTER IS BETTER. I think Senator Obama can take us down that path. We need more critical coin a phrase from the 60's ..."always question authority"..I'm very proud of the young people of this country..I had had the notion that they were a selfish narcistic lot who didn't care much about
important social issues but I'm happy to report that I was wrong...a generation that has grown up being less color blind...thank god. If I were an African American during these times....I'd make sure that I got out to vote in droves for that wise man to become our next president.

Posted by: an_gel47 | April 26, 2008 7:37 PM | Report abuse

I sincerely hope that everyone in America will watch this interview and take some action to insist that the MSM and Cable News stations stop engaging in the untrue attacks against Reverend Wright. Even yesterday before the interview he was being called a traitor; that he threw Barack under the Bus because he called him a politician. That's what he is, albeit in my mind a more honest one than most.

Wright simply said he understood what Barack had to do and he gave a great speech on race. He said they were different people. Barack was a Politician and he (Wright was a Pastor).

I heard news people refusing to acknowledge the fact of the statement and preferring instead to say "what he really meant was......

-Barack was just another politician
-He just gave the speech cause that's what Politicians do
-He was a traitor; Barack didn't throw him under the bus and look how he repaid him.
-Barack was just another typical politician
-Barack didn't mean anything he said in the speech because he is just a Politician
-No one wants to hear what Wright had to say; his timing was terrible since Barack had just lost PA; he's trying to hurt him

Do these guys (and women) care anything about the truth? Do they use any kind of deductive reasoning? Every one wants to know how Barack could have stayed in the church for 20 years. Pat Buchanan and Joe Scarborough blast him everyday claiming he sat there and listened to hate speech and didn't walk out. Church members have been vilified as racists. The Republicans are running an AD in North Carolina making Barack guilty by association. Hillary Clinton said she would have quit the church. (Now would that have been before or after Bill Clinton summoned Reverend Wright and other ministers to The White House to repent and confess his sins about Monica Lewinsky and to ask for forgiveness?).

I grew up in the Black Church, yet I have been unable to explain it. Black value teaching is not racist or anti-white, or anti-Semitism, it is self help survivalism. Many believe that Barack has failed to make the point that his Pastor was not preaching racial hatred for twenty years. He has made the point; it just hasn't been accepted. Only Reverend Wright can reclaim his reputation, but it has to be in formats where he could speak and actually lay out the reasons for his comments, rather than the FOX ambush type interviews where there was no desire to get to the truth. Bill Moyers presented Wright an opportunity to make his own case. I can only hope the pre-viewing negative comments boosted the actual ratings.

I went to the Obama site to post a comment this morning. I was already too late. Over 2000 people had responded already. Obama site blog supporters are ecstatic. They finally feel vindicated. And for many they can now understand what they have previously only been able to take on faith. I hope Reverend Wright can recapture some of the statue he has lost. He is a brilliant man, and religious scholar who has done great things for his community and has served his country well. It is unfortunate that he has become collateral damage in this historic campaign.

Please watch the video and encourage your family and friends to do the same.

Posted by: Slivy | April 26, 2008 6:59 PM | Report abuse

To the unknown cowardly poster:

Just curious, did you ask the question concerning the murdered college student because she was white and her killers were black in a pathetic attempt to associate Mr. Obama with that crime? Just curious are you equally incensed at all of the many cases of white men killing and raping and what did your candidate have to say on this outrage. How did Jeffrey Dahmer make you feel? Is Charles Manson your hero? What of David Berkowitz, John W. Gacy, or how about Ceasar Lauren who had a barbeque over his white victim and then he ran to Mexico like the coward he is. I am sure Mussolini, Hitler, and Stalin are great men in your mind because they were not brown skinned they were just misunderstood men right?

Be brave and say what you really mean. Say that you are a bigot and therefore you seek to inject your bigotry into the public discourse to impact the impressionable minds of those who would not or cannot think for themselves. Say that you are so self-interested that you would allow the country to burn up just so your child-like mind can be pacified. Say that you are so fearful of people with brown skin that you would seek to link Senator Obama to anything negative with no concern for the truth or logic but with concern only for your bigoted view.

Speak up bigot, your comment already betrayed your weak and soiled mind.

Posted by: RoboCop | April 26, 2008 6:28 PM | Report abuse

In reference to the comment of "Fairfax Voter" if the length of a comment truly dissuades people from reading then that is not the problem of they who post but they who are too lazy to read. That is problem number one with the American public --apathy.

The McDonalds and/or microwave mentality (results with no work) does a disservice to the people because it does not allow them to make informed decisions but promotes them being automatons or zombies. This country has already been robbed blind because people are too disinterested to pay attention to the thieves and their obvious looting of the national treasure and interest of this country. I am not worried though because starvation and other mass suffering have a way of waking of the walking dead. It may be too late though because the agents of evil have a full head of steam up and they are circling over head like the vultures that they are and are preparing to swoop in for the final meal --which will be the apathetic people of America.

Do not wake up to find your existence in the mouth of a vulture. Wake up now before it is too late and the bell tolls for you.

Posted by: RoboCop | April 26, 2008 6:12 PM | Report abuse

....."in which Wright labeled as political posturing Obama's speech criticizing incendiary snippets of Wright's sermons."

Where exactly was this said by Wright? Reverend Wright was very supportive of Obama. When will the press begin reporting the facts rather than thier own innuendo? This is outrageous. Reverend Wright has been exploited and maligned. He is a brilliant man; a former marine who reupped to serve his country; and has served his community well. It is unfortunate that he continues to suffer collateral damage from the attempts to discredit Barack Obama.

Could you just stick to the facts?

Posted by: Calean Perkins | April 26, 2008 5:59 PM | Report abuse

actually, i never read a posting longer than a short paragraph, i just scroll through it....sorry)

just curious, since we're talking about cops and crime, did the senator take any questions on college honor student, murdered recently in NC?

just curious.

Posted by: Anonymous | April 26, 2008 5:50 PM | Report abuse

Obama is not ducking debates. He is using an excellent strategy and will hopefully wrap up the nomination soon. HRC wants debates because she is low on money due to her own mismanagement and it is free coverage. Obama can run TV ads and get his message out at will. Plus, she knows that she will likely get more help from biased moderators who continue to perpetuate the lies and misrepresentations about him that have been in the media based on selective editing of comments made by Rev Wright. See the comments made by Rev. Wright's sermon IN CONTEXT on Bill Moyers interview. You will find, as usual, we the American public are being made fools of by a media that does not bother to tell us the whole truth and others that just want to win any cost. We are not stupid, we can handle the truth about our country. The good and the bad. We don't need the continuing series of lies and out of context misquotations. Even with all the negative attacks on Obama and the fact that he is running against 3 politicians at this point (HRC, BC and McSame), he has still won. He has the most pledged delegates and they can't change that. Odds are almost zero that she can catch up. She can use what ever math she wants, she will not win if the DNC follow the rules. The only way for HRC to win is to steal it in the back room. If the voters allow this to happen then we get what we deserve, more of the same (McSame).

Posted by: texasM | April 26, 2008 5:48 PM | Report abuse

Of course he was against this unpopular war doh doh. He might win because of that. Thats where dumb Hillary is lacking at.

Posted by: peter johnson | April 26, 2008 5:07 PM | Report abuse

"Barack HUSSEIN Obama was also against the Iraq war "without benefit of all the facts" too ; )

Posted by: JakeD"


Jake JERK D is "without benefit" of ANY facts, brains, or judgement, except when it comes to spreading hate, venom, and unbridled anarchy.

Posted by: aBigSAM | April 26, 2008 5:01 PM | Report abuse

Alex H, your comment reeks of the condition of your sick tortured heart and your cluttered and pained mind. It must be truly agonizing to be in that cell, that cell of your own device. May the supreme power in this life have mercy on you and help you to embrace truth that will allow for more joy versus all that "bitterness". If you are able to conjure up all of the slime that you did about a man you really do not know, it makes me wonder what you would do if you came face to face with someone who does not look like you. Actually I already have a pretty good idea on your feelings about diversity. It is in the text of your comments.

Poor ignorant sheep following the false sheperd off the cliff. Run along little lamb, tragedy awaits the naive, the ignorant, and the hateful just beyond yonder cliff's edge.

Posted by: BluSage | April 26, 2008 4:58 PM | Report abuse

It is being reported that the powerful rightwing Jewish Lobby including [AIPAC] American Israel Public Affairs Committee is vexed, frustrated and displeased with Barack Obama's refusal to accept special interest money. The concern is that the Senator's policy prevents them from exerting influence or extracting favor from his administration should he become the next President. Senator Obama has offered his assurance to Jews that he is not a foe- yet this does not seem to allay their resistance to his candidacy.

Reportedly- Hillary's campaign saw an opening to exploit the Jewish community's apprehension and began stoking the anti-Obama fire behind the scene. In collaboration with the Clintons , they [the Jewish Lobby] dispatched a number of "candidacy assassinators" including former Clinton special counsel, Lanny Davis, Florida congress woman, Debbie Wasserman-Shultz, California congress man, Brad Sherman, CNN news anchor, Wolfe Blitzer [vis-a-vis Lou Dobbs], Senator Joseph Lieberman, Charles Krauthammer and others to torpedo Obama's nomination bid. The above mentioned Jews are mandated to fan the flame of hateful passions against the Illinois Senator using demagoguery and spinning the Reverend Wright issue so that it toxified voters and remain in the forefront. The strategy is to convince the voters and the Democratic Super Delegates that Obama would be unelectable in November due to his optics, third party association with farakhan and simultaneously promote Hillary as the only friend of Israel. It is also reported that Democratic Jews are being counseled to vote for John McCain- should Senator Clinton not get the nomination.

Take a look at the YouTube video where Rachel Maddow from Air America recently discussed the topic on her show.

Civil Rights and African American organizations dub the Jewish Lobby and Clinton's anti Obama campaign, "mean spirited" but so far have opted to remain restrainedly tentative. Elected Democrats have also taken note and are increasingly becoming frustrated with the Clinton's controversial tactic of infusing racial divide into the electoral process. They are appalled with Senator Clinton's alliance to hawkish groups including John McCain to annihilate a democratic colleague and worry that it provides damaging ammunition to the republicans that could derail Obama's candidacy should he become the nominee. Some Democrats are even calling her conduct treacherous and privately accuse her of deliberately trying to sabotage the Democratic Party because of the unlikely odds of her fairly winning the nomination. The question is- who is willing to bell the Cat? The Clinton's powerful influence within the party worries super delegates about political reprisal and has prevented any of the leaders from offering any public criticism.

Additionally, the Jewish Lobby for decades has effectively been able to manipulate the Holocaust to keep politicians beholden to their agenda. Those who resist or oppose are labeled anti-Semitic or Bigoted [as exampled by President Carter] in order to gain compliance. In this instance however, the community run the risk of having the tables turned against them if blacks are able to expose hypocrisy in what many view to be a Jewish lynching of Senator Obama. Their chief Obama "Hit-Man", Lanny Davis is causing tremendous concern at the great lengths he goes to decapitate the Illinois Senator's chances of ever ascending to the office of the United States Presidency.

Posted by: Jew Boy | April 26, 2008 4:53 PM | Report abuse

"Go back to where you came from"
"Go back to where you came from"

How simplistic and lacking in class! It seems that whenever one lacks substance to defend your weak position, it is easy to somehow suggest that you are ENTITLED to something and those who disagree should leave. Hell, it is that very same attitude that you are more American than someone else, along with the false claims of this country having fixed all of its social ills presents in an attempt to project a deep love for the US does the OPPOSITE.

(I was born in the US and my entire family has lived in the Carolina's since pre-Revolution. Nevertheless, I would venture to say you that you too are a byproduct of immigration IDIOT. Did you get that from Rush Limbaugh?)

And thanks for reinforcing my position by displaying to the world the fact that some people think that by just saying the US is void of sexism and racism that makes it so.

Or that so are so simple as to suggest that all is well because overt is no longer culturally acceptable. There are covert institutionalized forms of discrimination throughout almost every aspect of this country.

That DOES NOT translate into making an excuse or using this as crutch. But instead, a resolve to be honest about these issues and dedicated to being TRUE PATRIOTS that defenders of the entire CONSTITUTION even if that means continuing to make sure there are opportunties for all.

As for those commenting on Rev. Wright, I too do not know him but will NOT be so weak as to allow FOXnoise to tell what or how to think. (As if Fox really advocates thinking....not!)

The pathetic thing about that entire elementary school...ooohhhhh, let's judge one candidate by something said by a third party just on face value STUPID.

With just a little desire to find out the entire story you would have found out that Rev. Wright was quoting a statement made by a US ambassador on Fox that referenced the cycle of violence and US foreign policy.

Posted by: Dave | April 26, 2008 4:51 PM | Report abuse

[Reposting because I'm not sure this went through. Sorry if it's a repeat!]

I have a secret that I would like to share with everyone posting Comments.

People are more likely to read really short posts. If you take the time (even if it takes you a LOT of time) to put forward your opinion in just a few sentences, those who don't agree with you will probably still take the time to read it.

Long, rambling postings are pointless because they will only be read by people who agree with you, whether you are pro-Hillary, pro-Obama, pro-McCain, or a die-hard Ron Paul fan.

Posted by: Fairfax Voter | April 26, 2008 4:43 PM | Report abuse

The first response to this blog was by someone who spelt Senator Barack Obama's name in full. The question is what does this mean to such a person? Are they wearing their racism and intolerance on their sleeves? Would it make a difference if his name was Barack Jake D Obama? As the first comment indicates, one can be an intolerant character who wants to discriminate on the basis of a person's name; the intolerant person has a name like JakeD. The person advancing a social philosophy of reconciliation and redemption? Senator Barack Obama. As MLK once noted, we all dream of the day when we will be judged not on the color of our skins (or our name) but on the content of our character and policies. The struggle for such an inclusive vision of America continues - obviously.

Frankly it would be good to see folks reflecting a commitment to "fair and balance", what FoxNews alleges it does even as every person on the planet with a TV knows it is unbalanced right-wing shrill that unabashedly is McCain TV. Its like the old stalinism or perhaps the new Mugabism imported into the US: mass media have become mouthpieces for specific parties -- CNN is Clinton TV and FoxNews is McCain TV. Its a disgrace in any democracy.

Posted by: Mel | April 26, 2008 3:04 PM | Report abuse

JakeMooreBigotedthanAnyoneElseD (aka JakeD):
It is people like you that mess up our lovely nation. Go back to wherever you came from. Our new America is color blind, is gender blind, and celebrates diversity. I am so glad that the time has come when people who make mischief based on race and ethnicity are being declared irrelavant. You too will be history soon. Goobye. God bless you.

Posted by: TrueAmerican | April 26, 2008 2:54 PM | Report abuse

The ultra-left-wing apologists have been called out to defend the indefensible: hussein's devotion to the racist hate-monger "uncle" jeremiah.

Many Democrats simply do not want the party to make the same mistake twice by nominating another Kerry-like shallow, arrogant, platitude-spouting, gas-bag - who is so mentally deficient from extensive drug use he even has to plagiarize his hollow platitudes!.

Thanks to "uncle" jeremiah, the true nature of hussein has finally been revealed. For nearly twenty years hussein has been the disciple and avid follower and supporter of this racial bigot. hussein has publicly praised wright on numerous occasions. wright's vile, bigoted harangues against America, in general, and white Americans, in particular, illustrate the true foundation of hussein and the "church" of which he is a devout member. The foundation of hussein is racial division and strife - not unity. If it were not for the thin veneer of whitewash slapped on him by his handlers, I would expect him to adopt wright's "God Da'mn America" as his theme song. hussein is clearly an outrageously unacceptable candidate for any elected office or position of responsibility in America.

One thing is certain: millions of Dems will leave the party if Tony Rezko's sleazy-deal partner is nominated.

Posted by: ALEX H. | April 26, 2008 1:51 PM | Report abuse

The question to Hillary now becomes: WHY can't she close the deal with African-Americans (A critical and reliable base for the Dems), Independents(Swing vote) that McCain will definitely take against Clinton but not Obama, Young people under 50 yrs, and the critical millennials? Hillary doesn't have a chance with this coalition. It also seems increasingly that those blue collar men (Reagan Dems) voting for her will certainly vote for McCain against. SO, Why can't the media ask Hillary these questions? Why is Obama the only one being put to task to answer for bue collar old males, when NO Democratic candidate has won this group since Jimmy Carter?

Posted by: ConcernedDemocat, WV | April 26, 2008 1:36 PM | Report abuse

Correction - "... true that Hillary knows she has LOST this race to Obama?"

Posted by: ConcernedDemocat, WV | April 26, 2008 1:24 PM | Report abuse

I am sick and tired of the media twisting and turning every single word/ thing and step just to get a headline! More so, I'm tired of this Democratic race! Is it true that Hillary already knows that she has this race to Obama and that she is simply doing as FOX and extreme right have wanted all along? That is to bloody Obama so bad by the time fall comes? Is it true that Clinton is working against Obama so that he can lose in the fall? Is it tre that Clinton is bloodying Obama so that she can run again against McCain in 4 years? Is it true that Clinton is doing all this against a fellow Democrat? IF this is true, then what makes Clinton think that I or anybody I know will vote for her come 4 years time, if she intentionally did this to a Democrat? As I have said before, at his time, we are NEVER going to vote for Clinton should she bully and steal her way to the nomination. Period.

Posted by: ConcernedDemocat, WV | April 26, 2008 1:22 PM | Report abuse

I hope everyone will take the time to view Bill Moyers interview of Rev. Wright that was aired Friday evening (I believe it will be rebroadcast on Sunday, but is also available here ) An absolutely shameful disservice was done to Rev. Wright and his congregation. Again, all the by-product of the drive by MSM sound bites and willfull ignorance.

Posted by: Julie | April 26, 2008 1:19 PM | Report abuse

Although we have made some progress as a nation with respect creating a more just and colorblind society, there remains a large segment of our population that ignore the impact that institutionalized racism and sexism have on lives of every citizen of country.

It is so pathetic the we still have so many women found on this blog for example, that voluntarily embrace and then later go on to regurgitate that which oppresses them.

For the record Mary, you have a lot of nerve to set in judgment of others. Have you read a bible lately?

As for race and religion, Mary you should feel comfort in knowing that as sad as it may be, your mentality seem to be the norm. All the while, historically, the rich continue to get richer and richer partly because as long as "they" make sure 90+% of us remain ignorant, divided and fighting each other, we will not notice the fact that they are the REAL PROBLEM.

This very basic historical/economic trend continues to plague this country.

Instead of being defensive and politically lazy, really listen to each candidate and resist allowing yourself to be the textbook definition of insane (do the same thing over and over yet somehow expecting different results).

Note: Contrary to the spin of the media, Obama's call in Pennsylvania was that we NOT ALLOW the same old people in power use wedge issues to control the electorate. (The clinging to guns and religion is usually appears as guns, God, and gays....but he did not go that far.)

WE MUST UNITE for a better tomorrow or continue to spiral out of control as a country.


Posted by: David | April 26, 2008 1:15 PM | Report abuse

"Let me congratulate FOX," McAuliffe said this past week, "because you were the first ones to call [the Pennsylvania primary] for Hillary Clinton." McAuliffe, who is also chairing Clinton's Presidential committee, actually echoed the FOX mantra by calling them "fair and balanced." Unbelievable ! I hope all of you HRC supporters see exactly which way her campaign is going.Terry McAuliffe,and by extension,Hillary, needs to have his freakin' head examined to make a public statement such as this after all of the damage Fox News has done to all of us !

Posted by: Leo G. Walter | April 26, 2008 1:13 PM | Report abuse

no matter how you cut the cake oabma still goes to church where they are raceiest. did you see how they cheered when wright ranted. get real people our country is on the line here.

Posted by: mary | April 26, 2008 12:04 PM | Report abuse

Jacksmith, Here you go again, showing your "cut and pasting expertise" with your "idiot postings. Haven't you got something new to say? Your posting is boring and not supported by fact and idiotic, and not worth reading, and, so, go back to bed.

Posted by: Peg | April 26, 2008 11:43 AM | Report abuse

I'm a white 58 year old female from the midwest and an Obama supporter. I believe a 'police state' is upon us...reading about Bells untimely death infuriates me and I think the black community has shown much respectful restraint and integrity, as always in these, once again, trying times; I have much respect for your control..I don't think I'd have that courage and so I strongly admire it in others. I do agree with Obama..we have to allow the courts to play this out will add more support to Bells case and to give us a good look into the holes that exist in our judicial system during this administration. I'm praying that Mrs. Bell wins her wrongful death lawsuit against the NYPD. Everytime I hear about another unarmed person being tazored to death or unarmed people being beaten and shot to death by police, it tells me that something is drastically wrong with the police's ability to police themselves and we need a 'real' outside taskforce to curb police brutality against the good citizens in this nation. When society is afraid of the boys in blue as much as they're afraid of the real bad guys...we got problems. You don't have to be a genius to know that if you're a minority thattht fear rises to the nth degree.
I want Obama to become my next president because he's the guy, I believe, that will solve these problems. Obamas speech about race and personal conflicts brought tears to these eyes. He is the man that can listen to all sides and extend an olive branch of hope for the future..I believe he could unite this country. His comments about small towns, in my view, was speaking to the farm crisis of the 80's where midwest farmers lost their livlihood to the bankers..a time when people did start to arm themselves, had fanatical ideas, were vulnerable to radical ideologies and some committed suicide because of a government who forgot about them. The outcome was that midwesterners got 'smarter'.
My condolances to the Bell family and their friends ... my prayers are with all of you in the search for real justice for you and everyone in this country...and in the world. I wanna live in a country that respects its people, that people respect one another, that respects the differnces in all people here and abroad..that we are a nation that helps one another instead of scheming to divide us. We have to rise above this folly and I believe we can do it. I strongly think we can. Vote Obama in '08.

Posted by: an_gel 47 | April 26, 2008 10:30 AM | Report abuse

obama can not speak his word on the sean bell case because hillary fights dirty look if she can't handle what happened to clinton and monica how is she going to handle and control being president whenever she feels like she losing she starts crying i respect obama , obama for president lets just face it white people do not want to see a black man for president as they have said not in this lifetime quote unquote

Posted by: bridget | April 26, 2008 10:23 AM | Report abuse

50 shots were fired 1 man dead 2 men wounded no weapons found, judge finds them not guilty the judge says the cops did nothing wrong,you know what that night looks like to me? dt.oliver was trying to kill all 3 black men but didn't succeed and he ran out of bullets, so now he's crying self defense ,to the sean bell family and the kids and his wife don't settle make sure the city gives you 50 million for those 50 shots that were fired there is no excuse for what happened that night if cops can't handle the pressure they should quit.unbelieveable what has happened.

Posted by: bridget | April 26, 2008 10:10 AM | Report abuse

Hey Chicano, I fully understand why you didn't identify yourself with a name. If I held such lunatic views as yours, I would be ashamed as well. And BTW, a great many of us out here hate the America you would subject us too.

Believe me. There is a ton of racism and bigotry in this country and it isn't coming from Obama. It is coming from Limbaugh anal sucking chimps like you!

Posted by: Jaxas | April 26, 2008 10:00 AM | Report abuse

Jaked, how silly, stupid and mindlessly partisan can you get. Do you actually believe that highlighting Barak Obama's middle name by capitalizing every letter--HUSSEIN--signifies anything other than your ignorant, hillbilly bigotry and xenophobia?

Look. Want to know why America has become so reviled throughout the world? Want to know why we are falling behind the rest of the world in every significan metric? Well, go take a good long look in the mirror pal. It is ignorant, stupid, a$$dragging, longing-for-the-good-ol'-days-of-segregationist-1950s-bigots with this "kill em' all and let God sort em' out" attitudes like you that have sullied the image of our blessed America beyond repair.

Posted by: Jaxas | April 26, 2008 9:51 AM | Report abuse

The situation with Florida and Michigan are the fault of the respective state legislatures and not Senator Barack Obama. But I applaud the attempts to misinform. The devious (those who make up stories) and the gullible (those who believe that made up) cannot be helped if they will not help themselves. If the two states had waited to have their primaries when scheduled they would have actually had an impact on the outcome which was the touted reason for moving the primaries up. The decision to sanction them for their violation of the rules was made by the DNC not by the junior senator from Illinois. So if people in Florida and Michigan have issue (and they should) they should turn their ire on their local elected officials.

The thinking must be on some people's part that if they deceive long enough and loud enough maybe someone will begin to believe their fabrication! Only the foolish fall for the obvious scam!

Posted by: OptimalHumility | April 26, 2008 9:06 AM | Report abuse

Hate runs deep and it is not unique to any one ethnic group. Self loathing is a refined art form for some and it can manifest as extreme hate for others. I love this election process because it is revealing all of the hypocrisy that has always been there just beneath the veneer of phrases like --"post race" America is as racist as it ever was. There are good and bad individuals of all hues and nationalities. This has always been true. It is my hope that America has reached the realization that a critical need exists for goodness to be expressed as a majority opinion. The Quakers were good people. John Brown was a good man. Schwerener and Goodwin were good men. Bill Moyers is an awesome journalist because he seeks the truth not the comforting lie. Many have given more than lip service to the idea of unity. Many have done more than scream on a blog for the idea of true greatness for the country. Many say the word patriot yet they would exclude some in the populace as actually being worthy of respect. The sad thing about this type is they self delude into thinking they are operating from a moral imperative or a principle of substance.

You have to laugh at this sort of behavior because that is about all it warrants. How can you live an entire life time and never once seek the truth void of your conditioning to believe the lie? Kool-Aid; no I think the drink is something much stronger and intoxicating than mere colored sugar water, for people are drunk on hate and seeing double the lies versus seeing the simple unifying truth --do unto others and/or love thy neighbor. I truly did learn everything I needed to know in kindergarten.

Posted by: TrickleDown | April 26, 2008 8:52 AM | Report abuse

It seems to me that in this silliest of seasons if people cannot find a legitimate platform of dissent they will manufacture one. I looked at the SunTimes article and nothing stated in it concerns me as a citizen who feels he has the right (if I choose) to own a firearm. As one who has actually seen a murder occur on the streets of an American city or as one who has seen the aftermath of others, I do think that something must be done to combat the problem of gun violence beyond saying that's too bad, or that's a shame, or even worse that's what "they" deserve. The gun issue is not an issue for me because I have not seen anything suggesting that I should fear elimination of the right to own a weapon. As someone who has seen real gun violence I would think my concern concerning the ability to protect myself and my loved ones is a legitimate concern. The senator's statements suggest that he understands that the problem is not one of guns but one of individual intent to engage in criminal behavior. Surely Chicago already has a strict gun ownership law, yet people are winding up dead.

The other thing that is interesting about the gun issue is imagining the scenario where the reason behind the second amendment would be a reality.

"A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed."

I would be curious to see if the John Wayne/Clint Eastwood types among us with be as courageous in that scenario of the people against a government deemed tyrannical and a threat to the Free State. People tend to be real brave until they face hot lead flying at high velocity.

It is intriguing how the very tactics the senator pointed out in San Francisco continues to be reflected as the truth in the comments of those who seek to divide the electorate via wedge issues like guns. I will await the posts on religion and immigration so we can get the full compliment of the bitter set of clingy issues.

Posted by: TrickleDown | April 26, 2008 8:30 AM | Report abuse




Posted by: Anonymous | April 26, 2008 8:27 AM | Report abuse


Posted by: BIG B | April 26, 2008 8:24 AM | Report abuse

I hate America. I go to a church that compels its congregation to shout, "God Da*n America."

By the way, I'm Chicano. I should totally be in office.
All I need now is some elite white liberals who are of touch with the people, a terrorist connection, a racist wife, and I need a super-corrupt friend who will donate cash and sell me a house. I also need to work on my lying skills. Did I mention that I hate America, but I'm a unifer. Vote for me.

When I was a child, my mother told me there would never be a Mexican or a Chicano in the White House. Now I know how I can get there. And who said this wasn't the land of opportunity? Only in America.

Posted by: Anonymous | April 26, 2008 8:19 AM | Report abuse

Oh btw, did you catch his interview on Guns and violence re: murders over the weekend in Chicago? (btw, he mentions NY),CST-NWS-obama25.article

Look at the change on that gun opinion... as if we never saw the questionnaire with his handwriting banning even the manufacture of handguns, and the Global Poverty Act, that not only gives more of our dollars and freedoms over to the UN, but involves banning weapons and much more.

Posted by: Carol | April 26, 2008 7:17 AM | Report abuse

Affirmative Action, the ultimate wedge issue continues to be utilized by many for the most unseemly/illogical of reasons. First, I support Senator Obama in spite of his color which is to his detriment in this country. He has gained my support simply by how he has conducted himself in a climate where there is so much venom being spat about and deceit being played out. I have reviewed his policies and they suggest he has a real plan for the American economy, for the education issues, for the health care issue, for governmental reform, for poverty, and for the issue of orchestrating/executing a sound foreign policy that truly makes us safer. The problem with labels and parties is you can become blinded by association. Color of skin or color of party has no weight for me. Color of character does. I was with Hillary until she showed her true colors.

Affirmative action was a band-aid applied out of frustration/embarrassment when the legislative move should have been amputation of the idea that under-girded slavery which was ethnic hubris. Affirmative action statistically has benefited white women more so than brown people (do some research you may be surprised). I agree with some of the assertions stated concerning Affirmative action --I too do not ask for or need a handout. However I understand why the Civil Rights leaders took the legislative route to change. If you remember history Malcolm X indicated that pursuit of Civil Rights was a case of putting the cart before the horse because a person cannot be civil to one they do not consider human, so Malcolm talked about taking America before the United Nations for crimes against humanity since its treatment of its citizens amounted to a violation of human rights. Malcolm was a visionary in this regard because he knew the problem would never be solved until the root cause was addressed. Here I am writing what I am writing in 2008 as proof of that fact.

The real deal for me is no person walking and/or breathing has the power to define me. The slight of hand of Affirmative Action and all the other Civil Rights legislation is that it gave the power of God to feeble men. Thus America continues to suffer today from this problem of race because it has not been addressed with purity of heart and sharpness of informed intellect. This year may be the start of that and I credit the Obama candidacy for that, regardless of where he was born. I guess the term Diaspora has no meaning to some.

Posted by: TrickleDown | April 26, 2008 6:40 AM | Report abuse

Seems like history is repeating itself. Democrats have always been the party of slavery and black oppression. Dixiecrats we should to call them. Seems like the ole Dixiecrats have been resurrected.
I've had a problem with the Democratic party since the election. Essentially the message elite white liberals has been, "Black man, your too stupid to do this on your own so I'm going to convince white america that you can't make it without the help of white men like me. "
I am a black male who is strongly against affirmative action and giving preferential treatment or extra points because of race. You are already stereotyping and this is racism. You are essentially saying, I cannot compete, because I am black, and somehow inferior. Well, I don't need your handouts.
Your a racist for thinking I can't do this on my own. My brethren, if you don't see this, your really are on some other sh**.
Don't vote for Obama because he's black. Vote for him because you think he's the best candidate. And he's not. He's not even down with black people. USE YOUR BRAIN. Dude, grew up in Indonesia and Hawaii. How many negroes do you see in these countries. The dude is using us for his own selfish ambitions.
Don't be played, don't be fooled. And please abandon the Democratic Party. It's filled with old white fools who think blacks can't make it on their on.
This is me, BlackManStanding.

Posted by: BlackManStanding | April 26, 2008 6:15 AM | Report abuse

America was divided long before Obama came on the scene and NOW WE CAN ALL SEE IT in big capital letters.

Posted by: Anonymous | April 26, 2008 6:07 AM | Report abuse

When superior people hear of the Way, they carry it out with diligence. When middling people hear of the Way, it sometimes seems to be there, sometimes not. When lesser people hear of the Way, they ridicule it greatly. If they didn't laugh at it, it wouldn't be the Way.

Posted by: Grain O. Sand | April 26, 2008 6:05 AM | Report abuse


Posted by: Anonymous | April 26, 2008 6:02 AM | Report abuse


Could your statement quite possibly be a mirror? Think on these things.

In your zeal to make your paltry case, you have conveniently forgotten that when this contest began, the majority of African Americans were with the Clinton's. That support eroded under the magnifying glass of the process as many were shocked to see the Clinton's betraying sound principles for the promised presidential swag of crazed ambition or ambition run amok.

Look in that mirror Bob, your heart is revealed concerning your statement.

Posted by: TrickleDown | April 26, 2008 6:01 AM | Report abuse




Posted by: Leanza Cornett | April 26, 2008 5:59 AM | Report abuse

I don't support a candidate whose only prescription for what ails us is --more of the same. Which presidential candidate of the past have you "been there and done that" with wpsinni? Whom are you referring too? Also, please expound on why you support McCain. Were you in favor of the MLK holiday since you through implication claim to be such a patriot in your suggestion that Mrs. Obama is not? I want to know if you embrace all people (like a true patriot) or just a select group. I would like to know your thinking on this. As for the comments concerning what the evil have in store for a man of integrity, see the post above yours concerning delusional thinking; it was written for those who are afflicted with this disease of heart and mind.

Posted by: TrickleDown | April 26, 2008 5:50 AM | Report abuse

The thing with the clintons is that they seem to think they have to say extra stuff to win lol. If you talk about Obama's experience, and his lack of political power to push a democratic agenda. His lack of proven leadership etc. And if Clinton talks about her skills as someone who can bring both sides together on key issues about this country. She's seen a president do the job up close and has an Idea of what it takes and she has been in the senate longer than Obama. That should be enough to beat Obama lol. Why does she feel like she has to talk about her trip to bosnia, or bill saying Obama played the race card on him ha ha. Why do we need to focus so much on what some preacher said in a couple of sermons. If that is how Obama really thought would he have led in the polls for this long? The comments about race hurts only Obama no matter who says them. When you say anything negative about a black person especially a prominent or famous one, 70 percent of the white population will believe it and the other 30 percent will want to believe it. Even its true or not. The Clintons know that for fact and even if Bill Clinton was wrong for saying what he said on the radio it doesn't matter. 70 percent will believe it and the other 30 percent will want to.

Posted by: mace | April 26, 2008 5:45 AM | Report abuse

I am very supportiveh of the Obama Campaign. I have watched him in the heat of Hillary's remarks continually take the high road. He could have pointed out "if you would tell such outrageous lies about a trip to Bosnia" why should we believe anything you say. We also heard her comment about being able to pick our pastors....We can pick our husband also or at least divorce him when he caused Americans to have to explain to their 9 and 10 year old the definition or some explanation of oral sex. Be careful of the guilt by association Hillary it should come back to bite you soon.

Posted by: JACKIE O | April 26, 2008 5:21 AM | Report abuse

You don't support a politician because he tells you, "YES WE CAN". Been there, done that, won't work. You don't support a politician because she tells you she has the most experience.
You support one of these politicians because they can beat the Republicans, which is why this great country is being dragged down to a third world status.
Personally, I think the Republicans have more than enough film on Wright and Obama's "not proud of America" wife, to sink his candidacy. But then again, the Republicans have yet to scratch the surface on Obama's life. GOOD LUCK to all the Obama acolytes.

Posted by: wpsinni | April 26, 2008 5:03 AM | Report abuse

50 shots -- I would have to call that excessive; lets hope the deciding judge never finds himself on the barrel end of the "over aggressive" police. Mr. Obama is correct in saying that rioting and looting would solve absolutely nothing and bring more heartache to an already awful situation. The police officers involved did not get off scot-free. They will pay for their crimes in the prison of their own mind for they know the truth of that deadly moment just as those who were shot and the one who died (Mr. Bell) knows.

Reverend Wright -- was brilliant and so was Bill Moyers. If you cannot see that you do not want to see it. Obama does not have an issue with so called "white voters". A person who is still living in the swamp of ethnic politics in 2008 is a person who is self delusional and no amount of evidence or logic can convince that sort of person. If they want to say the sun rises in the west then you just have to sit back and smile at such self-impaling ignorance if not stupidity. Carroll O'Connor (who was nothing like the character he played --thus he was an incredible actor in my mind) brought the self delusional individual I speak of to life in his Archie Bunker character. The Archie character was basically a decent human being; he just had problems outside of his insular world due to ignorance, fear, and arrogance (fear and ignorance combined). That La-Z-Boy he sat in all those years was probably not good for his posture and a spring probably was sticking him in his rear after a few years. But the chair was comfortable because it was familiar. It was all he knew and he feared change. So he continued to sit in a chair that hurt not helped him. Such is the way of the delusional.

If you vote for Hillary or McCain based on the perceived strength of touted policy there is nothing delusional about that. That is a respectable position (although I would ask which policies). If you vote for either of them because you cannot entertain the idea of a president with brown skin, well that would be a personal affliction/disease, not a problem for Barack Obama. He has stated that win or lose he wants to run a campaign he can be proud of. He has done that no matter what the delusional do with their vote and how that vote impacts the outcome. One thing that will wake up the delusional is the loss of their home, sickness without health care coverage, loss of income, potential famine, an energy crisis that diminishes their standard of living, and the drafting of their children for vague military options where black will not be the color of concern but red --the color of blood spilled. So I say let the delusional remain so, for their punishment is coming by their own voting hand and God have mercy on them.

If ever America transcends the divide of race, America will surprise itself at the surge of power and success in being a nation that will result.

I was taught to love everybody but hate the ways of the wicked. This is why Hillary no longer exists as a candidate in my mind --her wicked, wicked ways. I cannot self-delude and pretend I have not seen behavior that I would not want to serve as an example for a child of what the American political process is about. I am embarrassed for Hillary because her vile act is so translucent and out there for all to see except for the self hypnotized (most of all her). Snap out of it!

Karma is going to bless you or its going to get you. Do not be found wanting when your life is weighed in the crucible of your own mind (not Senator Obama's mind --for he has his own mind and his own life and win or lose that will continue to be true). You can escape many things but you cannot escape yourself and one day the real you will find the hypocritical you and what a meeting that will be. It is the stuff of madness. Free your mind and your...will follow!

Posted by: TrickleDown | April 26, 2008 4:24 AM | Report abuse

The fact that 90% of Black voters are voting Obama proves that that section of the Black community is comprised to a large degree of racists. Thanks so much for proving this clearly to all Americans.

Posted by: bob | April 26, 2008 4:19 AM | Report abuse

You are most definitely an idiot jacksmith (April 25, 2008 9:24 PM) (Hey, you have been posting this comment all over the internet, even at Associated Content.) You are most definitely an idiot if you think someone who makes up tall tales about running under sniper fire has the respect of our military who actually have faced gunfire.

You are also an idiot if you think leaders from around the world will respect a shot and a beer drinking lady as head of state. Her penchant for telling fabricated stories had made her a laughing stock around the world. They already think we, the people are idiots for voting for Bush a second time. I can imagine what they think about you, Mr. Smith.

Hillary has no plans to end wars, but, like McCain to start a new one in Iran. Of course she thinks Iran a "non-issue" "make up" and "fantasize" and her yes vote "lies told by my enemies".

Too bad the press is not reporting on the Bill Clinton fraud trial. I have no idea if he showed up in Los Angeles today or if the next court date OSC: Contempt is due to him refusing to comply with the court case law, or because Hillary's attorney is refusing to be served subpoenas.

I might just make the trip to L.A. courthouse in May and see for myself. Bill Clinton on trial; impeached; disbarred; womanizer; known liar; and the press ignores his trial? I guess when your name is Clinton it is just one more FEC violation case...Hsu, Huang...they go to jail, Clintons run for president. Again.

Posted by: forjacksmith | April 26, 2008 2:12 AM | Report abuse

As far as the "50 shots verdict", since the situation occurred in NY we should concentrate on what Hillary has to say instead of Obama.

Posted by: Also annoyed | April 26, 2008 1:37 AM | Report abuse

jacksmith====while you are calling everybody else an idiot, some you said shows your own stupidity. If Republicans thought Obama was the stronger candidate they would not be voting for him if they did not want to face him. They would be voting for Hillary, as in Operation Chaos, which they are doing. the way you presented it shows that you do not understand what is going on. Maybe you should look in the mirror when you are talking about idiots.You are the first person on all these comment pages that I have seen that did not seem to understand it.

Posted by: majorteddy | April 26, 2008 12:41 AM | Report abuse

I love Barack Obama - he's a class act. He never goes for the low blow, even when he's completely entitled to do so. I love the idea of having a President with a sense of class and propriety. That's exactly the change we need from the present one, who has neither. It's going to be lovely having Obama in the White House.

Posted by: Morgaine Swann | April 25, 2008 10:34 PM | Report abuse



If you think like Barack Obama, that WORKING CLASS PEOPLE are just a bunch of "BITTER"!, STUPID, PEASANTS, Cash COWS!, and CANNON FODDER. :-(

You Might Be An Idiot! :-)

If you think Barack Obama with little or no experience would be better than Hillary Clinton with 35 years experience.

You Might Be An Idiot! :-)

If you think that Obama with no experience can fix an economy on the verge of collapse better than Hillary Clinton. Whose ;-) husband (Bill Clinton) led the greatest economic expansion, and prosperity in American history.

You Might Be An Idiot! :-)

If you think that Obama with no experience fighting for universal health care can get it for you better than Hillary Clinton. Who anticipated this current health care crisis back in 1993, and fought a pitched battle against overwhelming odds to get universal health care for all the American people.

You Might Be An Idiot! :-)

If you think that Obama with no experience can manage, and get us out of two wars better than Hillary Clinton. Whose ;-) husband (Bill Clinton) went to war only when he was convinced that he absolutely had to. Then completed the mission in record time against a nuclear power. AND DID NOT LOSE THE LIFE OF A SINGLE AMERICAN SOLDIER. NOT ONE!

You Might Be An Idiot! :-)

If you think that Obama with no experience saving the environment is better than Hillary Clinton. Whose ;-) husband (Bill Clinton) left office with the greatest amount of environmental cleanup, and protections in American history.

You Might Be An Idiot! :-)

If you think that Obama with little or no education experience is better than Hillary Clinton. Whose ;-) husband (Bill Clinton) made higher education affordable for every American. And created higher job demand and starting salary's than they had ever been before or since.

You Might Be An Idiot! :-)

If you think that Obama with no experience will be better than Hillary Clinton who spent 8 years at the right hand of President Bill Clinton. Who is already on record as one of the greatest Presidents in American history.

You Might Be An Idiot! :-)

If you think that you can change the way Washington works with pretty speeches from Obama, rather than with the experience, and political expertise of two master politicians ON YOUR SIDE like Hillary and Bill Clinton..

You Might Be An Idiot! :-)

If you think all those Republicans voting for Obama in the Democratic primaries, and caucuses are doing so because they think he is a stronger Democratic candidate than Hillary Clinton. :-)

Best regards

jacksmith... Working Class :-)

p.s. You Might Be An Idiot! :-)

If you don't know that the huge amounts of money funding the Obama campaign to try and defeat Hillary Clinton is coming in from the insurance, and medical industry, that has been ripping you off, and killing you and your children. And denying you, and your loved ones the life saving medical care you needed. All just so they can make more huge immoral profits for them-selves off of your suffering...

You see, back in 1993 Hillary Clinton had the audacity, and nerve to try and get quality, affordable universal health care for everyone to prevent the suffering and needless deaths of hundreds of thousands of you each year. :-)

Approx. 100,000 of you die each year from medical accidents from a rush to profit by the insurance, and medical industry. Another 120,000 of you die each year from treatable illness that people in other developed countries don't die from. And I could go on, and on...

Posted by: jacksmith | April 25, 2008 9:24 PM | Report abuse

The "Obamamama" post includes this sentence:


Two thoughts on increasing support for your views:
1. Use spell check so you can stop making yourself look uneducated/ignorant/foolish,
2. Don't rant in caps -- it is offensive to normal web users.

Thank you.

Posted by: KAM Smith | April 25, 2008 9:17 PM | Report abuse

Here is an entry from the MI / FL petition;

Jocelyn and Michael in Michigan - We are so furious with Barack Obama at this point in time that we have both made a pact NOT to vote for him in November if he is the nominee for the Democrats. We've had enough of this absurdity. We VOTED. And this freshman rookie Senator from Illinois doesn't want our votes to count? To hell with him.


There you have it. Sign at;


Posted by: RG | April 25, 2008 8:56 PM | Report abuse

I have the deepest of respect for Obama, whom I sincerely hope wins the nomination. However, his refusal to take the risk to speak out against the Sean Bell verdict is deeply disappointing, and I have lost some of my respect for him. I understand that he tries to bring people together instead of setting them apart, but I think that there are many ways he could have criticized the police officers and the judge's verdict without being unnecessarily inflammatory or divisive.

Posted by: Stephanie | April 25, 2008 8:01 PM | Report abuse

Actual, real TX election / source -



Vocal-minority-dominated TX Caucus




If you can't add these up, let me know...


Hint: Obama received fewer votes. Darn.


Posted by: RG | April 25, 2008 7:58 PM | Report abuse

Wrong Jimbo.

Hillary is ahead by 100,000 in all votes cast.

Just because Dean will not seat FL and MI,
does not mean those voters did not cast
ballots for Clinton. They did.

I will spot you that Barack unwisely
removed himself from the ballot in MI.
Excluding it he is ahead by 200,000,
not "1 million".

Furthermore, Common Sense time:
Had Media Inc. run the crazy-man videos
of Barack's 20-year pastor and mentor
before Super Tuesday, not only would
he not have as many votes, Hillary
would be at 2025 and the race would
be over. People are leaving the tent
dude - and with good reason. He has
been exposed as a race-unity hypocrite
and regular, lying politician.


Posted by: RG | April 25, 2008 7:57 PM | Report abuse










Posted by: Obamamama | April 25, 2008 7:54 PM | Report abuse

On 3/19 NANNA1 wrote:

During his 7 minute interview w/Olberman on Friday, Olberman asked, ''did you know that he had made these statements before the video tape appeared". Obama said, "You know, frankly, I didn't". "I wasn't in church during the time these statements were made".
He also said, "I did not hear such incensory language myself, personally, either in conversation w/him or when I was in the pews.


..."but that's not the relationship I had with him. That's not the relationship I had with the church, and if I had heard those kinds of statements being said, if I had been in church on those days, I would have objected fiercely to them, and I would have told him personally".

He then turned around and said, "When some of these statements (as show on the videos) came to light was right around when I was starting to run for president".

He later said in the same interview, "But as I said, it doesn't excuse what the reverend said, and I'm very troubled by it. And if, as I said, if I had heard those sermons, if I had been there when those sermons were taking place, I would have raised that with him, and if I had thought that that was the message being promoted on a consistent basis within that church, I don't think I could be a consistent part of it".

Obama said yesterday in his speech:
"I have already condemned, in unequivocal terms, the statements of Reverend Wright that have caused such controversy. For some, nagging questions remain. Did I know him to be an occasionally fierce critic of American domestic and foreign policy? Of course. Did I ever hear him make remarks that could be considered controversial while I sat in church? Yes."


Let's review;

- Self-proclaimed racial uniter / healer

- Attended racially divisive church 20 years.
Embraces Wright as mentor

- Kept changing story, when attempt to
work both sides of table blew up on him


Posted by: RG | April 25, 2008 7:43 PM | Report abuse

Hillary is not even close in popular vote to Obama. You can count MI and FL on the basis of a Hillary 60-40 win and she still does not win popular vote. She did not win TX as reported on all the maps showing states Hillary won. It is impossible for her to win the delegate count and near impossible to win the popular vote. She has a chance if Obama makes such a major gaffe, he would have to bow out. I don't expect this to happen and the nomination may be conceded to Obama after OR is counted.

Posted by: Jimbo | April 25, 2008 7:10 PM | Report abuse

When Barrack Obama announced he was running for President - my heart soared with pride that a black american believed what we are told as children - that any american can become president.

I watched closely as it seemed that Obama waged a campaign that was different. Instead of being on the attack all the time he spoke of his positives.

I watched as he approached the Chesapeake Primaries - marveling at the results in some of the states that were primarily white - and he carried the majority for a win.

Had I been so cynical in the past that I did not realize that America really could - would - elect an African American to the Presidency.

Now we have just finished the Pennsylvania primary and my heart is saddened. Looks like my cynical fear were justified after all.

The pundits, the media, the people continue to distract from real issues and instead focus on often petty errors. They blow up some peoples relationships from the past but ignore questionable relationships of others.

My soul and heart is on a rollercoaster. At first cynical, then encouraged, now saddened.

Posted by: DavidJ | April 25, 2008 7:06 PM | Report abuse

Go get 'em Obama! Focus on the issues important to Americans, not this !side-circus show"!

Posted by: AJ | April 25, 2008 6:48 PM | Report abuse

BD writes: "The fact is the first part of the debate targeted Clinton's primary constuency [sic].... poor, uneducated white people who probably couldn't understand those policy issues if they were drawn in crayon using no more than two syllable words. I'm sure none of them have any clue how either candidate did on the policy questions because they all tuned out as soon as they stopped asking the smear questions. If I were from Pennsylvania I would be humiliated that my state was represented on national television by that nasty, fat, idiot redneck woman who asked the flag-pin question."

Really. Your post is the epitome of an uneducated rant toward someone against whom you obviously have an irrational bias. And for you to dismiss Hillary Clinton's supporters as poor, uneducated white people incapable of understanding anything more complex than a two-syllable word, reveals you as the racist, thoughtless, uninformed, unenlightened bigot that you are. You may be right that the flag pin question was not the best question for Clinton to ask. But your post makes it glaringly apparent what so many people fear about Obama: Many of Obama's supporters are just as irrational and unthinking as many of the Republican supporters were when Bill Clinton was in office. The Clintons are not bogeypeople we should be frightened of. They are honest, hardworking people who care about this country. The same is true of the Obamas. But I don't want a repeat of all the ugly politics that Gingrich and DeLay brought us in the '90s. And I fear that is exactly what we will get if Obama gets the nomination and is elected: A bunch of ranting lunatics that scream, yell, and make unfounded allegations every time they don't get their way.

And while I'm at it, some of these other posts made today are just pathetic. Do Obama's supporters really want to sound like the Newt Gingrich/Tom DeLay/Rush Limbaugh paranoiacs of the early 90's? Do Obama's supporters really want to rehash all the Clinton conspiracy theories? Talk about wanting to move us back into the dark ages of politics.

I've asked it before. I'll ask it again. Why are Obama's supporters insistent that the man is entitled to the nomination? This nomination is not his God-given right. If Obama wants this nomination, then he had better prepared to fight for it. And his supporters had better be prepared for a long, hard fight. I dread what will happen if Obama does get the nomination and the Republicans launch one of their meanest ads toward Obama. Will his supporters suddenly start crying and whining about racism and bigotry? I hope not. Although I suspect that is exactly what will happen based on how Obama's supporters have behaved throughout this primary fight.

Posted by: Kay Decker | April 25, 2008 6:39 PM | Report abuse

Obama told me I'm a typical white racist. Damn. I didn't know. He called hiself half racist. he called his grandmother a racist, he called all those small town PA. folks racist (I'm sure some of those folks were black, and I'm still trying to figure that out) and he has called the Clintons racist.

Seems to me that he has done a good job of injected race into this election.

Posted by: Chief | April 25, 2008 6:38 PM | Report abuse










Posted by: Obamamama | April 25, 2008 6:37 PM | Report abuse

. ............_. ,-´``;
. . . . . . . . . .,`. . .`-----´..
. . . . . . . . . .,. . . . . .~ .`- .
. . . . . . . . . ,´. . . . . . . .o. .o__
. . . . . . . . _|. . . . . . . . . . . . (#)
. . . . . . . _. ´`~-.. . . . . . . . . .,´
. . . . . . .,. .,.-~-.´ -.,. . . ..´--~` OBAMA 2008
. . . . . . /. ./. . . . .}. .` -..,/
. . . . . /. ,´___. . :/. . . . . .
. . . . /´`-.|. . . `´-..´........ . .
. . . ;. . . . . . . . . . . . .)-.....|
. . .|. . . . .´ ---........-´. . . ,´
. . .´,. . ,....... . . . . . . . . .,´
. . . .´ ,/. . . . `,. . . . . . . ,´
. . . . .. . . . . .. . . .,.- ´
. . . . . ´,. . . . . ´,-~´`. ;. . . . . ..,=======,
. . . . . .|. . . . . ;. . . /__. . . . . . .......... . . /
. . . . . /. . . . . /__. . . . .). . . . . . . ..... . . /
. . . . . ´-.. . . . . . .)----~´. . .. . .\______/
. . . . . . .´ - .......-`

Posted by: G LEE | April 25, 2008 6:28 PM | Report abuse

He's getting his mojo back. Let's go! We can rise above these distractions and we can heal the party and the country.

Yes we can.

Posted by: Chuck | April 25, 2008 6:26 PM | Report abuse

America and the reason why someone as dumb as Bush could get elected TWICE. Who is dumber, the idiot leader or the people who elected him.
Posted by: Wayne

I have a strong suspicision some of you Obamanites voted for Bush. You probably fell for the MSM bias then too.

Posted by: Chief | April 25, 2008 6:23 PM | Report abuse

The United States of America is falling apart. Race relations aren't good, illegal immigration is out of control, the War, high gasoline and food prices.

What else can happen?

I want this election to be over soon, before the country tire itself apart from racism and racist overtones. I don't support Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, nor John McCain. We are a lost nation!

Posted by: BlueDogDemocrat | April 25, 2008 6:22 PM | Report abuse

The United States of America is fallen apart. Race relations aren't good, illegal immigration is out of control, the War, high gasoline and food prices.

What else can happen?

I want this election to be over soon, before the country tire itself apart from racism and racist overtones. I don't support Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, nor John McCain. We are a lost nation!

Posted by: BlueDogDemocrat | April 25, 2008 6:21 PM | Report abuse

Man, Cam, save some Kool-Aid for the rest of us! I need to get into that same happy place where you are. Unfortunately, I know for a fact that this country is being run into the ground by what is the worst president in the history of the United States. Bush is an utter disaster and everyone (well, almost everyone) knows it.

Posted by: Kay Decker | April 25, 2008 6:10 PM | Report abuse

America has to make a choice. She can continue down the path of the coming American disater. Or take the option of allowing Obama to at least attempt to turn this nightmare in a sane direction. Would you not agree the last eight years have been nothing less than insane under bush. If you wathced the Matrix you can take the red pill or the blue pill it is most likely your last chance. America will choose what it deserves.

Posted by: Greg | April 25, 2008 6:09 PM | Report abuse

For JakeD; watch out, your Faux News lessons are showing! Go back to class of ignorance and leave the comments to people who actually KNOW the issues and the candidates!

Posted by: ObamasLady | April 25, 2008 5:51 PM | Report abuse

"ABC's Stephanopoulos and Gibson had the audacity to ask Obama some tough questions during the last Democratic debate. Challenge Obama with well-informed questions on tax policy and politics? How dare they?
Posted by: Ethan | April 25, 2008 3:43 PM"

Not one person who supports any of the candidates has complained about the questions on tax policy or any policy questions... the complaints came from the first 45 minutes of the debate in which not a single question of substance was asked... The fact is the first part of the debate targeted Clinton's primary constuency.... poor, uneducated white people who probably couldn't understand those policy issues if they were drawn in crayon using no more than two syllable words. I'm sure none of them have any clue how either candidate did on the policy questions because they all tuned out as soon as they stopped asking the smear questions. If I were from Pennsylvania I would be humiliated that my state was represented on national television by that nasty, fat, idiot redneck woman who asked the flag-pin question! You get 30 seconds on the air to ask a presidential candidate a question and the best you can come up with is "why don't you wear a flag pin???" Not "why do I pay $4 a gallon for gas", not "why has my grocery bill doubled oever the last 7 years", not "why did my neighbor come back from Iraq in a wheelchair while the Bush twins do girls gone wild in Cancun"... you use that once in a lifetime opportunity to ask "why don't you wear a flag pin"? My question to her is "why is your IQ lower than my dog's?" There is a homeless guy who talks to imaginary friends outside of my office wearing a flag pin... do you think he should be president?

Posted by: BD | April 25, 2008 5:36 PM | Report abuse

-- people point to Barak Obama and somehow make him responsible for what another man says even though --


I believe the fault is found on Obama's
actions in relation to the divisive
ideology, not the drivel itself. As in:
20 years / patronage / didn't know / mentor

That tallies up as a credibility problem.

Hard to believe he never heard it before
2007, and hard to see how an Inclusion
Candidate retains his membership there.

The man ran for national office 4 years
ago already. Was in state politics 8 years
prior to that. He should have joined a
church he'd never have to denounce, long
ago. More "bonehead" I suppose...

And for Wright's part, yes there is a
truth behind it - one that fits into
1958. To be that shrill and angry
about oppression from the "white man",
denies the vast progress made on civil
rights and racial equality over the
last 50 years. It denies ALL of the
caucasians - which is most of us -
that in that time have found our way
to enlightenment: a person is a
person is a person.

That happened on the backs of MLK and
many, many other civil rights warriors of
both ethnicities, as well as the parallel
struggle of Hispanic Americans. We have
had racial evolution, and the society is
far more balanced now in terms of
attitudes and opportunity, than it
was 50 years ago.

Yes, that evolution and progress is yet
incomplete. But tirades deny how far
we've come as Americans, and in 2008
do more to divide again, than they do
to push the ball forward.


Posted by: RG | April 25, 2008 5:28 PM | Report abuse

-- As I indicated before, I took offense." --


3/17 -
"The statements that Rev. Wright made that are the cause of this controversy were not statements I personally heard him preach while I sat in the pews of Trinity or heard him utter in private conversation. When these statements first came to my attention, it was at the beginning of my presidential campaign."

3/18 -
"Did I know him to be an occasionally fierce critic of American domestic and foreign policy? Of course. Did I ever hear him make remarks that could be considered controversial while I sat in church? Yes. Did I strongly disagree with many of his political views? Absolutely."

3/28 -
"Had the reverend not retired, and had he not acknowledged that what he had said had deeply offended people and were inappropriate and mischaracterized what I believe is the greatness of this country, for all its flaws, then I wouldn't have felt comfortable staying at the church,"

3/18 -
"I can no more disown him than I can disown the black community."

Story keeps changing, bottom line remains the same;

Obama is a hypocrite opportunist, who spouted racial
unity while he patronized a racially-divisive lunatic.

Attended for 20 years with no problem, but would
leave now. Something about not being comfortable...



Posted by: RG | April 25, 2008 5:23 PM | Report abuse

When will Obama be made to explain his strong campaign support for Odinga? I'm curious to hear how he'll rationalize being a proponent of democracy and freedom while helping a communist Muslim try to become president of Kenya and whose first objective would be to replace Kenya's democracy with Islamic law. Gaddafi also supported Odinga's campaign because he shares the same vision with Odinga which is to see Africa become a Pan African/Islamic Socialist nation, and not so coincidentally, so does Jeremiah Wright and Farrakhan. I'm especially interested in hearing if that's why Obama took such an active role in Odinga's campaign? After Obama explains Odinga, I'd love to hear his explanation for his strong opposition to BAIPA. Would it be asking to much of the media to press Obama for answers to these questions?

Posted by: Ijane | April 25, 2008 5:18 PM | Report abuse

That is the next President speaking, if he can get past the forces massed against him. And, yes he sounded calm thoughtful and moderate--like a 21st century Eisenhower. Meanwhile, the Clinton war machine is trying to figure out how to attack that statement--maybe, it was given beside the wrong gas pump, maybe he made an elitist gesture, maybe...................

And, the crackpots supporting McCain? They are waiting to see what Clinton does so they can hone that for the general election.

Posted by: rusty 3 | April 25, 2008 5:15 PM | Report abuse

bottom line is the people who are offended by the verdict would be that way if it was a good verdict or not. in the hood man.

Posted by: gunclinger | April 25, 2008 5:07 PM | Report abuse

"Trust me - Hillary Clinton DID NOT exacerbate the racial tension that is escalating with each passing day...Obama has masterfully weilded this ploy, and has since won 90% of the black vote.
Yvette W.; Princeton, NJ (Princeton educated, BLACK WOMAN from the "south")"
Posted by: YWinfield; Princeton

First: I don't believe this is a post from an honest "person." Second: "educated"? Educated people don't write "weilded" or call the South "the 'south'". It's not how a real Princeton-educated (note the hyphen, "YWinfield") graduate would write. And, third, all the CAPITALS. That's supposed to be "Princetonian"? I could go on, but I think you get the picture. Phony, phony, phony. Just like McCain and Clinton.

Posted by: edwcorey | April 25, 2008 4:56 PM | Report abuse

Thanks JakeD, set next to your redneck drivelling, Obama's measured comments seem even more sensible and honest than they would on their own.

You really know how to make him look good. Are you on the Obama campaign?

Posted by: OD | April 25, 2008 4:53 PM | Report abuse

FirstMouse that is a great point! I, however, would like her to explain her terrorist ties, since I'm sure many people don't know about it.

Posted by: Anonymous | April 25, 2008 4:44 PM | Report abuse

At this point, Barack Obama appears to have been more thoroughly "vetted" than does Hillary Clinton; Clinton's review focuses on her present and recent past, whereas Obama's critique harkens back at least as far as his kindergarten dream to become President of the United States.

When (if at all) this latest surge driven by the media's herd instinct tires of reworking current controversies and seeks a fresh rallying theme, it will be Hillary's turn once again. Possibly we will then learn more about what really happened along the path taken by the Task Force on National Health Care Reform. (Was it basically her self-righteousness that doomed the project, as suggested on p. 394 of Carl Bernstein's A Woman in Charge?)

I would like to know more too of Ms. Clinton's relations with Arkansas state troopers, for glimpses at these would seem to offer a better understanding of how she gets along with subordinates who serve her.

Posted by: FirstMouse | April 25, 2008 4:42 PM | Report abuse

Tired of bias from the male dominated media -all suffering from erectile dysfunction.
Check it out girls-let's wrap it up.

Posted by: greenfun | April 25, 2008 4:41 PM | Report abuse

You didn't mention the fact that Clinton's own surrogates Gerladine Ferraro and Bob Johnson, both played the "race card" against Obama. Is that Obama's fault??? Get your facts right before you post.

Posted by: To YWinfield | April 25, 2008 4:37 PM | Report abuse


Give him a break folks. It took him all day to type his message and we're all glad to see he could get it done. Now, Bubba just has to go out and get a job.

Posted by: Debra | April 25, 2008 4:35 PM | Report abuse

What did Hillary say about Jena 6???

Posted by: To Maria | April 25, 2008 4:35 PM | Report abuse

Hello, All...

Wow...I don't even know where to begin. Do you HONESTLY believe that Barack Obama is not as divisive as Hillary Clinton???

No - Obama's even MORE DIVISIVE than HRC could ever be...I'm not quite certain why everyone has missed this, BUT THE OBAMA CAMP HAS BEING PLAYING THE "RACE CARD" from "DAY 1" of the democratic primary...

Think a bout it - Obama's camp began playing the "race card" right from the beginning:

1. 11/12/07 - In Michelle Obama's interview with MSNBC's Mika Brzezinski, she stated, "Black Americans will wake up and get it," Obama said.

"But what we're dealing with in the black community is just the natural fear of possibility. When I look at my life, the stuff that we're seeing in these polls is played out my whole life: always been told by somebody that I'm not ready, you know, I can't do something, my scores weren't high enough."

"...Obama pointed to a specific skepticism about her husband's chances to win the presidency among blacks, who she says have been repeatedly told by society that there are limitations on what an African American can achieve."

"There's always that doubt in the back of the minds of people of color. People who've been oppressed and haven't been given real opportunities that you never really -- that you believe that somehow someone is better than you," she continued. " Deep down inside you doubt whether you can do it, because that's all you've been told is 'no, wait.' That's all you hear."

"...That's right. That's the psychology that's going on in our heads, in our souls, and I understand it," she said. "I know where it comes from. You know, and I think that is one of the horrible legacies of racism and discrimination and oppression."

Source URL:

2. Oprah Winfrey's It was Oprah Winfrey who initially played the "race card" by comparing Obama"s message (and deeds?) to Martin Luther King. Clearly, Oprah"s either lost her mind, or she has forgotten the GENUINE PERSONAL SACRIFICES that Dr. King made in order to shape the history of our country. You see, Dr. King was inspirational, but he was also a man of ACTION whose struggles pale in comparison to the pitiful record of public service that Obama has displayed thus far.

Furthermore, it was the "Obama camp" that kept stoking the fires regarding the "race card". More specifically, didn"t any of you "Obama drones" notice that not a single prominent African American Leader or Politician speak out against Bill Clinton"s "supposed" racially offensive statements???

HOWEVER - Please note the following:

a. Jesse Jackson said that he DID NOT find any of Bill Clintons remarks offensive

b. We didn"t hear any vigorous outcry from Al Sharpton (a perpetual media hog)

c. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, we heard NOTHING from the members of the Black Congressional Caucus " AND THAT SPEAKS VOLUMES¦

3. The Obama Camp was vehemently OUTRAGED when Senator Obama's ACTUAL middle name was used by some GOP Talk show host in Texas...Claiming that using his ACTUAL middle name insinuated that he was Muslim. HOW SO????

4. The Obama camp was once again OUTRAGED when Sen. Obama was depicted in the traditional clothing of his father's native country while on a visit. Isn't it "usual & customary" to dress in the traditional garb while visiting a foreign country? WHAT WAS THE NEED TO BLOW THAT INCIDENT TO MYTHIC PROPORTIONS????

Trust me - Hillary Clinton DID NOT exacerbate the racial tension that is escalating with each passing day...Obama has masterfully weilded this ploy, and has since won 90% of the black vote.

Yvette W.; Princeton, NJ (Princeton educated, BLACK WOMAN from the "south")

Posted by: YWinfield; Princeton, NJ | April 25, 2008 4:33 PM | Report abuse

Barack needs to stay out of commenting people dont know how to interpret him at all. Its really annoying that they are questioning his pastor, and not only does it make it worst for him, it makes it worst for us at the PEOPLE.. Wake up and realize that Barack is the way to go.. Hillary will just go with whatever "sounds good" stick to the issues.

Posted by: Sherry | April 25, 2008 4:31 PM | Report abuse

Mr. Al Sharpton not Senator Obama is the champion of Black Americans
Rev. Sharpton has a very nice record on civil rights. Mr. Al Sharpton was very vocal on Jenna-6. Obama was silent. Mr. Sharpton works for social justice for Sean Bell's family. Typical Obama, others works hard; and he jumps for credit or free rides. Vote smart. No Obama. Vote for Senator Hillary Clinton.

Posted by: Maria | April 25, 2008 4:24 PM | Report abuse

This is the result of the New York liberal judicial system. Crime + a good excuse = success. The only other place that treats criminals more like victims is Maryland.


The racist judicial system that exists as an environmental condition for black folks has proven again that the black guy always loses.

Take your pick. I would love to make a liberals head explode (not literally)

Posted by: Parnum | April 25, 2008 4:19 PM | Report abuse

Annoyed posts:
"What does Barack's middle name have to do with anything? Is that the best you can come up with?? Go read a book. "

Haven't you figured it out, yet? Jake's a troll; he uses Obama's middle name (in caps, to make sure no one misses how clever he is) and sits back and watches people get bent out of shape because they take it as a barely veiled slur; it's not; it's to get people to respond to him in anger, which ups his self-importance. He obviously craves/needs the attention, so he keeps doing it, just like any 2-year old who has found a way to annoy the adults thru meaningless repetition.

Simplest thing to do is to ignore it; it's nothing but a cry for attention and you (and me when I point this out ;->) are providing it by responding.

Posted by: jk5432 | April 25, 2008 4:01 PM | Report abuse

The comment in this article that Wright labeled Obama's speech as "political posturing" is incredibly irresponsible.

Why not include his exact statements instead of making a subjective inference?!! Wright was trying to make a separation by saying he is preacher and Obama is a politician. I think I'm really ready for this topic to die.
Not Just A Blog | Political News of Relevance

Posted by: Anonymous | April 25, 2008 3:57 PM | Report abuse

Why is the media pushing this racial divide? And why are voters not doing their own research instead of listening to sound bites?

If Clinton is nominated, all of the stuff Congress brought up against her and her husband will be the sound bite. Obama is a gentleman and respects his party -- he is not looking at those past issues, i.e., like the rumor that Ron Brown was actually murdered -- not killed in the airplane crash -- that was just a cover-up. But you can bet the Republicans will not be that respectful. When the Clintons left office, there were a lot of questions. Bush won against Gore, because Gore was associated with the Clintons. The 2000 election was not the first time an election was stolen. How soon folks forget!

Posted by: Del | April 25, 2008 3:51 PM | Report abuse

I too would like to know what Clinton & McCain have to say. Especially, Clinton, isn't she a NY senator? She's incredibly disconnected to what happening here. She should be there.

Posted by: Nancy | April 25, 2008 3:51 PM | Report abuse

A honest man for what should be a honest job, we have not had that in the past eight years.... Hillary won't bring it... McCain is a under cover Bush clone. Vote for a new direction.

Posted by: Larry K | April 25, 2008 3:51 PM | Report abuse

Wayne - Bush is not as dumb as you accuse him of being. A few reasons: It's far too early to deem the Iraq invasion a failure. In terms of military achievement, it ranks as one of the greatest in modern history. In a matter of weeks a dangerous dictator was toppled, his regime ousted, his military routed and an oppressed people freed. "Tax breaks for the rich" is the big lie come alive. Under the Bush tax cuts, 25 million Americans at the bottom half of the income scale have been wiped off the federal income tax rolls. Since Bush has been in office, pro-Americans have been elected to lead Germany (Angela Merkel), France (Nicolas Sarkozy), Italy (Silvio Berlusconi) and Canada (Stephen Harper). Both Britain and Australia remain close to the U.S. though both are under governments less pro-American than their predecessors. Who's been alienated? Iran, which has been at war with the U.S. for nearly 20 years.

Posted by: Cam | April 25, 2008 3:50 PM | Report abuse

I too would like to know what Clinton & McCain have to say. Especially, Clinton, isn't she a NY senator? She's incredibly disconnected to what happening here. She should be there.

Posted by: Nancy | April 25, 2008 3:50 PM | Report abuse

Esse and "Annoyed":

My middle name is MOORE -- that's the least of his problems though -- are you afraid of your own middle names?

Posted by: JakeD | April 25, 2008 3:48 PM | Report abuse

ABC's Stephanopoulos and Gibson had the audacity to ask Obama some tough questions during the last Democratic debate. Challenge Obama with well-informed questions on tax policy and politics? How dare they?

Posted by: Ethan | April 25, 2008 3:43 PM | Report abuse

Man. I really like Obama. The guy really is a class act. I can tell he sincerely wants to bring the country together, bring the parties together, bring blacks and whites together and actually fix these problems we face. The political party and race divisions are deep rooted. Everything is being done to discredit him..even words by a crazy pastor that wasnt even Obamas own words. I guess, the attacks that Obama are under illustrates the problems we have in America and the reason why someone as dumb as Bush could get elected TWICE. Who is dumber, the idiot leader or the people who elected him.

Posted by: Wayne | April 25, 2008 3:36 PM | Report abuse

What does Barack's middle name have to do with anything? Is that the best you can come up with?? Go read a book.

Posted by: Annoyed | April 25, 2008 3:33 PM | Report abuse

If I could just once hear Obama take a stand on an issue in his own words, not some pre-recorded sound bite from his political CD-ROM then maybe, just maybe, iI would slightly consider giving him my vote. But "Oh yes even though I know that 50 shots is excessive, I cant possibly say that because I don't want to offend anyone" attitiude is exactly what we don't need more of from our next Commander-in-Chief. This "I'll say whatever I need to say to win" stance. I thought he was all about change. Doesn't look like much has changed in NY. Believe that.

Posted by: Shirl T | April 25, 2008 3:27 PM | Report abuse

Why not ask the question to Clinton & McCain about the acquitals. Do they not also hope to represent all.

Posted by: rlj | April 25, 2008 3:13 PM | Report abuse

"As with all statistical analysis, all of our calculations come with a certain degree of imprecision. However, our goal is more modest than to forecast the exact results of hypothetical primaries. Rather, we wish to make three broad points. First, because voter turnout is lower in caucuses, the popular vote dramatically devalues the popular will of citizens of caucus states. Second, the size of the devaluation is large, given that about one-third of states have used caucuses and caucus turnout is only one-fifth of primary turnout. Finally, both the actual caucus results and the results of our hypothetical primaries suggest that were every state to have held primaries, Obama would have a larger lead in the current tally of the popular vote."

bottom line = PLEDGED DELEGATES not popular vote, so quit spreading your bullsh*t (JakeD the idiot)

Posted by: Anonymous | April 25, 2008 3:08 PM | Report abuse

So what his middle name is Hussein?! What's yours, Elmer?

Posted by: Esse | April 25, 2008 3:07 PM | Report abuse

There is some polling evidence today that Clinton is enjoying a post-PA boost, and she is leading in an Indiana survey released this morning. Also, she polls much better than Obama in the latest general election poll from PA. Full roundup:

Posted by: Dan | April 25, 2008 3:03 PM | Report abuse

Have to admire his candor. Would Hillary give a relatively straight answer on this subject? Or McCain? No.

Posted by: fllco | April 25, 2008 2:53 PM | Report abuse

Barack HUSSEIN Obama was also against the Iraq war "without benefit of all the facts" too ; )

Posted by: JakeD | April 25, 2008 2:52 PM | Report abuse

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