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Douglass Joins Obama Campaign

By Howard Kurtz
Ten days ago, National Journal's Linda Douglass was on "Hardball," chatting about whether Barack Obama might pick Hillary Clinton as his running mate, or risk ignoring "a very energized female vote out there."

Now Douglass will find herself defending whatever decision the candidate makes -- as Obama's spokeswoman.

After a three-decade career as a correspondent for CBS and ABC, Douglass said yesterday she decided she "just can't sit on the sidelines" and is signing on as a senior strategist and traveling press secretary for the Illinois senator. Douglass called this is "an irreversible move" at this stage of her life, adding: "Once you cross over to an advocacy role of this magnitude, you can't go back to being an objective journalist," she said.

Asked whether she had commented on the campaign while negotiating for a job, Douglass said the discussions began in the past several days -- she spoke to Obama on Sunday -- and that she immediately stopped talking about politics.

By Web Politics Editor  |  May 21, 2008; 4:54 PM ET
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How many readers/listeners of Ms. Douglas know that her husband Atty. John Phillips is one of the big fundraisers for Senator Obama? It is these "entanglements"in the Washington press circles that cause much of the skepticism about journalistic objectivity. I think she has done the correct thing for her credibility to "cross over" once and for all.

Posted by: Wayside 72 | May 22, 2008 2:00 AM | Report abuse

Jake D., if you are pro-life, why do you support the war monger McCain? He wants to, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran after bombing Iraq. Which country will be next, Syria, oh wait, the bad country of Syria is now in talks with Israel about peace. You have to talk to your enemies just as Senator Obama says. This country can not afford another war. We need to get out of Iraq and work for peace for the middle east. As long as we are in Iraq, that won't happen. That's being pro-life.

Posted by: Carolyn Grace | May 21, 2008 11:05 PM | Report abuse

Yeah, very funny (NOT).

P.S. to Democrat for Life! Hillary is not seeking to change the rules, but rather one specific and preliminary "ruling" that took away 100% of the delegates when the RULES provide for a 50% penalty. If she objects to the May 31st decision by the Rules Committee, she is entitled to appeal their decision to the Credentials Committee. And, if she wants to take the fight all the way to the Convention floor, she can do that too. All of that is "following the rules" already in place.

Ted Kennedy took the fight to the Conventional floor and he was 800 delegates behind Carter. That didn't "ruin" the Democratic Party, did it?

Posted by: JakeD | May 21, 2008 8:44 PM | Report abuse

JakeD====Jesus Christ's middle name was Hussein also. Yes that's right folks, you've heard people say Jesus H. Christ, well that was what that H. stood for. His parents were going to name him Jesus F. Christ, but the local newspaper was owned by a Republican and he wouldn't print the birth announcement.

Posted by: oldman&theC | May 21, 2008 8:14 PM | Report abuse


I'm glad you know his middle name is HUSSEIN -- did you know that means "handsome" in Arabic -- even if you did, not everyone who reads this thread may know that.

BTW: we are actually debating substantive policy (abortion and same-sex marriage) on another thread, if you prefer:

Posted by: JakeD | May 21, 2008 7:59 PM | Report abuse


The "no lobbyists" rhetoric is smoke and mirrors. Sen. Obama introduced a bill in Illinois that required nuke plants to report information about radiation leaks publicly. But a big donor is a nuclear power company. By the time the legislation was finished, the requirement to report the leaks was no longer a requirement and had become voluntary. Do you think a lobbyist didn't influence that change? Maybe lobbyists aren't working for Sen. Obama but he is certainly working for lobbyists -- as are Sens. Clinton and McCain.

I looked at Sen. Clinton's senior staff list too. It's quite a bit more diverse.

WaPo, you say you want to be challenged. I challenge the WaPo to publish a story on the ethnic and gender diversity of each candidate's senior staffs.

There has been so much coverage of racism and sexism over the last few days. What is each candidates' personal behavior with regards to choosing senior staff vis a vis race and gender? Who has a seat at the table in the inner circles of each of these candidates?

Thank you,


Posted by: Donna1000 | May 21, 2008 7:41 PM | Report abuse

While your at it why don't you list HRCs hiring practices?
Like Mark "I'm lobbying for Columbia while HRC lies to the people of Ohio, Texas and Pennsylvania about free trade Penn"

How 'bout them hiring practices, or should I say firing practices?

Posted by: JR | May 21, 2008 7:31 PM | Report abuse

To all TRUE Democratic Supporters and OBAMA supporters....go to the website of the DNC and let them know exactly how you feel about them stealing the nomination away from Mr. Obama. You can communicate directly to them. Mr. Obama has played by the rules and to steal the nomination from him just to crown the Clintons is an act of cowardness and weakness of our Party. I urge all Obama supporters to go to this website. They will actually respond to you. The website is See you guys at the Convention in August. Democrat for Life!

My email is listed below: Keep up the good fight Obama Supporters...we'll all get through this...just keep your eyes on the prize...Luv Ya!

All of my family members and myself have been lifelong democrats and we have always committed ourselves to the needs and successes of the Democratic Party. We supported President Bill Clinton during his impeachment days and have always stuck with the Democratic party through the good times and the bad times. We have several generations of Democrats in our family and have NEVER crossed the party lines. As an African American female, I am totally appalled and hurt with the trickery and abuse that the "Democratic Powerhouses - The Clintons" are doing and continue to do to Mr. Barak Obama. Mr. Obama has played by the party rules, he sought out to win the most pledged delegates because he knew that was the rule of the DNC in order to win the nomination. The Clintons have under-estimated Mr. Obama's brillance, determination, and dedication to the DNC Party and now have posiitoned themselves in a a way to overthrow the will of the People and the Party while the leaders in the DNC stand idly by and watch. I will agree that Mr. Obama have withstood the harsh rhetoric and character assasination brought on by the Clintons, their surrogates, and supporters but this have probably made Mr. Obama a stronger candidate. However, it is now time to cut the cord on all of this nonsense, sit the Clintons down, and let them know in no uncertain terms that Mr. Obama has played by the DNC rules and have obtained the majority of the pledge delegates and it's now time to win back the White House. The more the leaders of the DNC stand idley by because they are afraid to go against the Clinton Machine is a sign of cowardness and weakness..and I certainly hope that is not the type of party that my family and I have supported though many years. I hope that you do not allow Hillary and her campaign to continue to divide the party and use the rhetoric against the party just to clench the nomination. I, as a Democrat hope that you don't take the nomination from Mr. Obama just to appease the Clintons. I would expect that Florida and Michigan who didn't play by the rules be punished as the DNC pledgd to do at the onset of the primary race. If you have to seat them, then I would hope that you do what the Republicans did and take 50% of the delegates away and do not seat either state as they voted. I have Democratic family members in both Michiganand Florida that followed the rules and did not vote because they felt that their vote would not count. Therefore you would be disenfranchizing all of those voters in Florida and Michigan that followed the rules, stayed home and didn't vote because they thought that their votes won't count. To try and appease the Clintons with a back room deal would be of great disservice to the democratic voters who trusted your system and supports Mr. Obama. I look forward to your response and an answer of how the DNC plans to move forward with the nomination of Mr. Barak Obama. Thank you very much for allowing me to voice my concerns.

Posted by: Democrat for Life! | May 21, 2008 7:18 PM | Report abuse

One can ony wonder why JakeD is so incredibly obsessed with Senator Obama's middle name.....Apparently he thinks the rest of us are not aware of the Senator's middle name, but much more interesting is why in the world he thinks it matters.


Are we all supposed to be afraid now or do you just repeat yourself because you have nothing intelligent to say..??

Posted by: Marshall | May 21, 2008 7:08 PM | Report abuse

Before hiring Ms. Douglas today, let's look at Sen. Obama's own behavior on race and gender. In looking at a list of his senior staff there are no obviously Latino or Asian names. Only three of 15 senior staff are women and only three of 18 senior policy advisors are women.

Here's the list:,_2008#Campaign_staff_and_policy_team.

Given that a person's hiring practices are direct evidence of their values in action, I think this is an important story. Any chance the WaPo will cover it?

Posted by: Donna1000 | May 21, 2008 7:04 PM | Report abuse


Posted by: LEO BIALIS | May 21, 2008 6:41 PM | Report abuse

For the record, the reason I am not voting for Barack HUSSEIN Obama (that is his name) is because I am pro-life and he is not, not because of the color of his skin.

Posted by: JakeD | May 21, 2008 5:47 PM | Report abuse

Senator barack obama is god sent for the american people. he has all the qualities of a very good president ,and i do hope the all america will rally behing senator obama and elect him our new president in november. he has done a very good campaigne unlike hilary clinton who all she did was tried to keep him down,but let me tell you hillary you can't keep a good man down

Posted by: Anonymous | May 21, 2008 5:41 PM | Report abuse

I think the Washington Post political team ought to follow Ms Douglass' example. This charade has become ridiculous.

Posted by: Anonymous | May 21, 2008 5:26 PM | Report abuse

Seriously, at least I post other relevant things -- along with pointing out Obama's middle name for anyone who does not know it -- but the exact, same post from Dr. Khajawall (and never a reply to questions about it) every day is kind of annoying.

Posted by: JakeD | May 21, 2008 5:19 PM | Report abuse

Ms. Douglass is a true pro and it's not surprising that someone with her integrity would join Obama's campaign. Great move for both of them!

Posted by: nicko | May 21, 2008 5:16 PM | Report abuse

Dear Fellow Americans,

Our Great-grand Nation, the United States of America
is facing and will face very critical and substantial
"Challenges" in coming, months, years, and next

It is very essential as well as critical that we pick
our next
President keeping in mind the following criteria.

1. A candidate who has a clear and candid " Vision
and Mission" for our Nation.

2. A candidate with " Strong Character and Stable
Integrity" in-spite of adversity during our present
election process.

3. A candidate with sound and sustained
"Presidential Temperament" and " Judgment".

4. A candidate with little "Washington exposure"
and "real connectedness with people and future

5. A candidate who "Inspires us up" rather than
"Tears us Down".

6. A candidate not based on sexism,
racism,regionalism,and ageism and as well as "
attempts to bring us together "

In my professional, political and personal opinion,
the only candidate that meets the all above
characteristics and has shown constant and consistent
coolness, calmness, and connectedness { PRESIDENTIAL
TEMPERAMENT } is Senator Barrack Obama.

As an independent registered voter since 1980. I voted
for Carter, voted for Reagan, voted for First Bush,
and second Bush in 2000 and In the process last
interest in Washington politics and I stopped voting.
Getting disinterested and disgusted in our political
process and stopping voting that was a very bad
decision in any circumstance, particularly under
present circumstances.

This time we can not afford to stay on side lines and
let "Washington" stay the same.We can not afford our
Greatgreat Nation to become less than what we are,
what we were and what we can be?

We need to send clear, careful and candid message to
the world and some time 24 hour partisan divisive
that WE the American people will set the agenda for
our future and America will be back.

These partisan media outlets are trying to deprive,
dupe, and derail us and our Nation in getting it right
this time. We not let it happen this time or in

Some of these partisan media and pundits are trying
their best
to deny us better future and continue focus our
weaknesses and generate bitter future for us and our
Greatgrand Nation. { Our Greatgrand Nations people
are persistently and constantly subjected to this
Psychological Terrorism" without common people's
knowledge. The
common and regular people do not have time to see
thru and sort thru this psychological terrorism
by some of these partisan media outlets. I find it
tragic, unfortunate, and sad [ Probably they do not
care about our Greatgrand Nation ].

We the Americans should not and would not to allow
Some these partisan media outlets psychologically
terrorized, traumatized and silence us this time or
any time in future.

I am sure that we will get it right this
time and elect Senator Obama our next President.

Let us remember that our Greatgrand is constituted of
family, friends,fellowships, faith, funds,foundation,
fun, and future with fairness and freedom and without
fear, favor, or failure .

We can not afford to lose any of above. Let us stand
up, be counted, save, build our Greatgrand Nation for
centuries to come and regain our world economic,
moral, and power status back.

God Bless our Great grand Nation and its diverse

Our Greatgrand nation needs present and future
stability, security, safety,sustained progress and
restoration of our due status in this perilous Global
World at the all levels.

Yours sincerely,

COL.[retd] A.M.Khajawall M.D.
Forensic Psychiatrist.
Disables American Veteran.
Las Vegas Nevada.
Cell: 951-505-6975

Posted by: COl. [retd] A.M.Khajawall | May 21, 2008 5:11 PM | Report abuse

Curious-er and curious-er.

Posted by: JakeD | May 21, 2008 4:57 PM | Report abuse

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