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Obama Family Ties, Past and Present

By Shailagh Murray
KEMPTON, Ind. - Saturday was family day on the campaign trail.

Sen. Barack Obama's daughters, Malia, 9, and Sasha, 6, joined him and his wife, Michelle, for a final spin around Indiana. It was a rare public appearance for the low-key kids, who have spent most of primary season in Chicago.

As the Obama motorcade rumbled from stop to stop, the girls played and watched video games in the back of the Obama luxury bus. When the candidate dropped by a community picnic in Noblesville, they took off for a nearby playground, taking turns on the swing and slide, by all appearances oblivious to the Secret Service agents, campaign staffers and reporters who watched their every move.

In Kempton, the Obamas visited an old family homestead that had been owned by three generations of Dunhams, relatives on Obama's mother's side, before the family migrated to Kansas. A large white clapboard house on the property later served as a funeral parlor. Later, the Obamas dropped by a roller skating rink in Lafayette for an "ice cream social" with local families.

Family is a recurring theme in Obama's speeches these closing days, as he seeks to connect with working-class voters who have flocked to his opponent, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton. He recalled during remarks Saturday in Indianapolis and Noblesville how his grandfather had gone to college on the GI Bill after serving in World War II, that he and Obama's grandmother had bought their first house with a government loan, and that his own mother had collected food stamps for a while.

"No matter how much money you start with or where you come from or who your parents are, opportunity is yours if you're willing to reach for it and work for it. ... That's who we are as a country," said Obama. "That's the America most of us here know. It's the America our parents and our grandparents grew up knowing."

By Post Editor  |  May 3, 2008; 11:24 PM ET
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with so many nuts people who are writing hate comments i hope barack is enough protected

Posted by: maz hess | May 5, 2008 5:50 AM | Report abuse

On the subject of arugula:

I think you've brought home to Obama that irony doesn't play well on the campaign trail.

I hope you enjoy your arugula.

Posted by: Helen | May 5, 2008 1:40 AM | Report abuse

After reading through that long and terrifying trail of posts, I forgot whatthe original article was about! Ah, yes...Barack and fam visit Kempton Indiana. Well, I was lucky enough to have been invited to this event and spend some time with the Senator and his point addressing the idiots who have smeared their verbal feces on this post, natural selection will get their kin' all in good time. Meanwhile, those of us with common sense and who take time to read and pay attention can fix what's been nearly destroyed - that being our world reputation. And for the record, I've been to a few events now as well as met Mr. Obama and his family in person. He is as real as they come, both he and his wife are extremely polite, and yes, I did feel like they were better than me. Do you know why that is? BECAUSE THEY AREEEE BETTER THAN ME!!! Isn't that the point?? Why the heck does it matter who I want to eat BBQ with or drink a beer with? I can do that with Frank my mechanic - that certainly shouldn't qualify someone to be one of the most important people in the world. And therin, my good fellow Americans, is the answer to the question, "What in the hell happened?" We let Frank the mechanic get elected, and now all of his maintenance shop buddies think they can be the president too. And if someone with an education and some dough drops by they purposfully leave his oil cap off to make themselves feel better at night when they're eating their BBQ, drinking their beer, and scratching their ass. Personally, I want an elitist running the show. You can keep Frank for your congressman.

Posted by: Anonymous | May 4, 2008 11:46 PM | Report abuse

Hillary Clinton '08

I'm white. He's black! Rev. Wright is REALLY Black and he hates white people. Come on people. This is a no-brainer. Give me the nomination already!

Racists for Hillary!

Posted by: Anonymous | May 4, 2008 10:17 PM | Report abuse

Most number of convictions and guilty pleas by friends and associates.

â–ª Most number of cabinet officials to come under criminal investigation.

â–ª Most number of witnesses to flee country or refuse to testify.

â–ª Most number of witnesses to die suddenly.

â–ª First president sued for sexual harassment.

â–ª First president accused of rape.

â–ª First president to be held in contempt of court.

â–ª First president to be impeached for personal malfeasance.

â–ª First first lady to come under criminal investigation.

â–ª Largest criminal plea agreement in an illegal campaign-contribution case.

â–ª Greatest amount of illegal campaign contributions.

â–ª Number of Starr-Ray investigation convictions or guilty pleas to date: one governor, one associate attorney general and two Clinton business partners: 14.

â–ª Number of Cabinet members who came under criminal investigation: 5.

â–ª Number of individuals and businesses associated with the Clinton machine that were convicted of or pleaded guilty to crimes: 47.

â–ª Number of these convictions during Clinton's presidency: 33.

â–ª Number of indictments/misdemeanor charges: 61.

â–ª Number of congressional witnesses who pleaded the Fifth Amendment, fled the country to avoid testifying, or (in the case of foreign witnesses) refused to be interviewed: 122.

â–ª Guilty pleas and convictions obtained by Donald Smaltz in cases involving charges of bribery and fraud against former Agriculture Secretary Mike Espy and associated individuals and businesses: 15; acquitted or overturned cases (including Espy): 6.

â–ª Clinton machine crimes for which convictions were obtained: drug trafficking, 3; racketeering, extortion, bribery, 4; tax evasion, kickbacks, embezzlement, 2; fraud, 12; conspiracy, 5; fraudulent loans, illegal gifts, 1; illegal campaign contributions, 5; money laundering, 6; perjury, et al.

â–ª Number of times that Clinton figures who testified in court or before Congress said that they didn't remember, didn't know, or something similar: Bill Kennedy, 116; Harold Ickes, 148; Ricki Seidman, 160; Bruce Lindsey, 161; Bill Burton, 191; Mark Gearan, 221; Mack McLarty, 233; Neil Egglseston, 250; John Podesta, 264; Jennifer O'Connor, 343; Dwight Holton 348; Patsy Thomasson, 420; Jeff Eller, 697; and Hillary Clinton, 250.

Believe it or not, this exhaustive list omits even lengthier lists - on public record - of crimes investigated, public officials and reporters intimidated, threatened and muzzled, and the raft of dead people associated with the Clintons who died by guns, knives, alleged suicides, etc. See and

Posted by: SMILES | May 4, 2008 5:32 PM | Report abuse

Most of Clinton's involvement in the Whitewater scandal took place while Clinton was governor of Arkansas. Whitewater is the name given to the alleged banking and real estate scandals of Clinton and his friends. After money loss and a failed real estate venture, an illegal method to recover the losses was conceived. The scandal involves Clinton allegedly pressuring Arkansas Small Business Administration (SBA) worker David Hale into making an SBA loan to Madison Guaranty Savings and Loan. The money from the loan was then funneled out with cashier checks and personal accounts (many under false names) to pay for Clinton's debts from the failed Whitewater land project. In other words, tax dollars bailed Bill and Hillary out of a financial crisis after illegal means were used to acquire them.

The President's friends and land deal associates, Fmr. Gov. Jim Guy Tucker and Jim and Susan McDougal, who were involved in Madison Guaranty Savings and Loan and the Whitewater land deal, were recently convicted for their involvement in the scandal. Subpoenaed billing records of the Rose Law Firm, which Hillary Clinton worked for and which is involved in Whitewater, mysteriously showed up in the White House in January 1996. Among the finger prints on these records were those of Hillary Clinton. While this case has been open for several years, facts are still being revealed. President Clinton testified on behalf of his convicted friends during their trial. After countless trials and hearings, Susan McDougal refuses to speak on the issue, though a bailout check signed by her, and with Clinton mentioned on it, has been displayed as evidence Mysteriously, few reasons exist for her to remain silent except what many allege to be pressure and/or threats from Bill Clinton. This scandal is still under investigation. Over a dozen convictions have come from it thus far.

Posted by: SMILES | May 4, 2008 5:27 PM | Report abuse

Donations from convicted drug and weapons dealersgate:
The Clintons and Algore were photographed on numerous occasions meeting with drug ring leader Jorge Cabrera at fundraiser events. Other Clinton donations came from a convicted illegal arms dealer, Chinese government agents, and many other drug smugglers. Many photographs only reconfirm this data

Posted by: SMILES | May 4, 2008 5:25 PM | Report abuse

McCain in 08! keep arguing.. We Republicans love it. We'll win again and the democrats will be confused. It was your race to loose and now.. you have lost it.

Divide the party, see if that helps int he general election.



Posted by: Jack Ash | May 4, 2008 5:02 PM | Report abuse

America is full of racists and I am just glad that the world is seeing this. Every smear againts Obama is because their is a segment of the US that is afraid of a black man given power. What a shame this is because Obama is both White and Black but the media is using rev Wright to divide the races. So shameful when we look back at this. Some are calling this the Hurricane Katrina treatment.

Posted by: fair1234 | May 4, 2008 4:04 PM | Report abuse

Hillary Clinton '08

I'm white. He's black! Rev. Wright is REALLY Black and he hates white people. Come on people. This is a no-brainer. Give me the nomination already!

Solutions for White People

Posted by: UncleRemus | May 4, 2008 3:55 PM | Report abuse

hasn't the media reported that Hillary's supporters are not college graduates and are of low income...why would you question why they are stuff on stupid and bring up race as an issue? they cannot help themselves... their only argument about the state of their affairs is race whine..whine..whine and hope that those who are not versed on the real issues will fall into the trap of using race as an issue to not support Senator Obama.. you have to also blame Hillary for this stupidty because she and Bill are looking for anything to give them an edge... what Bill needs to worry about is people waking up to his immoral ways and refusing to allow him back in the Whitehouse...

Posted by: lg | May 4, 2008 3:13 PM | Report abuse

I am depressed that so many posts are blatantly racist and bigoted.

You disgust me with your filth you blast against a great and patriotic American who has given up a hugely profitable career to help those who need it most.

If his wife didn't have a great job and he hadn't written that book, he'd still be just getting by.

He's running for President for us. Who's Hillary running for? You know it's for her.

So, you slimy racists -- crawl back into your holes. You're the same kind of person who persecuted the Irish when they came to America -- and the Poles and the Italians and the Germans. Your kind exulted in the genocide of our native Americans. You're no patriot. You're traitors to the American dream and all that our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution stand for. You don't even deserve to stand near an American flag. Just go away, "dylan," and your ilk.

Posted by: Harry, Los Angeles, CA | May 4, 2008 2:12 PM | Report abuse

Good Goly! I gave out meds at a mental hospital today to people whose pathologies were less severe than many of these posts reflect. What's going on? I thought the Washington Post monitored these comments.

Posted by: Anonymous | May 4, 2008 2:09 PM | Report abuse

Check This Out, NYPost 5/4/08

May 4, 2008 -- The Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Barack Obama's loose cannon of a spiritual adviser, stole the wife of a parishioner - after the man sought Wright's help in saving his troubled marriage, the former husband told friends.

Delmer Reed, 59, confided to pals that he believed the minister moved in on his wife while Wright was counseling the couple at his Chicago church in the early 1980s, The Post has learned.

Have a continuation of good sunday!

Posted by: Le Afrique | May 4, 2008 1:55 PM | Report abuse

Barack obama is a muslim plant who really hates America and espescially poor people. If you believe this then you are paranoid and stupid...

Posted by: cmsatown | May 4, 2008 1:18 PM | Report abuse

My god this garbage you call dialog is unfit for the bottom of a bird cage.

I'm Canadian who has no voice in the outcome of your election, but if I were an American I would hang my head in shame over the way people dig in the mud to bring any snippet of misinformation to light.

Your country is in the ditch, your stature as a world leader is blowing in the wind, your economy is in critical mass.

Your health care system is an embarrassment to your country, and yet there are some pretty ignorant people who somehow think wearing a flag on their lapel is more important.

The Reverend Wright sound bites are another example of the lunacy surrounding your so called elections, you provided material for comedians for years to come, and yet their are some in your country who somehow think that's important.

I don't get to vote in your election, but as a good neighbor, who you elect involves all Canadians so please try to get it right this time, your success rate is not so good.

Senator Obama looks like he is the one clear leader who intends to change America for the better, and god knows it needs changing.

I hope and pray for all Americans and the United States that the future brings new hope and prosperity for all.

Posted by: Ken | May 4, 2008 1:00 PM | Report abuse

My god, based on these comments we appear to be much worse off than the countries we label as bad. We have hatred in our hearts and I am hoping that the people that are writing these inhuman comments are not rearing kids.

Posted by: Shonia | May 4, 2008 12:02 PM | Report abuse

go obama !

Posted by: Anonymous | May 4, 2008 11:57 AM | Report abuse

Rachel you gotissues girl. In what way does her marital status affect her performing her job? Oh! maybe because she's a woman? and we must have her act according to the company rules? Women with toddlers are not entitled to career advancement, divorced women are not to be trusted? Now, it's a new one her husband is a burden to her. HE gives her a bad name?.Where and when are we going to stop the sexist in this country?

Posted by: ruthmatters | May 4, 2008 11:36 AM | Report abuse

This report tells how oil, gas, and commodity prices are being manipulated on ICE and OTC Exchanges:

'Perhaps 60% of today's oil price is pure speculation'

by F. William Engdahl

Global Research, May 2, 2008

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The price of crude oil today is not made according to any traditional relation of supply to demand. It's controlled by an elaborate financial market system as well as by the four major Anglo-American oil companies. As much as 60% of today's crude oil price is pure speculation driven by large trader banks and hedge funds. It has nothing to do with the convenient myths of Peak Oil. It has to do with control of oil and its price. How?
First, the crucial role of the international oil exchanges in London and New York is crucial to the game. Nymex in New York and the ICE Futures in London today control global benchmark oil prices which in turn set most of the freely traded oil cargo. They do so via oil futures contracts on two grades of crude oil--West Texas Intermediate and North Sea Brent.
A third rather new oil exchange, the Dubai Mercantile Exchange (DME), trading Dubai crude, is more or less a daughter of Nymex, with Nymex President, James Newsome, sitting on the board of DME and most key personnel British or American citizens.
Brent is used in spot and long-term contracts to value as much of crude oil produced in global oil markets each day. The Brent price is published by a private oil industry publication, Platt's. Major oil producers including Russia and Nigeria use Brent as a benchmark for pricing the crude they produce. Brent is a key crude blend for the European market and, to some extent, for Asia.
WTI has historically been more of a US crude oil basket. Not only is it used as the basis for US-traded oil futures, but it's also a key benchmark for US production.

'The tail that wags the dog'
All this is well and official. But how today's oil prices are really determined is done by a process so opaque only a handful of major oil trading banks such as Goldman Sachs or Morgan Stanley have any idea who is buying and who selling oil futures or derivative contracts that set physical oil prices in this strange new world of "paper oil."
With the development of unregulated international derivatives trading in oil futures over the past decade or more, the way has opened for the present speculative bubble in oil prices.
Since the advent of oil futures trading and the two major London and New York oil futures contracts, control of oil prices has left OPEC and gone to Wall Street. It is a classic case of the "tail that wags the dog."
A June 2006 US Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations report on "The Role of Market Speculation in rising oil and gas prices," noted, "...there is substantial evidence supporting the conclusion that the large amount of speculation in the current market has significantly increased prices."
What the Senate committee staff documented in the report was a gaping loophole in US Government regulation of oil derivatives trading so huge a herd of elephants could walk through it. That seems precisely what they have been doing in ramping oil prices through the roof in recent months.
The Senate report was ignored in the media and in the Congress.
The report pointed out that the Commodity Futures Trading Trading Commission, a financial futures regulator, had been mandated by Congress to ensure that prices on the futures market reflect the laws of supply and demand rather than manipulative practices or excessive speculation. The US Commodity Exchange Act (CEA) states, "Excessive speculation in any commodity under contracts of sale of such commodity for future delivery . . . causing sudden or unreasonable fluctuations or unwarranted changes in the price of such commodity, is an undue and unnecessary burden on interstate commerce in such commodity."
Further, the CEA directs the CFTC to establish such trading limits "as the Commission finds are necessary to diminish, eliminate, or prevent such burden." Where is the CFTC now that we need such limits?
They seem to have deliberately walked away from their mandated oversight responsibilities in the world's most important traded commodity, oil.
Enron has the last laugh...
As that US Senate report noted:
"Until recently, US energy futures were traded exclusively on regulated exchanges within the United States, like the NYMEX, which are subject to extensive oversight by the CFTC, including ongoing monitoring to detect and prevent price manipulation or fraud. In recent years, however, there has been a tremendous growth in the trading of contracts that look and are structured just like futures contracts, but which are traded on unregulated OTC electronic markets. Because of their similarity to futures contracts they are often called "futures look-alikes."
The only practical difference between futures look-alike contracts and futures contracts is that the look-alikes are traded in unregulated markets whereas futures are traded on regulated exchanges. The trading of energy commodities by large firms on OTC electronic exchanges was exempted from CFTC oversight by a provision inserted at the behest of Enron and other large energy traders into the Commodity Futures Modernization Act of 2000 in the waning hours of the 106th Congress.
The impact on market oversight has been substantial. NYMEX traders, for example, are required to keep records of all trades and report large trades to the CFTC. These Large Trader Reports, together with daily trading data providing price and volume information, are the CFTC's primary tools to gauge the extent of speculation in the markets and to detect, prevent, and prosecute price manipulation. CFTC Chairman Reuben Jeffrey recently stated: "The Commission's Large Trader information system is one of the cornerstones of our surveillance program and enables detection of concentrated and coordinated positions that might be used by one or more traders to attempt manipulation."
In contrast to trades conducted on the NYMEX, traders on unregulated OTC electronic exchanges are not required to keep records or file Large Trader Reports with the CFTC, and these trades are exempt from routine CFTC oversight. In contrast to trades conducted on regulated futures exchanges, there is no limit on the number of contracts a speculator may hold on an unregulated OTC electronic exchange, no monitoring of trading by the exchange itself, and no reporting of the amount of outstanding contracts ("open interest") at the end of each day." 1
Then, apparently to make sure the way was opened really wide to potential market oil price manipulation, in January 2006, the Bush Administration's CFTC permitted the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), the leading operator of electronic energy exchanges, to use its trading terminals in the United States for the trading of US crude oil futures on the ICE futures exchange in London - called "ICE Futures."
Previously, the ICE Futures exchange in London had traded only in European energy commodities - Brent crude oil and United Kingdom natural gas. As a United Kingdom futures market, the ICE Futures exchange is regulated solely by the UK Financial Services Authority. In 1999, the London exchange obtained the CFTC's permission to install computer terminals in the United States to permit traders in New York and other US cities to trade European energy commodities through the ICE exchange.
The CFTC opens the door
Then, in January 2006, ICE Futures in London began trading a futures contract for
West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude oil, a type of crude oil that is produced and delivered in
the United States. ICE Futures also notified the CFTC that it would be permitting traders in the United States to use ICE terminals in the United States to trade its new WTI contract on the ICE Futures London exchange. ICE Futures as well allowed traders in the United States to trade US gasoline and heating oil futures on the ICE Futures exchange in London.
Despite the use by US traders of trading terminals within the United States to trade US oil, gasoline, and heating oil futures contracts, the CFTC has until today refused to assert any jurisdiction over the trading of these contracts.

Persons within the United States seeking to trade key US energy commodities - US crude oil, gasoline, and heating oil futures - are able to avoid all US market oversight or reporting requirements by routing their trades through the ICE Futures exchange in London instead of the NYMEX in New York.
Is that not elegant? The US Government energy futures regulator, CFTC opened the way to the present unregulated and highly opaque oil futures speculation. It may just be coincidence that the present CEO of NYMEX, James Newsome, who also sits on the Dubai Exchange, is a former chairman of the US CFTC. In Washington doors revolve quite smoothly between private and public posts.
A glance at the price for Brent and WTI futures prices since January 2006 indicates the remarkable correlation between skyrocketing oil prices and the unregulated trade in ICE oil futures in US markets. Keep in mind that ICE Futures in London is owned and controlled by a USA company based in Atlanta Georgia.
In January 2006 when the CFTC allowed the ICE Futures the gaping exception, oil prices were trading in the range of $59-60 a barrel. Today some two years later we see prices tapping $120 and trend upwards. This is not an OPEC problem, it is a US Government regulatory problem of malign neglect.
By not requiring the ICE to file daily reports of large trades of energy commodities, it is not able to detect and deter price manipulation. As the Senate report noted, "The CFTC's ability to detect and deter energy price manipulation is suffering from critical information gaps, because traders on OTC electronic exchanges and the London ICE Futures are currently exempt from CFTC reporting requirements. Large trader reporting is also essential to analyze the effect of speculation on energy prices."
The report added, "ICE's filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission and other evidence indicate that its over-the-counter electronic exchange performs a price discovery function -- and thereby affects US energy prices -- in the cash market for the energy commodities traded on that exchange."
Hedge Funds and Banks driving oil prices
In the most recent sustained run-up in energy prices, large financial institutions, hedge funds, pension funds, and other investors have been pouring billions of dollars into the energy commodities markets to try to take advantage of price changes or hedge against them. Most of this additional investment has not come from producers or consumers of these commodities, but from speculators seeking to take advantage of these price changes. The CFTC defines a speculator as a person who "does not produce or use the commodity, but risks his or her own capital trading futures in that commodity in hopes of making a profit on price changes."
The large purchases of crude oil futures contracts by speculators have, in effect, created an
additional demand for oil, driving up the price of oil for future delivery in the same manner that additional demand for contracts for the delivery of a physical barrel today drives up the price for oil on the spot market. As far as the market is concerned, the demand for a barrel of oil that results from the purchase of a futures contract by a speculator is just as real as the demand for a barrel that results from the purchase of a futures contract by a refiner or other user of petroleum.
Perhaps 60% of oil prices today pure speculation
Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley today are the two leading energy trading firms in the United States. Citigroup and JP Morgan Chase are major players and fund numerous hedge funds as well who speculate.
In June 2006, oil traded in futures markets at some $60 a barrel and the Senate investigation estimated that some $25 of that was due to pure financial speculation. One analyst estimated in August 2005 that US oil inventory levels suggested WTI crude prices should be around $25 a barrel, and not $60.
That would mean today that at least $50 to $60 or more of today's $115 a barrel price is due to pure hedge fund and financial institution speculation. However, given the unchanged equilibrium in global oil supply and demand over recent months amid the explosive rise in oil futures prices traded on Nymex and ICE exchanges in New York and London it is more likely that as much as 60% of the today oil price is pure speculation. No one knows officially except the tiny handful of energy trading banks in New York and London and they certainly aren't talking.
By purchasing large numbers of futures contracts, and thereby pushing up futures
prices to even higher levels than current prices, speculators have provided a financial incentive for oil companies to buy even more oil and place it in storage. A refiner will purchase extra oil today, even if it costs $115 per barrel, if the futures price is even higher.
As a result, over the past two years crude oil inventories have been steadily growing, resulting in US crude oil inventories that are now higher than at any time in the previous eight years. The large influx of speculative investment into oil futures has led to a situation where we have both high supplies of crude oil and high crude oil prices.
Compelling evidence also suggests that the oft-cited geopolitical, economic, and natural factors do not explain the recent rise in energy prices can be seen in the actual data on crude oil supply and demand. Although demand has significantly increased over the past few years, so have supplies.
Over the past couple of years global crude oil production has increased along with the increases in demand; in fact, during this period global supplies have exceeded demand, according to the US Department of Energy. The US Department of Energy's Energy Information Administration (EIA) recently forecast that in the next few years global surplus production capacity will continue to grow to between 3 and 5 million barrels per day by 2010, thereby "substantially thickening the surplus capacity cushion."
Dollar and oil link
A common speculation strategy amid a declining USA economy and a falling US dollar is for speculators and ordinary investment funds desperate for more profitable investments amid the US securitization disaster, to take futures positions selling the dollar "short" and oil "long."
For huge US or EU pension funds or banks desperate to get profits following the collapse in earnings since August 2007 and the US real estate crisis, oil is one of the best ways to get huge speculative gains. The backdrop that supports the current oil price bubble is continued unrest in the Middle East, in Sudan, in Venezuela and Pakistan and firm oil demand in China and most of the world outside the US. Speculators trade on rumor, not fact.
In turn, once major oil companies and refiners in North America and EU countries begin to hoard oil, supplies appear even tighter lending background support to present prices.
Because the over-the-counter (OTC) and London ICE Futures energy markets are unregulated, there are no precise or reliable figures as to the total dollar value of recent spending on investments in energy commodities, but the estimates are consistently in the range of tens of billions of dollars.
The increased speculative interest in commodities is also seen in the increasing popularity of commodity index funds, which are funds whose price is tied to the price of a basket of various commodity futures. Goldman Sachs estimates that pension funds and mutual funds have invested a total of approximately $85 billion in commodity index funds, and that investments in its own index, the Goldman Sachs Commodity Index (GSCI), has tripled over the past few years. Notable is the fact that the US Treasury Secretary, Henry Paulson, is former Chairman of Goldman Sachs.
F. William Engdahl is an Associate of the Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG) and author of A Century of War: Anglo-American Oil Politics and the New World Order. He may be contacted at

1 United States Senate Premanent Subcommittee on Investigations, 109th Congress 2nd Session, The Role of Market speculation in Rising Oil and Gas Prices: A Need to Put the Cop Back on the Beat; Staff Report, prepared by the Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations of the Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, United States Senate, Washington D.C., June 27, 2006. p. 3.

Posted by: Oil, Gas, Food Scam | May 4, 2008 11:35 AM | Report abuse

I am amazed at the ignorance displayed in the majority of these comments. Racisim, sexisim, and just plan stupidity is alive and well in the U.S.A. I am ashamed and afraid of what is yet to come.

Posted by: NYC Gomez | May 4, 2008 11:22 AM | Report abuse

Enough is enough! Hilary Clinton out right lied about Bosnia. She remained with Bill Clinton after he publicly had an affair and lied about it to America, but yet her judgement was to remain with him. As for the garbage she mentioned, why is it that CNN's (Chris) is not talking about the fraud case that he knows about let alone the rest of her garbage. It's obvious that CNN and MSNBC are trying to descredit Obama. Let's be fair and show America some of her issues!

Posted by: Rachel | May 4, 2008 11:14 AM | Report abuse

Senetor Odrama was recorded saying to Ali Abuminah from the electronic intifada in Chicago.Here is part of an article Where he states to a newspaper man that he can be "not up front" when it suits him. "The last time I spoke to Obama was in the winter of 2004 at a gathering in Chicago's Hyde Park neighborhood. He was in the midst of a primary campaign to secure the Democratic nomination for the United States Senate seat he now occupies. But at that time polls showed him trailing.

As he came in from the cold and took off his coat, I went up to greet him. He responded warmly, and volunteered, "Hey, I'm sorry I haven't said more about Palestine right now, but we are in a tough primary race. I'm hoping when things calm down I can be more up front." He referred to my activism, including columns I was contributing to the The Chicago Tribune critical of Israeli and US policy, "Keep up the good work!" this can be verified but the media won't let it. so i know it won't stay here for long. the moderator is taking a nap. so read and pass on.

Posted by: ruthmatters | May 4, 2008 10:37 AM | Report abuse

IF a security clearance for all candidates for the Presidency was a requirement, do you believe OBAMA would be cleared?????

He#l NO!

Think about it!

Posted by: Sean McM | May 4, 2008 9:26 AM | Report abuse

After reading this, I can only say
Welcome to the United States
of the KKK.

Posted by: Anonymous | May 4, 2008 9:20 AM | Report abuse

let's get obama back to his oh so important family.

Elect CLinton!

Posted by: Anonymous | May 4, 2008 9:16 AM | Report abuse

If you think anyone with sense is going to read this insane stuff(get real) I just used my mouse to say you have nothing better to do One Posted by: from holland | May 4, 2008 8:57 AM


Posted by: from holland | May 4, 2008 9:00 AM | Report abuse


Obama needs to tell us more about his relationship with Ayers. It's important because voters might well wonder whether that relationship, coupled with Obama's longtime relationship with the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, is just the beginning of a pattern, a pattern in which Obama seems quite comfortable with people who really, really, really don't like the United States of America. Change. If you question him or his values or policies, you're part of the "divisive, distracting" practices voters associate with Washington. If you become an unquestioning, adoring political groupie, you're not. Them's the Obama Rules.

FEDERAL COURT | The Obamas lied about attending bash for Iraqi crook Nadhmi Auchi. BY NATASHA KORECKI, CHRIS FUSCO AND TIM NOVAK

Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama was again drawn into Tony Rezko's corruption trial when the prosecution's star witness placed Obama at a party for an Iraqi-born billionaire who was barred entry to the United States. Stuart Levine testified under cross-examination that Obama and his wife, Michelle, attended the reception for Nadhmi Auchi.

An Obama connection court testimony have linked presidential hopeful Barack Obama with Iraqi-born billionaire Nadhmi Auchi and Rezko. Obama met Middle Eastern bankers at the Four Seasons hotel in Chicago hosted by Rezko, who was courting potential investors for a 62-acre South Loop development. Auchi later took control of that project. Later Auchi attended a dinner party at Rezko's Wilmette mansion. Obama and his wife, Michelle, also were there, according to federal testimony at Rezko's corruption trial. The Obama campaign's responsed that Senator and Mrs. Obama have no recollection of attending the event.

Jan. 28, 2008 Rezko was jailed for withholding details of his finances -- including a $3.5 million payment from Auchi convicted of fraud in France in 2003. After visiting Chicago and Detroit in 2004, he wasn't allowed back into this country, according to a prosecution filing in the Rezko case gathering for Auchi took place at Rezko's mansion in Wilmette, with Mr. and Mrs. Obama there. Monday, Obama camp said Obama does not recall meeting Nadhmi Auchi but Obamas attended the Wilmette reception, which came less than a month after Obama's Democratic primary win for his U.S. Senate seat. Rezko had been a key fund-raiser for Obama with Auchi. Obamas relationship with Rezko who is accused of demanding kickbacks from people seeking Illinois government business is now under a federal microscope as he seeks the presidency. Obama particularly has drawn fire for buying property from Rezko's wife a strip of land adjacent to Obama's Kenwood home at a time when both Obamas knew Rezko was already known to be under federal investigation.

Gov. Blagojevich hosted a separate dinner party for Auchi two days earlier, at the Four Seasons hotel in downtown Chicago, the Sun-Times has reported. Auchi was named by prosecutors in the January court filing that led to Rezko's bail being revoked and his being jailed. Last April, an Auchi company wired Rezko $3.5 million in connection with a valuable 62-acre South Loop site, which Rezko didn't disclose to authorities. Auchi's General Mediterranean Holding now controls the land at Roosevelt and Clark. Prosecutors said Rezko appealed to the State Department in November 2005 to allow Auchi to enter the United States, after Auchi was unable to do so.

Huffington Post-William Ayers, in the age of terrorism, is Obamas Willie Horton said
Former counterterrorism expert Larry Johnson,
There has been sudden information linking Obama to a former member of the radical Weathermen Underground group that claimed responsibility for a dozen bombings between 1970 and 1974. The former Weatherman, William Ayers, told the New York Times. I don't regret setting bombs...I feel we didn't do enough. Obama and Ayers were members of the board between 92-02. In addition, Ayers contributed to Obama's election to the Senate. They lived within a few blocks of each other in the trendy Hyde Park section of Chicago and moved in the same liberal-progressive circles. Larry Johnson, a former counterterrorism official at the CIA and the State Department, predicts Republicans would seize on the Ayers case, and again raises questions about Obama's judgment. WHERES MAINSTREAM MEDIA LIKE CNN & MSNBC WHY ARE THEY HIDING THIS MOST IMPORTANT INFORMATION FROM VOTERS??

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Land deal 'mistake' piles the pressure on Obama Mr Auchi, leading supplier of arms to Saddam's regime and convicted for corruption in France, the British-Iraqi billionaire lent millions and millions of dollars to Barack Obama's fund just weeks before an imprudent land deal investigation. In addition money transfer from Nadhmi Auchi, Obama used to buy his Georgian mansion in Chicago. Mr. Auchi says the loan, through the Panamanian company Fintrade Services SA, was for $3.5 million!!!. Mr. Auchi's money was made doing business with the regime of Saddam Hussein, Mr. Auchi was a leading supplier of arms to Saddam's regime. A former Belgian ambassador to Luxembourg charged that a bank in Luxembourg owned principally by Mr. Auchi laundered funds -- including oil for food money -- for Saddam and other Islamic dictators. Auchi helped French and Italian firms win a huge oil pipeline contract in Iraq, chiefly by paying off Iraqi officials, according to testimony given by an Italian banker to prosecutors in Milan. In 2003, he was convicted for his role in what was then the largest scandal in French history, involving payoffs from executives of the oil company now known as Total to political figures in Spain, Germany and Africa.. The connection between Mr. Auchi and Sen. Obama is cause for great concern in the U.S. The national news media have been remarkably incurious about Sen. Obama's relationship with Mr. Rezko, and his with Mr. Auchi. The Obamas bought the house for $1.65 million -- $300,000 below the asking price -- perhaps because Mr. Rezko's wife purchased from the owner an adjacent garden plot for $625,000. (The sellers deny they offered the Obamas a discount.) The Times of London wondered where Mrs. Rezko got the money to buy the garden plot. At the time, she had a salary of $37,000 and assets of only $35,000, the Times learned. Her husband told a court that at the time he had "no income, negative cash flow, no liquid assets," the Times said. Auchi participated in more than just Rezko's pizza and property ventures, however; he also contributed to Barack Obama's campaign by donating to a 2005 fundraiser through a company of which is wife is a Director. I quote the relevant paragraph from a London Times exclusive: Times has, however, discovered state documents in Illinois recording that the Panamanian company Fintrade Services SA lent money to Mr Obama's fundraiser. Fintrade's directors include Ibtisam Auchi, the name of Mr Auchi's wife. Mr Auchi's spokesman declined to respond to a question about whether he was linked to this business. The donation is significant, obama is the Ill politican mentioned in the following ABC News report on the FBI affidavit filed in US Attorney Fitzgerald's case against Rezko before Obama's political godfather was arrested on Monday: According to an FBI affidavit filed in the case, Rezko sought to get a visa for Auchi to visit the United States by contacting "the same Illinois government official (Obama).

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If you think anyone with sense is going to read this insane stuff(get real) I just used my mouse to say you have nothing better to do


Posted by: from holland | May 4, 2008 8:57 AM | Report abuse

Mr Auchi, leading supplier of arms to Saddam's regime and convicted for corruption in France, the British-Iraqi billionaire lent millions and millions of dollars to Barack Obama's fund just weeks before an imprudent land deal investigation. In addition money transfer from Nadhmi Auchi, Obama used to buy his Georgian mansion in Chicago. Mr. Auchi says the loan, through the Panamanian company Fintrade Services SA, was for $3.5 million!!!. Mr. Auchi's money was made doing business with the regime of Saddam Hussein, Mr. Auchi was a leading supplier of arms to Saddam's regime. A former Belgian ambassador to Luxembourg charged that a bank in Luxembourg owned principally by Mr. Auchi laundered funds -- including oil for food money -- for Saddam and other Islamic dictators.

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Obama looses another pledged delegate!
Obama supporter has given up her role as pledged delegate after her "unacceptable" description of PA neighbor children as "monkeys," because they were climbing in trees.
Linda Ramirez-Sliwinski, an a Hispanic trustee for the Village of Carpentersville, Ill., was accused of racism following the interaction with her African-American neighbors.
Obama Connection to Terrorists Revealed National Association of Chiefs of Police.

Obama has a dual citizenship with Kenya Al-Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden would be praying for an Obama victory because it would help the militants win in Iraq. Citizen Wells 3/08

Memories of Obama's recent racial stereotype of the 'typical White person' are still fresh. Add to this now his view of the 'typical small town person.' Obama is quoted as disparaging residents of small towns in Pennsylvania as being "like a lot of small towns in the Midwest" where "it's not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren't like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations."

Obama is unapologetic, even dissing of voters in Florida and Michigan one has to wonder what groups of Americans he really respects?

Racist wife, Michelle, saying she was proud of America "for the first time" only because of her husband's presidential run.

Obama explained he doesn't wear an American flag lapel pin or hold his hands to his heart during the Pledge of Allegiance because it is a substitute for patriotism,

Obama confirms his own moral obliviousness and he seems to have disdain for those who are troubled by his own unwillingness to break with The Great White hater Rev Wright

Rev Wright says you don't have to wait for the afterlife for the mansion on the hilltop, he's right! To shut him up Trinity United Church of Christ is building Rev. Wright a $1 mil house on a lot that was purchased for $345,000. According to federal income tax return Obama gave $222,500

Wright continues his Obama supported attacks on non-blacks Wright states Jesus death on the cross was a public lynching Italian style.

Obamas senate record shows he infact did support the war voted against bringing America's troops home, voted for war appropriations giving our money to Halliburton and Blackwater, voted with Bush/Chaney latest bit of posturing S433 to suspend any troop withdrawal, if not suspended, keeps the troops in Iraq for a long time to come.

Washington Post- Fact Check- Senator Obama CAUGHT LYING about Kennedy Role in Helping His Father Contrary to Obama's claims in speeches Kennedy family did not.

Chicago Daily Herald- Obama refers to himself as 'a constitutional law professor on the campaign trail. TRUTH: He never held any such title!

The Democratic candidate Obama and his wife earned $4.2 million last year -- four times as much as they had in 2006. Made $240,370 in charitable contributions. Their largest gifts were to the United Negro College Fund ($50,000), the international relief organization CARE ($35,000) and Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago ($26,270). The Obamas contributed just $6 in 2007 to the federal fund that provides public financing for presidential campaigns in exchange for limits on spending. Not so struggling middle class and Michelle says they struggle to pay for piano lessons.

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Obama needs to tell us more about his relationship with Ayers. It's important because voters might well wonder whether that relationship, coupled with Obama's longtime relationship with the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, is just the beginning of a pattern, a pattern in which Obama seems quite comfortable with people who really, really, really don't like the United States of America. If you question him or his values or policies, you're part of the "divisive, distracting" practices voters associate with Washington. If you become an unquestioning, adoring political groupie, you're not. Them's the Obama Rules.
One day after being drubbed by Hillary Clinton in Pennsylvania to the tune of 200,000+ votes, Obama's chief political adviser David Alexrod was on National Public Radio claiming that white working class Democrats barely exist and hardly matter.
Axelrod said, "The white working class has gone to the Republican nominee for many elections, going back even to the Clinton years. This is not new that Democratic candidates don't rely solely on those votes."

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Sorry, can't get past his remark about the price of arugula in Whole Foods. That sort of says it all about how much he has in common with blue collar voters.

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I don't know about you, but as far as I'm concerned, I want my president to be BETTER than me...otherwise I'd run myself.

in Russia b.HUSSEIN wouldn't come CLOSE to white house.
Posted by: zhenya | May 4, 2008 4:50 AM

Vote to make us like Russia...only TRUE PATRIOTS allowed! Only one definition of TRUE PATRIOTISM allowed! Mandatory FLAG PINS now!

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by Shallow Hal Contributor
(ORIGINAL AUTHOR of the now famous "Barack Obama's LAUNDRY LIST OF LIES")

CHARGE 1 - "The March on Selma got me born."

EVIDENCE - Senator Obama was born August 4th, 1961. The march on Selma began March 7th, 1965. SOURCE 1, SOURCE 2

COUNTER CLAIM - Senator Obama was talking about the general movement, not specifically about Selma.

REBUTTTAL - Senator Obama was in Selma, Alabama, before a mostly AA crowd at the Brown Chapel AME Church on March 4th, 2007. He clearly stated "because some folks were willing to march across a bridge . . . they (his parents) got together, and Barack Obama, Jr. was born. So don't tell me I don't have a claim on Selma, Alabama!" Barack Hussein Obama was born on August 4, 1961. The first march on Selma, Alabama occurred on March 7, 1965.

* * *

* * *
CHARGE 2 - "My father was just a simple, impoverished goat herder."

EVIDENCE - Barack Hussein Obama, Sr. was a privileged, well educated youth, who's tribal family owned and controlled all tribal land. SOURCE 1, SOURCE 2, SOURCE 3

COUNTER CLAIM - He was poor to start off with, he only became an educated and successful man later in life.

REBUTTAL - Barack Hussein Obama, Sr. was privileged from the moment of his birth. Being born into the powerful tribe of the Luo, he was graced with an 'upper class' lifestyle. He later would go on to be 'Big Man' of the tribe and work as a Senior Economist in the Kenyan Government.

* * *

* * *
CHARGE 3 - "My father believed in the 'power of the people'. I believe in the 'power of the people'."

EVIDENCE - Senator Obama has often stated that his 'father's attributes' are ones that he has sought in his own life. Barack Hussein Obama, Sr. was part of a corrupt Kenyan government in the 1960s. He believed in taking land from it's owners and taxation up to 100%, 'if benefits' were 'commensurate to their income'. SOURCE 1, SOURCE 2

COUNTER CLAIM - What does it matter what Senator Obama's father believed in?

REBUTTAL- Senator Obama portrays himself as a 'new politician' with a 'new way' of getting things done. Senator Obama has stated, "I did feel that there was something to prove . . . to my father." Senator Obama also stated further, in his book Dreams Of My Father, "It was into my father's image . . . that I'd packed all the attributes I sought in myself." His father's 'attributes' included '100% taxation' and repossession of land and property against the will of the rightful owner. Thus seeking the 'favor' of his father, and using his father's 'attributes' as a model, Senator Obama therefore must maintain similar ideals and respect for 'the people'. How these 'policies' are an example of 'belief in power of the people' is obviously highly questionable.

* * *

* * *
CHARGE 4 - My family has strong ties to 'African freedom'."

EVIDENCE - Raila Odinga committed genocide while attempting to overturn the 2007 Kenyan elections. Senator Obama and Raila Odinga are first cousins. SOURCE 1, SOURCE 2 , SOURCE 3

COUNTER CLAIM - What does it matter what Senator Obama's African relatives do in Africa?

REBUTTAL - Senator Obama campaigned for his cousin while on a visit to said country. Senator Obama claims a distinct debt to his familial ties, painting them in a light that is downright revisionist.

* * *

* * *
CHARGE 5 - "President Kennedy rescued my father from Kenyan obscurity and airlifted him to the American Dream."

EVIDENCE - Senator Obama's father came in September 1960, while EISENHOWER was President. SOURCE 1, SOURCE 2

COUNTER CLAIM - But his father did come to the U.S. so what is the big deal?

REBUTTAL - Senator Obama misrepresents historical events. No speech by President John F. Kennedy brought Senator Obama's father to the U.S. in 1960. John F. Kennedy was not President in 1960, Dwight D. Eisenhower was President. The Senator is attempting to subtly equate himself with J.F.K., subconsciously implying he would be a similar President. Senator Obama, you are no Jack Kennedy.

* * *

* * *
CHARGE 6 - "My Kenyan Grandmother has always been a Christian."

EVIDENCE - Senator Obama's Grandmother's own interviews contradict this statement. SOURCE 1, SOURCE 2

COUNTER CLAIM - What does it matter what Senator Obama's African relatives do?

REBUTTAL -It goes to a person's character and willingness to evade, distort, or rewrite history. Senator Obama's Grandmother does her daily Salat prayers at 5am according to her own interviews (per Islamic law). Not to mention, Christianity does not allow for a woman to be one of 14 wives to 1 man. Senator Obama's use of his Grandmother as an example of how 'Christian' his family is, in order to counter accusations of secretly being a Muslim, sustains the idea that the Senator is deliberately distorting the truth to cover-up associations and 'fatherly attributes' that he knows are problematic to his election, should he be forthcoming about them. His decision to make statements patently false in order to propagate a more 'electable' image speaks not only to his character but to his judgment. Distortions or edits to evidence that wholly misrepresent the truth is dishonest.

* * *

* * *
CHARGE 7 - "My first name (Barack) is not Arabic - it is Swahili."

EVIDENCE - Senator Obama's name is Arabic in origin, not Swahili. SOURCE 1, SOURCE 2, SOURCE 3, Columnist Says Barack Obama 'Lied To The American People;' Asks Publisher to Withdraw Obama's Book, NEW YORK, Aug. 10 /PRNewswire/

COUNTER CLAIM - What does it matter where Senator Obama's name originates?

REBUTTAL - If the origin of his name doesn't matter, then why publicly lie about it? There is no transliteration between the alphabets of Arabic and Swahili. The Africanized derivative of the Arabic 'Baraka' is Barack, but the origin and source is entirely Arabic. Senator Obama again distorts the facts in an attempt to distance himself from associations he deems politically inexpedient. Senator Obama's middle name, Hussein, is also Arabic. Naturally, so is the Senator's last name, Obama.

* * *

* * *
CHARGE 8 - "I never practiced Islam."

EVIDENCE - Senator Obama practiced Islam daily at Meteng Primary school, where he was registered as a Muslim. SOURCE 1, SOURCE 2, SOURCE 3

COUNTER CLAIM - What does it matter whether Senator Obama practiced Islam as a child?

REBUTTAL - If there is no importance to the fact that Senator Obama practiced Islam as a child, then what is the motivation for lying about it publicly? Indonesia requires students to study religion. Barry Soetoro was registered as a Muslim at the Meteng Primary School. One cannot participate in any studies within a Madrassa without practicing Islam.

* * *

* * *
CHARGE 9 - "My school in Indonesia was Christian."

EVIDENCE - Senator Obama was registered as a Muslim at Meteng Primary School. The school offered Christian classes as well. Barry Soetoro did not attend them. He later spent 2 years in a Catholic school SOURCE 1, SOURCE 2

COUNTER CLAIM - What does it matter that Senator Obama's school was Islamic or Catholic?

REBUTTAL - Again, If there is no importance to the fact that Senator Obama practiced Islam as a child, then what is the motivation for lying about it publicly? Indonesia requires all students to study religion. Barry Soetoro was enrolled as a Muslim at the Menteng Primary School where he studied among other subjects, Islam. In 1969 Barry attended a Catholic School. This is the only schooling Senator Obama discusses, thus Meteng has been somewhat covered up. Why one would ask? The only conclusion that can be drawn from this scenario is that Senator Obama lied about this school and its subject matter for political expediency. In later comments the Senator stated he did not attend an Islamic school, but in his book "Dreams Of My Father" he states that he 'got in trouble for making faces in Koranic studies' and was disciplined by his mother. One would ask how many Catholic students remember being taught the Koran by their nuns.

* * *

* * *
CHARGE 10 - "I am fluent in Indonesian."

EVIDENCE - Not one teacher says that Senator Obama could speak the language at the time. SOURCE 1, (Kirsten Scharnberg and Kim Barker, "The Not-So-Simple Story Of Barack Obama's Youth," Chicago Tribune)

COUNTER CLAIM - What does it matter that Senator Obama can't speak fluent Indonesian?

REBUTTAL - YET AGAIN, if it does not matter, what is the motivation for lying about it publicly? Apparently we are to infer, by Senator Obama's supposed "fluency" in Indonesian, that he is very sophisticated and experienced in "foreign affairs". Perhaps Senator Obama feels that grade school French and Spanish qualifies most U.S. students as UN diplomats.


* * *

* * *

CHARGE 11 - "I lived in Indonesia. I have more foreign experience than Senator Clinton or Senator McCain."

EVIDENCE - Senator Obama lived in Indonesia from the ages of 6 to 10. SOURCE 1, SOURCE 2, SOURCE 3

COUNTER CLAIM - Living in a foreign country is a much more in-depth experience than just visiting one.

REBUTTAL - To imply that living in a foreign country, for 4 years as a child, is equitable to official trips representing the U.S. Government is completely without merit. Also, implying that it also equates to receiving classified information and studying these subjects with personal political experience is quite ludicrous to say the least.

* * *

* * *
CHARGE 12 - "My foreign travels and life experience better qualify me to address our nation's closest Allies."

EVIDENCE - Except for Africa and Middle Eastern Muslim countries, Senator Obama has never been anywhere else in the world. SOURCE 1, SOURCE 2

COUNTER CLAIM - The Middle East is an important area and so is Africa.

REBUTTAL - Indeed it is, but that is not what Senator Obama was arguing in this statement. He categorically stated he would be better qualified to meet with our nation's 'closest' allies. Pakistan, Indonesia, India, Kenya, and Iraq can hardly be considered America's 'closest' allies. Implying visits to 7 countries in nearly 47 years (4 of which were in his youth) is somehow equitable to visiting 80 countries in 18 years, (as has his opponent, Senator Clinton, in various official governmental capacities) is completely dishonest.

* * *

* * *
CHARGE 13 - "I was ethnically confused, that is why I used drugs."

EVIDENCE - Fellow classmates describe racial tensions and meetings discussing such issues. Barry Obama was not in attendance. SOURCE 1, (Kirsten Scharnberg and Kim Barker, "The Not-So-Simple Story Of Barack Obama's Youth," Chicago Tribune, 3/25/07), Dreams From My Father, pages 93-94.

COUNTER CLAIM - He admitted to using drugs in his youth. So what?

REBUTTAL - Either Senator Obama's family was to be idealized and their 'attributes' incorporated into his life to assist with his success, or his family's ambiguity, and latent racism drove him to drug use. Either the first is a false reality, or the second, but they cannot both be correct.

* * *

* * *
CHARGE 14 - "I understand what it is to be an African American."

EVIDENCE - Senator Obama is not African American according to U.S. Law. Senator Obama is an Arab-American according to U.S. Law. SOURCE 1, SOURCE 2, SOURCE 3

COUNTER CLAIM - Senator Obama's father is from Kenya (Black African) and he (Obama) was born in America. How can you say he is not African American?

REBUTTAL - Senator Obama's racial background consists of the following: 50% white (mother, both sides), 43.25% Arabic (father, both sides), and 6.25% African Negro (father, one side, 1 generation removed). 12.5% is the legal threshold one must prove to claim racial status under the law. In addition, Senator Obama cannot make a sociological claim as an African American either. He was not raised as an African American, was not raised by African Americans, and was not raised in an African American neighborhood.

* * *

* * *
CHARGE 15 - "I was an underprivileged youth."

EVIDENCE - Senator Obama attended prep schools and later on went to Harvard Law. His Grandparents were wealthy bankers and his Step-father was an Oil Executive. His mother was also a P.H.D.. SOURCE 1, SOURCE 2, SOURCE 3

COUNTER CLAIM - He went to school on a scholarship and had to use food stamps to survive.

REBUTTAL - From the ages of 2 - 6, Senator Obama was raised by his wealthy, grandparents. From the ages of 6 - 10, Senator Obama was raised by his mother and his step-father who was an Oil Executive in Indonesia; from the age of 10 until his early adulthood, Senator Obama was living again with his wealthy grandparents, one of which was the Vice President of the Bank of Hawaii. Senator Obama has attended prep schools like Occidental College, paid for by HIS FAMILY. He then went on to Harvard, the State Senate of Illinois, and the U.S. Senate.

* * *

* * *

CHARGE 16 - "An Ebony article changed my life."

EVIDENCE - Ebony has yet to "find" the article Senator Obama mentions in his book. The FACT is that It doesn't, and never has, existed. SOURCE 1, (Kirsten Scharnberg and Kim Barker, "The Not-So-Simple Story Of Barack Obama's Youth," Chicago Tribune, 3/25/07)

COUNTER CLAIM - What is the big deal? He forgot the name of the magazine.

REBUTTAL - Senator Obama made an unequivocal statement. Ebony has found no such article. Promptly, Senator Obama made a new, unequivocal statement that it must have been Life magazine instead (read bellow). All evidence, both past and present, supports Ebony's claim that the article does not and never did exist.


* * *

* * *

CHARGE 17 - "A Life magazine article changed my outlook on life."

EVIDENCE - Life has yet to find the article that Senator Obama mentions in his book. The FACT is that it doesn't, and has never existed. SOURCE 1, (Kirsten Scharnberg and Kim Barker, "The Not-So-Simple Story Of Barack Obama's Youth," Chicago Tribune, 3/25/07)

COUNTER CLAIM - What is the big deal? He forgot the name of the magazine again.

REBUTTAL - As in CHARGE 16, Senator Obama made an unequivocal statement. Life magazine has found no such article. All evidence, both past and present, supports Life's claim that the article does not and never did exist.


* * *

* * *

CHARGE 18 - "I will NOT run on a National Ticket in 2008 because I won't have enough experience by then."

EVIDENCE - Senator Obama announced his intent to run for President of the United States in February, 2007. He is currently still in the race for the Nomination of the Democratic Party, for President of the United States (April, 2008). SOURCE 1, SOURCE 2, SOURCE 3

COUNTER CLAIM - Senator Obama is entitled to change his mind.

REBUTTAL - The Senator certainly is entitled to change his mind, but changing his mind is not what the argument is about. It is about his unequivocal statement that he would not run on a National Ticket in 2008, specifically because he would not have the appropriate experience needed ("some people may be comfortable doing that, I am not one of those people") SOURCE. He is currently running for the top slot on the National Ticket for the Presidency of the United States (April, 2008).


* * *

* * *

CHARGE 19 - "I do not vote 'Present' any more than any other IL Representative."

EVIDENCE - While 'Present' votes may not be unusual in Illinois, the number of 'Present' votes that Senator Obama placed ARE disproportionate. SOURCE 1, SOURCE 2, NY Times 12/20/07 by Raymond Hernandez and Christopher Drew

COUNTER CLAIM - 'Present' votes are used to block portions of undesirable legislation and is a common tactic in Illinois.

REBUTTAL - The issue at hand is not the purpose of the 'Present' votes but rather their frequency. 129 'Present' votes is not a common number for any Representative in the Illinois State House, other than Senator Obama.


* * *

* * *

CHARGE 20 - Oops, "I 'misvoted' a couple times in the Illinois State House."

EVIDENCE - Only when caught by church groups and fellow Democrats, did Senator Obama request to change his half dozen "misvotes" in the Illinois State House. SOURCE 1, SOURCE 2, SOURCE 3

COUNTER CLAIM - Anyone can make a mistake while voting.

REBUTTAL - The only time Senator Obama admitted to misvoting was when he was criticized for such votes. Inexplicably, Senator Obama followed such misvotes with 'Present' votes.


* * *

* * *

CHARGE 21 - "I barely know William Ayers" - A.K.A. - Abu Zayd

EVIDENCE - Senator Obama announced the start of his Senate campaign from the front steps of William Ayers' home, in the neighborhood that they share. SOURCE 1, SOURCE 2, SOURCE 3

COUNTER CLAIM - Just because Senator Obama lives in the same neighborhood with Ayers doesn't prove they knew each other well.

REBUTTAL - William Ayers (or Abu-Zayd), Louis Farrakhan, and Senator Obama all live in the same neighborhood. Ayers is the founder of the Woods Fund, of which Senator Obama was it's director from 1999 to 2002. Perhaps one might ask oneself; who chooses the director of the Wood Fund? Perhaps its founder? Secondly, if Senator Obama announced his campaign run in Illinois from Ayers's home, did he not ask Ayers' permission first? If the Senator did not know Abu-Zayd Ayers well, then how did he come to choose Ayers' front steps to announce his campaign? Random chance?


* * *

* * *

CHARGE 22 - "I support a 2nd Amendment right to bear arms."

EVIDENCE - We enter into evidence a few of Senator Obama's quotes and votes on gun control: "Ban semi-automatics, and more possession restrictions." (Jul 1998), "Voted NO on prohibiting lawsuits against gun manufacturers." (Jul 2005). SOURCE 1, Source 2: The Improbable Quest, by John K. Wilson, p.148 Oct 30, 2007, Source 3: 1998 IL State Legislative National Political Awareness Test Jul 2, 1998, Reference: Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act; Bill S 397 ; vote number 2005-219 on Jul 29, 2005

COUNTER CLAIM - Senator Obama just wants to prevent criminals for finding and using guns.

REBUTTAL - Senator Obama's policy on guns seems to change specifically in regards to the audience he is addressing. There are many quotes from the Senator in which he suggests an all out ban on handguns. Bare in mind that these bans PRIMARILY affect LEGAL gun ownership.


* * *

* * *

CHARGE 23 - "I Was A Constitutional Lawyer"

EVIDENCE - Senator Obama was a senior lecturer on leave of absence. He has never practiced Constitutional Law, nor ever obtained any such 'title'. SOURCE 1, SOURCE 2, SOURCE 3

COUNTER CLAIM - He taught Constitutional law at his University and he is a lawyer.

REBUTTAL - Senator Obama was NEVER a Constitutional Lawyer, nor a PROFESSOR of Law.


* * *

* * *

CHARGE 24 - "I Was A Professor Of Law."

EVIDENCE - Senator Obama was a senior lecturer on leave of absence. SOURCE 1, SOURCE 2, SOURCE 3

COUNTER CLAIM - He taught Constitutional law at his University. He is a lawyer.

REBUTTAL - Senator Obama was NEVER a Professor of Law, nor a Constitutional Lawyer.


* * *

* * *
CHARGE 25 - "An Army Captain came to me and told me his company was divided and short of ammo." (claim made by Senator Obama during a debate.)

EVIDENCE - The Captain in question said the Senator had twisted the details. SOURCE 1, SOURCE 2, SOURCE 3

COUNTER CLAIM - The Senator was speaking in generalities, trying to paint a picture of what is going on on the battlefield.

REBUTTAL - The Captain in question gave specific details about the situation, all of which contradicted Senator Obama's claims.


* * *
* * *
CHARGE 26 - "I passed a tough Nuclear Bill. I am strong on Nuclear Regulation."

EVIDENCE - The Bill did not pass, primarily because there was very little nuclear regulation in it. This could be attributed to the fact that the nuclear power company, Exelon, has been a donor to all of Senator Obama's campaigns thus far. SOURCE 1, SOURCE 2, SOURCE 3

COUNTER CLAIM - Just because Senator Obama's campaign manager is connected to Exelon doesn't mean Senator Obama wouldn't regulate Exelon.

REBUTTAL - Curiously, Senator Obama's bill never passed, thanks to it's own structural deficiencies.


* * *
* * *
CHARGE 27 - "I quickly released my financial and legislative records, because I have no special interest connections to hide."

EVIDENCE - Senator Obama took 13 months to release his records, while calling for months for his opponents to release theirs during the same period. SOURCE 1, SOURCE 2 , SOURCE 3

COUNTER CLAIM - Senator Clinton took most of the year to release her tax records.

REBUTTAL - Senator Obama announced his Presidential run in Feb. 2007. He only released his records, incomplete ones at that, in March, 2008. Said records are riddled with special interest proposals and hidden pork. One example is General Dynamics. General Dynamics was the beneficiary of at least one of Obama earmarks, receiving $1.3 Million dollars for its high-explosive technology program, for the Army's Bradley Fighting Vehicle.


* * *

* * *

CHARGE 28 - "I have the solutions to repair our economy."

EVIDENCE - Senator Obama voted against his own economic proposal package. SOURCE 1, SOURCE 2

COUNTER CLAIM - Washington is in a stalemate. Senator Obama has fresh ideas.

REBUTTAL - Senator Obama's 111 economic proposals were just combined into an amendment to a bill, and the amendment was defeated 97-0. Senator Obama rejected his own proposals; apparently, they were not the solutions or 'fresh ideas' he was speaking about.


* * *
* * *

CHARGE 29 - "I have been a bold leader in Illinois."

EVIDENCE - The Senator's own supporters cannot recall any 'Bold' action on his part. SOURCE 1 , SOURCE 2, SOURCE 3

COUNTER CLAIM - He passed legislation to videotape interrogations by the police department.

REBUTTAL - Senator Obama indeed passed into law such various bills, however, a great many of these bills were only 'appointed' to him as their sponsor - meaning they were created and worked by others and then Senator Obama's name was placed on the legislation to give him credit for the bill. In regards to the Taped Interrogations legislation, most cities in the nation have been taping police interrogations for decades. That would hardly seem 'bold'. Missing or refusing to vote on bills 129 times does not further the argument of 'bold' action either.


* * *
* * *
CHARGE 30 - "I barely know Tony Rezko. I did about 5 hours of billed work for him."

EVIDENCE - Senator Obama has known Antoin Rezko for 17 years. SOURCE 1, SOURCE 2, SOURCE 3

COUNTER CLAIM - Senator Obama meets many people. He is a Senator.

REBUTTAL - Antoin Rezko first spoke with Senator Obama in 1990. Senator Obama worked at the Davis, Miner, Barnhill & Galland Law firm, specializing in legal issues involving land development. It is in this area of law that the Senator came in contact with Rezko and his company, Rezmar Corp. Senator Obama left the law firm for the State Legislature, while one of the firm's founders, Mr. Allison Davis, left his firm to form a new development company, New Kenwood LLC - with none other than Mr. Antoin Rezko. Once in the State Legislature, and still performing periodic work for his old law firm (now Miner, Barnhill, & Galland), Senator Obama used his elected position to provide legitimacy to his friend's new venture. He crafted a letter to the legislature that ultimately secured $855,000 in 'development fees' for his pals, Rezko and Davis. Mr. Rezko went on to be quite a staunch campaign donor for the Senator, raising at least $250,000 for Senator Obama while in Illinois.


* * *

* * *

CHARGE 31 - "I have never met Nadhmi Auchi."

EVIDENCE - Recent testimony in the Rezko Trial has placed Senator Obama and his wife at a party where Mr. Auchi was in attendance. SOURCE 1, SOURCE 2, SOURCE 3, SOURCE 4

COUNTER CLAIM - The Senator goes to a lot of events. This must have slipped his mind.

REBUTTAL - Whether it slipped his mind or not, the Senator did not deny that we was there (an indication that he believes further proof may exist to place him there) just that he did not remember the meeting. Strangely enough, the party was held just one week prior to the U.S. election in which he won his seat.


* * *

* * *
CHARGE 32 - "I don't have 'bundlers' and I don't take PAC money."

EVIDENCE - Senator Obama has 79 bundlers and has collected over $13,000,000 in lobbyist PAC money. SOURCE 1, SOURCE 2, SOURCE 3, SOURCE 4

COUNTER CLAIM - Senator Obama has been careful not to compromise himself, "rejecting campaign support from Political Action Committees and lobbyists."

REBUTTAL - Here is a starter list of Senator Obama's registered lobbyists:

Timothy Broas $100,000, Frank Clark $200,000, Howard Gutman $200,000, Scott Harris (DC) $200,000, Allan Katz $200,000, William Lake (DC) $50,000, Robert S. Litt $not given, Kenneth Lore (DC) $50,000, Thomas Perrelli $200,000, Thomas Reed $200,000, Paul Roth $50,000, Alan Solomont $100,000, Robert M. Sussman (DC) $50,000, Tom Wheeler (DC) $100,000. $1,700,000 dollars from these registered lobbyists, or four times more than Obama's officially declared lobbyist sum. To date there are at least 38 such individual lobbyists donating to Senator Obama's campaign. PS - Having the wives of these individuals write the checks does not alter where the money came from.


* * *

* * *

CHARGE 33 - "I don't take money from lobbyists."

EVIDENCE - At least 38 Individuals on Senator Obama's campaign are or work for lobbyists. SOURCE 1, SOURCE 2, SOURCE 3, SOURCE 4

COUNTER CLAIM - Most of the individuals you site are lawyers, not lobbyists.

REBUTTAL - Most of the lawyers that make up this list work for firms that lobby the Government. 31 of them manage registered lobbyists. You may parse the definitions - these lawyers and/or their firms lobby the government and donate to Senator Obama's campaign. Either way, he takes money from lobbyists.


* * *
* * *

CHARGE 34 - "I don't take money from oil companies."

EVIDENCE - Senator Obama has taken nearly $250,000 from oil companies. SOURCE 1, SOURCE 2, SOURCE 3

COUNTER CLAIM - Senator Clinton has taken even more money from oil companies.

REBUTTAL - Senator Clinton never stated she did not take money from oil companies; Senator Obama is the one that said that. Distinguishing himself as a 'cleaner' politician, less beholden to the oil companies, Senator Obama has obviously not been forthright about this issue. Senator Obama accepts money from oil companies and does so to this day.


* * *

* * *

CHARGE 35 - "I have clean connections, unlike my opponents and most of Washington."

EVIDENCE - Rezko, William Ayers (Abu-Zayd), Nadmi Auchi, Rashid Khalidi, Jeremiah Wright, James Meeks, Louis Farrakhan. SOURCE 1, SOURCE 2, SOURCE 3, SOURCE 4, SOURCE 5, SOURCE 6, SOURCE 7

COUNTER CLAIM - Guilt by association is not fair.

REBUTTAL - Associations one chooses to initiate and/or maintain speaks to one's character and judgment. For instance, Antoin Rezko - who is currently on trial for Corruption. Senator Obama has received a quarter of a million dollars from this individual, and has had to return it in ever increasing amounts, as the Senator was caught not truthfully disclosing the amount donated. Senator Obama also decided to participate in a real estate deal with Mr. Rezko during a time when he was proven to be under investigation. Despite this, The Senator made a deal to purchase a home, by dividing the property with the Rezko family. The property in question was divided, lot VS. House, because it was out of The Senator's price range. And so was the down payment. Perhaps this is where Auchi comes in? Only the trial of Rezko can tell us. Continuing, once it was determined that the Senator could not afford the property, $300K was promptly removed from the asking price (in 2005, before mortgage problems drove down home prices). Rezko's wife stepped in to buy the lot the Senator couldn't afford, saving him $625,000. Another associate of Senator Obama's is the founder of the Woods Fund, for which the Senator was its Director for 4 years, William (Abu-Zayd) Ayers. Abu-Zayd, or William Ayers as he was known then, was an American Terrorist who attempted to bomb the Pentagon. Next on our list would be Nadmi Auchi - Iraqi Billionaire swindler who helped himself to money from the Food Or Oil program and may have assisted the Senator is securing the money to put down on his Chicago mansion. Next we have Rashid Khalidi - former PLO spokesman and supporter of terrorism against Israel. Next we have the infamous Jeremiah Wright and James Meeks - rabid racists, anti-American preachers/community leaders, both have an affinity or a direct connection to the Nation of Islam. Speaking of the Nation of Islam, we next have Louis Farrakhan - renowned racist, anti-American, voracious Anti-Semite and homophobe - leader of the Nation of Islam. One would like to ask Senator Obama which of these individuals are the 'clean' ones?


* * *
* * *
CHARGE 36 - "Unlike Senator Clinton, my donations have been thoroughly checked."

EVIDENCE - Senator Obama took donations from arrested Bundler, Norman Hsu (as did Clinton) and Antoin Tony Rezko. Rezko is currently on trial for corruption (April, 2008). SOURCE 1, SOURCE 2, SOURCE 3, SOURCE 4

COUNTER CLAIM - Senator Obama donated the money from Hsu and Rezko as soon as he found out.

REBUTTAL - Senator Obama only gave back the money raised by Rezko when the media reported the donations. He gave back $7,000 to Norman Hsu, but with Antoin Rezko things went a little differently. First Senator Obama claimed that it was $66,000 he had received from Rezko; when the media proved it was more, Senator Obama claimed that his campaign had discovered and then donated $86,000 to charity. When the media discovered, yet again, there was more Rezko money then reported, Senator Obama stated that indeed they had found $150,000 that had come from Rezko. Senator Obama, seemingly exasperated with the story, claimed he had done all he could to find the funds raised for him by Rezko, and that he had donated all of it to charity. Alas, the media discovered again, it wasn't $150,000 but rather $250,000 Rezko had raised. When confronted with the new figures, Senator Obama was forced to admit that his campaign had found $250,000 of Rezko donations, but that ultimately only $90,000, NOT $150,000, had been donated after all. The campaign was forced to disclose the funds in question had already been used by the campaign. Senator Obama did not make up the difference and donate it to charity, despite having raised some $243,000,000 to date (April, 2008)


* * *
* * *
CHARGE 37 - "I only discovered I had investment conflicts through the mail."

EVIDENCE - Senator Obama's investment conflicts were not brought to his attention by mail. Skyterra and AVI never sent letters to Senator Obama. SOURCE 1, SOURCE 2, (Nedra Pickler, "Obama Unaware Of Investment Conflicts," The Associated Press, 3/7/07)

COUNTER CLAIM - Senator Obama is a busy man. He must have forgotten.

REBUTTAL - Both Skyterra and AVI have no record of any such letter ever being created or sent. In fact Skyterra didn't send out a stockholder's letter to ANYONE in 2005, the year Senator Obama's conflict was uncovered, but was not disclosed by the Senator until reported in the media.


* * *
* * *
CHARGE 38 - "I sponsored dozens of my own bills in one year and passed them in the Illinois State Senate."

EVIDENCE - State Senator Ricky Hendon 'appointed' Obama as sponsor of Hendon's high-profile legislation. Not one of those Bills was truly sponsored by Senator Obama. SOURCE 1, SOURCE 2, SOURCE 3, SOURCE 4

COUNTER CLAIM - But Senator Obama did sponsor and pass the bills.

REBUTTAL - Senator Obama was 'appointed' the sponsor of bills originated and crafted by Senator Hendon. Senator Obama attached his signature to the bill, thus conspicuously taking credit for it's sponsorship and passage. Additionally Emil Jones had to direct Senator Obama to craft certain legislation. It was not spontaneously created by Senator Obama.


* * *

* * *

CHARGE 39 - "I believe in fairness, not tactics, to win elections."

EVIDENCE - Senator Obama hired a team of investigators to eliminate Alice Palmer from running against him. SOURCE 1, SOURCE 2, SOURCE 3

COUNTER CLAIM - Some of the signatures for Alice Palmer were forged.

REBUTTAL - 4 of the signatures were found to be forgeries. Senator Obama used investigators and little known political tactics to eliminate his opposition. He then went on to run uncontested.


* * *
* * *
CHARGE 40 - "I cleaned up the Altgeld Gardens Asbestos case."

EVIDENCE - Senator Obama failed to mention the many others who assisted and had taken the lead in solving this problem. SOURCE 1, SOURCE 2 (Peter Wallsten, "Obama Memoir Left Out Credits For Activism, Critics Say," Los Angeles Times, 2/19/07)

COUNTER CLAIM - Senator Obama DID solve the problem of Altgeld Gardens.

REBUTTAL - Left to stand alone, the implication from Senator Obama is that he was the person that solved the Altgeld Gardens issue, alone. This is patently false.


* * *

* * *

CHARGE 41 - "I inspire people with my words."

EVIDENCE - Obama inspires people with other people's words. It's called plagiarizing. SOURCE 1, SOURCE 2, SOURCE 3

COUNTER CLAIM - Lots of people borrow a few words from speeches. That's not plagiarizing.

REBUTTAL - Plagiarism refers to another person's intellectual creations being passed off as one's own. Plagiarism is not nullified because the material was used with permission, which until caught by the media, Senator Obama did not have (permission) in regards to Deval Patrick's speeches. Senator Obama uses his speeches, and their reactions, as evidence that he is connecting with his audience through his own power, and thus based on that power and it's unique capacity to inspire citizens, we should elect him to office. Senator Obama has plagiarized speeches, songs, and entire passages of dialogue from film and television. Additionally, a large portion of Senator Obama's speeches that were not plagiarized were written by his very young and White speech-writer Jon Favreau, NOT Senator Obama.


* * *
* * *
CHARGE 42 - "No one from my campaign discussed NAFTA with anyone in Canada."

EVIDENCE - The Canadian Government issued the names and details of the conversation Senator Obama's campaign had with them. SOURCE 1, SOURCE 2, SOURCE 3

COUNTER CLAIM - Senator Obama is a busy man - he just goofed.

REBUTTAL - Again? Senator Obama has made a multitude of unequivocal, absolute statements of fact which have proven to be complete fabrications once investigated. The fact is the Canadian Government, when accused of inventing the story by Senator Obama's campaign, released details of a memo and the names of the participants in the conversation. Senator Obama's campaign offered no rebuttal. Perhaps because there was no rebuttal to be made - the story was true from the start.


* * *
* * *
CHARGE 43 - "I won Michigan!"

EVIDENCE - Senator Obama removed his name from the ballot after horrible poll numbers showed he would lose big. He later attempted to get voters to choose Uncommitted as a way of showing their support for him; Senator Clinton beat everyone on and off the ballot 55% to 40%. SOURCE 1, SOURCE 2, SOURCE 3, SOURCE 4

COUNTER CLAIM - Senator Obama's name wasn't even on the ballot.

REBUTTAL - If Senator Obama's name wasn't on the ballot, how then did he win? Senator Obama deliberately removed his name from the ballot after extensive polling conducted early in the campaign showed he would lose significantly. Thus Senator Obama took his name off the ballot, not because Party Rules said the vote wouldn't count. If that were the Senator's reasoning, why did he leave his name on the ballot in Florida? Perhaps because extensive polling in Florida early on showed him that he stood a good chance of picking up quite a few delegates should he be able to force their inclusion at the convention. Seeing as he was utterly destroyed in the Florida Primary, where all names were on the ballot but only Senator Obama ran ads, he hasn't sought to seat any of the delegates he won.


* * *
* * *
CHARGE 44 - "I won Nevada."

EVIDENCE - Senator Clinton won Nevada 51% to 45% over Senator Obama. SOURCE 1, SOURCE 2,

COUNTER CLAIM - Senator Obama won 13 delegates, Clinton only won 12, so Senator Obama won Nevada!

REBUTTAL - Senator Clinton won Nevada 51% to 45% over Senator Obama. With 2 Super Delegates selecting her in Nevada, she won 14 delegates total to Senator Obama's 13.
She also won the Popular vote.


* * *
* * *
CHARGE 45 - "I believe in every vote counting. I support the people's vote as their voice."

EVIDENCE - Senator Obama stalled on revote options in Michigan and Florida, until it was too late to hold any revote. SOURCE 1, SOURCE 2, SOURCE 3

COUNTER CLAIM - Caucuses are cheaper and they are a legal form of voting.

REBUTTAL - Caucuses may be cheap and they may be legal, for now, but they are a poor way to represent the will of the people. Caucuses force public declarations of choice in front of family, friends, and possibly employers. They have a very short window of operation and are often held during work hours in the middle of a work day. Their results are in the low tens of thousands, thus that small majority is held to reflect the will of a state with millions of registered voters. As for Michigan and Florida, despite being penalized by party leaders for shifts in the election dates beyond the party's control in the state, Senator Obama was in no hurry to offer any solution other than a quick, cheap caucus for Florida and Michigan. Ultimately his stalling and tactics ran the clock out; millions of voters voices will not be heard.


* * *

* * *

CHARGE 46 - "I didn't run ads in Florida."

EVIDENCE - Senator Obama was the only democratic candidate running ads in the state. SOURCE 1, SOURCE 2, SOURCE 3, SOURCE 4

COUNTER CLAIM - No Democratic candidate ran ads in Florida.

REBUTTAL - Senator Obama allowed national ads to run 8-12 times per day for two weeks - and still lost by nearly 300,000 votes. One phone call could have stopped the ads. He left them to run.


* * *

* * *

CHARGE 47 - "My campaign was extorted by a friend!"

EVIDENCE - Old classmate Keith Kakugawa was "infuriated" by the charge and flatly denied it. (Maurice Possley, Kirsten Scharnberg and Ray Gibson, "An Old Friend's Troublesome Return," Chicago Tribune, 3/25/07), (Maurice Possley, et al, "An Old Friend's Troublesome Return,"
Chicago Tribune, 3/25/07)

COUNTER CLAIM - Mr. Kakugawa is homeless and desperate and is trying to use Senator Obama's new found fame to his advantage.

REBUTTAL - Mr. Kakugawa has done nothing of the sort. Senator Obama, clearly having a case for extortion or blackmail, in addition to libel if his own claims are true, has not sought legal assistance with this onslaught of defamation. No news agency has reported any aggressive dialogue from Mr. Kakugawa and no claims or charges of misconduct have so far been aired on any media outlet.


* * *

* * *

CHARGE 48 - "My campaign didn't do the "1984" hate ad against Clinton. We didn't have the capabilities or the inclination."

EVIDENCE - Your own campaign worker made the ad on his Apple laptop, in one afternoon. (CNN's "Larry King Live," 3/24/07), (Jake Tapper and Jonathan Greenberger, "Anti-Clinton Ad Maker Lived With Obama Senate Staffer," ABC News, 3/23/07), (Dan Morain, "Ad Creator Claimed Role In Obama Campaign," Los Angeles Times, 3/23/07), (Jake Tapper and Jonathan Greenberger, "Anti-Clinton Ad Maker Lived With Obama Senate Staffer," ABC News, 3/23/07)

COUNTER CLAIM - Senator Obama can't be on top of everything while traveling the country. He says his campaign wasn't involved and I believe him!

REBUTTAL - "1984" Ad creator Phil De Vellis was an employee of the Blue State Digital computer firm that is among Obama's consultants. Senator Obama's claim that his campaign's connections to De Vellis were thin at best, were further eroded when it was revealed The Senator's Press Secretary had recently lived with Mr. De Vellis. Furthermore earlier emails from De Vellis bragged about how he had created, while working at Blue State Digital. Joe Rospars, Blue State Digital's founder, is now Senator Obama's media director.

* * *

* * *

CHARGE 49 - "I have sponsored and passed plenty of Bills in the U.S. Senate. I have experience."

EVIDENCE - You have passed 2 BILLs in the U.S. Senate - one for Africa and one that makes lobbyists stand while they eat. SOURCE 1, SOURCE 2, SOURCE 3

COUNTER CLAIM - Senator Obama has sponsored 123 Bills in the US Senate.

REBUTTAL - Senator Obama has one of the worst records for getting bills passed that he has sponsored in the US Senate. That sounds like experience most of us wouldn't want. The Senator has sponsored and passed 2 Bills in the US Senate - one for the Congo (shock and awe?) and one that makes lobbyists stand when they eat. Impressive work for 4 years on the job.


* * *

* * *

CHARGE 50 - "I am tough on Terrorism!"

EVIDENCE - Senator Obama's friends include Louis Farrakhan, Rashid Khalidi, Nadhmi Auchi, and Ali Abunimah, most support Palestinian terrorism and the destruction of Israel. SOURCE 1, SOURCE 2, SOURCE 3, SOURCE 4

COUNTER CLAIM - Senator Obama said he would strike terrorists in Pakistan, even without permission. That is tough.

REBUTTAL - That is not tough - it is stupid. Pakistan is a nuclear nation and a fragile if not reluctant ally of the United States. Senator Obama missed the Iran Resolution to declare the Revolutionary Guard a terrorist organization. In addition, he remains on friendly terms and accepts donations from Louis Farrakhan and Jeremiah Wright - Nation of Islam members that support Hamas' call for the destruction of Israel. Wright even reprinted the Hamas Manifesto for his church members, possibly including the Obama family, who were in attendance. Senator Obama continues his associations with Rashid Khalidi, the former PLO spokesman and supporter of Palestinian Suicide Bombers. Nadhmi Auchi and Ali Abunimah have been involved financially with structures opposed to Israel's right to exist. With friends like these, including American Terrorist William Abu-Zayd Ayers, who needs Jihadists?


* * *

* * *

CHARGE 51 - "I respect the office of the President. I will do everything I can to uphold it's honor and integrity."

EVIDENCE - Senator Obama's campaign has secretly discussed NAFTA and has legitimized the FARC terrorist organization, outside of the public's knowledge and before the Senator has won the election. SOURCE 1, SOURCE 2, SOURCE 3, SOURCE 4, SOURCE 5

COUNTER CLAIM - There is little evidence that Senator Obama has dealt with either NAFTA or the FARC.

REBUTTAL - The Canadian Government released details of a conversation that Senator Obama's campaign said never happened, showing that the Senator's representatives were discussing NAFTA prior to the Senator having won the Nomination, let alone the Presidency. In addition, Raul Reyes, the leader of the FARC terrorist organization attempting to topple the Columbian Government was found dead. On his corpse was found communication relating to legitimacy status once Senator Obama was elected President. This letter eluded to Senator Obama's campaign having contacted the former FARC leader.

I'm not President, I just play one on TV - doesn't seem very respectful to us.


* * *

* * *

CHARGE 52 - "I am stronger on the issue of the Iraq than either Senator Clinton or Senator McCain."

EVIDENCE - Senator Obama has voted for every single Iraq bill since taking office. With many Iraqi millionaires donating to Senator Obama's campaign, perhaps they have been promised something once U.S. forces leave. SOURCE 1, SOURCE 2, SOURCE 3, SORUCE 4, SOURCE 5, SOURCE 6

COUNTER CLAIM - Senator Obama did not vote for this war!

REBUTTAL - Senator Obama was not in office to have to decide on the war. The Senator has made several comments implying that many of his stances or not that very different from the President. Of course over the course of the campaign, that rhetoric has gone all but silent. Where Denis Kucinich has voted against even the funding of the war, thus forcing its end, Senator Obama has voted for every single monetary increase in spending so far brought forward. Furthermore, he has adjusted, mostly in private talks, the departure time frame for troops, implying like NAFTA, he is 'talking for the camera'.


* * *

* * *

CHARGE 53 - "I have always supported Universal Health Care."

EVIDENCE - Senator Obama's health care plan allows 15,000,000 to opt out of having it, forcing Americans to pay for their unpaid bills. SOURCE 1, SOURCE 2, SOURCE 3

COUNTER CLAIM - Senator Obama's plan will have mandated coverage just like Senator Clintons! His plan is Universal.

REBUTTAL - Senator Obama's mandate for health care coverage applies only to children. Once they are adults then can opt out of buying health care. Any emergency room visits or other health service costs they cannot afford will be passed onto the tax payers of America. His plan is no where near Universal.


* * *

* * *

CHARGE 54 - "I don't have to show my patriotism to be patriotic. A pin on my lapel is not important."

EVIDENCE - Senator is often the only person on stage, at the playing of the National Anthem, that has his hands clasped in front of him and not over his heart. He usually (almost never) refuses to wear a flag pin, even when on Capitol Hill. SOURCE 1, SOURCE 2, SOURCE 3

COUNTER CLAIM - Big deal. He doesn't wear a flag pin and he doesn't hold his hand over his heart. So what?

REBUTTAL - Being the President Of The United States means representing us all, at home and around the world; our traditions, our values, our beliefs, and our dreams. If a President cannot set an example of what American values look like, sound like, and feel like, then he or she is doing a disservice to us all, by misrepresenting our Nation. The President shows deference and respect to the Nation and the People first - his own preferences taking a back seat to the office. For someone supposedly representing us all, our values and our beliefs, Senator Obama seems to feel his own core beliefs take precedence over what tradition or the public expects. This is further articulated in his fictionalized memoirs and in his associations. Two of his associations strike the most concern as they are quite opposite what the mainstream American would say reflects their values and beliefs. Case in point: the Nation Of Islam and Trinity Church. The Nation Of Islam and Trinity Church have a less then stellar appreciation for the flag of the United States. They blame Whites for Aids being so prevalent in the African American community and they believe that slavery is a debt that must be paid, no matter the chaos, no matter the dissolution of the present society at large. In fact both of these institutions are headed by Muslims or 'former' Muslims. They have said they would accept little else but the complete capitulation and reinvention of America, with Afro-Centric concerns trumping all others.. Senator Obama's spiritual leader has preached harsh, Afro-Centric revisionism for 2 decades, with the Senator in attendance throughout. Louis Farrakhan, an ultra-radical, and founder of the Nation Of Islam, who is a strong hater of Israel and America, is a neighbor of Senator Obama's and has met with the Senator numerous times, famously during the Million Man March. As for the Senator's experience with America and her allies, Senator Obama has curiously spent more time in foreign nations that our are ideological adversaries then our sisters in spirit. This is a strange way to show one's patriotism and love of country.


* * *
* * *

CHARGE 55 - "My wife's pay raise was deserved. She is the Vice President of U of C hospital."

EVIDENCE - Senator Obama's wife's pay raise was nearly 150% her already bloated salary as one of 13 VP's U of C Hospital has on staff. Her raise was less then 1 month after her husband won his senate seat. SOURCE 1, SOURCE 2, SOURCE 3, SOURCE 4, SOURCE 5

COUNTER CLAIM - Michelle's pay at U of C Hospital is irrelevant.

REBUTTAL - Again, it goes to the honesty and integrity that the Senator and his wife speak about in public. Pay raises that double your salary, a couple of weeks after your husband is elected to an office that can greatly assist the hospital in securing funds, seems somewhat convenient to say the least. In addition this not-for-profit hospital made an amazing $100 Million during the past 3 years. Perhaps some of that profit came from the fact the hospital, despite 13 Vice Presidents including Mrs. Obama, never noticed that patients were being billed, through Medicare and Medicaid, at rates 580% higher then average, for common services. More alarming still is the fact that African American patients were charged on average, 6 times the rates that white patients were charged. Again, with 13 Vice Presidents whose salaries total many millions, how could these terrible imbalances go unnoticed?


* * *
* * *
CHARGE 56 - "My wife's words were taken out of context. She didn't mean she has never been proud of America."

EVIDENCE - Senator Obama, your wife's comments were complete and fully in context. She has never been proud of America until now - those were her words. SOURCE 1, SOURCE 2, SOURCE 3

COUNTER CLAIM - Who cares what Senator Obama's wife said? She is not running for President.

REBUTTAL - Senator Obama's wife's remarks follow lock-step in the vein of Wright and Farrakhan, in relation to their hostility, contempt, and hatred of America. She may indeed not be running for office, but again it shows the Senator's character, in that he will perpetuate a dishonest accusation, such as her comments were taken out of context when they were NOT, in order to manipulate the public. Mrs. Obama meant every word she said, and those words were quoted in their entirety. One does not have to stretch the imagination as to where the genesis of such ideas took their first form.


* * *
* * *
CHARGE 57 - "Senator Clinton was a corporate lawyer for Wal-Mart. I would not associate myself with Wal-Mart.

EVIDENCE - Senator Obama's wife has received nearly a quarter of a million dollars in compensation from Wal-Mart supplier Treehouse. SOURCE 1, SOURCE 2, SOURCE 3, SOURCE 4

COUNTER CLAIM - Senator Obama's wife is not running for President.

REBUTTAL - True, Senator Obama's wife is not running for President, but it does show the Senator's willingness to misrepresent himself, his family, and their income sources in order to hide associations that prove unsavory or contradictory to public stances. Such willingness to misrepresent the facts shows one's lack of character and trustworthiness.


* * *
* * *
CHARGE 58 - "My church is not particularly controversial."

EVIDENCE - Senator Obama's church claims AIDS was manufactured by the US Government to kill Black people. P.S. Did you know Jesus was a supporter of slavery? Neither did we. SOURCE 1, SOURCE 2, SOURCE 3, SOURCE 4

COUNTER CLAIM - Senator Obama is running for President, not pastor of his church!

REBUTTAL - Senator Obama has attended Trinity Church for 20 years. He claims, during the 960 Sundays in the last 20 years, that surprisingly he never managed to be in attendance during one of Reverend Jeremiah Wright's more outrageous and insulting sermons. It seems that despite the Senator not being aware of what the topic of the sermon would be, he simply lucked out, having never been there for such controversial sermons. Or was he? In the Senator's own words, during his 'Race Speech' after the media ran Rev. Wright's sermons on the air, Senator Obama said: "Did I ever hear him make remarks that could be considered controversial while I sat in church? Yes.". Reverend Wright not only claimed that AIDS was created by the White U.S. Government to kill Blacks (as if Whites didn't get it?) but also that the U.S. was to blame for the attack on 9/11. Reverend Wright and his church published in their Sunday Bulletin the Hamas Manifesto as typical non-controversial reading material for Sunday services. After naming Louis Farrakhan Person Of The Year, and after stating Jesus supported slavery by the White man against the Black man, one can deduce these comments and suggestion are not just controversial, but also Anti-American, Anti-Israeli, and Anti-White.


* * *

* * *
CHARGE 59 - I disagree with my church all the time. Rev. Wright is like an Uncle to me and you can't choose family.

EVIDENCE - Senator Obama continues to donate large sums of money to Trinity Church. This helps spread the churches' message. PS - Jeremiah Wright is a Reverend - not a relative. SOURCE 1, SOURCE 2, SOURCE 3

COUNTER CLAIM - Senator Obama, as an American, has freedom of religion and he can choose whatever church he likes!

REBUTTAL - And we have the freedom to choose someone other than Senator Obama for President because of the judgment he displays and the company he keeps. The Senator claims 'You can't choose family'; we respectfully remind the good Senator Rev. Wright is not his family, he is his pastor. And you can always choose a different pastor if you don't like what he has to say. Considering the Obama's have donated on average $500/week to Trinity, or about $22,000/year, we find that a strange way of showing one's disagreement or dissatisfaction with one's church. Incidentally, Rev. Wright has just retired to his $1.6 Million dollar mansion, in an almost exclusively White neighborhood. So much for practicing what you preach.


* * *
* * *
CHARGE 60 - "I never heard sermons at Trinity like those being played on Youtube and by the mainstream media."

EVIDENCE - Senator Obama said: "Did I ever hear him (Rev. Wright) make remarks that could be considered controversial while I sat in church? Yes." SOURCE 1, SOURCE 2, SOURCE 3, SOURCE 4, SOURCE 5

COUNTER CLAIM - Senator Obama said he disagreed with what Reverend Wright said, what more do you want him to say?

REBUTTAL - Not only did Senator Obama agree with Rev. Wright, 14 months earlier about having to distance himself from the church, (and Rev. Wright himself), Senator Obama said he had never heard sermons that contained anything like what the mainstream media and Youtube were playing 'on every station'. 3 days later, in his own speech, he stated ""Did I ever hear him make remarks that could be considered controversial while I sat in church? Yes." 'What more do we want him to say?' We think 'I Lied.' would be sufficient.


* * *
* * *

CHARGE 61 - "People are out to get me because I am trying to change Washington. My passport files were looked into illegally."

EVIDENCE - Senator Obama's own Campaign Foreign Policy Adviser is the CEO of the company that looked into the passport records. SOURCE 1, SOURCE 2, SOURCE 3, SOURCE 4

COUNTER CLAIM - Senator Obama's passport files WERE looked into illegally, and so were Senator Clinton's and Senator McCain's.

REBUTTAL - Not only is Senator Obama's Campaign Foreign Policy Adviser the CEO of the company that illegally looked into the Senator's passport file, the same company looked into Senator Obama's rivals - Senators Clinton and McCain - a year earlier. One must ask the question, for what reason would Senator Obama's Foreign Policy Adviser have to sneak a peak at his employer's passport files? He could simply have asked his boss any questions he may have had. Of course if one wanted to perhaps throw off the scent of snooping, once the Clinton and McCain breach became public knowledge, looking into everyone's record would be a way to do it. If everyone is the victim who can tell the crook? Nice try, Campaign Obama. Sometimes not the hunted, but The Hunter?


* * *
* * *
CHARGE 62 - "Rev. Meeks is not involved in my campaign."

EVIDENCE - Rev. Meeks appeared in ads for the Senator's Senate Campaign, and continues to raise money for him during his Presidential run. SOURCE 1, SOURCE 2, SOURCE 3, SOURCE 4

COUNTER CLAIM - Senator Obama is running for office, not Reverend Meeks.

REBUTTAL - Reverend James Meeks is another of Senator Obama's 'Spiritual Counselors'. The Reverend is known, like Rev. Wright, for tearing up the pulpit, with anti-White and anti-Gay rhetoric. Rev. Meeks invited Senator Obama to campaign at his church, has appeared in commercials for him in Illinois, and will be one of Senator Obama's 2008 Delegates at the Denver Convention. One can reasonably conclude that James Meeks is involved in Senator Obama's campaign.


* * *
* * *

CHARGE 63 - "I have the best plan to cure the Mortgage crisis."

EVIDENCE - Senator Obama's Finance Chair on his Presidential campaign is Penny Prizker, one of the architects of the Subprime Lending Scheme. SOURCE 1, SOURCE 2, SOURCE 3, SOURCE 4, SOURCE 5

COUNTER CLAIM - Senator Obama has vowed to fight foreclosures on Americans.

REBUTTAL - Putting one of the masterminds behind the subprime scheme on your campaign does not sound like a good choice if you are on the side of the people. Penny Pritzker is a member of one of the richest banking families in the United States. She, along with Ernst and Young, helped concoct the mortgage manipulation that has resulted in the real estate collapse in the U.S. Senator Obama's plan does not call for a moratorium on foreclosures nor does it call for interest rates to be frozen to assist homeowners in catching up with payments. Additionally, Senator Obama has a long list of Subprime donors to the tune of $1.18 Million Dollars: $266,907 from Lehman, $5395 from GMAC, $150,850 from Credit Suisse First Boston, $11,250 from Countrywide, $9052 from Washington Mutual, $161,850 from Citigroup, $4600 from CBASS, $170,050 from Morgan Stanley, $1150 from Centex, and last but certainly not least, $351,900 from Goldman Sachs.


* * *

* * *

CHARGE 64 - "I am running a clean campaign, high on hope and free of negative attacks."

EVIDENCE - Senator Obama's campaign has launched over 206 media attacks on Senator Clinton alone. SOURCE 1, SOURCE 2, SOURCE 3,

COUNTER CLAIM - Senator Obama has run a fair and positive campaign.

REBUTTAL - Senator Obama continues to launch negative attacks against his opponents while claiming he is merely defending himself. has amassed, with dates and quotes, over 200 media attacks from Senator Obama's campaign, many of which are first-strike, pre-emptive negative messages and policy distortions. He continues using phone and mailing campaigns that are both negative and factually inaccurate. We guess Hope doesn't spring eternal.


* * *
* * *
CHARGE 65 - "I was being honest when I used the term 'typical white people', not racist."

EVIDENCE - If one cannot say 'typical black people' without being labeled racist, then the reverse is likewise racist. SOURCE 1, SOURCE 2, SOURCE 3, SOURCE 4, SOURCE 5

COUNTER CLAIM - Senator Obama's words were taken out of context.

REBUTTAL - There is no context in which that statement can be made, truncated or complete, that is not offensive. Senator Obama and his family have spent 20 years in a church that has preached the miseries brought on the black community by 'typical white people'. Michelle Obama's statements about never being proud of America until now, and that American is ignorant, fits part and parcel into the ideology, tone, and direction of Louis Farrakhan, Reverend Wright, and Reverend James Meeks. To claim that they have never heard such statements made in their church raises the question of how and why have they formed such similar opinions in regards to Wright, Meeks, and the Nation of Islam. Having never being proud, calling your country ignorant, and labeling people typical, based on their color doesn't see new, hopeful, or different. If one were to infer any such thing to any race one would be labeled a racist, so in keeping with that established precedent, the term 'typical white people' is racist.


* * *
* * *
CHARGE 66 - "My campaign donations are from millions of average people {bitter, typical white people too?}. We are winning in a new way, without corporate influence, or special interests."

EVIDENCE - The implication is that special interests, corporations, banks, and industry donations are not accepted. Nothing could be further from the truth. SOURCE 1, SOURCE 2, SOURCE 3, SOURCE 4, SOURCE 5

COUNTER CLAIM - Senator Obama has millions of donors who have given less than $100.

REBUTTAL - True, Senator Obama does have many donors that have given less then $100. Senator Obama also allows the false impression that he does not take PAC or lobbyist money, money from Big Oil, Big Banking, Big Industry, or Corporate America. Here is a very small rundown of just how much money these special interest, corporate giants have been donating to Senator Obama's 'Grass Roots' campaign: Top Contributors: 1 Kirkland & Ellis $143,138, 2 University of Chicago $139,554, 3 Sidley Austin LLP $100,932,4 Henry Crown & Co $79,500, 5 Sonnenschein, Nath & Rosenthal $74,950, 6 Exelon Corp $71,850, 7 Northwestern University $70,430, 8 Mayer, Brown et al $69,960, 9 Jenner & Block $62,710, 10 Soros Fund Management $61,605, 11 Goldman Sachs $61,500, 12 Clifford Law Offices $59,550, 13 Simmons Cooper LLC $58,500, 14 Tejas Securities $57,250, 15 JP Morgan Chase & Co $56,600, 16 Ariel Capital Management $55,650, 17 Skadden, Arps et al $54,071, 18 Winston & Strawn $52,450, 19 Piper Rudnick LLP $45,600, 20 Holland Capital Management $43,350. The top industries supporting Barack Obama are: 1 Lawyers/Law Firms $2,464,360, 2 Securities & Investment $1,117,132, 3 Retired $857,601, 4 Real Estate $620,760, 5 Education $542,966, 6 Business Services $509,266, 7 Misc Finance $415,498, 8 Health Professionals $363,713, 9 TV/Movies/Music $299,233, 10 Commercial Banks $282,553, 11 Printing & Publishing $186,293, 12 Insurance $183,132, 13 Non-Profit Institutions $175,720, 14 Misc Business $150,991, 15 Hospitals/Nursing Homes $146,175, 16 Civil Servants/Public Officials $144,069, 17 Lobbyists $127,800, 18 Computers/Internet $125,333, 19 Construction Services $119,910, 20 Electric Utilities $102,700


* * *

* * *

CHARGE 67 - "I am NOT the most liberal Senator in the U.S. Senate."

EVIDENCE - Senator Obama ranked as the number one Liberal in the Senate based on his consistent voting record. SOURCE 1, SOURCE 2. SOURCE 3, SOURCE 4

COUNTER CLAIM - Senator Obama is just fighting for the people, what's wrong with that?

REBUTTAL - There is obviously nothing wrong with fighting for the people, but making false statements for political expediency is not fighting for the people, it's fighting for your own skin. Senator Obama has a clear record of extremely liberal views and voting as such to maintain or promote said views. From his stance on post-birth abortion, to guns, gays, meeting, without precondition, sworn enemies of the Unit

Posted by: Anonymous | May 4, 2008 7:40 AM | Report abuse

It's quite amazing to read all these comments... Makes me the U.S.A look like apartheid South Africa lol.

I expected Americans to be better than all i've seen in the past 3 months.

You are all like you never went to school and
the politicians play you around like puppets
or maybe it's the racist part in many, that makes them overlook the real issues.

Grow up and decide your future rather than pointing fingers on non-issues

Posted by: SAs | May 4, 2008 6:01 AM | Report abuse

Every one knows obama is a phony!

Posted by: duncan | May 4, 2008 5:01 AM | Report abuse

Blaming Sen. Clinton for Iraqi War deaths is absurd! The blame should fall squarely to the bloodstained hands of GWB. Even Sen. Obama voted to fund the war.

Posted by: freeman | May 4, 2008 4:56 AM | Report abuse

in Russia b.HUSSEIN wouldn't come CLOSE to white house.McCain is the only TRUE PATRIOT. Why did barak find numerous excuses NOT TO display our NATIONAL FLAG-PIN? Who is he kidding? McCain for president,or else we'll have another soviet-arab union in our country.

Posted by: zhenya | May 4, 2008 4:50 AM | Report abuse

If you are any way undecided about who you should vote for just look at the previous comments that have been posted by Obama Supporters and Obama Detractors.

Give them all a careful read and then ask yourself, Which of these 2 groups would you invite to your house for a Bar-B-Que?

The answer will be obvious.

Posted by: Callum | May 4, 2008 4:06 AM | Report abuse

Rev. Wright says, "God damn America." and states that he was preaching about the social inequalities that the world's strongest power seemingly allows to go on.

Rev. Jerry Falwell says, ""God continues to lift the curtain and allow the enemies of America to give us probably what we deserve," said Falwell, appearing yesterday on the Christian Broadcasting Network's "700 Club," hosted by Robertson. Then blames the 911 attacks on the ACLU and liberals who have essentially angered God and caused Him to allow the attacks to occur, such that he is smiting us for our misbehavior, like Sodom.

It seems to me that both preachers are damning America for becoming ungodly. Both preachers are speaking their minds from a spiritual perspective. Both preachers are exercising rights that I served 4 years in the Marine Corps to defend. Falwell and Robertson were scandalized for months after their comments and continued defense of their comments. Rev. Wright has been scandalized for months on his comments. Of course it would appear that Rev. Wright's comments only became important recently when we are debating the values of a presidential candidate. Is it really the comments or the timing of his remarks then his continued appearance in the spotlight? Have we considered that this is a generational issue with Obama on the youth side and Clinton on the elder side. If so then we might see that Rev. Wright is on Clinton's side rather than Obama. If so then Rev. Wright may not really be acting in Obama's best interest rather he like so many other ex-hippie, radicals is favoring one last stand against the Vietnam conservatives. I for one am tired of arguing the politics of the 1960s.

Posted by: GreenMarine | May 4, 2008 4:04 AM | Report abuse

We're blue collar and we eat arugula.

Posted by: Claudia | May 4, 2008 3:28 AM | Report abuse

America is losing two wars, has a crashing dollar, its economy is in a tail-spin, and the concern is a statement about the price of arugula:

Clinton's demographics favor the uneducated


Posted by: Anonymous | May 4, 2008 2:51 AM | Report abuse

Sorry, can't get past his remark about the price of arugula in Whole Foods. That sort of says it all about how much he has in common with blue collar voters.

Posted by: Anonymous | May 4, 2008 2:34 AM | Report abuse

From "Head of State"

Saturday, May 03, 2008

I have been watching Sen. Obama during his weeks of adversity.

He has what we need--a transformative national vision, a commitment to a new and unifying politics, and to a long-needed truth in governance and international relations.

He needs to transcend other characteristics.

There is a prickliness--a sense of insult or hurt that, having given an honest message, the message has been distorted--a certain wounded defeatism.

He must rise above this and be strong.

This is the vulnerability of a man long without a father.

In such circumstances, men often become their own father-- accompanied by the grandiosity, limitlessness, precociousness, and willingness to quickly fill in gaps with apparent consistencies that is characteristic of a persona adopted in childhood, too large and too soon--i.e., Bill Clinton;

They too can become the agent of the genuine, intelligent, and heartfelt ideals of their mother-- passed on, rightly, as the intelligent and humane truth of the world, but not buttressed by the daily measuring and inevitable confrontation of those ideals that can come from the presence of a father--the tensile strength. and resilience that causes those ideals to energetically endure in the face of challenge.

Obama has recently shown an underlying hurt and lethargy in reaction to the politics of fear and attack--what has been reported by some as "boredom."

To win--and more important, to reach the goals that he has set out for himself--he must turn away from such disappointment in the reaction of the nation.

He must put forward his energy and strength in the face of distortion to bring the nation to a realization of what matters most at this time.

When he shows such disappointment in reaction to such events, he shows that he cannot stand up to the distortion that will inevitably come, and that he must overcome to reach the point of national transformation.

Barack: There is no place in this campaign for disappointment, wounded defense and hurt. You are taking on the gigantic task of changing the minds of the American people, including those diverted, suspicious thoughts that will inevitably rise from the restraining bonds of our collective past--and, as you know, will be encouraged to do so.

Now is the time for strength--strength of purpose and strength of commitment. Bring people to an image of what can be established and created beyond the trivial, momentary excitement of attack politics. Do not be drawn into the minutiae of a ground war, or into a position of withdrawn and injured hopelessness. A hint of this creates the image of someone who is playing the old game, by the old rules.

You've made this clear in your stump speech: This is your moment. Now--Fully step into it. Bring people to fully realize what they can have, with full energy, commitment, strength and belief: A nation committed to truth in its relation to the people of this and other nations, to the unity of this country rather than to tactical and self-serving division, and to the interests of the many, rather than the few.

Head of State

Posted by: Robert Hewson | May 4, 2008 2:24 AM | Report abuse

I can tell you Sir that Senator Obama has the vast majority of support of active-duty military.

The Senator is not his former preacher, he is a man who we would be honored to serve in uniform for.

I cannot say the same thing for Ms Clinton, or even for Senator McCain.

Posted by: Veterans4Obama | May 4, 2008 2:12 AM | Report abuse








Posted by: Anonymous | May 4, 2008 1:55 AM | Report abuse

I don't totally agree with Reverend Wright. However, placed in the proper context for his life experience, one can understand his comments. We should be mindful that one's comments are not synonymous with one's actions. All of us due to our upbringing and experiences harbor and sometimes vocalize negative sentiments. However, most of us act and behave in a law abiding and decent manner.

Why is it OK to use Reverend Wrights language and comments (in context) in reference to illegal immigrants who mostly come here for an opportunity for their families or Muslims the majority of which are law abiding and respectful America and its values.

Posted by: Ralph | May 4, 2008 1:54 AM | Report abuse

While S.Africa is making progress towards a
non-racist society after several decades of
apartheid imposed by a racist government,
the U.S. seems to be retrogressing after
significant improvement towards a society
where race would be irrelevant.

While the U.S. should be given credit for its progress over the decades in treating in citizens of the darker hue with dignity
but one cannot shroud the fact that there are Americans who betray their odious attitudes towards their darker brethren.Some of the responses to the blogs would indicate this.

I find it amusing that some of the commentators also betray their antipathy for a black candidate. They seemed to create the impression that the Democrats
face a "dilemma" because of a black candidate and a female candidate.I say to these erudites: "Please do not concoct problems where they do not exist.Your propensity for exaggeration is indeed
repulsive! You create a picture of a pack of jackals tearing with frenzy at a piece of carcass. When the Rev. Wright made
his hateful comments recently( which I abhor) the manner in which you responded
gives me the impression that you had lost your equilibrium".

I find all the candidates worthy of the presidency. Each has his/her advantages over the others; as well as his/her flaws.
None is the winner until the last electoral
vote is counted.

My prediction is that the president would come from the Democrats.This is solely based on the number of cases of questionable behaviour by members of each of party. I hope the electorate would consider this fact than the drivel that
assaults their ears by the media.

Posted by: Logan: A South African | May 4, 2008 1:42 AM | Report abuse


"Dems add to majority with Cazayoux win in La.

By J. Taylor Rushing
Posted: 05/04/08 12:29 AM [ET]

House Democrats continued to expand their majority Saturday night after Louisiana state Rep. Don Cazayoux emerged victorious in a special election for retired Rep. Richard Baker's (R) district, which had been in Republican hands since 1975. was the Cazayoux-Jenkins race that the national parties were watching.

Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chairman Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.) said Republicans failed again to "nationalize" the election by tying Cazayoux to Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama (D-Ill.).

"For the second time this cycle, Republicans were reminded that 'all politics is local,'" Van Hollen said. The in Louisiana came two months after Democrats picked up their first seat of the year. In March, Democrat Bill Foster won the seat of former House Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-Ill.).

"House Republicans tried to nationalize this election, illegally coordinated with Freedom's Watch, used false and deceptive special interest smears, and funneled nearly a million dollars into a district that Republicans held for more than three decades,"




Posted by: Anonymous | May 4, 2008 12:51 AM | Report abuse



Hillary Clinton cannot win.

Even if Hillary Clinton wins every remaining primary by 70%, Obama will still maintain his lead in pledged delegates. This is true, even when one counts the delegates from Florida and Michigan. Mrs. Clinton cannot catch up to Barack Obama in pledged delegates, and pledged delegates will determine this election. She has lost,
Barack Obama has won.

See for yourself



Posted by: Anonymous | May 4, 2008 12:43 AM | Report abuse


"Democrat Don Cazayoux defeated Republican "Woody" Jenkins in the race for U.S. Representative from the 6th Congressional District.

The race in Louisiana's 6th Congressional District, matched Democrat state Rep. Don Cazayoux , a 44-year-old small-town lawyer, with Woody Jenkins, a 61-year-old Christian-right GOP candidate who spent 28 years in the state House. Cazayoux lead in polls during the final days leading up to the election. Three other indepedent or "no party" candidates were also on the ballot.

Coming in the middle of a presidential cycle, the race has attracted attention from Washington interest groups and the national parties.

Cazayoux has drawn the brunt of the attacks. He's sought to rebuff a campaign that brands him as a supporter of "big government" policies of presidential contender Barack Obama and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Saturday's 6th Congressional District election will fill the seat of Richard Baker, who resigned in January to take a job in hedge funds.

The district covers the Old South plantation country around Baton Rouge and had been held by Republicans for 33 years."

Neocons, are you listening?

First, Foster in Illinois

and now, Cazayoux in Louisiana

Go Obama !

Posted by: Anonymous | May 4, 2008 12:41 AM | Report abuse

Why don't we hear more about the Clinton story of Magnaquench?

Posted by: LetthemdrinkCrownRoyal | May 4, 2008 12:28 AM | Report abuse

I think Hillary's supporters better pack up there bigotted backsides and hide their head in the ground.

As a 55 year old white blue collar female I am embarrased to admit being part of the white race when people like this spew racial trash from their mouths.

God will damn you for your hatred whether you agree with it or like it!!!!

Sorry individuals!!!

Posted by: BJ in Idaho | May 4, 2008 12:26 AM | Report abuse






Incite racial hatred against Muslims!



Incite racial hatred against Black Americans!



(to be announced on Fox News)

Posted by: Anonymous | May 4, 2008 12:20 AM | Report abuse


Why do Hillary supporters ALWAYS bring up race?


Is it racists for Hillary?

Is this now her platform: race?


Obama never brings up race. His supporters never bring up race. Only Hillary supporters bring it up...over, and over again: "race, race, race"; "Black, White, Black, White". The never stop: it's 24/7.


Posted by: Anonymous | May 4, 2008 12:19 AM | Report abuse

There is something desperately wrong with this picture. Out of your own mouth spews the sentiments of hate. The Bible teaches us to be ...transformed by the renewing of our minds and this is what Barack is saying, when we as a people start changing how we look at and treat one another, then we can become united. Barack Obama is as white as he is black. He can't hate. But you do.

Posted by: Anonymous | May 4, 2008 12:16 AM | Report abuse

Obama is such a hypocrite. He now is ready to throw his kids under the campaign bus to get sympathy for his racist reverend.

It's not working you black piece of scum. Get out of our House.

Posted by: dylan | May 4, 2008 12:16 AM | Report abuse

Yes, obama and his racist america hating wife have had their daughters baptized by their racist reverend who should be committed and not allowed near such young impressionable kids.

The Obamas have nothing in common with mainstream America and should not be allowed to bring their stain to the White House.

Posted by: dylan | May 4, 2008 12:14 AM | Report abuse

Family is a recurring theme in Obama's speeches these closing days, as he seeks to connect with working-class voters who have flocked to his opponent.

That's why for years, he's been sure to religiously take his little girls to Trinity United Church of Christ so they can become good little, America hating racists like Mommy and Daddy. At Trinity, the family that hates together, stays together!

Posted by: Anonymous | May 4, 2008 12:01 AM | Report abuse

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