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Obama Nets Maryland Superdelegates

By John Wagner
Sen. Barack Obama picked up two new superdelegates from Maryland, including the chairman of the state Democratic Party, on the eve of key presidential primaries in North Carolina and Indiana.

"I have been inspired by what he represents," Maryland Democratic Party Chairman Michael Cryor said at an afternoon news conference at which the party's vice chairman, Lauren Glover, also announced her support for the Illinois senator.

Obama soundly defeated Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-N.Y.) in Maryland's presidential primary in February, 60 percent to 37 percent.

But Cryor's choice puts him at odds with Gov. Martin O'Malley (D), an early Clinton supporter who recruited Cryor as chairman of the state party after his election in November 2006. Cryor has served as an adviser to O'Malley since early in his tenure as mayor of Baltimore, which began in 1999.

"The governor and I are good friends ... but this decision was mine," Cryor told reporters.

O'Malley spokesman Rick Abbruzzese said Cryor's announcement was understandable. "It's an incredibly personal decision, especially when you have two qualified candidates," Abbruzzese said.

Cryor and Glover were joined at the news conference by Karren Pope-Onwukwe, a Democratic National Committee member and Maryland superdelegate who has previously been very public in her support for Obama; and former Maryland governor Parris N. Glendening (D), an Obama supporter who was chosen by the state party over the weekend as an add-on delegate.

Cryor said that by coming out now, he and others hope to encourage more superdelegates to make their support known for one of the remaining Democratic candidates so that "there is less to figure out." Cryor said he decided "to stand up and be counted when it counts."

Both Cryor and Glover said they intentionally remained publicly uncommitted until after Saturday, when the state Democratic Party finalized its delegate list, so as not to appear biased.

Cryor is the only African American currently serving as chairman of a state Democratic Party committee in the United States, aides said.

With today's announcements, Obama now has the backing of seven of Maryland's 27 superdelegates, as well as Glendening.

At least nine Maryland superdelegates are supporting Clinton. She also benefited over the weekend by the state party's choice of Kathleen Kennedy Townsend (D), a former lieutenant governor, as Maryland's other add-on delegate.

By Web Politics Editor  |  May 5, 2008; 7:15 PM ET
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Poor, poor Jacksmith. Soon he's going to be out of a job.


Posted by: wolf | May 8, 2008 3:12 PM | Report abuse

Dear Fellow Americans,

Our Great-grand Nation, the United States of America
is and will face very critical and substantial
"Challenges" in coming,
months, years, and decades to come.
It is very essential that we pick out our next
President on following criteria in mind.

1. A candidate with "Vision and Mission".

2. A candidate with " Stable Character and Integrity"

3. A candidate with "Presidential Temperament" and
"stable Judgment".

4. A candidate with "little "Washington" exposure"
"real connectedness with New Voters".

5. A candidate who "Inspires us up" rather than
"Tears us down".

6. A candidate not based on sexism, racism, and

In my professional and personal opinion, the only
candidate who has the above qualities and
characteristics and is also cool, calm, and collected
is Senator Obama.

As an independent registered voter since 1980. I voted
for Carter, voted for Reagan, voted for First Bush,
and second Bush in 2000 and In the process last
interest in Washington politics as usual and I
stopped voting.Not a good idea under any circumstance
particularly at present.

This time we can not afford to stay on side lines and
let Washington stay the same.We can not afford our
Greatgreat Nation to become less than what we are and
can be.

We need to send clear and candid message to the world
and some 24 hour partisan hateful media. These media
outlets are trying to deprive, dupe, and derail us
from getting it right this time.

They are trying there best to deny us better rather
than bitter future. { Our Greatgrand Nations people
are persistently and constantly subjected to
Psychological terrorism" without their knowledge thru
these hateful partisan media outlets.

We Americans are should not and would not to allow
psychologically terrorized, traumatized and silence us
this time.

I am sure that we will get it right this
time and elect Senator Obama our next President. let
us not get dragged down into racism, sexism and

Let us remember that our Greatgrand is constituted of
family, friends,fellowships, faith, funds,foundation,
fun, and future with fairness and freedom and without
fear or favor.

We can not afford to lose any of above. Let us stand
up, be counted, save, build our Greatgrand Nation for
centuries to come and regain our world economic, and
power status back.

God Bless our Great grand Nation and its diverse

Our Greatgrand nation needs present and future
stability, security, safety,sustained progress and
restoration of our due status in this perilous Global
World at the all levels.

Yours sincerely,

COL.[retd] A.M.Khajawall
Forensic Psychiatrist.
Disables American Veteran.
Las Vegas Nevada.

Posted by: COL.[retd]A.M.Khajawall | May 6, 2008 12:09 PM | Report abuse

Dear Shallow Hal,
I appreciate your need to bludgeon us all with your incendiary research. If half of what you are saying is true, it would have become part of the Hillary smear campaign, or the ABC moderated attacks on Obama. It would have become the fodder of the Faux News Network...which I'm sure it probably has to a certain extent considering they're mainstay of food is festering half truths.

It's interesting that all your source links don't work. It's also interesting that you don't bring the weight of your arguement against all the candidates (who have long lists of lies) that you could exploit equally with your Enquirer style political mind.

It would lend some credence to your arguement if you gave us Hillary's and John McCain's laundry list of lies.

But because you didn't, it's obvious to anyone with an IQ above a hundred that you're just another political hack trying to undermine the process by infecting it with reactionary rhetoric.

I feel a little guilty actually that I've given you the time of day. I guess I was just concerned that somebody would take the volume of your post and give it unnecessary credence...

These are the very obvious reasons why they don't have to.

Posted by: Gerald | May 6, 2008 11:56 AM | Report abuse

Another superdelegate who decided against backing a pathological liar against the "straight talking" McBush. A wise choice. Clinton is finished.

Posted by: infinite_nether | May 6, 2008 11:40 AM | Report abuse

From the "dialog" above, it should be clear that this campaign has deeply divided the party.

As a former Sen. Biden, supporter, I feel that the stakes are to high (four more years of Bush (Version 2.0)) and time is to short to continue the negativity.

It is time to unite behind Barak. Hillary's long shot is not worth the damage and potential consequences.

Posted by: Richard | May 6, 2008 10:29 AM | Report abuse

Maryland is 1/4 Afro American. Barack won 60 percent of the vote and hillary does have black supporters. the gap is in age. GET OVER RACE! the new generation tends to want someone fresh who appeals to their intellect as well as encourage their passion for justice. the older generation tends to want stability and comfort in maintaining their daily lives. both candidates have pros and cons but what person doesn't. Barack will get about 16-17 supers. Duh!

Posted by: wake up! | May 6, 2008 8:03 AM | Report abuse

vergens2 -- Good riddance! Those of us that believe in the Party will support whichever candidate ends up with the nomination. The voters spoke months ago and the Delegates to the convention have all been officially named. There is NO reason for the MD Supers not to declare at this point. Mike Cryor is one of the most energetic leaders the MD Party has had and is doing more to reach out to Democratic voters than I have seen in some time. The voters went overwhelmingly for Obama, so it is no surprise that many of the Supers will also choose Obama.

It looks to me from your writing that you are the bigot.

Posted by: vmi98mom | May 6, 2008 7:09 AM | Report abuse


YOU might be an idiot if:

You think Hillary's being a first Lady and "SNIPER" fires are considered EXPERIENCE.

You forgot Billy and the cigar/blue dress scandal that embarassed this nation.

You forgot about the shady real estate deals with the Clintons

You forgot about TRAVELGATE.

Posted by: Lisa Loooo | May 6, 2008 6:57 AM | Report abuse

This is the same old--same old--african americans vote for an african american no matter what!! This is the day I leave the Maryland Dem. Party. If the party has a BIASED Chairman and one who worries about being biased and does not have the guts to hold back his endorsementUNTIL the end of the primary races--he is NOT FIT TO HOLD HIS POSITION> I wonder who made him a kingpin for the dem. party. I hope the Gov. removes him from his office after the primaries are over!!! Mr.Cryor can now join the REV.Bigot (Wright) and take the Dems. down to defeat!!!!

Posted by: vergens2 | May 6, 2008 6:38 AM | Report abuse

Superdelegates should support Barack Obama. The majority of people in the United States are open minded and do not hold the racial prejudices that are showing up in states such as Pennsylvania and Indiana. The younger generation who are the future of the Democratic party and this country appear more open minded than the older generation. They support Barack Obama by a huge margin. Listen to the younger generation. They are the ones inheriting the massive problems created by old politics and the older generation.

Secondly, Hillary Clinton should not be rewarded for pandering and misleading the American people. We are not stupid. We do not believe that she is fighting for us when she offers a gas tax gimmick that no economist will support. We do not believe her when she said she was simply tired when she made up running from gunfire. We do not believe that she never supported NAFTA when it was her husband that brought it into being as President. We do not believe a word of what she says about other candidates. How can we elect someone who does not tell the truth? How can other superdelegates work with someone who does not tell the truth? She does not understand the hardships of the average worker. She has $109 million in the bank. She has always lived a privilged life and yet is trying to brand her opponent as elitist. She is not a hunter. She has always been a gun control advocate until now when she is trying to make people believe otherwise. Not only that, she cannot admit when she is wrong. Only once when she was faced with actual video footage contradicing her story did she admit to a "mistake". If there was no footage, one can be quite sure she would not have admitted to it. It appears that Democrats have forgotten that the Clintons have been involved in more scandals and shady deals than almost any other public figure. Bill Clinton truly has a lot of nerve to be wagging his finger at us again. They both lost the respect of a lot of Democrats when they started their misleading escalating attacks on their own colleague.

Thirdly, the Democratic party must embrace the opportunity to bring Independents and Republicans into their party- to be the party of truth representing all people. The Democratic party has been blessed in that there are actually large numbers of Republicans SUPPORTING BARACK OBAMA! These, if superdelegates override the pledged delegate vote, will not stay with the Democratic party, nor will the energized youth, nor the millions of energized new voters. Republicans will go back to the Republlican party and vote for McCain. Independents who would have voted for Barack Obama, will also vote for McCain. The new Democrats and the youth who have come out in droves to vote, will not continue to support the party if they perceive injustice. They will sit out. This is the category that I would place myself in- because nothing will change. If either Hillary Clinton or John McCain is in the white house, there will be more gridlock and misleading name calling politics. Nothing will get done. Nothing will change.
Now is the opportunity for the Democratic party to show that they are the party of a new type of politics that Barack Obama is talking about. This is the chance for the democratic party to expand their base of support, to include people like me who have never been active politically until Barack Obama came along, who have never sent money to a political candidate until Barack Obama, who have never sent emails or gone door to door until Barack Obama. Don't pass up this opportunity to remake the Democratic party into the party that truly represents and works for the good of all Americans.

Posted by: carolyn | May 6, 2008 3:56 AM | Report abuse

I understand the Clintons probably intended to sell these White House treasures in a yard sale to fund the attorney fees for Bill's impeachment. They should have asked for donations from die-hard Democrats instead. Once a thief, always a thief. What are they after next?

Posted by: dumber | May 6, 2008 12:00 AM | Report abuse

I am calling for the process of drafting a Constitutional Amendment to limit presidential terms to two that includes immediate family members, divorced or not.

We are a democratic country, not a dynasty. We have had one Bush after another. We cannot afford to have one Clinton after another. American democracy will be stalled if we allow Hillary to sneak back into the White House. God knows what furniture she will steal again when she has to move out?

It was valued at more than $190,000 worth of WH furniture the Clintons managed to haul away. These national treasures belong to all of us, not the greedy Clintons.

Posted by: Anonymous | May 5, 2008 11:55 PM | Report abuse

Super-Dels, let's finish this fight and finish off Hillary's miserable, money-bleeding campaign. Just like the owners had to finish off Eight Belles on the track at the Kentucky Derby, let's put an end to this freakish nightmare called the Clintons' campaign. Finish it off, now!

Posted by: Black and Bitter like Coffee | May 5, 2008 11:41 PM | Report abuse

"Sound of a Finger being pulled across the side of MY Mouth out!" ;~)

Posted by: RAT-The | May 5, 2008 11:17 PM | Report abuse

God, I wish the Post would kill any post over 50 lines. Guys, here's how to capitalize on your crazy, loony, deranged, psychopathic nonsense:

1. Create a Web site (iWeb works, as does Blogger)
2. Post your stuff on the Web site
3. Put Google AdWords all over your Web site
4. Post a ten line teaser whenever you feel like sharing your wisdom with folks who read this blog, followed by a link to your site
5. Pray people want to read your nonsense after reading your teaser and click-through to your site
6. Hope these people are the uneducated types who Hillary panders to
7. Count the money rolling in from click-throughs!

Posted by: Anonymous | May 5, 2008 10:45 PM | Report abuse

"In an environment in which a single ill-considered remark can generate more bad publicity than years of ill-considered policies, it should have come as no surprise to me that on Capitol Hill jokes are screened, irony becomes suspect, spontaneity was frown upon, and passion was considered downright dangerous."

Barack Obama

Posted by: Anonymous | May 5, 2008 10:45 PM | Report abuse

The amazing thing about Obama is that despite his EXPERTISE IN CONSTITUTION LAW AND HIS REALIZATION THAT THE CONSTITUTION WAS DESIGNED WITH RACISM EMBEDDED IN IT, he still respects and honors the forefathers who wrote it. He realizes that the spirit of the constitution is to give all citizens freedoms and rights.

Posted by: Anonymous | May 5, 2008 10:43 PM | Report abuse

Good ole Maryland! knew you wouldn't let us down.

Posted by: tydicea | May 5, 2008 10:39 PM | Report abuse

Vote the sensible choice for Democrats -- HILLARY CLINTON!

Indiana and North Carolina, make us proud, look at her energy! She has taken one hit after another and keeps going. This is what we need, a President with the knowledge and energy to stay with each policy affecting Americans today, all Americans.

I love it when she panders to me, I lived through the wonderful 90's.

Our world was wonderful, I am hoping for that again!



God Bless you and Bill!

Posted by: Grandma Dee | May 5, 2008 10:07 PM | Report abuse

Talk about destroying the Democratic party....

The DNC is destroying the party, by alienating the 2+ MILLION voters in Florida and Michigan, AND THEN giving North Carolin MORE delegates!!

The contest is nearly neck-and-neck with Obama having the upper hand, which would probably not true if the DNC were to INCLUDE THE TWO ENTIRE STATES THEY HAVE BEEN WORKING TO ALIENATE!!!

Now the DNC has awarded North Carolina with MORE DELEGATES!!!

This is totally RIGGING the selection process to make it easier for a particular candidate!!!

Pelosi and the DNC are working against Hillary!! This is not Democracy, this is the "righteous few" trying to fool over half of the voter base!!


If you're like me, you'll vote for McCain if the Democratic party becomes "undemocratic" by rigging the contest!!

Email Howard Dean Immediately and tell him to give Florida and Michigan their rightful votes!!

Posted by: Stop the Madness | May 5, 2008 10:00 PM | Report abuse


How you can say that Hillary has the best chance in November is beyond me.

Hillary has embarrassed herself, and women in general with her 'victim' and now 'masculinization' of herself. She is not for women, but for HILLARY.

She has lied repeated on the world stage, from claims of being a major part in the Irish Peace process to being shot at in Bosnia.

Her present tirades include wanting to Obliterate Iran to smashing Opec and this ridiculous gas tax holiday which everyone knows will NOT happen, and is just more pandering to the UNINFORMED voter.

Hillary is a panderer and says whatever she thinks you want to hear to gain votes.

Remember this, when interviewed by O'Reilly, she said "God Bless Us, The Rich"... does that sound like the average person? Obama is the regular person, working his entire adult life to make things better for people who are unemployed thanks in part to the Clintons sending our jobs to foreign countries.

If people continue to vote against their own best interests out of ignorance or bigotry, then they deserve high gas prices and loss of jobs.

Posted by: Anne P | May 5, 2008 9:50 PM | Report abuse


It's time for everyone to face the truth. Barack Obama has no real chance of winning the national election in November at this time. His crushing defeat in Pennsylvania makes that fact crystal clear. His best, and only real chance of winning in November is on a ticket with Hillary Clinton as her VP.

Hillary Clinton seemed almost somber at her Pennsylvania victory speech. As if part of her was hoping Obama could have proved he had some chance of winning against the republican attack machine, and their unlimited money, and resources.

But it is absolutely essential that the democrats take back the Whitehouse in November. America, and the American people are in a very desperate condition now. And the whole World has been doing all that they can to help keep us propped up.

Hillary Clinton say's that the heat, and decisions in the Whitehouse are much tougher than the ones on the campaign trail. But I think Mr. Obama faces a test of whether he has what it takes to be a commander and chief by facing the difficult facts, and the truth before him. And by doing what is best for the American people by dropping out of the race, and offering his whole hearted assistance to Hillary Clinton to help her take back the Whitehouse for the American people, and the World.

Mr. Obama is a great speaker. And I am confident he can explain to the American people the need, and wisdom of such a personal sacrifice for them. It should be clear to everyone by now that Hillary Clinton is fighting her heart out for the American people. She has known for a long time that Mr. Obama can not win this November. You have to remember that the Clinton's have won the Whitehouse twice before. They know what it takes.

If Mr. Obama fails his test of commander and chief we can only hope that Hillary Clinton can continue her heroic fight for the American people. And that she prevails. She will need all the continual support and help we can give her. She may fight like a superhuman. But she is only human.

Sen. Hillary Clinton: "You know, more people have now voted for me than have voted for my opponent. In fact, I now have more votes than anybody has ever had in a primary contest for a nomination. And it's also clear that we've got nine more important contests to go."


Jacksmith... Working Class :-)

Posted by: jacksmith | May 5, 2008 9:21 PM | Report abuse


If you think like Barack Obama, that WORKING CLASS PEOPLE are just a bunch of "BITTER"!, STUPID, PEASANTS, Cash COWS!, and CANNON FODDER. :-(

You Might Be An Idiot! :-)

If you think Barack Obama with little or no experience would be better than Hillary Clinton with 35 years experience.

You Might Be An Idiot! :-)

If you think that Obama with no experience can fix an economy on the verge of collapse better than Hillary Clinton. Whose ;-) husband (Bill Clinton) led the greatest economic expansion, and prosperity in American history.

You Might Be An Idiot! :-)

If you think that Obama with no experience fighting for universal health care can get it for you better than Hillary Clinton. Who anticipated this current health care crisis back in 1993, and fought a pitched battle against overwhelming odds to get universal health care for all the American people.

You Might Be An Idiot! :-)

If you think that Obama with no experience can manage, and get us out of two wars better than Hillary Clinton. Whose ;-) husband (Bill Clinton) went to war only when he was convinced that he absolutely had to. Then completed the mission in record time against a nuclear power. AND DID NOT LOSE THE LIFE OF A SINGLE AMERICAN SOLDIER. NOT ONE!

You Might Be An Idiot! :-)

If you think that Obama with no experience saving the environment is better than Hillary Clinton. Whose ;-) husband (Bill Clinton) left office with the greatest amount of environmental cleanup, and protections in American history.

You Might Be An Idiot! :-)

If you think that Obama with little or no education experience is better than Hillary Clinton. Whose ;-) husband (Bill Clinton) made higher education affordable for every American. And created higher job demand and starting salary's than they had ever been before or since.

You Might Be An Idiot! :-)

If you think that Obama with no experience will be better than Hillary Clinton who spent 8 years at the right hand of President Bill Clinton. Who is already on record as one of the greatest Presidents in American history.

You Might Be An Idiot! :-)

If you think that you can change the way Washington works with pretty speeches from Obama, rather than with the experience, and political expertise of two master politicians ON YOUR SIDE like Hillary and Bill Clinton..

You Might Be An Idiot! :-)

If you think all those Republicans voting for Obama in the Democratic primaries, and caucuses are doing so because they think he is a stronger Democratic candidate than Hillary Clinton. :-)

Best regards

jacksmith... Working Class :-)

p.s. You Might Be An Idiot! :-)

If you don't know that the huge amounts of money funding the Obama campaign to try and defeat Hillary Clinton is coming in from the insurance, and medical industry, that has been ripping you off, and killing you and your children. And denying you, and your loved ones the life saving medical care you needed. All just so they can make more huge immoral profits for them-selves off of your suffering...

You see, back in 1993 Hillary Clinton had the audacity, and nerve to try and get quality, affordable universal health care for everyone to prevent the suffering and needless deaths of hundreds of thousands of you each year. :-)

Approx. 100,000 of you die each year from medical accidents from a rush to profit by the insurance, and medical industry. Another 120,000 of you die each year from treatable illness that people in other developed countries don't die from. And I could go on, and on...


Posted by: jacksmith | May 5, 2008 8:45 PM | Report abuse

Super Delegates,
Keep right on endorsing Obama and you can be just like him! Throw the whole Democrat Party under the bus! He cannot carry middle class whites, hispanics, which are a larger voting community than the African Americans, and he cannot carry women. He Loses and in a big way in November! Please be the voice you are suppose to be! Look at the break down of voters Pre Wright and then look at the break down of ethnicity of voters now! He cannot win and had the media been honest with the voting Public, he would have been out of this race in the very beginning. You must be the voice to see this party wins in November. And Florida and Michigan are being ignored! And even without Michigan, Hillary wins Florida in a big way! And the polls say she BEATS McCain in November. Obama does NOT!We will lose with Obama. He was never experienced, but now his "unity" and judgement are under question. And it will NOT go away. As the Republicans expose Obama, it will only get worse. Obama may be the most polarizing candidate in memory. Democrats must win in November. It is TIME to come out for Clinton! Now. It is time. She will win Indiana. And many states remaining including Puerto Rico. Endorse Clinton now! WIN IN NOVEMBER!

Posted by: Core Democrat | May 5, 2008 8:39 PM | Report abuse

Obama '08! I hope more supers see that his leadership is what is needed in the party... Hillary will sink it under the weight of her ego.

Posted by: Mo | May 5, 2008 8:39 PM | Report abuse

I just hope that more superdelegates will have the courage to get off the fence.

Sometimes I wonder if the remainder superdelegates are holding their votes as a social bargaining chip.

Do these people brandish their all important vote in front of friends in order to feel important or something?

Methinks they do.

Posted by: ClintonEqualsOurNightmare | May 5, 2008 8:33 PM | Report abuse

Posted by: Anonymous | May 5, 2008 7:39 PM | Report abuse

Posted by: Anonymous | May 5, 2008 7:38 PM | Report abuse

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