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An Environmental Ad War

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By Ed O'Keefe
Environmental issues are emerging as the latest front in the budding 2008 general election ad wars. While John McCain today announced an ad pitching battleground state audiences on some of his environmental proposals, the Sierra Club is hitting him on the radio in Ohio for those same ideas.

"John McCain is running ads that feature windmills. And truth is, windmills, and the clean energy and jobs they generate have a large role to play in Ohio's future. But, not because of anything John McCain has done," the ad says. "Fact is, John McCain opposes requiring the use of more wind and solar power to generate electricity. He's argued against incentives for the clean energy industry, while demanding billions in subsidies for nuclear power, and refusing to impose windfall profits taxes on big oil."

Sierra Club political director Cathy Duvall tells The Post that McCain "is using the environment as a way to portray himself as being different from George Bush. But the reality is that he isn't."

The radio spot is airing through the rest of this week in the Cleveland, Canton, Youngstown and Toledo markets, according to Sierra Club spokesman David Willett.

"We will be engaged in all kinds of tactics throughout the summer, and we will definitely be doing more advertising," Willett said. The group's advertising efforts will also be focused on passage of a major Senate energy bill that failed in the Senate last week.

"We think that his votes should match his rhetoric," Willett said of McCain. "And there's going to be more opportunities to vote on clean energy this year, and his vote could be a deciding vote."

Posted at 2:05 PM ET on Jun 17, 2008  | Category:  Channel 08
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McCain, Bush, Cheney, and GOP forced and shoved the now failed Energy Policy upon Democrats against strong objections! Now McCain and GOP want to pretend that "New" solutions are needed and want to forget their GOP INSISTENCE to rape and pillage the Country! McCain and GOP wanted Democrats to just lay back and enjoy being raped as Big Oil pocketed record profits!

The McCain, Bush, Cheney and GOP Energy Policy failure has now come home to roost and now the GOP pretends that they had nothing to do with it! McCain says "OH go drill more oil for Big Oil and everything will be OK again!" The total abject failure of the McCain GOP Energy policy must be squarely tied around McCain's and GOP necks! It is completely OUTRAGEOUS for McCain now to ignore the blatant failed Energy Policy they insisted on and now claim in their BIZARE IMAGINATION that it must be the Democrats fault! NOT THIS TIME! McCain and the GOP ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS ENERGY FAILURE AND MANY OTHERS AND MUST BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE BY THE MEDIA!

Gore and Democrats pushed hard for responsible Global Climate Change legislation to increase conservation and alternate energy efficiency and reduce oil consumption that McCain, Bush, Cheney, and GOP JUST LAUGHED AT! IT IS TIME TO LAUGH LAST AT McCain AND THE GOP! Now we have 500 years floods and $140 oil going to $200! The Media must hold McCain Bush Cheney and GOP accountable and responsible for the TOTAL ABJECT FAILURE of the Energy Policy, except of course for the record BIG OIL PROFITS! FOLLOW THE MONEY!

Steve Kirslis
Atlanta GA


Posted by: Steve Kirslis | June 17, 2008 4:25 PM

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