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Obama Launches Nationwide Ad Campaign

By Chris Cillizza
Sen. Barack Obama (Ill.) will launch an 18-state ad buy beginning tomorrow in which he speaks directly to voters in an attempt to get out in front of the misinformation likely to be spread about him as the general election campaign revs up.

The ad, which runs 60 seconds, features Obama speaking to camera -- telling voters about his background and his hopes for the country if he is elected. Interestingly, while the ad will run in all of the traditional battleground states (Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania etc.) it will also run in North Carolina, Alaska, Georgia, North Dakota and Montana -- a sign that Obama is putting his money where his mouth is about expanding the general election playing field. (That the ad campaign was announced just hours after Obama decided to forgo public financing in the general election is not a coincidence.)

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Posted at 12:44 PM ET on Jun 19, 2008  | Category:  The Fix
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Great ad -- and in case anybody's missing it, get a load of John McCain's comments:
"I really didn't love America until I was deprived of her company."
John McCain
March 2008 == Faux News
Apparently he's been using this line since at least the 1999 campaign. You should hear the right-wing talkmeisters trying to explain how this is different from Michelle Obama's comment. Lol ...

Posted by: straight talk my a** | June 19, 2008 9:12 PM

I am sure BOTH candidates love this Country. What makes Obama miles more believable is his confidence in the individual and willingness to put himself between the person and Big Bizness. McBush wants oil - but no refineries! Just like the moron that's in the White House now...and the moron's Daddy.

Posted by: Daddio on the Paddio | June 19, 2008 7:56 PM

Talk about throwing people under the bus. McCain has been doing it a lot longer than Obama, and in a much more damaging way. McCain threw his Country under the bus three days after he was captured in Nam by telling the enemy everything they wanted to know. Then he came home and threw Carol, his devoted first wife, under the bus to get with silver spoon Cindy, who has financed his political career. Don't forget that episode where he kicked hundreds of Native People in Arizona off their land to give the coal rights to a big contributor. Most recently he pitched his religious Guru's Hagee & Parsley. Yeah ol John has a history of doing whatever it takes for his own self interest.

Posted by: Javalation | June 19, 2008 6:12 PM

To: concerned 14
Irrational attacks against Obama are absurd
given the horrendous performance of the
Bush-Cheney-Republican Congress gang over the past eight years. You're worried about the corny, false claim against Senator Obama that he has supposedly thrown some people 'under the bus' when Bush-Cheney buried us alive in an abyss of debt, surrounded by greedy Wall St. commodity speculators, a failing economy, and caught in the worse bloody and costly quagmire since Vietnam. More than 80% of us know we're on the wrong track. But McCain is on record stating he agrees with Bush 90% of the time. Senator Obama's inspirational leadership and thoughtful policy positions
along with a pragmatic, collaborative management style offers all of us a chance to climb out of the Bush-Cheney abyss.

Posted by: F.A. Kafka | June 19, 2008 5:33 PM

Barack Obama is an american not because his mother is white nor because his father is black - He is just an american witha dream to better the country - keep hating all you who refuse to accept the truth - actually You who linger to the fault of his ex pastor, reading into his wife comments - read her comments again if you can read well - she stated its the first time that she was VERY Proud of her country not her first time of being proud of the country - Again Media hype - Go Obama Go - Liberty & Justice the True American way!!!

Posted by: Darrin | June 19, 2008 4:52 PM

What a Joke!!! It's something to laugh about...ha, ha, ha.........
The only thing missing was Barack Hussein wearing a cowboy hat......

Missing from the ad were his black congregation, family and friends, all who are black and hate America...Yes, we still remember Barack's religious leader, his family uncle and spiritual father, Jeremiah Wright, and we still remember the videos of their celebration after the Muslim's vicious attack on our country........"The chickens are coming home to roost"

You are Wright Jeremiah..."the chickens are coming home to roost" and you, your congregation of hate and your son Barack Hussein Obama, will be exposed and revealed for what you are.....racists, supremacist and people that hate the country we love and we've always been proud of......

Yes, republicans and democrats have different opinions about many social issues.. but we all understand now, that we need to come together and defend our country from Barack Hussein's effort to take over the United States Government.

The time is now, for americans to come together and save our country by voting for John McCain, a patriot that loves our country!!!

The time is now......

Posted by: Manolete | June 19, 2008 4:35 PM


Posted by: daniel lynch | June 19, 2008 3:41 PM

The Obama campaign on Monday barred cameras from a large gathering of African-American civic leaders Mr. Obama attended. It recently refused to provide names of religious figures with whom Mr. Obama met in Chicago and directed some of them to avoid reporters by using a special exit.

so much for transparency

are we children, can we not make up our own minds?

Posted by: Anonymous | June 19, 2008 3:41 PM

Thankx for posting the ad as it doesn't seem to be scheduled to run in Oregon. I think he forgot to say he approves this message? It's a great ad, great to see him with his mother. I like his story in Dreams from my Father of how his mother woke him up a few hours early every day to tutor him and teach him. I just know she's got a front row seat in Heaven right now and she's saying, "toldja."

Posted by: Gaias Child | June 19, 2008 3:07 PM

The Bus Driver Strikes......Again!

First grandma, then "bitter,frustrated people who cling to their religion & guns", then
His spiritual advisor, the hater Rev. Wright, then his militant Black
Liberation Theology Church & its Black Supremist agenda & Supremicist congregants, then the looney Rev. Pfleger & NOW TA-DA!

those lovely Detroit young Muslim
women wearing scarves who just wanted a souvenir for their community,children & grandchildren!

Shame On Axelrod & company for their divisive bigotry & fear of voters' reactions to Muslim association & support!

Unity & Change You Can Believe
In Are Just Empty Slogans of A Massive Spin Campaign Promoting An Empty Suit Standing For Nothing!

Posted by: concerned14 | June 19, 2008 1:11 PM

This is necessary when McCain is on constant offensive against Obama over terrorism and "patriotism." It's an emotional ad that should play well with undecideds and swing staters.

Posted by: matt | June 19, 2008 12:54 PM

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