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Bush Bristles at Obama Criticism of Iraq War

By Dan Eggen
President Bush was drawn into the presidential campaign at a White House news conference today, rebuffing sharp criticism of his Iraq war policy from Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.), the presumptive Democratic nominee.

Without ever mentioning Obama's name, Bush bristled at the candidate's contention that Bush's handling of the Iraq war "is not a sound strategy for keeping America safe" and that "the central front in the war on terror is not Iraq and it never was."

"I'm loathe to respond to a particular presidential candidate, and so I will try not to," Bush said, but then continued: "My view is, is that the war on terror is being fought out on two simultaneous fronts that are ... noticeable to the American people, and on other fronts that aren't."

He also acknowledged the worsening situation in Afghanistan, saying that "one front right now is going better than the other" and that "Afghanistan is a tough fight."

Bush went on to touch on several of the main arguments regularly deployed against Obama by GOP presidential hopeful Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) and other Republicans: that Obama and other Democrats view the conflict with international terrorism as a "law enforcement" problem, and that they are content with losing the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

"It's really important we succeed there, as well as in Iraq," Bush said. "We do not want the enemy to have safe haven.... Unless, of course, your attitude is, this isn't a war. So if that's the case, it wouldn't matter whether we succeed or not."

Earlier in the press conference, Bush was also asked about Obama's plans to travel to Iraq later this month. "I would ask whoever goes there, whatever elected official goes there, to listen carefully to what is taking place, and understand that the best way to go forward is to listen to the parties who are actually on the ground," he said, adding "that's hard to do" because of pressure from and other groups "banging away on these candidates."

"It's hard to kind of divorce yourself from the politics," Bush said.

Obama and his supporters, of course, argue that it's the Bush administration that is ignoring those on the ground, referring to calls from Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki and other Iraqi leaders for some sort of timeline for U.S. withdrawal as part of a negotiated security agreement.

Bush reiterated his opposition to an "artificial timetable," but acknowledged later in the press conference that his administration was discussing the possibility of setting an "aspirational goal" for a time when U.S. forces would retreat into a supporting role.

"The Iraqis have invited us to be there," Bush said. "But they share a goal with us, which is to get our combat troops out, as conditions permit."

By Web Politics Editor  |  July 15, 2008; 2:19 PM ET
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Hey, "Not A Pawn" -

this is from the article you linked to. 1, we didn't "find" uranium that had been sneakily hidden from us. We knew this was there, #1, and #2, IT WAS PURCHASED ALMOST 20 YEARS AGO. And it's not weapons-grade. You might want to try reading the entire article rather than just grabbing a headline that you - erroneously - think makes your point.

For example, there's this quote:

"U.N. inspectors documented and safeguarded the yellowcake, which had been stored in aging drums and containers since before the 1991 Gulf War. There was no evidence of any yellowcake dating from after 1991, the official said."

I know - all those long words! And the quote was hidden in the middle of a big paragraph MORE than halfway through this long article that has no pictures! But be brave, dude, and struggle through the whole thing. Use a dictionary if you have to.

Posted by: Reading Is Fundamental | July 16, 2008 11:05 AM | Report abuse

Hey Obama! Read these links! Until you do, I know more about the war than you do!;_ylt=AoFqerzJjP6Ki12YGfFfy.yWwvIE

I NEVER had an Obotomy!

Go America! We found 550 Metric Tons of Yellowcake Uranium in Iraq! I wonder if idiot knows that!

Send these links to Obama so he actually knows more about the War!

Posted by: Not a Pawn to Obama's Con! | July 16, 2008 8:05 AM | Report abuse

I don't even know why the media wastes the time of you, the people, the people of America who will finally repair this mess. Who cares what Bush Junior has to say, the damage is done. Being a Canadian, I still have faith in our neighbors. You have sacrificed way to much our friends for nothing. Hope I don't offend any of you, for your children, fathers and mothers are my heros.

Sorry, but the chances of real Peace in the middle east will not be seen in our lifetime. History tells the story. If we just leave these people alone, perhaps we will give our children hope and not a death sentence.
The war in Iraq had nothing to do with 911. Also, please correct me if I am wrong, but how many Americans have been killed since that day? Tally up the dead and seriously injured Brave Heros our friends. Walk away from Iraq, honor your dead and make your politicians responsible for this illegal war. Make them apologize and compensate your families for what they have done to you the people of America publicly on TV. By all means punish the bastards guilty for the attack on your Country. You might have to punish some Great Americans politicians to, starting from the top. We must judge our involvement to in this quest for oil, yep, that is all it's about. Our politicians are just as guilty.
Bless you all, you the people, united we can all bring change and justice. Talk to your Canadian friends like we always have, for we really are one. We need each other. Are own people are starving, loosing homes, worrying about medical bills , etc. I can bet every Iraqi is being treated free of charge while you suffer. A 50s Canadian who cares.

Posted by: Anonymous | July 16, 2008 7:40 AM | Report abuse

By the way, the only way we are going to have success in Afghanistan is to bribe Karzai with billions and let him manage the warlords and tribal chiefs.

We should just give him the money now and spare the horses, our special forces, our regular troops and our nation.

Posted by: JR, Boston | July 16, 2008 12:28 AM | Report abuse

Pres. Knucklehead,

The surge only worked because of the surge in bribes paid to the Iraqi Sunnis. And might I remind you that the money, weapons and training that are given to Sunnis will ultimately help Al Qaeda come after us again.

Short-term political win that makes America less safe over the long haul.

Your lies may reverberate well within the confines of your empty head. To those of us who have had to be overseas and who will have to be overseas, you are a miserable excuse for a commander-in-chief.

Intelligence matters. You overplayed your hand in Piplelanistan and we have had to pay the ultimate price.

We have suffered through a long train of bad Presidents: Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, your dad, Clinton, and you. I'm not saying that you are the worst, just that you only scratched the surface of Presidential potential.

I pray that one day we will be led by someone who has a clue.

Posted by: JR, Boston | July 15, 2008 11:57 PM | Report abuse

Paul Stewart: I'm a pretty conservative guy - against illegal immigration and gay marriage; for gun ownership, freedom of speech, separation of church and state, and the idea of "We the people". For the past eight years, those last three have become dangerously liberal - a reason to be labelled unpatriotic and attacked constantly and viciously. You're wrong about the Right's arguments being unconvincing though: when they blast, they convince me that theirs is the wrong course. It would be nice to have some conservative allies but, frankly, Republican posters often remind me of Brown Shirts - close-minded and dangerously fanatical.

The problem with Right's solutions is that they leave no room for error: if they're wrong about global warming, we all die with them; if they're wrong about WMD in Iraq, our economy, credibility, and global goodwill is destroyed; if they're wrong about trusting Social Security to corporations, we'll spend our old age in desperate poverty; if they're wrong about drilling our oil now, we'll be left with none later while Russia and China are still flush.

I was more comfortable with Hilary but I voted for Barak; I think he is less polarizing and has no political axe to grind - an honest uniter. Hopefully, much of America will fill the same way: "If you find yourself in a hole, stop digging!"

Nice post, BTW.

Posted by: Eric | July 15, 2008 10:06 PM | Report abuse

A monkey could do a better job than Bush.
I'm glad to see him go soon, and I wish Congress had the fortitude to impeach the sorry fool. But Congress is full of unprincipled fools too.
History will tell the truth about him and his legacy is Murder, Lies, and Dirty Tricks.

Posted by: Olddog | July 15, 2008 9:40 PM | Report abuse

the crediting of the present tenuous situation in iraq that passes as better to a surge of american troops is a classic example of confusing correlation with causality. it presupposes that the level of violence after the fall of saddam was going to last forever. the huge change, ie the removal of saddam released forces in iraq that had been restrained by the police state of saddam. they would find their balance without the surge of army and blackwater troops. all the surge did was to further the recruitment goals of the terrorists. where ever in the muslim world the us army goes resentment follows and this resentment is the driving force behind much of the terrorist recruitment success. hard as it is for americans to think, there are really people in the world who don't want the u.s. military in their country. on the 6:01 news mister drip asked what can we do to stop the terrorists from coming here and me drop said we can stop going there. read about the three pillars of u.s. middle east policy

Posted by: saint peter ii | July 15, 2008 8:52 PM | Report abuse

If the Iraqis create the timetable it could hardly be called artificial. Coming from the Iraqis, it's the real thing.

Posted by: Gator-ron | July 15, 2008 8:17 PM | Report abuse

To Todd and to "Common Sense". I think you should both stop watching TV and start to do some real research. You might also stop with the stupid propaganda you are spewing. It does not become the intelligent people that I am sure you are. Certainly, it does not make for any convincing arguments to the right thinking majority of Americans who are going to vote Obama into the White House.

You know, I think you will be surprised when Obama is President. He is trying to get it right. Obama does not look like the traditional, but funny enough, he is the traditional. Obama is neither liberal or conservative, left wing or right wing, he is a main stream, shrewd, common sense person with a solid moral core. That is a tremendous base for leadership of America. It is what she needs.

This is not a difficult choice for the majority of right thinking Americans. What an interesting gift.... Wake up and smell the roses.....

Posted by: PaulStewart | July 15, 2008 8:03 PM | Report abuse

Everybody yelling at each other about Iraq. The only person who has attacked us is Osama. The fact that Bush hasn't made the one guy who deserves to rot in hell pay for his crimes makes him a failure. Iraq was a war of choice. mushroom clouds and remote remote controlled anthrax spraying planes attacking America.....please.
yeah saddam was a total tool but if he were still there today he would be keeping Iran in check and we wouldn't have spent 650 billion dollars for meager results at best.

Posted by: Timmy | July 15, 2008 7:05 PM | Report abuse

It's amazing how easily most democrats are influenced. The TV told me it was cool to vote for Obama, so I am.

The TV also said NSYNC was cool too.

No canidate is perfect. Not a one, past or present. But it shocks me how Democrats worship Obama. Pitty on you who do, you don't think for yourself or use common sense.

You care nothing for innocent Iraqi civilians who rejoice at the protection and freedom they receive (regardless for the reason(s) we got there). You would rather watch them fend for themselves and die and you could care the least.

Selfish whinners. You want real life? Go hang out with a veteran. Go spend a few hours helping the defenseless. GIVE something to someone who has nothing.

Watching TV and agreeing with it doesn't acomplish anything. And voting for someone based soley on promises is idiotic. Where are either canidate's track records? McCain may not have much, but he has one. McCain has been in real life.

Where has Obama been? Pampered and never given responsibility. You'll give someone with no responisbility training the reigns of our country?

That's scary. Even more scary than the next skirmish in the middle east or next housing market plumet.

Posted by: Common Sense | July 15, 2008 6:53 PM | Report abuse

Obama is a snake. McCain will win in a landslide!!! It won't even be close, because every day we find out more and more of the snake oil Politics that Obama talks about. After Obama does not win the Race card is going to come out and again Obama will play the victim. Poor Obama! Don't cry!!!

Posted by: Todd T | July 15, 2008 6:44 PM | Report abuse

Obama is a snake and you Democrats need to open your eyes. He can't even get hired as a CEO of a company. He has no experience running anything and it looks like his wife runs the house. Open your eyes people... Go to youtube and search : Energy Saving Light Bulbs. Democrats in congress don't look at the big picture...

Posted by: Todd T | July 15, 2008 6:34 PM | Report abuse

Obama is a coward.

He doesn't believe in anything but himself. He lied to the left to get nominated, now he is lieing to the center hoping to get elected. If he gets elected none of his promises will be delivered.

The rabid left is so drunk on the kool-aid that they don't care they are being played. Or they are just too stupid to realize it.

Posted by: reason | July 15, 2008 6:27 PM | Report abuse

What I don't get is that instead of printing what he says - why does not the press ask the hard questions?

Mr. President -

- Where are the WMDs?
- Where is Osama bin Laden ?
- Who invited USA to Iraq? (Chalabi?? )

Till the media does not change it's style - we will see a repitition of what happened with Bush. A willingness to swallow what the Presidency dishes out - a willingness beat the drum of jingoism.

Take CNN for example - In a debate with Michael Moore (for sicko), Wolf Blitzer argued that they asked the right questions. They had embedded journalist out in the field with the troops.

Ex - Dr. Sanjay Gupta out there with the troops, occasionally performing surgery on soldiers. Hey - you are a journalist - you did not go there to perform surgery, but to ask the hard questions that will inform people back home.

Also, if the US Army needs journalists (albeit trained as a Dr) to perform surgeries on the field (tell me it was not simply a photo-op), then there is something very wrong.

Posted by: AP | July 15, 2008 6:21 PM | Report abuse


Posted by: Democrats 08 | July 15, 2008 6:18 PM | Report abuse

Oh, he is "loathe" to respond - bull - he can't respond, he knows that Obama is right, and that Iraq is a cf of Bushs making. This is one mess even his daddy couldn't bail him out of - too bad the ones really paying for it are us.

Posted by: JDB | July 15, 2008 5:52 PM | Report abuse

Iraq has nothing to do with oil. It never has. I despise Bush, and will cast my vote in November for Obama. Our invasion of Iraq was due to Dubya's gut feeling that the intelligence community had it all wrong, and that Saddam was hiding WMDs. Somehow he felt that his "gut feeling" trumped actual intelligence... which is about the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. One of Obama's great strengths is his ability to listen to all sides of an issue, and to weigh heavily the facts at hand, before making important decisions. This is called good judgment. McCain still believes that we should be in Vietnam... good judgment??? I think not... Success in Iraq is impossible. We lost the moment we set foot there. We are left with only varying degrees of losing, regardless of what any right wing nutjob would have you believe. The troops have always been successful and honorable in every mission we have laid out before them. It is not their fault that Iraq was a strategic blunder of the most serious kind. It is ludicrous to keep losing American lives and spending trillions of dollars there, to try to "win" something that can only be won through political processes and by the Iraqi people... we need to gtfo asap. McSame would have permanent military bases in Iraq, and would commit our presence there indefinitely. This is unacceptable.

Posted by: Josh | July 15, 2008 5:43 PM | Report abuse

The only good news here is that George W. Bush the worst President in our nations history will soon be a goner. He is out of touch on Iraq, he is out of touch on the economy and wrong on damn near everything period. I am a decorated (Bronze Star and Purple Heart) Nam veteran with a decorated son (MSM/ARCOM) just back from Iraq and he will tell you it is not worth the effort nor the treasure we are spending on Iraq(12 Billion a month). Any doubts I invite you to personally visit the local veterans hospital near you and you will see the true price of this war and how poorly we treat our veterans. Neither McCain nor Bush supported Jim Webbs GI Bill so they will never receive y support nor that of many of my fellow veterans.


Posted by: Paul Herenadez 1st Sgt US Army Ret | July 15, 2008 5:42 PM | Report abuse

Old George always wants people to talk to the people on the ground. Well I did just that recently. I person who I work with just got back from a year in Iraq (green zone). He is an officer and had access to sensitive material on the war effort and even briefed Patrues himself. I asked him three questions. 1) Was it worth all the $$$ and lives lost. 2) Why is this place of such importance to US. 3) What is the end game? His response was that in his opinion it is not worth the $$ and lives being lost. On my second question he has come to the conclusion that it is all about controlling the worlds energy supplies. On my third question he honestly said he did not know because the Iraq leaders themselves cannot seem to agree on even insignificant items.

He also said that a lot more people (mainly Iraqis) are being killed than is being reported ... both by other Iraqis and US forces and Contractors.

Meanwhile the only justification I hear from politicians who want to stay is that we have to win because of the vital interests to the US (terrorism, oil, al). Forget if any of the justifications make sense or the risk/benefits analysis is overwhelming, what does "winning" mean. How will we know when that day comes? What is the metric or measure of success? What is the detailed plan to get to that day? Not read or heard any politician, military person, or pundits explain this to me in sufficient detail. Patrues himself could not explain this when he briefed Congress.

This is a basic fundamental in business to have business plan and a goal not a gut feel. Our first MBA president must have been sleeping in class because he evidently did not asked the right questions. I have not seen nor heard any compelling argument or justification to continue this so call "war", policing action, nation building exercises. Let's be honest and call it what it is a "sunk cost". Maybe George was awake the day the economics teacher explained a "sunk cost". Here is a clue ... do not throw good money after bad money.

Posted by: Tired of the Lies | July 15, 2008 5:08 PM | Report abuse

Anyone who calls himself a "conservative" and signs on to G. W. Bush's legacy is a FOOL. The Bush administration has done irreparable harm to this great country. They have trampled on individual and states' rights; they have engaged in an immoral war to feed the greed of their corporate benefactors, and continue to prosecute this war for their own profit at the expense of American life and wealth; they have run the Nation into enormous debt and crippled our national economy, while increasing their own vast granaries; they have lied to and cheated and stolen from the American public; they have weakened our military and diminished our security; they have replaced "In God We Trust" with "In Mammon We Trust"; and they have done this all with a single-minded arrogance best represented by 5-deferment Dick Cheney and his "I had better things to do" approach to military service. They deserve nothing but America's disdain.

Posted by: bobby | July 15, 2008 4:31 PM | Report abuse

Posted by: Travis | July 15, 2008 4:21 PM | Report abuse

Since invading Iraq we have slowly learned through uncovered documents and confessions about the lies that went into Bush's reasons for invading Iraq. He and his administration had to lie because there wasn't a good reason for invading Iraq. Bush invaded Iraq for his own selfish reasons that had nothing to do with the best interests of this country. Over time, delusional thinking and isolation from criticism have created an atmosphere for Bush to live with his words and actions.

I believe Bush betrayed the life and death trust that the military puts in the civilian leadership. Bad policy and firing people is one thing. Carelessly playing with the lives of people who will serve you honorably to the death shows me a despicable human being. May God have mercy on his soul.

Posted by: Harry | July 15, 2008 4:21 PM | Report abuse

I think we all need to decide why we're in Iraq. It's never really been explained to us clearly.

At first, we are told that Saddam Hussein was mobilizing weapons of mass destruction and that a preemptive attack was imminently necessary for our own security. We all know that was a lie.

Now we were told that Iraq is a central struggle in the war on terror. Strangely, Iraq did not seem to be connected with Al Qaeda, the perpetrators of 9/11 prior to the invasion.

Be that as it may, if we are to accept the Bush administration's claim that Iraq is now a central stage of the "war on terror," we must look at who the insurgents are that we are fighting. Published figures of insurgent composition indicate that 95+% of captured insurgents are in fact Iraqi. They composed of former Baathists, Iraqi nationalists, Iraqi Sunnis, Iraqi Shiites, a hand-full of foreign islamics, and various revolutionaries. Most are fighting for one or both of two reasons. First, they want their country back and don't take kindly to what they see as foreign invaders occupying their soil. Second, they want power over what is left of Iraq.

Given the dominating Iraqi face of these insurgents, we have to question whether this central piece of the "war on terror" really has anything to do with the "war on terror" at all. If our battles in Iraq are predominantly against Iraqi's, who were not attacking us prior to our invasion, I find the claim that Iraq has anything to do with the "war on terror" despicably wanting. Yes there is plenty of death and war in Iraq now. But the death and war there has very little to do with international terrorism.

And yes, although 95+% of the insurgents we are fighting in Iraq are Iraqis who want their country back and who want a piece of the power, 5% or less of our opponents are non-Iraqi. Of these, some fraction may actually be part of al-qaeda. They are there, in Iraq, because we are there. If we went to Afghanistan, they would surely follow.

For our opportunity to kill this small cadre of true al-qaeda, a cadre that is from many nations, but mostly from Saudi Arabia, we have subjected Iraq and its people to unending war, destruction, and civilian casualties. We created an Iraqi opponent where there was none before, and we kill them with brutal efficiency, apparently in hopes of killing a true al-qaeda along the way.

So, are we truly fighting the "war on terror" if the vast majority of those who we are killing are not international terrorists? I strongly suggest that the answer is no. And to the extent that we have killed a few true international terrorists along the way, our approach has been similar to the way we have taken to combat mad cow disease, by killing the entire herd in hopes of catching the few who are actually afflicted. It is deplorable that the Bush administration sees no difference between people and cows.

So when McCain and his puppetmasters tell you that Iraq is about the "war on terror" and that we must not "lose" the war, they are presenting a fundamentally false premise to the American People. Iraq has little, if anything to do with the "war on terror" and you must question whether they are evil, or if they are just dumb.

We need leaders who know the difference between right and wrong, who know the difference between al-qaeda and Iraqi's, who have the judgment to fight the war on terror in the place and manner that it should be fought. We do not need McSame, we need Change.

Posted by: hesingswithfrogs | July 15, 2008 4:20 PM | Report abuse

This only serves to strengthen the ties between McCain and Bush for voters.

Posted by: matt | July 15, 2008 4:19 PM | Report abuse

Iraq = Oil.

Bush and Cheney always felt oil was more importatnt than confronting the nerve center of al Qaeda in Afganistan/Pakistan.

Thier friends in the oil business don't stand to get any richer in A/P.

Prime Minister Malaki, please tell us to get out if our President won't meet your demand for a timetable. We are now just occupiers of your country.

Posted by: Bitter Whiney Nation | July 15, 2008 4:17 PM | Report abuse

Bush fails to understand the situation even today. What an incredible failure. He will certainly go down in history and be remembered - as exactly the kind of "leadership" that the US and the rest of the planet must avoid ever seeing again if it wishes to survive. It is incredible that he cannot even see, never mind accept the truth and that instead of steering the ship in the right direction, his only goal is to never change course, never admit error, never listen and kick the problems originally there and that he creates down the road to the next (and real) leader. Wow! Does he really think that just cause he say something, its true and everyone else' view does not count? I'm sure the entire American electorate can now see this Emperor has no clothes.... Finally, in the short days and weeks ahead, all can speak more freely as he must relinquish the levers of power. People can then once again, live in a true democracy where one can speak their mind and not fear personal retribution by the Bushwhackers.

Posted by: Paul Stewart | July 15, 2008 4:17 PM | Report abuse

Stop the seen wars (Afghanistan and Iraq) continue the unseen wars...we'll save $10 billion a year. Let oil find its own price point.

Posted by: Daddio on the Paddio | July 15, 2008 4:17 PM | Report abuse

Taking out supply lines pushes oil prices. For someone heavily invested in oil this is a good idea because it increases your wealth. The Bush administration gained a lot of equity through pushing the price of oil by attacking Iraq in a "window of opportunity". We need to hear no more lies from this government led by Cheney and Rove. Bush is a mere puppet, a freak sideshow whose weakness and failure to protect the VALUES of the american people have led to this rut we are in. Iraq ruined our economy. Higher energy prices is a theme played out and acknowledged by many as a crimp to our economy. Another aspect is the credit market, in trouble because no one will lend to them. This is a result of the world back and other nations tiring of lending us money for Iraq. The housing market is something of it's own beast and will correct naturally, and is not directly related in any way to Iraq in my opinion. However, it is still a FAILURE of the Bush administration (Bush, Rove, Cheney, Card) to have such a lousy job market.


But don't vote Obama because I told you to. And don't vote McCain because someone tells you to. Simple research may be found at their websites.
Click For More Obama Information

Posted by: Travis | July 15, 2008 4:14 PM | Report abuse

To: german man | July 15, 2008 3:26 PM

Dumkauf! I sure hope you don't live in america - we don't need your Nazi fears pushed on us - we already have the cowardly Republicans to deal with.

Posted by: Anonymous | July 15, 2008 4:11 PM | Report abuse

I really wish G-Dub would stop talking.

Posted by: Anonymous | July 15, 2008 4:05 PM | Report abuse

Does anyone still listen to that idiot? Tell him to go back to his corner.

BTW Reason - I don't buy that stuff about Reagan, he was a horrible president. I remember all the corruption during his administration despite the whitewash it's been given, why do you think they called him the "teflon president"?

Posted by: Michael | July 15, 2008 3:54 PM | Report abuse

Just six more months and the war that Bush started can be stopped. We will see a positive change in President Obama. We will move the force to Afghanistan where it should have been all along. President Bush is going to claim victory until his departing the Presidency. He will never admit responsibility for the mess he has caused for the US and the World in this war in Iraq.

Posted by: Richard - AR | July 15, 2008 3:52 PM | Report abuse

German Man - you've got to be kidding me.

You're honestly drawing a comparison between Hitler and Obama? It's been a while since I've heard such an ignorant comment by someone who claims to have put a fair deal of effort (though not much thought) into his theory.

Conditions were so terrible in Hitler's Germany that people would burn their cash for heat, because the hyperinflation had rendered it all useless. In such a state, people were ready to seize upon any sort of plan that a dynamic individual would propose. Thus when Hitler came around, people were willing to heed his calls for a return to his mythical Aryan past through any means necessary, as it would certainly be better than what they presently had.

Your claim that Obama's followers bow to his whim in the same manner is absolutely ridiculous. Rather than calling for a return to a mythological racist past, Obama (and most any liberal for that matter) is calling for PROGRESSIVE changes, and anything but a return to the past. Huge distinction.

It appears that by your historical account, Obama is only the second major political figure to ever make calls for change. In fact, calls for change are a natural and expected characteristic of any decent leader, no matter the political affiliation. Take Ronald Reagan for instance. While I personally disagree with many of the policies he put forth, millions of conservatives swooned at any mere utterance of "change" that he would suggest.

Please try not to proliferate ridiculous theories that have the danger of swaying gullible voters.

Posted by: wow | July 15, 2008 3:52 PM | Report abuse

German man: You are an idiot. There is no commonality between Hitler and Obama. Are you actually an idiot, or just sort of stupid?

Posted by: ronman | July 15, 2008 3:51 PM | Report abuse

George Bush has no credibility whatsoever as he should be tried for the murder of thousands of people via the war in Iraq.

Posted by: Carl | July 15, 2008 3:48 PM | Report abuse

My Letter to Rev. Jesse Jackson:

I am writing this letter to let you know that there is hatred growing in the African American communities, which we must stop as soon as possible.

Being poor or being fatherless is not shame at all. It is a call from God to be strong and keep faith firmly with God. Those who believe in God are always happy--no matter what happens and no matter how poor we are.

The next attacks from the terrorists will be from within the United States--It is highly-organized and technologically-savvy collective acts occuring right here in the United States.

Please visit the communities and pray for those who suffer from poverty and who feel alone or abandoned. Let them know that it is a call from God; God always has a Plan.

Those who are suffering are also blessed. It is a call from God to share such suffering in order to understand others who are suffering.

I urge President Bush to support Rev. Jesse Jackson's visit to the South and African-American communities in major cities.

My identity is already being revealed; my email accounts are being hacked. Please provide enough protection for me. I will do my best to see what is happening next.

Take additional caution to all computer-technologies and networks, and all communication technology-generated activities or products.

Stay strong and keep your faith firmly with God. This organized attacks will test how strong our trust and faith with God are and would be.

God Bless America and He will.

WP, please visit the communities and share their different cultures that make this nation strong.

Posted by: Anonymous | July 15, 2008 3:45 PM | Report abuse

Islamic terrorists are just frightened, misunderstood victims that have been exploited and repressed by our evil, culturally ignorant society. We should give them money and a group hug, and everything would be turn out just fine. Really, it will!

Posted by: bladerunner | July 15, 2008 3:45 PM | Report abuse

History does repeat:

In the 1968 Presidential campaign, Richard Nixon stated, "new leadership will end the war" in Vietnam. "Nixon never had a plan to end the war, but he did have a general strategy--to increase pressure on the communists [and] issue them a November 1, 1969 deadline to be conciliatory or else...The North Vietnamese did not respond to Nixon's ultimatum...and his aides began planning Operation Duck Hook."

Nixon told Michigan Republican congressman Donald Riegle that the war would be over within six months of his assumption of office.

As this six month deadline approached, in May 1969, Henry Kissinger asked a group of Quakers to give the administration six more months. "Give us six months, and if we haven't ended the war by then, you can come back and tear down the White House fence."[6]

The election promises of the Nixon administration had positive results for the White House. Many potential peace activists were not ready to march on the Pentagon...until Nixon was given a fair chance. After all, troops were being withdrawn, the bombing had stopped, and diplomats were talking in Paris.[7] In addition, as the White House gradually pulled troops from Vietnam, the media shifted from the destruction of Vietnam--even while the U.S. air war and coordinated ground assaults in Southeast Asia persisted at a very high rate of killing.

Posted by: Guy Thompto | July 15, 2008 3:44 PM | Report abuse

@agent lemon

It's new because as a student of history and truth I was able to recognize it for myself. I don't listen to Rush or Hannity and unlike liberals I think for myself.

And if you are old enough to remember then you would realize that liberals universally hated Reagon too. Now even liberals realize he was one of the greats.

Liberals are incapable of rational thought or logic. Their myopic view of history and inablility to seperate truth from wishful thinking will always mean that they can not be trusted to do anything other than whine and complain. Although if they have a guitar and can whine in tune they sometimes can write a catchy song.

Posted by: reason | July 15, 2008 3:44 PM | Report abuse

too bad we didn't flush this human shaped turd when we had the chance in o4

Posted by: the old sausage | July 15, 2008 3:40 PM | Report abuse

Bush doesn't like Obama's criticism. Too bad. The truth hurts, doesn't "King" George.
He mucked up the war in Afghanistan by spending time, money, material, and troops in Iraq.
Now the Taliban is coming back.
Thanks, a lot Bush et al.
I can't wait for Obama to be President in Jan. 2009.
Bush can then go back to his ranch and read fantasy books because he lives in a fantasy world.

Posted by: abby0802 | July 15, 2008 3:40 PM | Report abuse

Reason, Lincoln was hated because he was a fighter and fired McCllan because he wouldn't fight and hired Sherman and Grant who took care of business. Tough Business to no matter who or what.
Mr. Bush, 70% of Americans Criticize the Iraq War. Barack Obama just happens to be one along with myself. This is why your approval rating is 30% on a good day. Check your Map George the Battle Field is and always has been Afghanistan/Pakistan Border Region. This is where the 9/11 cowards are, the don't live in Iraq. You said Afghanistan is "a tough fight", what a joke. I don't care what kind of fight it is, that is where we are going when we get a President (Barack Obama)who will settle the score of 9/11 no matter what.

Posted by: Fareed | July 15, 2008 3:38 PM | Report abuse

why is anyone even reporting what this buttsausage says anymore?

Posted by: theoldfungus | July 15, 2008 3:37 PM | Report abuse

The surge has worked to secure small portions of Iraq. As Obama will easily point out, he will not be able to go beyond the green zone. Securing a small portion of a large area is not success.Prediction..... I expect the hits by Alquaeda and Taliban will increase in the next few months as they show the world the Republicans were wrong.

Posted by: gabrowne | July 15, 2008 3:36 PM | Report abuse

@ reason

comparing bush to lincoln is a new one lol did you get that from rush or hannity?

Posted by: Agent Lemon | July 15, 2008 3:34 PM | Report abuse

"The Iraqis have invited us to be there,"


I can't say I remember that.

And what are these mysterious other fronts in the war on terror that we Americans are not aware of?

Does that mean we're secretly killing and torturing people still?

The man is dumb enough to let slip truths when he is lying.

Posted by: Anonymous | July 15, 2008 3:31 PM | Report abuse

So many American people have their heads in the sand. Don't they realize that Hitler was Germany's "Man of Change"?

He ran on the same platform .... he was going to bring about great changes to benefit everyone. Well, he certainly did! The citizens rallied to support him - cheered him on as they watched in idolization. Sounding familiar? And after all the "changes", we know what happened next.

With Barack we will be asking for bigger government, bigger taxes to support all the "giveaway" programs he is proposing, less money in everyone's pockets, and the loss of even more small businesses. You think big business runs everything now? Just wait!

The government already wants to tell us what light bulbs to buy, how our food should be grown (and who can grow it), what we can and can't wear, what can legally be put into our childrens' vaccinations, etc. Pretty soon we'll be told we can only have so many children (like China already does). Where does it all end?

I have thought and have seen the paralleism between the Hitler campaign and the Obama campaign. It's scary but true.
The people of Germany idolized Hitler and fell at his feet, much like Americans are doing to Obama.

Hitler had a hidden agenda as I believe Obama has as well. There are way to many "unknowns" about Obama. I don't think America really likes this guy that much, they just want change and since McCain is a republican, America automatically tunes him out because of Bush.

McCain is very different from Bush and will be the best candidate to lead America. I pray America will come to her senses and vote Obama out.....if not, America will enter very dark days as did Germany under Hitler.

Posted by: german man | July 15, 2008 3:26 PM | Report abuse

Only 6 more months of that idiot.

Posted by: Patrick NYC | July 15, 2008 3:24 PM | Report abuse

Lincoln was universally hated in his time too. Now he is revered as almost a god. History will be very good to Bush. Short sighted hypocritical liberals lose again.

Posted by: reason | July 15, 2008 3:22 PM | Report abuse

Bush is failure. He will be remembered for his alienating, idiotic foreign policy, his total disregard for the US Constitution and "Checks & Balances," his total disregard for protecting the environment, and a slew of other offenses, many which are impeachable.

He will also be remembered as helping destroy the value of the dollar, making the super rich even richer, and squeezing the financial life out of the middle class. Not to mention that gas prices rose faster under this former oil executive (failed) in 8 years than in the previous 30.

Bush is a disgrace to this country and will be remembered as such.

Posted by: mike - PA | July 15, 2008 3:21 PM | Report abuse

Hey Bush: Keep talking, Chimp. Everytime you open your monkey mouth the American people are reminded of your stupidity, lies and failures, and the push for change becomes more urgent.


Posted by: sequoia | July 15, 2008 3:02 PM | Report abuse

Bye-Bye Bush!

Posted by: Anonymous | July 15, 2008 2:25 PM | Report abuse

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