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RNC Announces Convention Speaker Lineup

By Robert Barnes
Former New York mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani will deliver the keynote address at the Republican National Convention in St. Paul, the party announced today.

The convention's theme will be "Country First,'' and Vice President Cheney, First Lady Laura Bush and President Bush will all speak on the first night, which happens to be Labor Day. The convention continues through Thursday Sept. 4, when John McCain delivers his acceptance speech. McCain's vice presidential nominee is scheduled to speak on Wednesday night.

"Our convention will showcase a cross-section of leaders who will highlight John McCain's long commitment to putting our country first -- before self-interest or politics," said McCain Communications Director Jill Hazelbaker. "The speakers will address John McCain's unmatched record of service and sacrifice for America, and his vision for moving our nation forward to keep us safe and get our economy back on track."

The four nights of the convention will feature themes of service, reform, prosperity and peace.

The announced speakers list follows:

Sen. Joseph Lieberman (I-Conn.)
Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (Calif.)
Laura Bush
George W. Bush

Former governor Mike Huckabee (Ark.)
Former governor Tom Ridge (Pa.)
Gov. Sarah Palin (Alaska)
Gov. Jon Huntsman (Utah)
Rosario Marin, California Secretary of the State and Consumer Services Agency and former Treasurer of the United States
Former senator Fred Thompson (Tenn.)
Gov. Linda Lingle (Hawaii)
Former lieutenant governor Michael Steele (Md.)

Sen. Norm Coleman (Minn.)
Meg Whitman, National Co-Chair for McCain 2008 and former President and CEO of eBay
Carly Fiorina, Victory '08 Chairman for the Republican National Committee and former Chairman and CEO of Hewlett-Packard Co.
Former governor Mitt Romney (Mass.)
Cindy McCain
Gov. Bobby Jindal (La.)
Republican Party's Vice Presidential Nominee

Gov. Tim Pawlenty (Minn.)
Gov. Charlie Crist (Fla.)
Sen. Sam Brownback (Kan.)
Sen. Mel Martinez (Fla.)
John McCain

Posted at 2:01 PM ET on Aug 20, 2008  | Category:  Republican Party
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Why isn't Obama's Kenyan brother speaking at the Democratic Convention? The man lives in a mud hud on less than a dollar a day, surviving with his fists, despite having a millionaire rock star brother whose wife worries about how "mean" America is. What an inspirational story!

Posted by: Barry O'Bama | August 21, 2008 9:15 AM

JakeD wrote: "No doubt, drossless, it is 100% certain that all human beings die at some point. My comment, however, relates to us dying within the next 4 years ; )"

Well, you have said you're 72. So I think it's unfair to blame it on Democrats, should that happen. It might be those trips to Vegas that are catching up with you.

Personally, I'm wondering how we can survive another four years of Republican rule. I mean, an unprecedented terrorist attack, the destruction of a major American city, two open-ended wars in Asia, a quadrupling of oil prices, the utter loss of respect for America among our foreign rivals, and now what looks like incipient total financial meltdown -- these things just don't give me confidence. I mean, the infant death rate has gone up for the first time since the early nineties. Lots of us are in fact now dying because of this current administration. So in this case, I'll take the devil I don't know, thanks.

No matter how many times you repeat "9-11."

Posted by: drossless | August 20, 2008 11:02 PM

McCain was forewarning his suporters that at this point NObama would be ahead big time in polls but that he (Mac) would eventually catch up.

How unnecessary?!

The polls are essentially tied. In some, Mac is even ahead. A generic democrat beats a generic Repug by 13 pts but Mac and Nob are tied; what are these voters saying? There is no generic dem and no generic Repug at this point, just Mac and Nob. What does it mean? When the D-day comes, it is anti-Nob vote.

In the meanwhile, the groupie gutter rat fans of Nob insist on insulting Clinton and her supporters any which way they can. That media prostitute Mo Dowd uses her paid position at NYT to write an anti-HRC diatribe every day - she is on her own private vendetta mission against CLinton, and NYT is happy to pay her salary and provide air time - what a disgrace.

However, all this has a silver lining. It serves to remind the Clinton supporters about all the ugly racism and sexism of Nob and his supporters and his media prostitute pals. It serves to keep the % of Clinton supporters that will stay home or vote Mac at 35 or more.

So, I say, gutter rat groupies of Nob, bring it on; keep trashing HRC; the final laugh will be on you, when Nob gets his behind kicked in a year when every other Repug will lose his or her shirt.

It is called comeuppance.

Posted by: intcamd1 | August 20, 2008 8:51 PM

So, country first, eh? Is this why Rudy represents Saudi Arabia? Or why McSenile allows the Neo-nuts to run foreign policy as they collect millions from the Georgian drug and oil mafia?
Rudy Giuliani's appearance on a McCain conference call got off to a rocky start when Ron Kampeas, of the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, compared an Obama advisor's trip to Syria -- the subject of the call -- to Giuliani's and McCain adviser Randy Scheunemann's paid work on behalf of Georgia (in Scheunemann's case) and Venezuela's Citgo and the Saudi government (in the case of Giuliani's law firm).

"You're making an issue of him taking a hotel room?" Kampeas asked -- and then dropped off the call mid-sentence.

"I think they cut me off," he said in an email just now.

Scheunemann noted gleefully that his lobbying contract has made him millions and told Americans to go F themselves, "I'll do what I want and so will John", he said. Giuliani said that Citgo, which is owned by the Venezuelan government, is an "American company." "I am a hero! I am involved in making money on 9/11 since before 9/11! It's none of your f-ing business what men I sleep with and what I do to scam money!"

"I never represented Saudi Arabia," he said.

The Associated Press reported that Bracewell & Giuliani, a Texas-based energy firm, has represented Saudi Arabia.

Posted by: Joshua Gen Against McSleaze | August 20, 2008 8:47 PM

I don't get it. America goes to war on a false premise, thousands of lives lost unnecessarily, billions of dollars squandered, Iraq still no closer to political reconciliation, Osama Bin Laden still on the loose, losing in Afghanistan, America pushes Russia against the wall with the threat of missiles in former soviet blocks causing yet another unnecessary front and the Republicans are strong on foreign policy? If the Republicans get back in the White house it will prove only one thing: how whacked the world really is!

Posted by: woody | August 20, 2008 8:40 PM

A womanizer, adulterer, and a failed governor - good representative for the republican party!

Posted by: Stoday | August 20, 2008 8:09 PM


Posted by: JakeD | August 20, 2008 7:03 PM

Who's going down on the crooked ship McCain?

Does anyone even remember Dole's VP?

Those who live by the sword; die by the sword.

Those who live by lying, cheating and stealing are going to go down because of their lying, cheating and stealing.

One of those 'side dishes' from the old John Tower days is going to talk. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

Posted by: Corruption Anon | August 20, 2008 6:52 PM

Notice how Rudy, bush, cheney are speaking on Monday night, Labor Day, like there will be anybody watching! Just what most Americans will do, rush home from the last weekend at the shore or mountains or a picnic or ballgame so they can all watch the tremendous trio. Will that night's ratings even outdo the Fox Business channel? At least the repubs are smart enough not to let those guys on during prime time.

Posted by: mike l | August 20, 2008 6:27 PM

Wow, looks like the GOP is going to continue with the over-the-top 9/11, fear-mongering crap. No thought of changing their tone after their disasterous history over the past decade. I guess it worked in 2004, why not try it again. Maybe they should drag out the knuckle-dragger Zell Miller again to work the other knuckle-draggers into a tribal frenzied war dance.

It doesn't even matter that Bush and Cheney are reviled, just scare the bajesus out of americans, and they going running back to their abusers (the GOP)and cling to thier skirt.

Americans are cowards and morons.

Posted by: Kurt Hunt | August 20, 2008 6:21 PM

Think of what the equivalent of $1 per gallon gasoline would to for our economy! . . our planet, and our dependency on the Middle East.

Get out of Bush's War -- $150 billion PER YEAR war [actually $300 billion per year when all the bills are tallied] . . . . . And put a fifth of the money toward the real war effort.

We! are borrowing money from China, to buy oil from the Persian Gulf, to burn it in ways that destroy our plant.

THE WAR WORTH VOLUNTEERING FOR . . . (and it begins with utilities and how to generate electricity)

WE CAN EASE the climate crisis, the economic crisis, the crisis of dependence on foreign energy, and decrease the importance of the Middle East all at once.

"Promises that more offshore drilling will magically bring down prices are not backed by the evidence. . . . A lot more oil has been found, a lot more has been produced. We have been drilling for more oil, and the prices have gone up, " Al Gore said.

Al Gore uttered the disturbing truth that "the exploding demand for oil, especially in places like China, is overwhelming the rate of new discoveries by so much that oil prices are almost certain to continue upward over time no matter what the oil companies promise."

Al Gore's core assertion is that the technology for alternative fuels -- wind, solar and geothermal -- is far more advanced than we realize. . . . . Pushing that progress further would cut the costs of energy, with Gore insisting that renewables could eventually "give us the equivalent of $1 per gallon gasoline."

"The only way to break free from the burden of rising gasoline prices and electricity rates is to get free" from a process through which we "bid up the price of every last drop of oil and every last lump of coal," Gore said. Cheaper electricity and the enhanced technology that comes in getting it, in turn, will speed the onset of electric cars.

Republican T. Boone Pickens has said hundreds of times publicly that, "We can't drill our way out of the energy problem." . . . . . And Al Gore agrees.

But what’s the difference between T. Boone Pickens and Al Gore??? . . . T. Boone wants us to be 20% energy independent in ten years. . . . Al Gore wants us to be 100% energy independent ten years – and Gore is right, it’s doable.

Voters say they hate gimmicks and insist they want bold solutions. Well, Al Gore is testing that proposition. He is saying that the political space needs to be expanded for those actually running for office. Will Obama or McCain take the opening?

So my question to McCain and Obama is simple, are you willing to take up Gore's Ten-Year-Challenge with warlike zeal? . . . .
Or – do we really want to insist on "Plundering for our own ease and convenience the precious [hydro-carbons] of tomorrow"? (Ike Eisenhower) . . . . While destroying our planet in the process?
Yes, be ye a Republican or a Democrat, please visit this site to learn more and add your voice:

WHY DO WE WANT to do all that much extra offshore drilling in ten years? Why do we want to spend important money now to squeeze oil out of shale in ten years? . . . Why should we need that much oil in ten years? . . . . . WHY?!
We won't need it.

Posted by: Coldcomfort | August 20, 2008 6:20 PM


Yeah, who cares about U.S. Senators and the former mayor of the largest city in the U.S.? At least the GOP Convention doesn't have to listen to a FORMER President drone on and on ...

Posted by: JakeD | August 20, 2008 6:19 PM

No doubt, drossless, it is 100% certain that all human beings die at some point. My comment, however, relates to us dying within the next 4 years ; )

Posted by: JakeD | August 20, 2008 6:16 PM

I will be lolling before the television set for the entire convention, allowing my shackled wife to dutifully drop grapes and strawberries dipped in chocoloate into my mouth as the town Little League MVP fellates me. It's good to be a Republican!

Posted by: jakeD | August 20, 2008 6:16 PM


I can do you one better: it's 100% certain that if McCain gets elected, we'll all die.

Posted by: drossless | August 20, 2008 5:45 PM

Super Rich? Own a lot of stuff you want to keep? Want to get richer (top %5 need only apply)? Don't have kids? Don't expect to live too long?

Well, I've got your man - and his name is McCain!

Vote McCain! (Please don't talk to us after you do vote, unless you make more than $5mil a year.)

Posted by: Anonymous | August 20, 2008 5:31 PM

My little brother got his arm stuck in the microwave. So my mom had to take him to the hospital. My grandma dropped acid this morning, and she freaked out. She hijacked a busload of penguins. So it's sort of a family crisis. Bye!

Posted by: Anonymous | August 20, 2008 5:17 PM

That is a pretty lame list of speakers. Thompson, Brownback, Giuliani - give me a break!

Posted by: NMModerate1 | August 20, 2008 5:10 PM

Harry B:

You missed her on "The View" last month?

Posted by: JakeD | August 20, 2008 4:34 PM


It is a very real possibility if Obama is elected that we will all die. Next question?

Posted by: JakeD | August 20, 2008 4:33 PM

I'm tuning in for Cindy McCain's speech- that should be a hoot.

Posted by: Harry B | August 20, 2008 4:24 PM

What's a real possibilty? It's a guarantee that guiliani will talk about 9/11. If you think the ONLY reason we haven't been attacked again in the last 8 years is because of the Republicans- then I've got a bridge to sell you.

Posted by: Bob | August 20, 2008 4:22 PM


That is, unfortunately, a very real possibility.

Posted by: JakeD | August 20, 2008 4:18 PM

The lineup looks like a who's who of a-holes.

Let me guess- Giuliani is going to talk about 9/11 and how if a democrat is elected we will all die?

Posted by: Bob | August 20, 2008 4:17 PM

Lieberman is a slimy turncoat.

Not to be trusted.

Posted by: Anonymous | August 20, 2008 4:11 PM

United States Constitution - We the people of the United States

Democrat $24 barrel of OIL


OIL was $24 a barrel when Democrats left office

A gallon of gasoline was $1.50 when Democrats left office

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GOP Republican $145 barrel of OIL

A gallon of gasoline is $4.50 under the GOP Republicans

Rising OIL Prices Swell Profits at Exxon and Shell

You do the math and decide if Texas OIL millionaires warrant investigations to protect the American people.


Aren’t there LAWS against defrauding the American People (US Constitution), robbing the US Treasury, and using US Government Offices for private gains?

GOP Republican Wall Street Conspiracy to defraud the American People and steal from the United States Treasury.

GOP Republican abusive power and blind greed run amok to transfer the American economy into the private capitalistic pockets of the super rich who own and run Wall Street.

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Because of their large operation capacity, the French also export energy, mainly to the rest of Europe, roughly 72.1 TWh per year. This large amount of energy generation allows France to be more energy self-sufficient than most European countries. In fact, France is over 50 percent able to meet its own energy needs, an incredibly large percentage for a modernized, western country. In comparison, Italy is only 18 percent energy self-sufficient. This was one of the goals of the French Nuclear program, to decrease French dependence on foreign energy sources.

The French national energy company, Electricite¢ de France (EDF) runs France’s nuclear power plants. The EDF was created in 1946 to alleviate the energy shortage that occurred just after World War II. In the 1950s the EDF provided France with the energy to modernize itself into an industrial power. However like most energy corporations, the EDF relied heavily on hydrocarbon generation up until the first OIL CRISIS occurred. Then it was decided that the EDF should pursue NUCLEAR ENERGY TO REDUCE FRENCH DEPENDENCE ON FOREIGN ENERGY.

We the people of the United States.


GOP Republican Get Rich By Selling America And Using Our Public Office For Private Gains Is Treason against the American People. Big OIL inside trading millionaires Bush, Cheney, Rice, and McCain will answer for war crimes.

The White House connection to Big OIL goes too far. Now Chevron's OIL tanker named Condoleezza Rice is too much OIL conspiracy in the face of the American people.

The double-hulled OIL giant, Condoleezza Rice, is part of the international OIL tanker fleet of the San Francisco-based multinational OIL firm, named several years ago Rice because she is a Chevron OIL board member and stockholder.

Rice serves on Chevron's OIL board and Bush Administration.

Far too cozy relationship among multinational energy giants, Bush and his key advisers -- including Vice President Dick Cheney and Rice.

There's never been an administration in power in this country that has been so close to a single industry, the OIL-and-gas industry.

You wonder why a barrel of OIL rose from $24 to $145 when OIL millionaires Bush, Cheney, Rice took over. You wonder why a gallon of gas rose from $1.50 to $4.50 when OIL millionaires Bush, Cheney, Rice took over.

Public Integrity raised the issue of the tanker's moniker. Look at the president and his background, the vice president (executive at Halliburton), (Commerce Secretary) Don Evans and his OIL interests . . . and now this."

Rice closeness to a major OIL company. It's not every day that someone has an OIL tanker named after her.

Bush specifically request the Condoleezza Rice OIL tanker be given a name change -- particularly since Chevron OIL does business on six continents and 25 countries, and has been sued for human rights abuses in Nigeria.

The Center for Constitutional Rights filed suit in U.S. District Court in San Francisco, charging Chevron OIL aided Nigerian police in attacks on local communities protesting Chevron OIL production activities.

The Rice OIL tanker came up at the White House briefing in connection with the incident in Nigeria.

Chevron OIL giant has no intention of renaming the Condoleezza Rice and noted that board member Carla Hills also had a Chevron OIL tanker named in her honor before she was appointed former President George Bush's trade secretary -- and the vessel has kept the name.

Naming OIL tankers after members of the OIL board of directors.

Rice's office did not return repeated phone calls, but she told Fox TV that she has no regrets regarding her Chevron OIL ties and huge Wall Street OIL profits. Big OIL has been good to me.

Rice and the White House decisions directly involving Chevron OIL. Condi Rice is dealing with issues that are enormous interest to Chevron OIL. From a public relations standpoint, they're desperately hoping this is one OIL tanker that doesn't run aground. That could be a major problem.

IRISH-AMERICAN BARACK OBAMA OF HARVARD LAW WILL bring back our United States Constitution and Rights of the American people. Who is better to save the country than an Ivy League United States Constitution professor who loves his country more than GOP Republicans love ill gotten Wall Street speculation money.


Stop GOP Republican Last Place McCain from selling our America.

This remarkable unleashing of deep Democratic energies went hand in hand with clever GOP Republican efforts to subvert the will of the American People, whether by overt corruption or covert manipulation. This corruption or manipulation resulted from the widespread market activity that was incompatible with the good of the American Public. American Citizens were well aware that the voices of the People could be offset by powerful GOP Republican market elites bending the system to serve the interests of the few. The economic power of the GOP Republicans was recognized to be the primary source of Wall Street speculators’ corruptions.

Democratic dialogue was motivated by opposition to the market–driven greedy GOP Republicans obsessed with obscene quantity of moneymaking with little regard for the quality of the Public’s Democracy. Democratic love of wisdom was contrasted sharply against the GOP Republicans love of money.

Impeach the defunct GOP Republican Party of Wall Street Super Rich Thieves for milking our country the way wolves milk cows. America deserves intelligent and honest leadership demonstrated by scholars who love America, Americans and Our Freedom. America the Beautiful belongs to All Americans and will no longer be the plaything for Wall Street Super Rich GOP Republicans wolves.

Posted by: Why A Barrel of Oil Rose From $24 To $145 Quickly | August 20, 2008 4:03 PM


That was the fake JakeD at 2:20 PM (BTW: my wife and I were in your lovely little city over the weekend -- did you see the lightning storm -- I have to say that the Phantom show was tremendous ; )

Posted by: JakeD | August 20, 2008 3:57 PM

I suggest a drinking game; everytime Giuliani says "9/11" during his speech - everybody has to drink.

The players will be PLASTERED only half way through!!!

Posted by: Vote Magoo he's an adulteror too! | August 20, 2008 3:55 PM

...So the RNC/GOP card holders get to hear the great orator Rudolph Guliani do his Donald Duck impression....oh thats his "actual voice" .....

...For those who do not know what I am talking about here he is at his best.....

Posted by: AlexP1 | August 20, 2008 3:41 PM

It's time for all the little Wingnuts to do what they do best!: lockstep behind the the angry old rich white guy (John McBush) running for President who has an (R) in front of his name:

Posted by: Johnny Rotten | August 20, 2008 3:24 PM

And you have to guess that John and Cindy had some sort of agreement- from what I understand, she never moved to DC.

And he was partying HARD with the John Tower crowd.

Posted by: Corruption Anon | August 20, 2008 3:10 PM

Oh, great, the party that claims to be the party of family values is going to have Mr. Public Affairs keynoting the convention that will nominate the almost-polygamist Mr. McCain who had not even divorced first wife when he applied for the marriage license to wed the very wealthy, very young trophy wife with whom he had been carrying on an adulterous relationship. Now all the party needs is Newt Gingrich who can talk about how to remember which wife you were married to when.

Posted by: charlie1 | August 20, 2008 2:59 PM

Portman is probably the VP. And oh how I wish he had taken Romney the Mormon...

Posted by: Corruption Anon | August 20, 2008 2:58 PM

The Haves, the Have Mores and John McCain

Eight years ago, then Governor George W. Bush revealingly joked about his backers at the 2000 Al Smith Dinner. "This is an impressive crowd - the haves and the have-mores," Bush said, adding, "Some people call you the elites; I call you my base." With his own quip Saturday night that "$5 million" is his definition of "rich," John McCain made no mistake that he is Bush's natural heir.

Now, there is nothing wrong with being happily rich and utterly detached. Nothing, that is, unless you make criticizing your political opponent as "elitist" and "out of touch" a centerpiece of your campaign. Rick Davis, speaking on behalf of his $100 million man John McCain, earlier this month offered the latest formulation of Barack Obama as an effete, aloof denizen of the upper class:

"Only celebrities like Barack Obama go to the gym three times a day, demand 'MET-RX chocolate roasted-peanut protein bars and bottles of a hard-to-find organic brew - Black Forest Berry Honest Tea' and worry about the price of arugula."

Of course, Davis' "arugula war" is just another attempt at misdirection. After all, John McCain's $5 million threshold where "you move from middle class to rich" is just the latest episode of his enduring disconnect from the real lives of the American people.

For starters, McCain in April declared that there had been "great progress economically" during the Bush years. On more than one occasion, he diagnosed Americans' concerns over the dismal U.S. economy as "psychological." (Phil Gramm, McCain's close friend and adviser supposedly excommunicated over his "whiners" remarks, was back with the campaign last week.) McCain, a man who owns eight homes nationwide, in March lectured Americans facing foreclosure that they ought to be "doing what is necessary -- working a second job, skipping a vacation, and managing their budgets -- to make their payments on time." And when all else fails, McCain told the people of the economically devastated regions in Martin County, Kentucky and Youngstown, Ohio, there's always eBay.

In his defense, McCain's shocking tone-deafness may just be a matter of perspective. When you're as well off as he is, anything below a $5 million income (a figure exceeding that earned on average by the top 0.1% of Americans) seems middle class.

*The $100 Million Man*
-Courtesy of his wife Cindy's beer distribution fortune (one her late father apparently chose not to share with her half-sister Kathleen), the McCains are worth well over $100 million. (In the two-page tax summary she eventually released to the public, Cindy McCain reported another $6 million in 2006.) As Salon reported back in 2000, the second Mrs. McCain's millions were essential in launching her husband's political career. Unsurprisingly, the Weekly Standard's Matthew Continetti, who four years ago called Theresa Heinz-Kerry a "sugar mommy," has been silent on the topic of Cindy McCain.

*The Joys of (Eight) Home Ownership*
-While fellow adulterer John Edwards was pilloried for his mansion, John McCain's eight homes around the country have received little notice or criticism. His properties include a 10 acre lake-side Sedona estate, euphemistically called a "cabin" by the McCain campaign, and a home featured in Architectural Digest. The one featuring "remote control window coverings" was recently put up for sale. Still, their formidable resources did not prevent the McCains from failing to pay taxes on a tony La Jolla, California condo used by Cindy's aged aunt.

*The Anheuser-Busch Windfall*
-As it turns out, the beauty of globalization is in the eye of the beholder. While John McCain apparently played a critical role in facilitating DHL's takeover of Airborne (and with it, the looming loss of 8,000 jobs in Wilmington, Ohio), Cindy McCain is set to earn a staggering multi-million dollar pay-day from the acquisition of Anheuser-Busch by the Belgian beverage giant, In Bev. As the Wall Street Journal reported in July, Mrs. McCain runs the third largest Anheuser-Busch distributorship in the nation, and owns between $2.5 and $5 million in the company's stock. Amazingly, while Missouri's politicians of both parties lined up to try to block the sale, John McCain held a fundraiser in the Show Me State even as the In Bev deal was being finalized.

*McCain's $370,000 Personal Tax Break*
-Earlier this year, the Center for American Progress analyzed John McCain's tax proposals. The conclusion? McCain's plan is radically more regressive than even that of President Bush, delivering 58% of its benefits to the wealthiest 1% of American taxpayers. McCain's born-again support for the Bush tax cuts has one additional bonus for Mr. Straight Talk: the McCains would save an estimated $373,000 a year.

*Paying Off $225,000 Credit Card Debt, Priceless*
-That massive windfall from his own tax plan will come in handy for John McCain. As was reported in June, the McCains were carrying over $225,000 in credit card debt. The American Express card - don't leave your homes without it.

*Charity Begins at Home*
-As Harpers documented earlier this year, the McCains are true believers in the old saying that charity begins at home:

Between 2001 and 2006, McCain contributed roughly $950,000 to [their] foundation. That accounted for all of its listed income other than for $100 that came from an anonymous donor. During that same period, the McCain foundation made contributions of roughly $1.6 million. More than $500,000 went to his kids' private schools, most of which was donated when his children were attending those institutions. So McCain apparently received major tax deductions for supporting elite schools attended by his children.
Ironically, the McCain campaign last week blasted Barack Obama for having attended a private school in Hawaii on scholarship. That attack came just weeks after John McCain held an event at his old prep school, Episcopal High, an institution where fees now top $38,000 a year.

*Private Jet Setters*
-As the New York Times detailed back in April, John McCain enjoyed the use of his wife's private jet for his campaign, courtesy of election law loopholes he helped craft. Despite the controversy, McCain continued to use Cindy's corporate jet. For her part, Cindy McCain says that even with skyrocketing fuel costs, "in Arizona the only way to get around the state is by small private plane."

*Help on the Homefront*
-In these tough economic times, the McCains are able to stretch their household budget. As the AP reported in April, "McCain reported paying $136,572 in wages to household employees in 2007. Aides say the McCains pay for a caretaker for a cabin in Sedona, Ariz., child care for their teenage daughter, and a personal assistant for Cindy McCain."

*Well-Heeled in $520 Shoes*
-If clothes make the man, then John McCain has it made. As Huffington Post noted in July, "He has worn a pair of $520 black leather Ferragamo shoes on every recent campaign stop - from a news conference with the Dalai Lama to a supermarket visit in Bethlehem, PA." It is altogether fitting that McCain wore the golden loafers during a golf outing with President George H.W. Bush in which he rode around in cart displaying the sign, "Property of Bush #41. Hands Off."

And so it goes. John McCain proclaims $5 million finally makes you rich. Meanwhile, ABC's Charlie Gibson thinks a $200,000 income makes you middle class. And his colleague Cokie Roberts claims Barack Obama's vacation to his home state of Hawaii was "exotic."

Posted by: McCain = Bush | August 20, 2008 2:57 PM

Looks like a lot of women on Wednesday night. Does that suggest a female VP?

Posted by: Fairfax Voter | August 20, 2008 2:54 PM

How exciting!

"9-11 9-11 9-11"

(will his son be there too?)

Posted by: Kase | August 20, 2008 2:51 PM

Country first? Not family values? I guess not with McCain...

Posted by: Corruption Anon | August 20, 2008 2:50 PM

The convention's theme will be "Country First" ..... What do the Republicans have against City people!?

I hope they enjoy their extremists ho-down.

Posted by: Anonymous | August 20, 2008 2:48 PM

I'm sure "9/11" will be said way more than 100 times in speaches there.

I'm a little scared, as I'm part of an Obama club that donates $1 to Obama each time a Republican says "9/11".....I hope I'm not broke after all their dogma!

Posted by: Anonymous | August 20, 2008 2:45 PM

Wow, McCain is going to work 4 days that week instead of 2!?

This is sure going to test his health to the limits.

Would be sad if he drops before even getting a chance to speak there.

Posted by: Anonymous | August 20, 2008 2:35 PM

20 nouns, 20 verbs, 100 mentions of 9/11

Posted by: bklyndan | August 20, 2008 2:34 PM

Gary: How about David Vitter on family values, and a host of GOP crooks on government?
Sorry, man, put your party has no room to talk about family values, ethics or much of anything else positive.
And to JakeD: You really need to calm down, dude. You sound like a love-struck teenager. It's embarrassing -- for you.
I'm not a particular fan, but I actually think Guiliani is a decent choice for the keynote speaker. They're going to need all the "star power" they can get this time around (and banging the 9/11 drum, especially when you consider just how badly the Bush administration drop the ball on that subject big time).

Posted by: vegasgirl | August 20, 2008 2:33 PM

Tired. Everything about the Republicans are tired. I say this as one who's consistently voted Republican. Dang. Can't we get someone????? I'm ready to put up with Barry if it shakes some of the cobwebs in the Republican party.

Posted by: Oy vay | August 20, 2008 2:32 PM

...and the Republican's are only having Larry Craig speak, as they want to have enough time with him in the bathroom!

Posted by: gary | August 20, 2008 2:29 PM

Following is the list of keynote speakers and topics at the upcoming Democratic Convention:

Marion Barry --- Drug Abuse

Rep. Denny Kucinich --- How to garner 1 % of the vote in every primary entered

Sen. Chrissy Dodd --- Obtaining Countrywide loans

Sen. Chucky Schumer --- How to initiate a run on a bank

Jesse Jackson ---- Marital fidelity and Castration

John Edwards ---- Ambulance Chasing and Spousal support in time of need

Sen. Theodore Kennedy --- Driver education and How to stop a pending autopsy

James McGreevey ---- Gay rights

Mayor Ray Nagin --- Emergency evacuation preparations

Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick – Email etiquette in the workplace

Al Sharpton ---- Race relations

Sen. Evan Bayh --- How to ignore the Liberal wing of the Democratic Party and support the war in Iraq

Al Gore --- Snow Removal

Louis Farrakhan --- Muslims in America and Muslim in the White House

Posted by: gary | August 20, 2008 2:27 PM

Obama is puicking Lieberman for VP.

Obama/Lieberman '08!

Posted by: Tim | August 20, 2008 2:26 PM

The Washington Post today obtained a draft of Rudy Guiliani's key note address. The text of the speech is reproduced in its entirety below:


Posted by: dg | August 20, 2008 2:24 PM

Betty Botter had some butter,
"But," she said, "this butter's bitter.
If I bake this bitter butter,
it would make my batter bitter.
But a bit of better butter--
that would make my batter better."

So she bought a bit of butter,
better than her bitter butter,
and she baked it in her batter,
and the batter was not bitter.
So 'twas better Betty Botter
bought a bit of better butter.

Posted by: JakeD | August 20, 2008 2:22 PM

w00t, w00t!

I guess GPBuh for VP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: JakeD | August 20, 2008 2:20 PM

Hopefully Arnold will talk some sense in to these extremists.

Posted by: Anonymous | August 20, 2008 2:07 PM

It's a safe bet that Franky is not McCain's VP pick ; )

Posted by: JakeD | August 20, 2008 2:06 PM

Republicans have us at war in two countries as a result of Republican lies and deceptions, and we might be in two more wars--Iran and Pakistan--by November. We have alienated the entire Muslim world and most of the rest.

The dollar has lost 60% of its value against the euro, and the once mighty dollar is losing its reserve currency role.

The Republicans' policies have driven up the price of both oil and gold by 400%.

Inflation is in double digits. Employment is falling.

The Republican economy in the 21st century has been unable to create net new jobs for Americans except for low wage domestic services such as waitresses, bartenders, retail clerks and hospital orderlies.

Republican deregulation brought about fraud in mortgage lending and dangerous financial instruments which have collapsed the housing market, leaving a million or more homeowners facing foreclosure. The financial system is in disarray and might collapse from insolvency.

The trade and budget deficits have exploded. The US trade deficit is larger than the combined trade deficits of every deficit country in the world.

The US can no longer finance its wars or its own government and relies on foreign loans to function day to day. To pay for its consumption, the US sells its existing assets--companies, real estate, toll roads, whatever it can offer--to foreigners.

Republicans have run roughshod over the US Constitution, Congress, the courts and civil liberties. Republicans have made it perfectly clear that they believe that our civil liberties make us unsafe--precisely the opposite view of our Founding Fathers. Yet, Republicans regard themselves as the Patriotic Party.

The Republicans have violated the Nuremberg prohibitions against war crimes, and they have violated the Geneva Conventions against torture and abuse of prisoners. Republican disregard for human rights ranks with that of history's great tyrants.

The Republicans have put in place the foundation for a police state, which they have no problem using against fellow citizens!

We must get the Republicans totally out of power, or we will have no country left for any of us!

Posted by: Franky | August 20, 2008 2:06 PM


(Does this mean the VP selection is NOT on that list? ROB PORTMAN!!!)

Posted by: JakeD | August 20, 2008 2:04 PM

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