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Clinton Press Aide Hired by Obama Backer

By Anne E. Kornblut
Let the unity continue: Jamie Smith, who was the traveling press director and a press secretary for Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, is moving over to become the communications director for Sen. Jay Rockefeller (D-W.V.).

Rockefeller, of course, endorsed Sen. Barack Obama at a vital moment of the campaign, and, although Clinton won his state in the end, feelings on the two sides still run hard.

But Smith is already skilled at smoothing over tense relations, having lived on the road alongside the traveling Clinton press corps for the entire, difficult campaign. A former aide to Sec. of State Madeleine Albright, Smith will fill the slot vacated by Wendy Morigi, who left to become the national security spokeswoman for Obama. "I'm thrilled to bring Jamie on board. She brings with her impressive credentials, invaluable experience, and a strong commitment to serving West Virginia" Rockefeller said in a statement announcing the move.

By Web Politics Editor  |  August 14, 2008; 1:03 PM ET
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Not that the lurid fantasy of anonymous has any basis in reality, but what(s)he envisions would destroy the Democratic party, ensure the election of McCain, and make Senator Clinton guilty of the biggest act of betrayal in the political history of this country since Aaron Burr.

Posted by: judas_priest | August 14, 2008 6:19 PM | Report abuse

Well, I see the We-Heart-Clinton blog machine is up and running. I'm not sure which of the many holes in Anonymous's post to start with, so I'll just plead for her (I'm making assumptions, I know) to stick to the facts.

You may not like Obama, you may feel your gal was robbed, and obviously you are free to vote for whomever you choose. Just don't do the Republican's smear job for them. Enough of that crap already.


Posted by: Captain Bearfart | August 14, 2008 4:28 PM | Report abuse

Senator Clinton & super delegates can still take the Democratic presidential nomination at the last minute by taking advantage of ever growing buyer's remorse among Democratic super-delegates who are dismayed by the performance of Senator Obama's camp.

Senator Obama has raised tens of millions more dollars than Senator McCain, which should translate into an advantage in the polls. The economy is doing poorly, Republicans control the White House and the incumbent party is blamed for a bad economy, Democrats feel should have translated into an advantage in the polls. Still has not...

Senator McCain is old and is unpopular with his party's base because he has broken with conservatives on taxes, global warming, torture, and campaign speech limitations. Again Democrats think should translate into an advantage at the polls, but hasn’t.

President Bush, is most unpopular President in history, blamed for the Iraq War. Three bestseller books Bush-bashing; Democrats think that this too, should translate into an advantage in polls. Despite all these factors, Senator Mr. McCain is running roughly even in the polls with the "presumptive" Democratic nominee. At a time when cable media has saintly coroneted Obama for an entire year and continue to do so should be way ahead but isn't? Again Dem buyer's remorse.

History Lesson:
In early Aug 1988, Governor Dukakis was ahead of Vice President Bush by a wide margin. In early August 04 Kerry was ahead of President Bush. Since Obama have proven without a doubt he can't close the deal as with Senator Clinton in the primaries, he continues to disappoint democrats since he doesn't have a big lead even now, it will get pretty ugly for the Democrats as November approaches. Once again, voters are only now beginning to realize the mainstream media like CNN & MSNBC did not cover this election fairly or correctly, FCC does not dictate that cable news pundits report fair and balanced news. This is seen all day on CNN pushing Obama. Finally is coming back to bite them as democrats "BUYER REMORSE" with Obama is growing rapidly.

It will only get worse when McCain and Obama face off in
Presidential debates. The public is just now discovering that Obama, silver-tongued orator, is no debater - which explains why his camp did its best to dodge debate invitations from Mrs. Clinton and Mr. McCain. Feature Mr. Obama's flubbering on the outbreak of war between Russia and Georgia. (Obama does poorly unscripted)

Is all this enough to prompt Democratic super-delegates to re-think
Their allegiance to Mr. Obama and hand the nomination to Senator
Clinton? Possibly? Allot of rumbling has been growing in the Democratic Party since Senator Clinton suspended her run.

Fact: If you count Michigan, Mrs. Clinton won the reported popular
Vote in the Democratic primaries and caucuses, 17.8 million to 17.5
Million, and won many of the hotly contested big battleground states
That the Democrats need to win in November - Pennsylvania, Ohio,
California, New York, New Jersey, Florida. She won Massachusetts even
After Senators Kennedy and Kerry endorsed Mr. Obama.

Take away the delegates Mr. Obama has by virtue of the endorsement of
Senator Edwards, who has newly admitted deceiving the electorate about
The adultery he committed while his wife lay stricken with cancer, delegate gap is even narrower. Obama doesn't have enough delegates to win the nomination without the super-delegates, so there wouldn't be anything terribly exceptional about the super-delegates putting her rather than him over the top. Especially now that it proven she is the stronger candidate against the republicans is why they wanted to run against Obama.

By the time the convention rolls around, Mr. Obama isn't just running neck and neck with Mr. McCain but could be lagging in addition to the release of public polls still showing Senator Clinton doing better than Obama in matchups against Mr. McCain in battleground states two months after suspending her run has caused great concern Democratic Party leaders.

Add the new anti-Obama book debuted on the top of the best seller list proves media failed viewers and they are beginning to really look at this guy. Showing Obama not fundamentally American in his thinking
and in his values or friends and advisors, second (as anticipated) Obama makes a big blunder with his choice of a running mate, added to the fact Rev Wrights book and tour start in Oct (which is already causing whispers swirling among super delegates) Obama may very well be out...

Bias Cable news pundits don't presume to tell the Democrats whom to nominate, We have no illusions about the ultra-long-shot of Mrs. Clinton's chances of actually emerging as the Democratic nominee, even with poor leadership by Pelosi and Dean, but truth being its not technically impossible, as
Mr. Obama is no doubt aware.

Voters are watching and not listening to cable pundits, Obama skipped a visit to a military hospital in Germany. He spent this weekend on vacation in Hawaii. While Senator Clinton spent last week visiting wounded service members at Fort Drum. Mr. Obama may think the primary campaign is over, but Mrs. Clinton's die-hard supporters may trump a last-minute surprise.

Posted by: Anonymous | August 14, 2008 3:33 PM | Report abuse

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