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McCain Takes on Pork in Iowa

By Michael D. Shear
DES MOINES -- Continuing his tour of what he calls America's "heartland," Sen. John McCain made the annual pilgrimage to see a really, really big pig at the Iowa State Fair..

Not just any big pig. This was a pig named, appropriately, "Freight Train," and weighed
in at 1,259 pounds. McCain declared it his favorite part of the fair.

It was a hot day in Iowa, but nothing like the sweltering heat of a year ago, when every presidential primary candidate trudged through sweltering heat as they courted Iowa voters.

But the sun was still beating down as McCain made his way past the corn dog stands, the lemonade vendors and the funnel cakes to give a brief speech at the fair's "soapbox," a venue for politicians sponsored by the Des Moines Register.

"I wanna point out, this is the heartland of America," he said. "This is what America is all about. This is the people I want to know and meet. And when the rigors of a presidential campaign, people talk about it, I get a chance to come here and meet and greet the real
America. The people that are providing products all over this world, all over the world."

After the serious stuff was over, he headed to the Iowa Pork Tent -- where every politician must go -- and sampled the famous "Pork on a Stick."

He then met the Pork Queen and headed over to a fundraiser at a Des Moines country club.

McCain bounded through the fair, apparently energized by the large crowd and the people who mobbed him, telling him "good luck." The Republican senator seems to like this kind of crowd. Earlier in the week, he gave an energetic speech in Sturgis, South Dakota, telling the gathering of motorcyclists that "I'll take 50,000 Harley's any day."

By Post Editor  |  August 8, 2008; 3:16 PM ET
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What a freakin' joke!
Is there really anyone out there who is dumb enough to still believe the myth that John McBush is a "staright-talker/reformer"?...other than the corporate media.

John McCain has 59 lobbyists raising money for his campaign, and yet he said "I'm the only one the special interests don't give any money to."

Posted by: Kimi Welsh | August 9, 2008 2:42 PM | Report abuse

Elitism, Thy Name is Cindy McCain
Cindy McCain said: "In Arizona, the only way to get around is by small private plane.
But Cindy McCain jokes about buying a fricking plane and spends more in a month than many Americans make in their adult lives and the McCains are portrayed as just "down home" folks? McCains' SEVEN homes

John and Cindy McCain Foundation

McCain foundation made contributions of roughly $1.6 million. More than $500,000 went to his kids’ private schools, most of which was donated when his children were attending those institutions. So McCain apparently received major tax deductions for supporting elite schools attended by his children.

Brophy College Prep in Phoenix, which received at least $267,000 from the senator’s foundation during the years that his sons were there.
The McCain foundation also donated money–roughly $128,000–to Christ Lutheran School, which the McCain’s 15-year-old adopted daughter, Bridget, and their son Jim both attended. In 2001, the foundation also donated $41,667 to the Phoenix Country Day School, another elite prep school where both Meghan and Jack had been students.

But its not charity when a donation is intended to benefit yourself and your family, even if others benefit incidentally.
And one shouldn't be allowed to write this stuff off. For one thing, it could lead to abuses. Consider this... sooner or later, it will occur to a donor or a school (assuming it hasn't already), that a tax deductible "charitable" donation can be exchanged for tuition.
how much McCain has saved in taxes through his foundation’s donations since he has thus far refused to release his tax returns (and won’t commit to releasing them after formally becoming the nominee either). There’s nothing illegal or improper about the foundation’s contributions, but it’s not exactly the pattern of giving you’d expect from someone who has cultivated an anti-elitist image.


Posted by: Katerina Deligiannis | August 8, 2008 11:05 PM | Report abuse


Posted by: BOBSTER | August 8, 2008 8:09 PM | Report abuse

Check out this fantastic article about McCain:

Posted by: Loki | August 8, 2008 5:36 PM | Report abuse

Do conservative republicans respect the moral foundation of this country? The U.S. Constitution was designed, among other things, to protect the people of America from misguided government. Let's take a look at how Conservative Republicans treat the U.S. Constitution:

U.S. Constitution: Amendment I - Freedom of Religion
Because of conservatives, for the first time ever, your tax dollars are funding religious groups you may not agree with. Conservative judges have ruled that taxpayers do not have a right to challenge this expenditure. This eradication of the first article of the U.S. Constitution is actually touted as a good thing by Conservatives.

Amendment IV - Search and seizure
Under the guise of court action against abortion, Conservative republicans had John Ashcroft subpoena all the medical records of literally thousands of women just like you and members of your family. Note that this occurred before the Patriot Act was even passed, and displays the Conservative Republican mindset. Conservative republicans invade your privacy every day. Unfortunately for all of us, they don't appear to care about our U.S. constitution.

Amendment X - Powers of the States and People
Conservative republicans have tried consistently to overturn States Laws. They used your tax dollars to destroy the will of the people of Oregon, and the famous "Death with Dignity" law; they lost, but undoubtedly will try again. Conservative republicans do not respect States Rights.

Amendment VIII - Cruel and Unusual punishment
Would you rather die, or support a government which supported and sanctioned torture? The founding fathers would rather have died, and in fact they were proud to fight and die for our government: A government which specifically outlaws cruel and unusual punishment for very important reasons.

It is clear to all that Conservative Republicans would simply like Amendments I, IV VIII and X eliminated from our Constitution. Conservative republicans are destroying the moral foundations of our country. By supporting the destruction to our beloved Constitution they are destroying this country.

Posted by: Frank US | August 8, 2008 5:31 PM | Report abuse

No wonder McCain is nicknamed "John McBush", he lies just as much as Bush does.

McCain is very rarely called on this by his friends in the corporate media. McCain has been repeating this lie for so many years that perhaps reporters don't notice it anymore. But he has been called on it in the past. The Chicago Tribune wrote an editorial about McCain's duplicity on this subject in March of 2006, titled "Perfuming the Barnyard."
"Arizona Sen. John McCain is sponsoring two interesting pieces of legislation. One mounts a direct assault on congressional earmarks, those little morsels of home district pork that lawmakers slip into unrelated spending bills. The other steers $10 million to the University of Arizona to launch an academic center honoring the late Supreme Court Chief Justice William Rehnquist. Yes, McCain does seem to be saying to himself: Stop me before I sin again... McCain and co-sponsor Jon Kyl, Arizona's other GOP senator, insist their pork proposal isn't hypocritical because they aren't trying to hide anything. It is set out in stand-alone legislation to be vetted on its own Congress, it seems, the only bad pork projects are those sponsored by somebody else."

An article published in Roll Call in 2003 reported:
"After years of crusading against ‘pork-barrel’ spending projects in Congressional appropriations bills, Senator McCain may be breaking his own rules. McCain pushed for, and got, $14.3 million for Arizona's Luke Air Force Base inserted into the just-completed fiscal 2004 military construction appropriations conference report. The only problem is the project to acquire more land near the base was not requested."

McCain seems to lie on a regular basis as part of his overall campaign strategy and then he depends on his friends in the corporate media not to call him out on it...and of course, they don't.

Here's some more McCain pork stories:

Posted by: Walt G | August 8, 2008 5:13 PM | Report abuse

....New RNC/GOP Theme Song

I don't know what they have to say,
It makes no difference anyway --
Whatever it is, I'm against it!
No matter what it is or who commenced it,
I'm against it.

Your proposition may be good
But let's have one thing understood --
Whatever it is, I'm against it!
And even when you've changed it or condensed it,
I'm against it.

I'm opposed to it --
On general principles I'm opposed to it!

Chorus: He's opposed to it!
In fact, in word, in deed,
He's opposed to it!

For months before my son was born,
I used to yell from night till morn,
Whatever it is, I'm against it!
And I've kept yelling since I commenced it,
I'm against it!

Whatever it is, I'm Against it....

In 1932 the film Horse the Marx Brothers....if you look closely you'll see McCaint holding a yardstick in the movie....

Posted by: AlexP1 | August 8, 2008 5:07 PM | Report abuse

Seems reasonable that a congressman's favorite would be pork.

Posted by: Tim E | August 8, 2008 5:07 PM | Report abuse

If its PORK he'll eat it but not cut it....

John McCaint....He's a "Maverick"!!!!!

I thought a Maverick was a crappy car FORD made in the 60's and 70's...

...Well really you could call McCaint a "Maverick" they're both old and bad on GAS.....

Posted by: AlexP1 | August 8, 2008 5:05 PM | Report abuse

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