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Ticket is Good, Says Dole, but That Crossword Puzzle...

By Ed O'Keefe
Bob Dole, the Republican Party's 1996 nominee, enjoyed a victory lap of sorts tonight across the XCel Center, earning a warm reception from party faithful all along the way. He snuck onto the floor near the Alaska delegation and snaked his way across to the seats for North Carolina, home state of his wife, Sen. Elizabeth Dole (R). After greeting the Republican Tar Heels, he walked back to his home state of Kansas before exiting the floor near the Fox News booth.

"We've got a good ticket," he said of the McCain-Palin slate.

"History is on our side," he said of Palin.

When asked what he thought of the first national Republican ticket since 1972 without a candidate named Bush or Dole, he said, "We've got a good ticket. Whether it's Bush or Dole doesn't matter. We're getting older anyway."

Elizabeth Dole, locked in a close reelection race, has skipped this week's convention. Asked about her close race, Dole said, "(Sen. Charles) Schumer's the real candidate," referring to the chairman of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee chairman. "He's pumped $8 million in there to win it."

"I'm spending three days a week down there helping out," he said of his efforts to reelect his wife. "I just work the side streets. I don't go down Main Street."

Dole says Sen. John McCain's acceptance speech Thursday night "has got to be positive. It's got to be optimistic. I think we have a great country. I served in the Senate for thirty-some years. I never got a letter saying this is a bad country. But I got hundreds of letters from illegal immigrants trying to get in. We're not perfect, but we're getting there."

Clearly enjoying his interaction with delegates and reporters, Dole noted that The Washington Post's "crossword puzzle gets harder all the time. I can do Monday's and Friday's but all that music stuff the rest of the week screws me up."

"Do something about that, will you?" he asked a Post reporter.

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Alaska - Arkansas. Except for population I think that one might find that governing Alaska is a better feat than governing Arkansas. So if B. Clinton was qualified then I think Palin is as well.

Posted by: John | September 3, 2008 10:07 PM

Too bad Dole didn't win???? You nut....

Posted by: Scott | September 3, 2008 9:55 PM

Too bad Dole didn't win.

Posted by: JakeD | September 3, 2008 9:43 PM

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