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GOP Fundraisers Turn to Fear of a Filibuster-Proof Senate

By Paul Kane
For weeks the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee has been sending out blistering fundraising e-mails to supporters begging for more resources so Democrats can implement their agenda next year without fear of Republican filibusters. Their hope: a net gain of nine Senate seats to reach the magic, filibuster-proof number of 60.

Now, Republicans are using that same goal as a way to try to invoke fear among conservative donors and raise money of their own.

"With the election less than two short months away, Democrats are salivating at the possibility of achieving a 60 seat filibuster-proof majority in the United States Senate," Rob Jesmer, campaign manager for Sen. John Cornyn (R-Tex.), wrote to donors last night.

The e-mail pitch includes a picture of Obama and quotes extensively from a DSCC pitch that went out over the weekend trying to raise money for state Rep. Rick Noriega, the Democrat who is challenging Cornyn in November.

Democratic hopes of winning 60 seats are still viewed as folly by most independent observers, as getting to that number would require knocking off such red-state Republicans as Cornyn.

Most Texas polls, meanwhile, show Cornyn comfortably ahead of Noriega, though the challenger remains within striking distance should he finish the campaign strong.

Even so -- and with the McCain-Palin ticket tying or nudging ahead of Obama-Biden in most polls -- Cornyn's team is trying to rev up its fundraising drive by instilling fear among GOP voters by invoking the idea of 60 Senate Democrats and an Obama White House.

By Web Politics Editor  |  September 9, 2008; 12:51 PM ET
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It is perfect irony that on the day our national budget deficit is predicted to be left at an all-time high by George Bush, we still see ignorant Republicans warning us that liberals will tax and spend. LOL Ha ha ha ha haaaaaa!

They keep promising fiscal responsibility at election time and then spend, spend, spend us into deficits.

The American people are not going to listen to your lies and ignore your corruption anymore, Republican 'conservatives'!

Posted by: Mark | September 9, 2008 10:59 PM | Report abuse

So, do you recall the scene in The Godfather when Clemenza asks Tessio, "What's with all the new faces?" and Abe responds, "we're gonna need all we can get, Sonny just hit Bruno Tattaglia"...well, Obama's gonna need all the money he can raise, Joe Biden's at it again- today fresh from his false drunk driver claim, he tried to tell family's with disabled children that McCain was against stem cell research- I guess he had Palin on his mind, everyone else in this country does- she's against embryonic stem cell research- McCain isn't. His position for embryonic stem cell research is one real distinction between McCain and Bush and is one reason the far Right was lukewarm on his candidacy.....Come on Joe, keep it up- we want at least 4 more gaffes before the debate! MCain is nearly tied with Obama with women voters and leads with white women voters as of today, but Joe can really put us over the top when we pull out the Anita Hill hearings....remember? Call Clemenza!

Posted by: Scott | September 9, 2008 7:57 PM | Report abuse

Man, I'll be the Democrats would just love to get a 60-seat majority so that they can implement socialism on a grand scale here in the United States. I can hear their chants now:

"Tax and spend, tax and spend!!!!!"

Yes - that's just what this country needs.

Posted by: Muad'dib | September 9, 2008 4:05 PM | Report abuse

I am Joe Biden . . LOOK AT ME!!!!

uga, uga, uga, woof, woof, meow .. . uga, uga, uga . .. (does moonwalk dressed in womens panties) . . .uga, uga . . .IS ANYONE PAYING ATTENTION TO ME YET?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

uga . . .uga . . .uga. . .

Posted by: Joseph Biden | September 9, 2008 3:02 PM | Report abuse

This election has nothing to do with issues or popularity polls but rather the actual candidate that bumps off a mutual opponent wins in November.

Apparently this mutual opponent exposed corruption within both parties and is now targeted to be bumped off.

The questions are...

1. Will the GOP use Guiliani-like mob-ties like his protege Bernard Kerik who may be doing 140 years of jail time for it?

2. Will the DEMS use an OJ Simpson-like person with a record and may be doing jail time in near future?

3. Will both parties engage in sweetheart exchange deals where these convicted felons do the actual dirty work of bumping off mutual opponent in exchange for lesser jail time and candidates/parties are never suspected in public?

4. Given that this truth is revealed, should we begin to worry about the general safety of our families where ever we are in public or private? For example, do we have to worry about traveling on Port Authority buses from NJ to NYC tonight? Or tomorrow?

Posted by: Anonymous | September 9, 2008 2:54 PM | Report abuse

To all the Dems who posted at such length above, some advice:
get a job, switch to decaf and stop betting your personal happiness on a 40-something kid who has never run so much as a lemonade stand.

Posted by: TeR | September 9, 2008 2:53 PM | Report abuse

I am Joseph Biden, and I approve this message.

Just where the flying fvck am I? I think I have been swallowed up by a friggin' black hole or something!!!

No one listens to me. In fact, right now, you have a better chance of finding Waldo than my whereabouts. Hell, I am so lost, I dont even know where I am.

I am Joseph Biden and I approve this message.

Posted by: Joseph Biden | September 9, 2008 2:39 PM | Report abuse

Support Obama with more than just a check. Volunteer for lit drops, canvasing, get out the vote drives. Put up signs, display buttons, bumper stickers. This election is too important to let the other side win. They have proven over and over again their gross incompetance - which has led this country on a death spiral that may be impossible to recover from.

Posted by: Franco | September 9, 2008 2:31 PM | Report abuse

60 seats is doable.

Dems are projected to get 56, but if you factor in blacks coming to the polls at an additional 30% then the races in Mississippi, Georgia, and North Carolina start to swing to the democrats. If that happens and the 18-29 youth vote comes out for Franken in Minn, then the dems get their 60.

Posted by: Deep Blue | September 9, 2008 1:28 PM | Report abuse

What no Palin Power?? No wonder Palin cant quail the fundraisers. She isnt that clever. Has anyone seen where Palin couldnt even quote the Amendments,

Posted by: Anonymous | September 9, 2008 1:03 PM | Report abuse

In recent weeks, John McCain and the Republican party have blatantly and without any shame adopted the Democratic campaign theme of “change”. It should be evident to an objective observer that Bush 43 and now McCain and Pailin are mere puppets to the true Republican national party leaders who control their strings. Cheney is one of the few of that inner cabal that have been calling the shots since the Nixon administration. They are in fact a continuation of the Nixon and Ford presidencies with only a disruption during the Carter and Clinton years. Bush 41( Head of the RNC during Nixon,former head of the CIA,VP to Reagan, and president is probably the real leader of this political Cosa Nostra if not a equal partner of this power sharing musical chairs game. His right and left hands have been Dick Cheney(former Sec.of Defense of Bush 41, former White House Chief of staff for Ford) and the other is Donald Rumsfeld(former Sec. of Defense for Ford and Bush 43,former special envoy to the Middle East during Reagan). Another member of this group, more likely a captain if not a full blown boss himself is James Baker (former C.O.S of Reagan, former Under Sec. of Commerce for Ford, former C.O.S and Sec of State for Bush 41, former Sec. of Treasury for Reagan, former chief legal advisor to Bush 43). Another captain or free lance enforcer is Karl Rove a college drop out and campaign manager for both Bush 41 and 43, also for Phil Gram who is McCain’s economic advisor.
Lets look at McCain’s staff of change.
On July 2, 2008, Steve Schmidt was given "full operational control" of McCain's campaign. Steve Schmidt prior to this was a top aide to Dick Cheney and a protégé to Karl Rove. Another advisor is Charles R. Black worked for Ronald Reagan's two Presidential campaigns in 1976 and 1980 and he was a senior political adviser to the 1992 re-election campaign of George H.W. Bush. Another advisor is Randy Scheunemann. He was project director for the Project for the New American Century. A neo-conservative think tank founded by non other than Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and Bill Kristol and others in 1996. Other signatories to this group reads like a who’s who of the last 8 years of the republican administration.
These people have never cared about small town america or “values” All they care about is war profiteering. Many of the signatories have never served in the military. Cheney and Rove both dodged the draft. Look at the statement of principles by the PNAC. Rumsfeld was a good friend of Saddam Huessin in the 80’s Cheney didn’t want Nelson Mandela free. These are the real puppet masters, they throw out the talking points about the left of being elitist and not caring about middle america and these same guys other than Rove have advanced degrees and are worth no less than 10 million dollars. People who support them need to extricate their heads out of Limbaugh and Hannity’s asses and see what is really happening to them. McCain is not his own man he confuses stories of his real life with a book he read “The Gulag Archipelago", in which a fellow prisoner - not a guard - silently drew a cross in the dirt with a stick.” An ironic twist to all this is Eliot A. Cohen, a signatory to the PNAC "Statement of Principles", responded in The Washington Post: "There is no evidence that generals as a class make wiser national security policymakers than civilians. George C. Marshall, our greatest soldier statesman after George Washington, opposed shipping arms to Britain in 1940. His boss, Franklin D. Roosevelt, with nary a day in uniform, thought otherwise. Whose judgment looks better?"[ Even if you don’t like Obama there is no-way a sane person can want this continued blatant fleecing of our Nation.

Thes are all verifiable facts and can be found just with a google search and wikipedia.

Other than the ultra affluent, how can anyone support the Republican party? When will small town America realize that they are being duped into supporting the ultra-affluent agenda. The talking points of the right are so hypocritical that it becomes laughable. The red meat of the right is the so called Main stream Media as if Limbaugh, Hannity, et al. are not part of it. They demean celebrity status, however they tout one of their greatest presidents(Reagan) was an actor. They say they are the party of patriotism, yet many of the upper echelon of the party have never served, i.e. Cheney, Rumsfeld, Baker, Reagan. They say that they care about "Main Street" USA but only bail out the Whales of Wall Street. Yet small town America eat this tripe every year. They don't care about relgion unless it can be used to stir up the base, nor science or technology unless there is a buck to be made. Small town America takes pride on its freedom but yet don't realize that over time we are becoming less free, ie wire tapping and other forms of domestic survelliance. They demean people of intelligence because they know many people of small town America don't have degrees and use it at a fake issue and call people who spent time in academia as elitist when many on the right serve on university boards and have part-time professorships. They say they are against affirmitive action but yet celebrate mediocrity, Bush43 and McCain graduating at the bottom of their classes. Who both came from already well established families and had all the opportunities and connections to excel. Why does small town America believes this is the party for them? Christian conservatives seem to the be the first ones who want to go to war and bomb someone before any diplomacy is tried. Why can't small town America and Christian conservatives realize they are being used as pawns just as much the Islamic fundamentalist are. Islamic fundamentalist come from small town Middle East and given the same kind of talking points as the evangalicals. They want prayer in school, no choice available to women, and believe to the core that their ideas about worship and country are the best. Wake up small town America you are being duped.

Talking about who is more patriotic, symbols, and wearing pins are nothing more than distractions to the real issue of how a few select group of people have held power almost continously for over 30 years. Yes the left has thier own political power groups but none have been so effective at pushing forward an agenda that is fundamentally bad for the U.S. and in a larger view the entire world. I stress again the now defunct PNAC and the AIPAC have been slowly pushing us closer to another World War. Bush41 and et al have been doing this and no one calls them on it. Every Republican admistration has basically the same people recycled since Nixon. Just do a little research and you will see that these people are just pushing this agenda of some kind of Pax Americana and not taking into account that maybe other nations of the world might not like that and if not bomb them.
Many people who support the Republican party, really need to read "1984" by George Orwell and see how we as nation have been inching closer to that type of society. People think this story is about a communist society, but it is more about how a society is kept in a constant state of fear in order for the ruling class to stay in control. Doublespeak, patriotism to the point of frenzy, censhorship, erosion of civil liberties (not respecting the constitution) is happening right in front of us. The cosilidation of government (the executive branch has never been more powerful than ever). No real independent journalism. Cameras on street corners. This may sound like delusional conspiracy stuff, but I implore people to research for themselves to really see what is happening to them. People think this could never happen here in the U.S. but all this has already happening, slowly, icrementally all under the guise of "keeping America safe"

I posted thes comments on other political blogs and I send them to you to use them or do with them as you please. I truly hope that Senator Obama will be able to stem this tide of facism and break this cycle of fear that has beem slowly eroding the American dream.

Posted by: IronComments | September 9, 2008 1:00 PM | Report abuse

Yes, please send all of your money to the DNC!!!

Posted by: JakeD | September 9, 2008 1:00 PM | Report abuse

Join the Brown Bag Campaign for Obama (and all Democrats).

What does this mean?

It means that instead of buying lunch, make it at home and give the money to the Obama/Biden campaign; instead of buying coffee at Starbucks, make a cup at home and give the money to the DCCC; instead of eating out for the next two months, eat at home and give the money to the DNC.

I am calling on all supporters of Democrats and Obama/Biden to do the same.

This is the least sacrifice we can make to help salvage America from the reckless incompetence of the Bush/McCain GOP.

Can’t afford it? You’re already brown bagging it? Then don’t give. Volunteer. Step up and go to a meeting. Talk to people. Lend your voice to the chorus. The idea behind Obama’s campaign is that we are all in this together. But everyone must do their part. America is so screwed up that we are all going need to roll up our sleeves and get to work to fix it. There is no free ride for anyone.

So…if you believe in America and love this country, then join me in the Brown Bag Campaign.

Remember, there are just two months left until Election Day, and peanut butter and jelly is delicious.

Posted by: ES | September 9, 2008 12:54 PM | Report abuse

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