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McCain Camp Introduces Palin in Video

By Michael D. Shear
ST. PAUL -- Amid the controversies swirling around Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, the McCain campaign is hoping to define the vice presidential nominee in the minds of its supporters.

In a new video sent out by e-mail to campaign supporters, McCain uses Palin's speech last Friday to reinforce the image of her as a reformer who will shake up Washington.

"As governor, I've stood up to the old politics as usual," she says in the video. "To the special interests, the lobbyists, the big oil companies and the good old boy network."

The campaign is also hoping to use Palin to appeal to supporters of Sen. Hillary Clinton who may still be wary of voting for Sen. Barack Obama and are looking for an alternative.

"Hillary left 18 million cracks in the highest, hardest glass ceiling in America," she says in the video. "But it turns out the women of America aren't finished yet and we can shatter that glass
ceiling once and for all."

By Web Politics Editor  |  September 2, 2008; 7:04 PM ET
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Posted by: 3aojl7077s | September 3, 2008 1:30 PM | Report abuse

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Posted by: i6s0kj0x9l | September 3, 2008 1:30 PM | Report abuse

What a double standard we are seeing.

When the tabloids finally broke the John Edwards scandal the national media were all fighting to post that they had known about it the longest while choosing not to cover it.

Now why would a presidential candidate cheating on his cancer stricken wife, possibly fathering a child and paying the woman hush money be news worthy? Beats me.

Now we find out that this same media feels that the Palin teen is fair game.

Something isn't right.

Posted by: Shawn | September 3, 2008 12:55 PM | Report abuse

It was wonderful to see the leaders talk about McCain's leadership and service to this great nation. Mrs Mccain has also done great deal of social uplifting in past 8 months... I am thrilled to hear those service records..

Oh boy! why didn't we hear anything about Hussein obama at DNC? He doesn't have any record :-) nor does his wife have any service record :) "They are all about themselves" that is why his brother in kenya is living in shackles..

How can we trust this guy? I do not believe these crook and selfish folks who spent 20 years in radical pastor wright's church are going to take care of our family.. may be he will provide more "Grants" to rezko, terrorist ayers and his radical church in Chicago..

God Save americans from these fraud and
God bless america

Posted by: Anonymous | September 3, 2008 8:47 AM | Report abuse

I Have One Question For You Obama Kiddie Corner Muslims,Why Does This Woman Scare You Could It Be That You're Afraid That She Will Get The Clinton Vote,Well Guess What It Doesn't Matter If She Gets It Are Not.The Republicans Will Get The Bulk Of The So-Called Hillary Vote Regardless Of The Googling You Idiots Continue To Interpret.

It's Something Seriously Wrong With You Obama NUTS This Is One Of The Reasons Why Obama Will Never See The White House Contrary To You're Posting The Lies That Obama Is Getting The Clinton Vote,I Beg To Differ If He Is Getting The Clinton Votes Their Not In The PUMA Community.

One Last Thing That Poll That Has Mr Obama With A 50% to 42% Lead Over McCain From The Gallup Poll I Wonder The Editor That Has Been Giving Obama Nothing But Praise (LYDIA SAAD)Could It Be That She And Obama Has Something In Common NAH It's Just Coincidental............OR MAYBE NOT

Posted by: Jack-The-Ripper | September 3, 2008 1:02 AM | Report abuse


Virginia law is "violated" by sex in Alaska?

Posted by: JakeD | September 3, 2008 12:51 AM | Report abuse

To JakeD;

Here is the Virginia Revised Statute. You can draw your own conclusion.

Virginia Code § 18.2-371. Causing or encouraging

acts rendering children delinquent, abused,

etc.; penalty. Any person eighteen years of age

or older, including the parent of any child, who

(i) willfully contributes to, encourages, or

causes any act, omission, or condition which

renders a child delinquent, in need of services,

in need of supervision, or abused or neglected

as defined in §16.1-228,or

(ii) engages in consensual sexual intercourse

with a child fifteen or older not his spouse,

child, or grandchild, shall be guilty of a Class

1 misdemeanor. This section shall not be

construed as repealing, modifying, or in any way

affecting §§ 18.2-18, 18.2-19, 18.2-61, 18.2-63,

18.2-66, and 18.2-347.
(Code 1950, § 18.1-14; 1960, c. 358; 1975, cc.

14, 15; 1981, cc. 397, 568; 1990, c. 797; 1991,

c. 295; 1993, c. 411.)

Posted by: theodosia1 | September 3, 2008 12:30 AM | Report abuse

To JakeD:

Levi is 18. Bristol is 17. They are not now married. Virginia law is violated. Marriage will void any law violation.

Alaska also allows consenual sex at 13 if the older child is no more that 3 years older (i.e. 16).

Posted by: theodosia1 | September 3, 2008 12:22 AM | Report abuse


Virginia takes a dim view of parents bringing their own children into the State?!

Posted by: JakeD | September 3, 2008 12:08 AM | Report abuse

"If he really knew Palin's kids was pregnant, and still picked her then this is the greatest strokie of genius ever. Fly that kid to St Paul and lets make them the poster children for teenage America. Seriosly. That "stuff" WILL SELL."

Maybe on the checkout line but not with most voters. The ones you are hearing on TV and the blogs saying how wonderful the pregnancy is and what a religious inspiration it is are the republican mouth pieces put on TV to spin this story, plus the rabid bloggers who will do anything to see *their* team win. Rational people do not think a 17 year old getting pregnant is a wonderful thing, it does not sell. You will not see people telling their kids that, now that Bristol has done it, its ok.

The reality is people are shocked, at least those with brains, kids or both. This family may not be your typical political family, with lots of money and huge houses on the Potomac with nannies everywhere, but this family has issues to an extent where you would lock you door if they lived in your neighborhood. Succeed from the US? Are you kidding me?

I expect she will say that she is withdrawing from the race for the sake of her family, who really does need her though the last thing she will do is stay home and care for them, including a disabled child. But she is ambitious from everything I've read, so she won't go quietly. She will want something from the republicans to leave. Not sure what, but they will give it to her, probably pork barrel spending promises and maybe an agency to head under a McCain administration.

This is not a woman that looks at her family and says "I can't put them through a public vetting", as most people who have thought of running for high office have done. Just how did she expect to keep her daughter's pregnancy a secret? Or AIP, or troopergate, or censoring libraries, or threatening to fire librarians who refuse to allow censoring, or needing an administrator to work for her because she had fired or threatened to fire way to many people to get her way, and so an administrator was suggested to keep her away from people. If she can't run a town of 6,000 how can she run a nation?

You know those commercials when someone does something stupid and the announcer says "Wanna get away?" Well, you could have McCain announcing Palin is his pick, then shift to Palin announcing the 17 year old daughter's pregnancy, then put the camera back on McCain as the announcer says "Wanna get away?"

Posted by: Fate | September 2, 2008 11:37 PM | Report abuse

The Palin family crisis that we were talking about on Sunday and Monday, that has been solved now and, today, the baby is being adopted by Angelina Jolie.

damn you letterman! how dare you attack Angelina jolie!

Posted by: letterman | September 2, 2008 11:18 PM | Report abuse

To Seaweb.

Alaska's age of consent is 16. But if the perp belives a 15 year old child to be 16 then there is no violation of Alaska law. So no statutory rape.

Here in Virginia the age of consent is 18. I don't know how Levi Johnston will be treated in Virginia. He better be married before he enters Virginia. We take a dim view of adults bringing minors across state lines. One procedure that is available to Virginia is for the State Attorney General to present the Secret Service with an arrest warrant for Levi. I believe the Secret Service will have to turn Levi over to Virginia.

Posted by: theodosia1 | September 2, 2008 11:18 PM | Report abuse

the theatrics of the GOP are brilliant! They know the base nature of our society. They know McCain's got nothing, needs a script just plain boring. So he mentions Brittney/Paris bam! He's on the radar. Oh here, let some Hispanic rapper endorse me.

Everytime this happens he is back on the news!

If he really knew Palin's kids was pregnant, and still picked her then this is the greatest strokie of genius ever. Fly that kid to St Paul and lets make them the poster children for teenage America.


That "stuff" WILL SELL.

That's what is so scary everyone.

That is what this office has been reduced to by the GOP.

God Save us All should they win.
REv 5:15

Posted by: truth is... | September 2, 2008 11:07 PM | Report abuse

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, the Republican vice-presidential nominee who revealed Monday that her 17-year-old daughter is pregnant, earlier this year used her line-item veto to slash funding for a state program benefiting teen mothers in need of a place to live.

Posted by: Kristen | September 2, 2008 10:51 PM | Report abuse

Why isn't the reported father of Ms. Palin's child being charged with statutory rape? He's eighteen, but she's not. That's a felony in Alaska.

What will it show America about the Republican Party and their VP candidate if she shields her family from the laws the rest of us must abide by, and which she is sworn to the Founders intended?

Posted by: seaweb | September 2, 2008 10:50 PM | Report abuse

Yep you are right she sure did "shake up" Washington and the whole country.

Sara can sell on ebay so she is qualified. Can McCain google cause if he could he could have done his own vetting of Sara just like we dumb little little people did. Wonder we didn't have a brown out with everyone googling Alaska.

What I am interested in most is does Sara still belong to the Independent party to help them succeed from the US. What better place to be but president of the USA if McCain don't last.

And for the poster justdad55+ Beck don't have to go back to drinking his brain cells haven't grown back and maybe that is why he starts out making some sense but takes off into the land of confusion.

Oh well first time there was almost no convention no one came...they were all out protesting.

Posted by: Henry | September 2, 2008 10:42 PM | Report abuse

Palin is a joke, an outrageous choice. I wonder if, in her, Pentecostal days she spoke in tongues like many others in her church. No, seriously, we need to know this. And what mother would put her daughter through this? Bristol will, sadly, become a punchline like Monica Lewinsky or Jamie Lynn Spears. Please, Sarah, withdraw now.

Posted by: travers | September 2, 2008 10:19 PM | Report abuse

In Effect, There Is Virtually No Candidate
Increase Decrease

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

September 2, 2008

The inside information is, contrary to anything different that only foolish people might believe, both putative Presidential candidates are now doing nothing as much as losing the general election. The voters are panicked by the state of the economy, on which neither of the two has a clue, or is likely to ever discover a clue.

Unless Vice-President Cheney can start World War III very soon, in which case neither Obama or McCain would ever be President. The situation right now, is that the election could be called off, while the nation operates under an unelected "emergency government," for the duration of the presently onrushing global, economic breakdown-crisis.

The only leading issue on the electorate's mind is the plunging state of the U.S. and European economies, which means that Obama's constituency as November approaches, will be, basically, the serried ranks of some Buppies and Boomers, that is, if the chain is not pulled on Obama, as has been expected, by some time during September-October.

Meanwhile, Senator McCain's virtual breakdown in accepting the Governor of Alaska as a stand-in for the Senator Lieberman whom he really wanted, combined with the effect of several factors on the Obama candidacy, means, that, as of this moment, it is probable that neither will be a standing candidate come November. Gustav came as a welcome excuse for many Republicans' non- attendance at this week's opening of the nominating convention. Of course, nothing is certain, except chaos, unless we become lucky and get an option I would prefer.

British thuggery pushed Hillary out, but it also wrecked the Democratic Party's likelihood of winning the election.

The problem is not limited to the intellctual incompetence of the two Presidential candidates. In effect, letting the British (e.g., Rohatyn, Soros) steer muddleheaded Nancy Pelosi into virtually shutting down the U.S. Congress for most of the past two years, and eliminating the only leading pre-Presidential candidate who has shown the ability to think like an actual President, the U.S.A. does not have the prospect of an actually functioning, properly elected President assuming office come January.

It is the reigning Federal political system, in the Executive Branch, and the leadership of both branches of the Federal legislature, together with the leading press, which are responsible for the general breakdown of the Federal political system at this time.

I am not proposing that that will be the situation come November election-day. In a situation like the present global financial and strategic crisis, the candidates nominated by the time the Republican conventions ends, may not be candidates when election-day arrives. Past Labor Day, the fact of the incompetence of the present top leaders in the Congress, the candidates, and the major press, will have begun to kick in.

You can nominate a zero, but no sane person would ever believe for long, that it was actually our President. So, Gustav saved many leading Republicans from disgusting themselves by attending the Republican nominating convention. As things stand now, the name of the next President of the U.S.A. might turn out to have been "None of the Above."

As usual, when I am abroad for a few weeks, there has been a bit of an emotional breakdown in places such as Leesburg. Don't let that discourage you; it happens regularly, and we have always survived such fits by the usual suspects before. In the meantime, we shall continue to do our job, and pay little attention to the perenniel gaggle of silly gossips.

Many things are about to change, and that more or less profoundly, very, very soon.

Posted by: Anonymous | September 2, 2008 10:13 PM | Report abuse

Am following the RNC convention and heard that ex-NY Mayor Guiliani got bumped from yesterday to today, from today to tomorrow. Will he get bumped tomorrow too?

Wonder if he is still entrenched in his infamous 'sweetheart exchange deals' where he gets his crimes committed by convicted felon in exchange for lesser penalty without ever being suspected?

Wonder if the reason why he is bumped is because he is in the midst of one of his 'sweetheart exchange deals' and solicit his protege ex-NYPD commissioner Kerik who may be serving 140 years of jail time for mob-related activities for such a deal?

Wonder which opponents is he targeting to rid of and will he use Kerik's mob connections?

Rumor has it that if he is able to pull off murders, the RNC may give him the VP spot and will come up with an excuse to rid of S. Palin, who is the best thing that has happened to the RNC by far, hmmm....

As one of Guiliani's many sharp critics, wonder if I should worry about my family's safety in the next couple of days too?

Wondering out loud....

Posted by: Anonymous | September 2, 2008 10:13 PM | Report abuse

Grandpa McBush should have been more concerned about Palin's public record. She took the mayoral oath at a time when her town of 6,000 had balanced books. She left office 6 years later with a $27 million debt. (That's over $4000 per man, woman, child, and God-ordained fetus in town).

Smells Like Rethuglican Desperation!...and it's only Sept 1...

Posted by: ZappoDave | September 2, 2008 10:03 PM | Report abuse

What an incredible insult to Hillary Clinton.

The fact that this untested, poofed-up, made-up weather reporter would exploit the years of blood, sweat, and tears that Hillary Clinton expended on delivering a message quite the opposite of hers, is just disgusting.

Shame on her.

Posted by: eecee | September 2, 2008 9:56 PM | Report abuse

Is it just me or does Palin stand up to the old boys network only when she's cut out of the loot.

Posted by: playa | September 2, 2008 9:49 PM | Report abuse

Rove said the other day " Bush Had Foreign Policy Experience Because Texas Is Near Mexico" and Cindy McCain believe that Palin had experience because Alaska is close to Russia. It is going to get better and better, people. You got to laugh!

Posted by: Jean | September 2, 2008 9:46 PM | Report abuse

I got goosebumps listening to Sarah Palin and her call to "break the glass ceiling".

It is time to put all other issues aside except for one - equal opportunity. If women get this all else will follow. If we do not get this we will remian second class citizens.

Vote aginst sexual bias and disrespect. Vot for equal opportunity for all women - vote for Sarah Palin!

Posted by: mgd1 | September 2, 2008 9:25 PM | Report abuse

Umm, Anonymous at 9:04? Nixon, Kennedy, FDR. Three of the last 12 presidents have left office early, passing the office down. How's 1 in 4 sound to you?

Posted by: Wake up | September 2, 2008 9:23 PM | Report abuse

Anonymous, you are a fool!
Stay anaonymous.
THe VP spot is so insignificant that Cheney is an unknown quantity.

THis was JSM's first real executive decision.
Done smartly.
Reminds me of Bush, actually.

Posted by: Hieronymous | September 2, 2008 9:10 PM | Report abuse

You know, that speech was nice but there are untruths in it.
Gov Palin did not oppose the Bridge to Nowhere.
That was a lie.
She is director of a 527 soft money campaign for Ted Stevens, the indicted Alaska senator.

Not too good a reformer I'd say.

Need to look into that abuse of power case called TrooperGate also.

Posted by: Gorp | September 2, 2008 9:08 PM | Report abuse

When was the last time a VP took over for a President . . . Johnson for Kennedy? McCains not going to keel over, so all of this is mute.

Hard to understand why the libs feel so threatened by this woman, any ideas?

Posted by: Anonymous | September 2, 2008 9:07 PM | Report abuse

Now that the lovely couple are both going to be at the RNC, how does this jive with the request for privacy?

There are so many reasons to dismiss Gov. Palin as a nominee for VP that they are becoming too numerous to write of.

There is a good AP synopsis now on line that has most of the relevant and true ones. Forget about the teen pregnancy. That is silliness.

Posted by: mtobias | September 2, 2008 9:04 PM | Report abuse

Head of State

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

"No Surprises From Palin, McCain Team Says"-Washington Post

Senior McCain officials described themselves as "unsurprised" today as huge storms of locusts flew from Wasilla, Alaska and descended upon McCain campaign headquarters. "Locusts were vetted. Locusts were vetted in the vet" said one campaign official, who spoke without attribution out of concern that he would be devoured by a verminous flying cloud. The campaign also said that they were nonplussed by reports that the rivers were running black with ashes, that family pets were begin to speak in human voices, declaiming "Release Sarah!", and that a huge spreading stain was beginning to blot out the Northern sun. "Vetted", said the campaign.

"There are exciting new studies that show that locusts can be used as a source of biodegradable fuel" said Newt Gingrich, as he hunkered down to avoid the black marble obelisks falling from the sky around him. "Palin, if she can be said to have played a role in bringing about these new biofuel resources, should be praised for her innovative role in the solution to our future energy demands".

"These events firmly demonstrate Palin's deep connection to traditional modes of traditional expression, in traditional forms, traditionally." said William Kristol, editor of the Weekly Standard. "Experience, in the face of these more traditional events, is overrated..." continued Kristol, before ending the interview to wrap himself head-to-toe in mosquito netting and swallowing a bitter tasting anti-malarial drug, the taste of which, as his lips contorted, he noted to be "surprisingly refreshing."

Palin's schedule in the upcoming days of the Republican National Convention has been cut short due to, as one McCain communications aide reported, a desire not to "let the magic out of the bottle too quickly." "Sarah is a precious resource, who each moment brings a new vitality and energy to every worker on the campaign" said the aide, while fighting to remove the nest of serpents which had suddenly materialized on the floor beneath him, and were now slowly ascending his legs. "Do these bite, or just slink?" asked the aide, who spoke on conditions of anonymity so as not to provoke or otherwise alienate the reptiles.

Meanwhile, as the heavens darkened, the seas began to boil, and a deep voice tore through the clouds shouting, in stentorian tones to one and all: "It was a Mistake!", campaign offices described themselves as "unperturbed". "Serpents materializing, house pets suddenly called to vocal advocacy, Celestial callings to revise and repent...Vetted" said the spokesman, speaking on condition of anonymity as he was turning into a pillar of salt. "Everything that was vetted was vetted in the vet."

Head of State:

Posted by: Robert Hewson | September 2, 2008 8:58 PM | Report abuse

Balz giving us the McGoo memo again. Are you a journalist or stenographer?!? Do your own damn work. What is wrong with you? AP, Politico, New Media everywhere all kicking your arse. Get off the McCain Estate swing, get off the bus, get off your lazy arse and do some work!
We now have someone who is clearly a danger to our great Republic, who pushed to have Alaska leave the Union, who is a dangerous fool. Tell us about things like this:
Founder Of Group Palin Courted Professed "Hatred For The American Government"; Cursed "Damn Flag"
By Greg Sargent - September 2, 2008, 6:10PM
The founder of the Alaska Independence Party -- a group that has been courted over the years by Sarah Palin, and one her husband was a member of for roughly seven years -- once professed his "hatred for the American government" and cursed the American flag as a "damn flag."

The AIP founder, Joe Vogler, made the comments in 1991, in an interview that's now housed at the Oral History Program in the Rasmuson Library at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks.

"The fires of hell are frozen glaciers compared to my hatred for the American government," Vogler said in the interview, in which he talked extensively about his desire for Alaskan secession, the key goal of the AIP.

"And I won't be buried under their damn flag," Vogler continued in the interview, which also touched on his disappointment with the American judicial system. "I'll be buried in Dawson. And when Alaska is an independent nation they can bring my bones home."

At another point, Volger advocated renouncing allegiance to the United States. In the course of denouncing Federal regulation over land, he said:

"And then you get mad. And you say, the hell with them. And you renounce allegiance, and you pledge your efforts, your effects, your honor, your life to Alaska."

You can listen to audio of the relevant section of the Volger interview here. Bill Schneider, curator of oral history at the library, verified the authenticity of the interview and the quote to me a few moments ago.

Palin has courted the group over the years.

Three years after the controversial interview, in 1994, Palin attended the group's annual convention, according to witnesses who spoke to ABC News' Jake Tapper. The McCain campaign is disputing her presence there, but Tapper found two people to attest to it.

The McCain campaign today produced Palin's voting registration records, and said they proved she was never a member of the party.

But she has repeatedly reached out to the group. The McCain campaign has confirmed she visited the group's 2000 convention, and she addressed its convention this year, as an incumbent governor whose oath of office includes upholding the Constitution of the United States.

Palin's husband, Todd Palin, was a member of the party from 1995-2002 with a brief exception in 2000.

It's worth noting that Vogler isn't just some figure from ancient history. He is still being hailed on AIP's site this year, the same year Palin addressed the group's convention.

It's worth pondering how big a deal it would be if Obama had ever courted the support of a group whose head had said this kind of thing about America and her flag. Oh, wait...

Posted by: Palin Dangerous Nut | September 2, 2008 8:53 PM | Report abuse




Posted by: laplumelefirmament | September 2, 2008 8:51 PM | Report abuse

If he had chosen Rep. Michele Bachmann instead, would she have enough " experience" for you libs?

Posted by: JakeD | September 2, 2008 8:46 PM | Report abuse

What ever happended to reason, and rationale thought. Some say McCain = Maverick, since when does a Maverick think like a Moron...

Posted by: Donald Smith | September 2, 2008 8:14 PM | Report abuse

Throw appealing to Hilary voters out the window and get Palin out there to soothe the fears of voters seeing her associated with secession and teen pregnancy.

Posted by: matt | September 2, 2008 8:10 PM | Report abuse

After several months of scrutinizing Barack Obama's former place of worship, reporters are now taking a close look at Alaskan churches frequented by presumptive Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin.

As the Huffington Post reported earlier Tuesday, Palin addressed a gathering at the Wasilla Assembly of God, asking them to pray for oil pipeline development and "God's will" in Iraq. Meanwhile, the Boston Herald and Newsweek have both identified Wasilla Bible Church as the Alaska Governor's most recent church. And it was at that Bible Church where a recent guest described a Palestinian attack on Israeli citizens as part of God's judgment coming to pass on Earth -- an analysis likely troubling both to Jews, as well as to mainstream foreign policy analysts.

Describing a trip by his son to Jerusalem, Jews for Jesus founder David Brickner described the a July Palestinian bulldozer attack against Israeli civilians as part of God's "judgment."

That speech, from August 17, is posted on the church's website, along with all other recent addresses delivered to the congregation.

In a talk entitled "The Jerusalem Dilemma," Brickner also went on to describe all of the problems in the Middle East as related to Jerusalem. "But what we see in Israel, the conflict that is spilled through the Middle East, really which is all about Jerusalem, is an ongoing reflection of the fact that there is judgment," Brickner told Palin's church, adding: "Judgment is very real and we see it played out on the pages of the newspapers and on the television. It's very real. When Isaac [Brickner's son] was in Jerusalem he was there to witness some of that judgment, some of that conflict, when a Palestinian from East Jerusalem took a bulldozer and went plowing through a score of cars, killing numbers of people. Judgment -- you can't miss it."

Listen to Brickner here.

Brickner's analysis tracks with various other strains of evangelist Christian eschatology, but finds decidedly less favor in foreign policy circles. With Gov. Palin's views on foreign policy mostly unknown, and the McCain campaign thus far ill disposed to the idea of making her available to the national press, it's unclear how much stock she personally puts in Brickner's theory. An email to the McCain campaign asking for clarification was not immediately returned.

Posted by: Anonymous | September 2, 2008 8:05 PM | Report abuse

Head of State

Monday, September 01, 2008

"Intrusive Personal Questions" from the Palin Vetting Questionnaire

"Mr. McCain’s advisers said repeatedly on Monday that Ms. Palin was 'thoroughly vetted'"- The New York Times

Palin "responded to a 70-question form that included 'intrusive personal questions' a senior campaign aide said today."- The Washington Post

"Intrusive Personal Questions" from the Palin Vetting Questionnaire:

1) Did we forget anything?

2) Secession from your own country is

a) Patriotic
b) A qualification to be the potential leader of that country
c) Maverick-y!
d) None of the above

3) John McCain has said that he has followed your record for "many, many years." Divide those "many" years by the number of years of your actual record. The result is

a) Three days
b) Two years as mayor of a town of 9000, and 20 months at the helm of the vaunted Alaska National Guard
c) 0: experience, as we know, is not relevant to one's record
d) Czechoslovakia

4) Moose Burger : Abstinence as Moose Hunting :

a) Brother-in-law
b) 50 state flag
c) Bridge to Nowhere (after it was made impossible)
d) All of the above

5) Did we forget anything?

6) Three Vice Presidential candidates are moving from three equidistant fixed points towards a podium. One, in his slightly glazed stare and awkwardly quasi-combative speech bears a faint resemblance to Dan Quayle; the next can only assist the ticket as we near closer to Rapture; the third seems to have stumbled out of one of Christopher Buckley's sharper efforts. Which one arrives at the podium first?

7) "Nothing that has come out did not come out in the vet." This sentence actually means:

a) Everything has come out and everything has been vetted
b) Everything that was vetted has come out
c) Everything that has come out was vetted
d) The vet came out and vetted the vets vetter than anything has ever been vetted. Really.

8) You are a right-wing, red-state conservative. During the Clinton Administration, you believed that President Clinton's behavior with Monica Lewinsky disqualified him from the Presidency on moral grounds; you fervently raised the terms "Lincoln Bedroom" and "Johnny Chung" to invoke notions of utter corruption, and regarded the "Travelgate" firings as an abuse of power. In the face of the recent revelations regarding Palin's directorship of Ted Stevens' 527, support of the Bridge to Nowhere, "Troopergate" imbroglio, and illegitimate pregnancy of her 16-year old daughter, you:

a) Blame George Soros
b) Talk about Bill Clinton instead of Palin
c) Hold your hands over your ears and loudly shout "La la la"
d) Try to change the subject

9) "Foreign policy experience" includes:

a) Being near another large nation
b) Seceding from your own country and then taking up residence in the new nation
c) Being close to "Nowhere" in your support for the Bridge to Nowhere, which is different than being "Somewhere"
d) Blame George Soros

10) If you were seeking to choose as your running mate someone who would please Evangelical Conservatives with very traditional values, who would be without taint of corruption or misuse of government power, and someone who, in line with your campaign's own slogan, would put "Country First", after thorough vetting and "intrusive personal questions", you would choose someone who:

a) Supported the Bridge to Nowhere
b) Supported the secession of Alaska from the U.S. (Slogan: "Alaska First!")
c) Was the subject of a state ethics investigation due to allegations that she had tried to have her brother-in-law fired and that she fired the state public safety commissioner due to his unwillingness to fire the brother-in-law
d) Would suffer from allegations that her 16 year old child had become pregnant illegitimately, despite her fervent support for abstinence only sex education
e) None of the above

Head of State:

Posted by: Robert Hewson | September 2, 2008 8:04 PM | Report abuse

On August 10, Karl Rove went on "Face The Nation" to argue that Senator Obama would make an "intensely political choice" for Vice President without regard for the "responsibilities of president." At the time, Rove believed Obama would choose Tim Kaine, and argued against him by saying this:

With all due respect again to Governor Kaine, he's been a governor for three years, he's been able but undistinguished. I don't think people could really name a big, important thing that he's done. He was mayor of the 105th largest city in America. And again, with all due respect to Richmond, Virginia, it's smaller than Chula Vista, California; Aurora, Colorado; Mesa or Gilbert, Arizona; north Las Vegas or Henderson, Nevada. It's not a big town. So if he were to pick Governor Kaine, it would be an intensely political choice where he said, "You know what? I'm really not, first and foremost, concerned with, is this person capable of being president of the United States?

And McCain picks Palin Governor of Alaska but Kaine Governor Virginia is small potatoes????

Posted by: ApostasyUSA | September 2, 2008 8:02 PM | Report abuse

That is why hussein obama is a stealth candidate. .they do everything in dark.. nothing is transparent.. including his radical pastor for 20 years Wright's anti-american rants..

Posted by: Anonymous | September 2, 2008 7:55 PM | Report abuse

Have you guys seen the cultureless obama supporters called Anarchists in St Paul? They are vaging brainless violence and intimidation to common people and press.. jeez.. are these the people whom NBC calls educated? Have they even been to elementary school?

Posted by: Anonymous | September 2, 2008 7:52 PM | Report abuse

John Beck, go back to drinking The surge has helped the USA to pass on a a piece of Iraq. Big bloody deal, it is not over or will never will be. John Beck is right, the media is coming around and know more Us soldiers will die, but more will come home with diseases because of all the bombs, illegal bombs may I add. Illegal war may I add.
The new Republican VP. Well give us all a break, she is pretty, but pretty dumb to be VP of America. You are white trash Glen, you were right today on Canadian news.. Obama promised change and now , heaven behold so do the Republicans are now doing the same-understand. You go back and forth so much I am sure even you understand that 80% of your show is people , simple minded crap.

Posted by: justadad55+ | September 2, 2008 7:49 PM | Report abuse

Pat Buchanan seems to like the choice too:

If McCain wins "Palin will eclipse every other Republican as heir apparent to the presidency and will have her own power base among Lifers, evangelicals, gun folks and conservatives –- wholly independent of President McCain."

Posted by: JakeD | September 2, 2008 7:47 PM | Report abuse

I find lot of them in this company. Stating with all democrats.

Posted by: Pathetic Demagouge | September 2, 2008 7:41 PM | Report abuse

The Palin Meltdown in Slo-Mo:

On the same day that the Republicans were forced to dramatically cut back their convention activities, the Palin Meltdown unfolded with extraordinary speed. It's worth pondering the totality of what happened today, in a mere half day...

* The news that Palin once backed the Bridge to Nowhere went national.

* It emerged that Palin has links to the bizarro Alaska Independence Party, which harbors the goal of seceding from the union that McCain and Palin seek to lead.

* The news broke that as governor, Palin relied on an earmark system she now opposes. Taken along with the Bridge to Nowhere stuff, this threatens to undercut her reformist image, something that was key to her selection as McCain's Veep candidate.

* The news broke that Palin's 17-year-old daughter became pregnant out of wedlock at a time when the conservative base had finally started rallying behind McCain's candidacy.

* Barely moments after McCain advisers put out word that McCain had known of Bristol Palin's pregnancy, the Anchorage Daily News revealed that Palin's own spokesperson hadn't known about it only two days ago.

* A senior McCain adviser at the Republican convention was forced into the rather embarrassing position of arguing that McCain had known about the pregnancy "last week" -- without saying what day last week he knew about it.

* It came out that Republican lawyers are up in Alaska vetting Palin -- now, more than 72 hours after it was announced that she'd been picked.

* Palin lawyered up in relation to the trooper-gate probe in Alaska -- a move that ensures far more serious attention to the story from the major news orgs.

What else will come out today? Tomorrow?

Posted by: GS | September 2, 2008 7:36 PM | Report abuse


Posted by: JakeD | September 2, 2008 7:05 PM | Report abuse

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