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Immigration Ad War Continues in Spanish

By Ed O'Keefe
Arguably one of the most intriguing aspects of the presidential campaign is how John McCain and Barack Obama continue to fight over the issue of immigration in only their Spanish language ads. The issue rarely arises in their English-language political debate, but Spanish-speaking television viewers continue to see it mentioned in campaign ads.

The most recent message, "Otra Vez Con Lo Mismo," comes from the Obama campaign and attacks McCain for a message he started airing last week.

"McCain is up to the same distortions and lies on the immigration issue," the new ad states in Spanish. "He wants to hide the fact that he's the one who turned his back on us."

The ad then plays a clip from a CNN debate where McCain is asked about the immigration reform legislation and whether he would vote for it now. "No, no I would not," he says.

The ad continues: "McCain caved to the anti-immigrant crowd and, with the Republicans, turned his back on our community. If John McCain is not willing to stand up against his own Republican Party, how will he stand up for our community in the White House?"

The ad will air for an undetermined amount of time starting Wednesday in Colorado, Florida, Nevada and New Mexico, according to Obama campaign spokesman Federico de Jesus. Both the Obama and McCain campaigns have focused virtually all of their Spanish-language ad efforts in the "Latin quartet" of states, where Hispanic voter turnout could significantly tip the scales in favor of either candidate.

Posted at 3:05 PM ET on Oct 7, 2008  | Category:  Channel 08
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1992--1,258,482------2000--1,643,679------2008----660,288 (08/31)

FACT: In the last 22 years, over 26 million illegals, have been apprehended, crossing our Southwest Border.

FACT: Less than 1, out of 4, were estimated to have been apprehended.

Mind boggling, isn't it.

According to the U.S. Immigration Service another 6 million illegals in this country are visa overstays. That is, they got a visa legally in their home country, they came here to visit and then they never left.

In the last 22 years, there have been another 4 million anchor babies born to illegals. Anchor babies are now being born at a rate of 350-400 thousand per year in our United States. All at our expense!!

Posted by: buzzm1 | October 8, 2008 1:59 PM

"Latin quartet"of theUnitedStatesofAmerica,was New Orleans before the land mass and Gulf Sea changed its idiom 'latin',to Louisianna Bayuo.
In the 'Quarters'of each state of the UnitedStates'americanimmigrant from middle
and South America and the Islands between the North America and South America large groups migrated to the USA.They got here and now the people mostly speck spanish,some read it others know english.These people are not spanish although they speck and know spanish and if you ask them most think they are spanish.The second and third generation of spanish specking parents grandparent,speck english but they would never say they are english.
They are not hispanic either.
The immigrant who can claim hispanic are from the Island of Hispanola,divided into franch and spanish: Latin their common root@religion.
Santo Domingo and Haiti nationals claim to hispanic obsolute.
Latin group can be claimed by the chergy in Cuba and PuertoRico,
Latin Population@FancyImmagination of media magi Slavemaster!
Hispanic{?} voter turnout from immigrants unlikely.
Citizens from New Mexico for example,speck read spanish and english,and they VOTE ,could significantly tip the scales in favor of either candidate.
Significant Issues of immigration could impack no voters of the Island of Puerto Rico.PuertoRican speck Spanish and English are not hispanic nor spanish nor english nor latins.PuertoRicanAmericans they are.
On the island they can not vote will not vote for John McCain or Barack Obama,for none of the above,but willingly serve and protect the Chief and Commander of the USMilitary Since William McKinsley 1898 liberation of Puerto rico from the Clergy on Cuba to 2008 a long way from the promise of the Liberator 1901 to Puerto Rico.On the island of Puerto rico USArmyMomorials across the island land scape.Duty bound to the promise.
PuertoRicans to vote for John McCain or Barack Obama or none of the above need residency in one of the states Commonwealths to vote,easy task.Take American airline from Puerto rico to JFK for example,no pass port what so evr,just a drivers BioMetric license and slang from the island, like citizen@Birth to 18&vote or not @FreeWillLiberty@Ohio State of Mind MCKinsley.
ecoavila go your own way.
Ame'rican from Puerto rico Only Rain Forrest in the USA!
Majority of the population Upon the earth would love to Immigrate to any part of the USA.
To the United States Island of Puerto Rico some Dominicans and Haitian Hispanics cross the waters,some make it some drown but try they will to reach liberty prosperity freedom,they do not care about the vote.Happy to be in USA!
Precious Citizenship of OLDGLORY
wight in gold diamonds pearls

Posted by: moveup4us | October 7, 2008 6:03 PM

In Arizona (McCain's state), there are publicly open racist organizations who have taken as a sport to go out with guns into the border with Mexico to shoot-out illegal immigrants, and any that may look so to them.

If they don't shoot them, they will capture them and take them to the authorities.

McCain KNOWS all about this, but keeps quiet.

Posted by: ElMugroso | October 7, 2008 5:57 PM

See the (Obama look a like) McCain uses to practice for the debate.

Watch The Out takes from the practice debates, see clips of mistakes made during practice. http://www.watchdebate.

Posted by: pastor123 | October 7, 2008 4:35 PM

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