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Mark Warner Still Polling

By David S. Broder
The election may be over, but Mark Warner is still polling. The wealthy Virginia Democrat, triumphant in the Senate election on Tuesday, had Peter D. Hart Associates, the polling firm for his campaign, phoning Virginians Thursday evening.

A Post reporter who apparently turned up in a random sample went through a 15-minute drill, with questions about which candidate he supported for president and senator and why and what his expectations are for Warner. A typical question: Would you prefer that Warner vote to reduce the federal deficit or support additional economic stimulus, even if it increases the deficit?

At the end of the interview, the questioner said it was sponsored by "Friends of Mark Warner."

Posted at 5:09 PM ET on Nov 7, 2008  | Category:  Cast of Characters
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Relentless. Virginia is going to stay blue.

It looks like, from a long-term perspective Kerry's 252 plus Iowa, New Mexico, Nevada and Colorado are the new BlueCore of 278 electoral votes.

Virginia, Ohio and Florida are the first tier battleground states. Followed by North Carolina, Indiana and Missouri. After that, Georgia, Arizona, Montana, West Virginia and the Dakotas stretch the battlefield.

As long as Obama doesn't:
a) sell arms to Iran and then give the money to nicaraguans who want to flood our streets with crack
b) start filming an episode of girl staffers gone wild at the white house, or
c) start a $2 trillion war with a country that isn't a clear and present danger to us...

We'll be looking at an enduring moral, progressive majority. And the democratic platform will become the law of the land.

Virginia, Ohio and Florida are the icing on the cake. We'll see which Republican kamikazes come out of the woodwork in Dec 2010.

Posted by: jrob822 | November 8, 2008 12:49 PM

Senator-elect Warner should fall into line with President-elect Obama and reduce the national deficit as they campaigned on.

As a first step Senator-elect Warner should turn over 40% of his vast wealth to President Obama to be redistributed to those who have much less!

This is what President-elect Obama stated during the campaign and I would hope that Senator Kerry (633 million), Senator Ted Kennedy, Senator Herbert Kohl and Senator Nelson Rockerfeller all do the same.

Posted by: mwhoke | November 8, 2008 11:02 AM

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