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The Foreign Policy Deputies

By Al Kamen
With the top slots at the State Department and the National Security Council apparently taken by Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton and Gen. James Jones, respectively, attention is now turning to selections for the critical deputy posts at Foggy Bottom and the NSC.

James Steinberg, now head of the Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs at the University of Texas and before that deputy national security adviser in the Clinton White House, is the expected pick for the State Department deputyship.

That would put Washington lawyer Tom Donilon, who had been chief of staff to former secretary of state Warren Christopher, as the leading candidate for deputy National Security Adviser. Donilon, whose ties to incoming Vice President Joe Biden go way back, would likely ensure that the veep is well-briefed on international matters.

If that's the way the dust settles, then it looks increasingly likely that Susan Rice, who served on the National Security Council and was assistant secretary of state for Africa in the Clinton days and has been a senior adviser to President-elect Barack Obama, would be the pick to be ambassador to the United Nations. A question remains as to whether that would that be a cabinet-ranked post -- sometimes it is, sometimes it isn't.

By Web Politics Editor  |  November 24, 2008; 12:21 PM ET
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JohnQuimby-What I was implying was that Barry is going to adopt Social programs in Countries such as Kenya. The Global Poverty Act calls for the Executive to now be REQUIRED to guarantee Food, and Water, for the World's Poor! What do you want to bet it starts in East Africa? Kenya, to be exact!

I do not believe Barack has the desire to wrestle with al-Quida at all! Or Hizbollah, Mehdi Militia, Hamas, FARC, Shining Path, Qods, Bloods, Crips, or any other Problematic Group-other than maybe the Aryan Nation! :-(

For Problem children World wide, it is back to being ignored, while they get to regroup!

Military Cuts for Social Causes!

The Clintonistas are Baaaack! :-(

Posted by: SAINT---The | November 25, 2008 10:40 AM | Report abuse

looneybin -

your calendar is running fast.
Last I checked, Bush hadn't resigned yet.

As for your take on Hillary, the voters didn't see it your way. So she get's promoted to the Cabinet. The Telegraph is England's conservative paper, formerly owned by uber right winger Conrad Black who was convicted of fraud.

SAINT - get a grip, dude. Bush, Clinton, etc. have all made commitments in Africa.
I'm sure Al Qeida is checking out a move to Somalia because Pakistan is getting too hot.

Darfur is a mess. Congo is a mess. Both of these places could breed new terrorists.
Failed states can't provide security or peace.

I don't want to send 50,000 combat troops
to Africa, how about you?

Posted by: JohnQuimby | November 24, 2008 9:58 PM | Report abuse

Hillary Clinton should be in Obama's position as Pres. Elect.

Many people voted for Obama because #1 Hillary bowed out, #2 Joe Biden could be our next President #3 You would have to have been insane to vote for McBush and the Pit Bull -

Posted by: LOONYBIN2000 | November 24, 2008 5:39 PM | Report abuse

What in everyday language, are the conditions and interest rates City Corp. has to abide by.and if these conditions are not followed to the letter, who takes over City Corp.

My understanding is the government will own these large Corp. banks if they do not pay up as the agreement calls for - but it would be nice to know what was agreed to, afterall it is the tax payers money and we have the right to have this very important info. Obama has a duty to the people of this country to lay it out so the average citizen knows what is going on behind the closed doors, or is ths just one of GWB's tricks to keep the people with no information

Posted by: LOONYBIN2000 | November 24, 2008 5:32 PM | Report abuse

A modest amount of drama is not a bad thing Scrivner. As for the Saint, you lost babe, get over it.

Posted by: adhardwick | November 24, 2008 1:55 PM | Report abuse

Steinberg along with Daniel Kurtzer and Dennis Ross are among the principal authors of Barack Obama’s address on the Middle East to AIPAC in June 2008. Now you know what's really going on here.

Posted by: lockmallup | November 24, 2008 1:51 PM | Report abuse


The London Telegraph reported yesterday that Obama's staff is urging the President-elect not to go through with the Hillary-as-SecState gambit -- that they are dismayed at the prospect.

No word from Wa-Po or NYT on that one, unless I missed it.

And has anyone asked Joe Biden about this?

Now word leaks out that Hillary already has chosen her deputy -- even before Obama's transition office says that an offer has been proffered.

If Obama goes through with this ill-advised, illogical extension of the "team of rivals" concept, he will be bringing into the White House the grande drama dame of American politics -- someone who would have made a great president, but also a politician with no background in managing a bureaucracy (her stewardship of the Clinton health care initiative, and her own presidential campaign, does not exactly recommend her).

And didn't Obama once remark that going to "teas" isn't a substitute for hands-on diplomatic experience? And then there was all that "flak" about what happened in Bosnia...

Can Obama afford to send a message 'round the world that he can be strong-armed? If he was serious about considering Hillary (many think it was more of a gesture than a realistic possibility, given Bill's entangling financial alliances), all the press agentry should have dissuaded him by now.

If the would-be SecState's office already is leaking like a sieve, doesn't that forebode a "Foggy Bottom Breakdown" in the ability to conduct quiet behind-the-scenes diplomacy?

We're still betting this never happens -- despite the best efforts of Hillary's PR machine.

And wouldn't she rather break the Senate seniority system, and the chamber's glass ceiling, by becoming the next Senate majority leader?

For more:

Posted by: scrivener50 | November 24, 2008 1:44 PM | Report abuse

Here we go with the Africa Ties! First Barry's Global Poverty Act-AKA World Income Tax, to extend new duties to the Exec., and now this alignment.

At a Time when we cannot do anything but fall apart, Barack wants to adopt Africa!

Is "Auntie" on her way yet? As the PRESIDENT, Enforcing Federal Laws is something Obasama has to SWEAR to do!

Or, is he just planing to LIE?

Posted by: SAINT---The | November 24, 2008 12:34 PM | Report abuse

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