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Rough Sketch

Washington Sketch: Congress Drives Home the Point

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The Washington Post's Dana Milbank sketches the return of "The Big Three" to Capitol Hill. (Akira Hakuta /

Posted at 8:52 AM ET on Dec 5, 2008  | Category:  Rough Sketch
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From The Lipman Times (The New All-Obama Coverage Daily Newspaper):

Gates to Obama: Spend!

By Paul Amy on December 4, 2008
Bill Oleary/The Washington Post

Bill O'leary/The Washington Post

Speaking Wednesday at George Washington University, Bill Gates urged President-elect Obama to increase spending. Likening the current financial crisis to those of the 1970s, Mr. Gates described the situation as an opportunity for new ideas and growth.

The Washington Post reports:

“In a crisis, there is always a risk that you take your eyes off the future and you sacrifice long-term investments for short-term gains,” Gates said in a speech at George Washington University. “You have to seek both. . . . We should have a bigger goal than getting the economy growing again. I think we should expand the number of people who are contributing to the economy and benefiting from it.”

Gates put his money where his mouth was, saying his foundation would be increasing its grants next year, despite a decline in its endowment caused by the economic downturn. He called on the U.S. to do the same...


Posted by: caraprado1 | December 5, 2008 9:56 AM

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