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Inauguration Week

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Posted at 8:14 AM ET on Jan 20, 2009  | Category:  Inauguration Week
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I never thought I’d say this but for the first time in my life, I am disappointed in my country. It is outrageous and absurd that barack obama has spent 170 million dollars on his inauguration. When President Bush spent 42 million on his inauguration, the liberals and mainstream media had an immense negative response to it, and more recently over an insignificant thing like Sara Palin's wardrobe. But now, everyone is keeping quiet about obama. He is not the Messiah, he's not the King of England so why all the hoopla? I thought barack was a simple man who wanted to make changes to better our country. The first step to accomplish that is to have a simple inauguration with him, his wife and a bible in a simple quiet ceremony. Then, use that money that’s being wasted on him on something more meaningful, like applying it to our huge budget deficit, or to feed so many of our citizens that are going hungry every night. Just because he is half black, it does not make him anymore special than previous presidents. He hasn’t yet accomplished anything. And as far as “it’s a historical moment”, there is nothing historic about it. The color of his skin does not make him a historic individual. It’s the accomplishments that matter. He is a novice, has demonstrated he’s still green behind the ears, and has surrounded himself with crooks in his administration that have no integrity. Not to mention all the promises he has reneged on, like pulling the troops out within 3 months of being elected. Politicians in Washington think they can do anything they please and get away with it instead of listening to the people. Start running a responsible and honest government and stop with all the wasteful frills.

Posted by: spkmymind | January 20, 2009 4:13 PM

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