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Sebelius Record Raises Operation Rescue Ire

By Ceci Connolly
The Obama administration remains mum about who might take over the Department of Health and Human Services -- and when that might be. But conservative religious activists have already launched a scathing campaign against top contender Kathleen Sebelius.

The Kansas Democrat and Roman Catholic Sebelius is "the most rabidly pro-abortion governor" in the country, according to a new campaign being waged by Operation Rescue through its Web site. A page devoted to Sebelius includes clips from Fox's "O'Reilly Factor," and features a photo of President Obama leaning in to kiss Sebelius with the caption, "Birds of a Feather ... both are enemies of the pre-born."

As governor, Sebelius vetoed a bill that would have required clinics to report to the state the reason for any late-term abortion it performed. After her veto, the local archbishop called on Sebelius to not take the sacrament of communion.

Sebelius was one of the first governors to endorse Obama in the 2008 primaries and is said to be high on the list of prospects to replace Thomas A. Daschle. He withdrew his nomination after acknowledging making $146,000 in back tax payments.

During a weekend visit to Washington to attend the National Governor's Association meeting, Sebelius said she had not spoken to Obama about the job.

As for the latest attacks, Sebelius said: "Abortion is a personal decision made by a woman in consultation with her doctor, her family, and her clergy. While my beliefs teach me that abortion is morally unacceptable, as a public official, I have worked hard to ensure that abortions are rare, safe, and within the bounds of the law."

Posted at 5:16 PM ET on Feb 24, 2009  | Category:  Cabinet
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Operation Rescue once again shows its true colors as thugs. it's too bad that nice, decent folks are taken in by them.

Are we really ready to let one-note fanatics decide our national policies?

Posted by: thaimex | February 24, 2009 8:42 PM

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