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What Hath Tweet Wrought?

By Garance Franke-Ruta
Reporters are used to standing in the backs of rooms, cracking jokes amongst themselves as political personalities go about their business. Now, thanks to Twitter, the whole world can listen in on the press pen. Below are a mix of tweets about tonight's Obama and Jindal speeches from media figures, old and new, plus a handful of political observers:

Andrew Golis (TPM): Oh man, after this blistering response from Jindal Obama should just quit now and let the GOP have the WH back. Cheesy robot Guvs FTW!

Ben Smith (Politico): Independent observers deluging me with Jindal/Kenneth from 30 Rock comparisons.

(Ed note: There's already a Facebook group on the topic by 10:52 p.m., "Bobby Jindal is Kenneth the Page".)

Mike Gehrke (former DNC research director): Thank you Bobby Jindal for making us forget about Tim Kaine's eyebrows.

Matthew Yglesias (CAP): Very concerned that speech hasn't addressed the threat of human-animal hybrids.

Jake Tapper (ABC News): ty'sheoma's story was best moment - "we are not quitters"

John Dickerson (Slate): suppose you can try to say the president's not optimistic enough but it's gonna be tough after this closing riff.

Alan S. Murray (WSJ): I wonder if John Thain will take the Leonard Abess approach.

Mike Allen (Politico): Paging conant on the geo-flub

Mike Madden (Salon): What is that thing on the podium in front of Pelosi? Looks like a large, expensive, taxpayer-funded salt-and-pepper set.

Adam Conner (Facebook): the sweeping hd crane shots of the house chamber sure are pretty.

DanaGoldstein (The American Prospect): Schools need "more reform" including performance pay for teachers and a commitment to charters. Don't freak. Weingarten has said same.

David Gregory (NBC): Does the President seem more optimistic tonight? I think he's moved away from the more dire talk abt the econ he used to sell the stimulus.

Mike Madden (Salon): Unexpected sight of the night: Congressional GOPers giving standing ovation to massive federal entitlement program (i.e., GI Bill).

Addie Stan: Michelle Obama not only the first black First Lady, but the first sleeveless First Lady at a joint session of Congress.

Alan S. Murray: CEO bashing got one of the biggest bipartisan ovations of the night so far.

Adam Conner: is nancy pelosi wearing a snuggie?!?!?!

Jake Tapper: reporter to biden; how r u feeling? VP Biden: i feel great bc i dont have to do anything. (just a few min ago)

Mike Allen: Certain WP Style story on the First Lady sleeveless -- Williams notes staff has studied FDR's fireside chats for "plain-spokennness"


Posted at 11:40 PM ET on Feb 24, 2009  | Category:  New Media
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Wondering why only 3 of those commentators are women...

Posted by: nona200 | February 25, 2009 8:41 PM

This one is really funny:

"The left, through their congressional crony agents have installed a Chicago style 'one party' apparatus with a single Chicago corrupt style mayor into the White House."

Right. Pay no attention to those (millions of) voters behind the curtain. Per aerolflin, Obama was not actually elected, but "installed" himself like the great Oz. We aren't in Kansas anymore.

aeroflin must be auditioning to be the Scarecrow. I can almost hear him singing, "If I only had a brain!".

Posted by: Observer44 | February 25, 2009 12:18 PM

Thank you aroleflin and all your fellow republicans for leading our nations so competently since 1994. Your party tripled the size of government, our nation's debt, and fumbled the war on terror. Your party quadrupled the size of pork barrel spending and gave us Jack Abramhoff, Congressman Bob Ney, Congressman Duke Cunningham and so much more. So after 8 years of your god – George Bush (the great liar and chief) what was so great about our nation?

Posted by: Patriot2009 | February 25, 2009 11:46 AM

We are seeing before us the beginning of the end of our once great nation. The left, through their congressional crony agents have installed a Chicago style 'one party' apparatus with a single Chicago corrupt style mayor into the White House. The stimulus bill is nothing more than loot to pay out for upcoming 2010 and 2012 elections since virtually all of it will not even be spent the first year....when we need it. Half of the trillion is going to government workers or union work force. Watch them now try to give voter rights and amnesty to 12 million illegals to secure votes and Democratic Pelosi style leftist government for the next generation. We are going to have a Roosevelt style economy for the next 10 years. 10 years of malaise because the media is complicit with what is happening. We are doomed.

Posted by: aroleflin | February 25, 2009 9:08 AM

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