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Obama to Lawmakers: Remember Which Ideas Won the Election

By Anne E. Kornblut
Stepping up his pressure on Congress to pass his economic stimulus plan, President Obama reminded lawmakers on Wednesday that he had won the election -- and that voters had already rejected old solutions to fixing the economic crisis.

Obama said he was aware of the criticism of his spending package, but said the criticisms were rooted in "the very same failed theories that helped lead us into this crisis in the first place," including the notion that tax cuts offered the best path to a recovery.

"I reject those theories, and so did the American people when they went to the polls in November and voted resoundingly for change," Obama said. "So I urge members of Congress to act without delay."

Obama, appearing with Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner at the White House to announce new executive compensation rules, aimed his remarks at lawmakers in the Senate, where Democrats lack the votes to pass the current stimulus bill. The Democratic Senate leadership is now racing to devise a package that can pass and can then be reconciled with the House version that passed last week.

Obama said that, in addition to over-emphasizing tax cuts, the critics of his plan also mistakenly believed they could "ignore fundamental challenges, like energy independence and the high cost of health care."

"No plan is perfect, and we should work to make it stronger. No one's more committed to making it stronger than me," Obama said. "But let's not make the perfect the enemy of the essential. Let's show people all over our country who are looking for leadership in this difficult time that we are equal to the task."

By Web Politics Editor  |  February 4, 2009; 11:39 AM ET
Categories:  Barack Obama , Economy  
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hchiba-LOL! :-D

Unilingual RepubliCANs? Moi?

No creo Yo mi Amigo!

Just wanting American Jobs to go to LEGAL Workers, and Illegal or Transient Foreign Nationals Kids, to ALSO remain-Foreign Nationals!

Comprende Cabrone?

Posted by: SAINT---The | February 4, 2009 6:35 PM | Report abuse

If tax cuts were the magic salvo, why isn't the country in better shape? Bushs tax cuts didn't do diddly - and doing more of the same is insanity. I'm glad to hear Obama telling it like it is. I think the election results were a repudiation of republican ideology - particularly as it relates to the economy.

Posted by: notfooledbydistractions | February 4, 2009 6:15 PM | Report abuse

it's HR2. It already looks messy.

I would like the definition of "state option plan".

Posted by: TheBabeNemo | February 4, 2009 5:37 PM | Report abuse

does anyone know if the SCHIP bill that was just signed by President Obama, was HR2 or HR141

Posted by: TheBabeNemo | February 4, 2009 5:30 PM | Report abuse

the 25% W support, 99% unilingual Republicans who still supported "Him" after 8 yrs of W's world-wreckage while blind-folded never read anything other print material of unilingual US newsmen/women.

the other 75% of Americans, unlike that 25% of hard kernel unilingual (Amer Engl only) Republicans, long ago .. realized that their unholy texas "emperor" had no clothes.

for 8 yrs W media-wrapped himself in jesus & holy mother of the christian myths images while using phosphor bombs on civilians in his wars against non-christians.

had the atheist part of the US population been localized in one state, say Vermont, W would not have hesitated in using phosphor bombs on them as well.

i thank the godless sky that W is back in his wife's arms in Texas.

Posted by: hchiba | February 4, 2009 3:41 PM | Report abuse

press briefing 3PM eastern time.

it's running late.

Posted by: TheBabeNemo | February 4, 2009 3:16 PM | Report abuse

DrainYou said: "Most of the average GOPer's still haven't figured out that wealth doesn't ever trickledown to them."

GOPer's idea of "trickledown" is to pee on your head and call it "manna from Heaven".

Drought in the pouring rain.


Posted by: Justess | February 4, 2009 3:00 PM | Report abuse

Yeah, sure... that's one way of looking at it (speaking of "LOL"). Another way is that it's a hell of a lot better than "winning" by *theft*!

Get over it. If President Obama had only won by one, lousy vote - Bush is, by God, GONE. McNasty and Shrieking Moose-hunter, by God, LOST. And THE PEOPLE spoke CLEARLY in 2008. That's a mandate no matter how you twist and spin it! Get. Over. It.

Posted by: Justess | February 4, 2009 2:55 PM | Report abuse




Posted by: SAINT---The | February 4, 2009 2:53 PM | Report abuse

Justess-LOL! :-D

Yes, a SMALL Margin against a RINO and his Cheerleader that NOBODY felt was qualified to assume control in event of McAmnesty's demise!

That is NO Mandate!

That is winning by DEFAULT!

Posted by: SAINT---The | February 4, 2009 2:42 PM | Report abuse

I still find it amazing how the GOP continues to be able to con some of the blue collar Americans (mostly in the south) who always parrot their calls for more tax cuts. Apparently they don't have an internet connection or they only listen to Druggy Rush and Faux News because if they ever read the fine print they'd notice that when the GOP talks tax cuts they're talking about tax cuts for the wealthiest 1-2% of Americans, Big Corporations and Big Oil.

They've become used to blaming others. The Repuglican leadership (Rush, Faux News etc) is very, very skilled at identifying scapegoats so that almost all of their blue collar supporters have someone else to blame for their soory state of affairs i.e.: "liberals, tax-and-spend Democrats, hippies, communists, immigrants, gays". It's an easy way to avoid facing reality. - "Gay people drove my property values up! And Mexicans took my 50.00 per hour lettuce-picking job from me! And the Demoncrats take all my tax money and use some of it for THINGS I DON'T NEED! And the hippies made us lose Vietnam! And the Communists...well...not sure what they did...and the liberals killed my cousin's baby after I got her pregnant! And the immigrants! How dare they have the chance to earn the same quality of life and hope for their childrens' future that I have for me and my family"!

Most of the average GOPer's still haven't figured out that wealth doesn't ever trickledown to them.

It's like a shell game to the Repuglican leadership, using diversionary tactics to steer the people away from seeing the real problems. Unfortunately for them, they're starting to lose that game nowdays.

Posted by: DrainYou | February 4, 2009 2:41 PM | Report abuse

great line from President Obama:

"But let's not make the perfect the enemy of the essential".

The Senate is shattering HR1. It will stall big time now.

Posted by: TheBabeNemo | February 4, 2009 2:39 PM | Report abuse

when you read the same post- 4 times a day in different WaPo blogs, yes, we do NOT care.

Posted by: TheBabeNemo | February 4, 2009 2:37 PM | Report abuse

Reality check for "Saint":

53% Obama, 46% McCain.

MANDATE. Stop crying.

Who gives a crap about his not winning the state that "gave" us the worst president in history, anyway?

Posted by: Justess | February 4, 2009 2:35 PM | Report abuse

Reality Check for O'Bomba-Nation:

It was no Mandate!

Or, even a Woman-Date!

You DID NOT win Texas!

But, I do believe Kay-Bailey, and Cornyn do remind you of that now, Don't They?! ;~)

Posted by: SAINT---The | February 4, 2009 2:26 PM | Report abuse

CitizenInPain: Not only is your comment offensive, it is also inaccurate. Obama has never been a Muslim. (Note the capital "M" in Muslim, by the way.) It is just your brand of cynicism and snarkiness that people in this country are fed up with. What are you so angry about anyway?

Posted by: BKind | February 4, 2009 2:24 PM | Report abuse

"we don't care" Posted by: TheBabeNemo

Yeah?? Who says we don't? Do you speak for all of us, or just think you do?

Posted by: Justess | February 4, 2009 2:21 PM | Report abuse

For a guy with a muslim background, Barry-O sure seems to love PORK.

Posted by: CitizenPayne | February 4, 2009 1:42 PM | Report abuse

you really must stop posting these long drawn out entries on every blog WaPO has.

we don't care

Posted by: TheBabeNemo | February 4, 2009 1:04 PM | Report abuse



Incoming AG Holder must immediately work with GOP defenders of the Constitution to dismantle the nationwide extrajudicial punishment network...

...authoritarian bureaucrats and security/intel officers and their nationwide network of citizen vigilantes fronted by federally-funded volunteer programs.

This nationwide, Gestapo-like "multi-agency action" operation has made a mockery of the judicial system for the past eight years and has claimed many victims from all strata of society.

Crimes against humanity are being committed across the nation via the use of so-called "directed energy (radiation) weapons" which the Bush D.O.J. recently confirmed are being widely deployed to police forces nationwide.

These RADIATION weapons emit silent, pulsed bursts of various forms of radiation -- and are degrading and damaging the health of those on the receiving end as well as their operators.

This weaponry has NO PLACE in civilized society -- much less in the hands of security personnel who interact with the public. It should be BANNED -- and NOT deployed to local law enforcement with the aid, approval and funding of D.O.J.

The widespread deployment of this weaponry virtually assures its misuse. Imagine if rogue actors tried to use its silent, deadly force to induce illness or to disable our political leaders.

Perhaps they already have.

Victims of this extrajudicial punishment network also see their finances and livelihoods expropriated and destroyed by coordinated "multi-agency action" "programs of personal destruction" that deny them due process of law while degrading their lives and destroying their families.

The IRS, under Bush-Cheney, has been transmogrified into an ideological weapon of social control and inhumane punishment by these covert "multi-agency actions."

Obama administration officials must address these abuses IMMEDIATELY, before these affronts to the Constitution destroy more American families -- and subvert the Obama presidency.

The bureaucrats and officers behind these "programs of personal destruction" remain entrenched. They cannot be co-opted or rehabilitated. They have threatened and harassed those who demand that they take down their unconstitutional programs.

These programs surely have contributed to the nation's economic crisis -- and by extension, the world's.

These betrayers of the Constitution must be removed from power and brought to justice.

OR (if links are corrupted):

Posted by: scrivener50 | February 4, 2009 1:01 PM | Report abuse

heck no jakey. hillary is going to England and Germany.

I think she should place a phone call to President Yushenko of the Ukraine.
Start conversing with this man. Bush didn't want him in. The Orange Revolution changed the Ukraine, elected Mr. Yushenko, and we don't even say "hello".

Posted by: TheBabeNemo | February 4, 2009 12:45 PM | Report abuse

All the polling show a MAJORITY of Americans against pork in the stimulus package. I was golfing yesterday -- sure missed a bunch of resignations -- maybe I should do that more often and Hillary Clinton will resign?

Posted by: JakeD | February 4, 2009 11:49 AM | Report abuse

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