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The Budget

For Obama and Senate Dems, a Negotiation on the Budget

By Michael A. Fletcher
President Obama is scheduled to head to Capitol Hill early this afternoon in an effort to rally support among Senate Democrats for his proposed $3.6 trillion budget for next year.

Obama has called the budget central to the goals of his presidency, including expansion of health care coverage, investments in education and renewable energy, permanent tax breaks for the middle class and a significant reduction of the deficit by the end of his first term.

The presidential visit comes as Congress has begun work on the budget, which many believe contemplates too much spending and would leave the nation with unsustainable deficits going forward.

Already, Democrats on the Hill were making changes to specific proposals in the budget in an attempt to bring deficits under control. Among them were proposals to make permanent the $800 per family tax credit for working families, and money that was set aside for the president's proposed expansion of health care coverage.

The White House has played down the concerns emanating from Congress, as well as the changes in the budget. During his prime time news conference last night, Obama said that the core principles of his budget remain in place and he signaled a willingness to compromise on the details of the budget plan, although he stood firm on the principles.

He added that some elements of the plan, including the middle class tax credit, are already in place for two years as a result of the stimulus package, giving his administration time to work out a way to make them permanent.

Similarly, speaking to reporters in a conference call this morning, Office of Management and Budget Director Peter Orzag said that while Congressional Democrats already have made changes in the budget, the vast majority of the plan "remains aligned with the key priorities of the president."

Posted at 11:03 AM ET on Mar 25, 2009  | Category:  The Budget
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You've never heard of videotape? Ican also "PROVE THE NEGATIVE" that I am not female. Next canard?

Posted by: JakeD | March 27, 2009 1:10 PM

to jaked
you cannot prove a negative
neither you nor i can prove we were not born on jupiter.
i was born on mars

maybe in your bizzarro world you can prove you not born somewhere but here on earth, we can't.

Posted by: jvburke | March 26, 2009 3:26 PM

The Dems are a bunch of cowards who don't have the courage to do what is necessary. In America, unlike the Facsists in Canada and Europe, our GOP elected officials have the guts to lower the taxes on the rich whenever they can. THEY are willing to lower the taxes on anyone, also. That is the courage of the GOP. They are willing to tell the truth and step up tell you they will lower taxes, (maybe not yours, but definitely theirs and their friends).
We don't need to pay for anything, we borrow from China to give as foreign aid to other countries and to fund two wars but we should have the courage to lower the taxes on the wealthy.
Riddle me this, Batman
How is trickle down different from the bailout?
Are there safeguards in the tax cuts to the wealthy so they won't receive bonuses?
Courageous tax cuts!!!

Posted by: jvburke | March 26, 2009 3:21 PM

I really don't think even the Democrats in the Senate are going to let this fool of a President have that large of an annual budget. Not EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: elainekramer | March 25, 2009 3:49 PM

hello...has anyone read the budget?

Posted by: TheBabeNemo | March 25, 2009 3:13 PM

I will note that you declined (yet again) to answer my questions. Here are the answers FWIW:

1) He hasn't.

2) That's right.

Posted by: JakeD | March 25, 2009 2:37 PM


That's not true (at least in my case). If he would simply consent to Hawaii releasing the original LONG FORM birth certificate, I would be satisfied.

Posted by: JakeD | March 25, 2009 2:35 PM

both Obama and the state of Hawai'i have confirmed that he is native-born. if he produced more documents, or even a live video of the birth, you'd say they were forgeries concocted by the KGB, M16, and ACORN.

a noted psychologist explains why . . .

Yes, Obama was born in Hawaii, and yes, he is eligible to be president. But according to several experts in conspiracy theories, and in the psychology of people who believe in conspiracy theories, there's little chance those people who think Obama is barred from the presidency will ever be convinced otherwise.

"There's no amount of evidence or data that will change somebody's mind," says Michael Shermer, who is the publisher of Skeptic magazine and a columnist for Scientific American, and who holds an undergraduate and a master's degree in psychology. "The more data you present a person, the more they doubt it ... Once you're committed, especially behaviorally committed or financially committed, the more impossible it becomes to change your mind."

Posted by: BandonGolfer | March 25, 2009 2:30 PM

Gator-ron, I wish Obama to be successful. After all I voted for him, and I was his earliest supporter. First of all, I think, however, that there would not be ANY tax cuts for the middle class, on the contrary, it smells like the tax increase for the middle class, according to what is going on. At least, Illinois is getting already the substantial state tax increase after the 'bad' governor was replaced. This former governor had not increased income taxes even a bit within all six years he had been in power. However, good democrats and republicans increased these taxes immediately after he was impeached.

Posted by: aepelbaum | March 25, 2009 2:19 PM


No. Now that I've answered your questions, care to answer mine:

1) When did Obama prove he was not born in Kenya?

2) He has not released his original LONG FORM birth certificate, right?

Posted by: JakeD | March 25, 2009 2:15 PM


The GOP has been offering solid alternatives, but maybe you haven't been listening.


Whether it's the worst economy since the great depression, two or even THREE wars, a housing market in disenegration -- if Obama is not a "natural born" citizen, he is not legally President of the United States, then someone who is (Joe Biden?) should get down to the business of addressing these issues.

Posted by: JakeD | March 25, 2009 2:13 PM

are y'all sedevacantists, too? I mean, Pope Benedict XVI believes in Vatican II and the vernacular mass, so he must be illegitimate, right?

these kind of sideshow people are generally amusing, except when they foment an Oklahoma City.

I hope the FBI and Homeland Security are keeping a close watch on you. I know Morris Dees and the folks at SPLC are.

Posted by: BandonGolfer | March 25, 2009 2:12 PM

The tax cuts for the middle class are absolutely necessary. We do not need to put any more money into the hands of a reckless and irresponsible congress. Obama should set the standard for spending and not the Democrats in congress.

The Republicans, if they really stood for tax cuts, should be out in front on this one. My guess is they are unprincipled and really only stand for tax cuts for the wealthy.They can stop the Dems from being spendthrifts and can attract a voter like myself. But no, they will just complain about the Dems, do nothing and fiscally conservative Democrats like myself will be stuck with Dems who are willing to do something about education and most importantly health care.

We will not solve healthcare without Obama. Republicans should give up on the idea of electing a Republican President and simply aim for being a powerful minority. But the fascists that currently run the party and their supporters do not believe in compromise and their party is destined to disappear.

Posted by: Gator-ron | March 25, 2009 2:04 PM

GOP = Got 0 Plans
GOP = Got 0 Plans
GOP = Got 0 Plans
GOP = Got 0 Plans
GOP = Got 0 Plans
GOP = Got 0 Plans
GOP = Got 0 Plans
GOP = Got 0 Plans
GOP = Got 0 Plans
GOP = Got 0 Plans
GOP = Got 0 Plans
GOP = Got 0 Plans
GOP = Got 0 Plans
GOP = Got 0 Plans
GOP = Got 0 Plans
GOP = Got 0 Plans
GOP = Got 0 Plans
GOP = Got 0 Plans
GOP = Got 0 Plans
GOP = Got 0 Plans
GOP = Got 0 Plans
GOP = Got 0 Plans
GOP = Got 0 Plans
GOP = Got 0 Plans

Posted by: hiberniantears | March 25, 2009 2:03 PM

yes jakey, i think you should email or call all the congressmen and clarify that point for them.

Posted by: TheBabeNemo | March 25, 2009 2:00 PM

For those trolls still spewing the Obama isn't a citizen drivel get a life!
President Obama inherited the worst economy since the great depression, two Wars, Iran, a housing market in disenegration mode and because he dares to be able to walk and chew gum at the same time, unlike the last inhabitent of the WH, the GOP says "how dare he". Well you better get a grip, we finally have someone in the WH who's decided it's high time to do something for the working stiffs, the wealthy and CEO'S got theirs under Bush/Cheney, at the total destruction of our nation. The Republicans have nothing to offer, period. All they can do is pontificate about spending, didn't hear a word from them when they rubber stamped everything their dear leader put through.
I think they need to go back home and read the constitution, you know that thing that Bush and Cheney tromped all over. Then try and come up with some logical explanation as to why anyone would trust them with the country again. For my money, I'll take President Obama, he's intelligent, bold, far looking and isn't going to take your crap!

Posted by: sfilutze | March 25, 2009 1:46 PM

Another unanswered question (because Obama refuses to release the documents): did he attend college using public funds set aside for FOREIGN students?

Posted by: JakeD | March 25, 2009 1:43 PM


When did Obama prove he was not born in Kenya -- I must have missed that -- last I checked, he has not released his original LONG FORM birth certificate, right? Hawaii law at the time allowed for foreign-born children to be registered in Honolulu which would create a record for the "Certificate of Live Birth" (different document) that has been touted as the shibboleth that was debunked ages ago.

Posted by: JakeD | March 25, 2009 1:40 PM

it appears the Rep party has been given over entirely to the kooky Black Helicopter people.

the "Obama not native-born" shibboleth was debunked ages ago. not even RushBlob or MilitiaBeck will touch it.

it's sad how sad some people are.

Posted by: BandonGolfer | March 25, 2009 1:19 PM

The FACT is that Obama is not PRESIDENT if he is not a "natural born" citizen, so Congress should be negotiating with Acting President Biden instead ; )

Posted by: JakeD | March 25, 2009 12:44 PM

the reaching of agreement through discussion and compromise

one or more meetings at which attempts are made to reach agreement through discussion and compromise

Senate Dems are much better at it than House Republicans.

Posted by: TheBabeNemo | March 25, 2009 12:06 PM

Thank you for this informative, factual, non-gossippy nor biased article. If I want opinions, I'll go to the op-ed page. I go to the front page for news, and you didn't disappoint. Thanks again, Michael.

Posted by: katem1 | March 25, 2009 12:06 PM

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