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Obama Shifts Focus to Afghanistan

By Ben Pershing
After a week focused almost entirely on domestic matters -- including a news conference where foreign policy barely reared its head -- President Obama shifts his focus abroad again today, as he seeks to build consensus for an increase in troops and treasure for Afghanistan. "This is Obama's war" now, even though he inherited it, especially since he spent much of last year's campaign attacking his predecessor's stewardship of the conflict and vowing to do things differently.

Obama will deliver remarks on the new Afghanistan strategy this morning, after which a trio of administration officials will hold an on-the-record session with reporters on the details. That follows background leaks to the press yesterday as well as briefings on Capitol Hill and calls to key allies, all designed to drum up broad support for the most significant non-domestic initiative of Obama's presidency so far. Republicans who were briefed on the plan yesterday (yes, they were briefed), haven't said yet what they think of it. David Brooks today calls the Afghanistan conflict "the winnable war," while at the same time giving Obama praise he may not want by saying the president "is doubling down on the very principles that some dismiss as neocon fantasy."

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Posted at 8:20 AM ET on Mar 27, 2009  | Category:  The Rundown
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The Mideast can no longer be left in the hands of the advocates of "the long war" -- the saboteurs and Dr. Strangeloves who use such conflicts as a pretext for a strategy aimed at the establishment of a global and domestic autocracy that enriches the military/industrial complex at the cost of American blood and treasure.

It is time for Mr. Obama and Mrs. Clinton to abandon the "holdover" strategy...

You must show the door to the saboteurs and Dr. Strangeloves who will bring down your administration if left unchallenged.


Why Team Obama must move immediately to dismantle the Bush-Cheney “extrajudicial punishment network” that CONTINUES to terrorize, torture, and deny due process rights to untold thousands of unjustly "targeted" U.S. citizens:

Posted by: scrivener50 | March 27, 2009 10:38 AM

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