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Sharing the Stage with Obama: Kennedy and Bill Clinton

Updated 4:19 p.m.
By Michael A. Fletcher
President Obama traveled to the SEED School of Washington this afternoon to sign a $5.7 billion national service bill that should allow the AmeriCorps program to nearly quadruple in size over the next eight years.

Joining Obama onstage as he signed the Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act at the public boarding school in Southeast were former president Bill Clinton, who initiated the AmeriCorps program, as well a tough campaign-season critic of the former president, Sen. Edward Kennedy (D-Mass.), after whom the bill is named.

Others at the ceremony included Vice President Biden, first lady Michelle Obama and Rosalynn Carter, the wife of former president Jimmy Carter.

Congress passed the bill, which was co-sponsored by Kennedy and Republican Sen. Orrin Hatch (Utah), with large bipartisan margins last month. Obama is seeking $1.1 billion to fund it next year.

The money will go to expanding the reach of the Corporation for Community and National Service, which oversees AmeriCorps and a several other programs, including SeniorCorps, and Learn and Serve America.

The bill would increase the size of AmeriCorps to 250,000 by 2017. Currently, the program has 75,000 enrollees.

The measure will bolster the infrastructure that supports volunteerism at a time when many charities and other non-profit groups are struggling for support as a result of the economic downturn.

For more background on the bill, see The Federal Eye»

Posted at 12:41 PM ET on Apr 21, 2009  | Category:  Education
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folks that are condemning don't have jobs to go to.

-their kids are probably going hungry because of 10 hours "at the screen".
-as they post here with their venom, they are secretly on a pornographic site too, for another 15 hours....
don't look outside or get out in the real world...

just log onto the Post and blast the President with illogical posts.
Ask what you can do for your country..

oh wait, don't forget to go to church on sunday and get forgiven by the priest who is on the same pornography site you are...
since you aren't working...

Posted by: TheBabeNemo | April 22, 2009 11:59 AM

Hei rightwingers nuts, out in forces again? i have the impression that you only lurk in the shadows to be the first to post on the WaPo and the NYTimes negatively on anything obama, do you get paid for it or you just have too much time in your hands?
wonder why you don't watch Faux News a little more, tired of all the same lies repeated on and on?
guys, get a life, you are pathetic (but you do provide a good laugh i have to admit)

Posted by: biglio | April 21, 2009 11:00 PM

One gurlie man and two gurlie abusers. Project SEED indeed.

Posted by: georgejones5 | April 21, 2009 10:29 PM

There is Obama with Chappaquiddick body bagger, and the liar impeached .

There really is no sense in this man's brain.
Why put yourself with two known crime figures, as you face treason charges, and torture charges?

Posted by: dottydo | April 21, 2009 10:19 PM

Great photo.Mary Jo,Jennifer Flowers, Hugo Chavez must be proud.

Posted by: maximus4 | April 21, 2009 10:09 PM

Another $5.7 billion of our freedom is gone and the liberal elite celebrate.

Posted by: lefande | April 21, 2009 10:01 PM

Great photo of the Three Stooges. The incompetent now in the White House is really close to being as scummy as the others. He lies more than predator Clinton, and his leftist actions are left of the lush and manslaughter slug Kennedy.
And, he's done it in less than a hundred days. God help us.

Posted by: LarryG62 | April 21, 2009 9:58 PM

That was a great caption picture. Two sexual predators, one of whom should have been convicted for manslaughter, and one nearing treason in his efforts to destroy the United States.

Posted by: georgiarat | April 21, 2009 8:55 PM


You beat me to it. Congratulations.

Posted by: hisroc | April 21, 2009 8:20 PM

Another photo-op for three losers...where is Carter? His idiot wife was there.
Obama= One Big Arse Mistake for America...the first and worst black president...duma$$

Posted by: 65apr | April 21, 2009 7:52 PM

Another photo-op for three losers...where is Carter? His idiot wife was there.
Obama= One Big Arse Mistake for America...the first and worst black president...duma$$

Posted by: 65apr | April 21, 2009 7:43 PM

Acorns are now outsourced so this is another push to hire illegals.

Taxpayers are not going to fund Obamaland or Obamanomics. He is out of money, and facing treason charges for not having military backround and following security protocals of declassification in an unauthorized release.

Posted by: dottydo | April 21, 2009 7:33 PM

AmeriCorps is a great program. I'm a little biased as a former AmeriCorps Director. People who are not familiar with the program have no idea the impact AmeriCorps members have on the community.

Examples of what some our members did:
Started an afterschool sports club. Active for 9 years.

Began a Youth Center in an old school - Active for 6 years.

Self-esteem tutoring for girls - afterschool program.

Tutoring for students - active for 8 years.

Recruited numerous volunteers.

Collaborated with police to mentor - police are continuing to mentor the students in an afterschool program.

Following their service used their Education Award to attend school - became nurse; teacher; got masters in psycology; social workers, etc. A lot of them said they changed their career because of their service.

Posted by: rlj1 | April 21, 2009 7:30 PM

This bill is a bit of a quagmire, American's 55 and over recieve about $ 3.88 hr for 1,000 hrs of work, and that is below minimum wage, then we have the un-employed who are desperate for jobs to provide for their families, so they are forced to work in this service while on the dole.
Obama can certainly change the bailouts to stop layoff's and hire back the un-employed. I just do not see where the money is going if not that.

Posted by: johnwhargissr4congress | April 21, 2009 7:13 PM

This bipartisan Service America Act will inspire and enable 250,000 patriotic and selfless Americans to serve their nation on front lines fighting for improvements in literacy, housing, the environment, health care and more. It is a historic moment that is being celebrated by Americans of all backgrounds and ages. Republicans and Democrats have joined together for the greater good. "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country."

Posted by: twbern | April 21, 2009 5:44 PM

Was Monica part of this program? I understand it left a bad taste in her mouth. (Old yes, but still a good one.)

Posted by: Bubbette1 | April 21, 2009 5:29 PM

O'Bomba can coin the phrase:

"Ask not what Your Country did to People who look like you(But, imply it daily!);

Ask, what YOU can Do to your Country!"

(Insult it, demean it, slander it, blame it, impugn it...)

Posted by: SAINT---The | April 21, 2009 2:15 PM

Americorps is a great program and I am glad the president is doing this. Bill Clinton now has a blog

Posted by: duganal | April 21, 2009 1:13 PM

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