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Specter: Move to Democratic Party a 'Painful Decision'

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Longtime Republican Sen. Arlen Specter says he is switching to the Democratic Party, a move he calls a "painful decision." (Associated Press)

Posted at 3:56 PM ET on Apr 28, 2009  | Category:  Video Report
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I guess this decision was made because Arlen Specter thinks he is indispensible. There is something about the Senate that makes people stay there long past their prime. I call this phenomenom "staying too long at the party."

Even at this there is no guarantee that he will win the Democratic primary because he is cutting the line in front of other Pennsylvania Democratic politicians who want to advance their careers. It is also no guarantee that he will win the 2010 general election because the political climate could be different depending on how President Obama fares.

Senator Specter's health is not that good and this would have been a good time for him to retire. But instead he joins the ranks of Strom Thurmond, Robert Byrd, and others who stayed too long at the party.

Maybe it was time to call it a career, Arlen.

Posted by: danielhancock | April 28, 2009 6:51 PM

Sen. Arlen Specter is a very intelligent person. He knows & has seen how "George Bush, Dick Cheney, Rush Limbaugh & Company" have destroyed the Republican party. He realized the future of the Republican party is in danger. The moderate Republicans need to distance themselves from the Ultra right wing of their party if they want to survive. This is what kept McCain from the Presidency ... the Right Wing Kooks !!

Posted by: wasaUFO | April 28, 2009 5:41 PM

Some hardcore republicans (so called conservatives) would say that this leads to their loss in senate, but it also leads to one party leadership in America, which is of course dictatorship.
FALSE!!!! False as last the 8 years of the craziest president we ever had and he was republican. Its false because we don't have only Democrats and Republicans, we have other parties in this country that have been ignored by us. Maybe its just time for republicans to go away and have for example Ralph Nader party or Michael Bednarik party step in and give a challenge in this democratic country. However; Senator Specter, welcome to the right party.

Posted by: BOBSTERII | April 28, 2009 4:31 PM

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