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At 100-Day Mark, Obama Report Cards Mostly Positive

By Ben Pershing
On the 98th day of President Obama's term, it looked as though the swine flu crisis might just overshadow today's milestone. On the 99th day, Arlen Specter delivered himself, wrapped in a bow, to the White House doorstep.

So it has gone for Obama, who has tackled one crisis after another -- only a few of his own making -- but stands, on his 100th day, as a popular president with the political wind still at his back. The media air is thick this morning with assessments of the Obama era so far, and nearly all are positive.

The New York Times editorializes that Obama has made "a strong start" to an administration that has dealt with much adversity. The Fix says the first 100 days are "without question" a success. Rich Lowry agrees that Obama's administration would be a success if it ended today, but suspects the thousand-plus days ahead will be more difficult. A new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll "finds that the president himself is more popular than his policies." Noting the sheer volume of action emanating from the White House, the Economist dubs it "100 days of hyperactivity."

Alternately, Andrew Malcolm calls this milestone "100 days since Aretha's hat." Now, Obama's term may now be divided into "BS" and "AS" -- Before Specter and After Specter.

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By Ben Pershing  |  April 29, 2009; 8:35 AM ET
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Plese re-read, and heed, Dwight David Eisenhower's farewell address.

And please... beware hawks bearing "photo ops."

Posted by: scrivener50 | April 29, 2009 5:08 PM | Report abuse

I'm not all that impressed after the first 100 days.

I do recall Sen. Obama stating that he would "go through government spending line by line and eliminate waste...' if he were to be elected President. I have seen no elimination of waste, yet spending is higher in this first 100 days than it was during any full term by a previous President.

I am seeing a man who is becoming increasingly dependent upon his speech writers and the teleprompter - this makes me very uncomfortable because I want a leader that can speak to the public (to us) with confidence and honesty. It very hard to believe the honesty when he cannot just talk to us using his own words and his own thoughts.

The appointments he has made are far from bi-partisan, something he spoke of often while campaigning. I see no 'reaching across the aisle' - especially when he makes comments like 'I won - deal with it.' That's something I expect to hear from my pre-teen children, not from the leader of our nation.

The media has become so biased - either for (which is far more often) or against this fledgling President that one cannot make a reasonable or rational assessment about how he is REALLY doing. In looking at various polls, on in particular is broken down into subgroups by race, gender, age, etc. This poll indicates that EVERY African American person polled believes that President Obama is doing a great job. Those numbers are either statistically impossible or an indication that the African American community is totally racist. I would be inclined to believe that the poll is incorrect or biased, because I know of many African Americans that do not support him as President. And they have enough integrity to look beyond color in making that determination.

I know the liberals will attack my comments. Probably call me a racist conservative with a bad attitude because 'we won, deal with it', but that could not be farther from the truth. I did NOT vote for the Republican ticket, I did vote for positive change. While there has been change, it has not been positive. I voted for a leader that would honor his word and I am disappointed.

Posted by: hargensteel1 | April 29, 2009 2:36 PM | Report abuse

President Obama is an excellent example of an American Patriot. He loves his country and his level-headed demeanor is indicative of someone in control of his emotions and character. He can smile and be stern and intelligently assesses the problems at hand.

He had done more to restore the confidence that the American people lost during the administration of a buffoon that will never achieve the stature already established by President Obama, much less the intelligence necessary to fill that office.

President Obama...Thank you and congratulations on the first 100 days...exemplary, indeed.

Posted by: olgaolivia | April 29, 2009 1:25 PM | Report abuse

The president has made an impressive start. Someone less capable would have flopped in 100 minutes given the enormity of the problems he inherited.

Not to mention his personality-- Cool, controlled and in charge. Certainly, who could have expected a perfect score, but in my book he deserves an A-. See my take
The next 100 days will allow fewer windows of opportunities for 'messing' up. But congratulations are in order to the President and his wife, who clearly are a great 'first' team.

Posted by: Victoria5 | April 29, 2009 11:25 AM | Report abuse

AmericanPatriot2009 wrote: "I cannot find one positive that this man has done."

You probably have trouble finding your shoes in the morning too, eh? Those conservative blinders are heck, aren't they?

Thanks for letting us all now how completely biased and inflexible in opinion you are, though. A true Republican, from the sound of it.

Posted by: nodebris | April 29, 2009 11:07 AM | Report abuse

I cannot find one positive that this man has done. Let's see he goes over seas, calls American's arrogant.

Does not visit the 9300 plus graves at Normandy..that is a slap in the face of every soldier, Airmen,Marine and Veteran.He does not want to offend Germany or the Brit's, but does not mind offending the real hero's.

Has no clue to Britain protocol with the queen and an IPOD ..Yikes ...

Has spent more money in the first weeks then every before in history.

Does not appear to be doing one single thing about sending the illegal's back.. with this Swine flu they need to CLOSE the borders for good....

I am NOT the least bit interested in Socialized Medicine.. people of America.. socialized medicine is NOT A GOOD THING.

As I said, I cannot find ONE thing that has been positive, and those I know who support them, when I ask OK so what has he done,the response I get, is 'he's doing a good job' .. Yikes supporters who have no clue.. America is waking up ...

The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people, it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government - lest it come to dominate our lives and interests.” - Patrick Henry -

We are heading for tyranny! Reclaim America folks while there is a little time left!

Posted by: AmericanPatriot2009 | April 29, 2009 10:45 AM | Report abuse

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