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Obama Reaction: The Shooting in New York

In this photo rendered from video and released by News 10 Now TV, in Binghamton, N.Y., authorities check their gear after a gunman attacked an immigration services center. (AP Photo/News 10 Now-TV)

President Obama issued a statement this afternoon on the violence in Binghamton, N.Y., which the White House called a "tragic shooting."

"Michelle and I were shocked and deeply saddened to learn about the act of senseless violence in Binghamton, N.Y. today," he said. "Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims, their families and the people of Binghamton. We don't yet know all the facts, but my administration is actively monitoring the situation and the vice president is in touch with Governor Paterson and local officials to track developments."

By Web Politics Editor  |  April 3, 2009; 4:48 PM ET
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You know that the Gov. Will use these Gun Crimes to enact new Gun Laws. If everyone had a gun, this man would not of gotten this far. Those law biding citizens that want guns should be allowed to have them.
This is an issue they tackle in the new Obama Game. Obama 12, end of days. Heres link if anyone wants to play.
Obama's Power has its limits., LOL> Sounds like he is superman. :) Sweet title. Well you know, he does have a video game now. Check it out at.

Posted by: pastor123 | April 6, 2009 3:02 PM | Report abuse

Yes, if criminals did not have guns, gun crime would be non existent. But since it is virtually impossible to keep guns out of the hands of criminals, law abiding citizens might as well be able to have the right to protect themselves with their own firearms if they so choose. The misuse of firearms should be strictly punished by the law, but I don't understand why people who follow the law and who are responsible can't own guns. Because the law abiding citizens are going to be the only ones who follow the gun laws if they are passed. Criminals like gun laws! That means they can feel safe that their victims won't shoot back. Criminals break the law; they do not care if a politician or law enforcement officer tells them they have to give up their guns.

Posted by: johnsj99 | April 5, 2009 11:40 AM | Report abuse

re: Johnsj99 comment "firearms for creation." Major Freudian How big is yours? We have the largest murder for gun rate in the industrialized world. Yes the sophomoric "people kill people" is true, but less guns in the hands of people means that less people will kill. Get it?

Posted by: c1945h | April 5, 2009 12:10 AM | Report abuse

May peace be upon you all @ dwyerj1 | April 4, 2009 7:13 AM.

When I referred to Western Society I meant that the Islamic teachings in light of Islamic perspective towards the issues such as acts of terrorism taking place around in the whole world, and it is unfortunate that my previous comment was utterly misunderstood by you, I had tried to emphasize that actions such as these MUST be categorized as Terrorism, not just another gun shooting in the U.S. People need also to be aware of the fact, how and why such acts take place, we always need to understand, that the Acts of Terrorism, have a cause, as it is said by prominent philosophers and Psychologists, that all actions have a cause such as the one given by "Sigmund Freud" which is known as "Psychic Determinism" just as the act which took place today, had a cause, and so many acts of terrorism that take place in the world have a cause, such as the ones that take place in Pakistan are due to "Drone Attacks" made by the U.S. Military in Northern Waziristan (Tribal Areas of Pakistan)

Posted by: nizamani_usama | April 4, 2009 1:22 PM | Report abuse

THE TALMUD STATES "he who saves one JEW saves all humanity" the talmudic quote was changed to "he who saves one SOUL saves all humanity" for schindlers list so as to be more suitable to christians and non jews......the talmud teaches that "christians and non jews exists to serve jews" and that when the messiah comes each jew will have 1200 christian slaves"

Posted by: yorkville7 | April 4, 2009 11:17 AM | Report abuse

the TALMUD states "HE WHO SAVES ONE JEWS SAVES THE WHOLE WORLD" this quote was changed for schindlers list to say " he who saves one soul saves the whole world" to be me suitable to non jews. the talmud states that christians and non jews have no soul and are the same as beasts and that when the messiah comes christians will be slaves to the chosen people.... GOOGLE TALMUD/HATE

Posted by: yorkville7 | April 4, 2009 11:04 AM | Report abuse

the TALMUD states "HE WHO SAVES ONE JEWS SAVES THE WHOLE WORLD" this quote was changed for schindlers list to say " he who saves one soul saves the whole world" to be me suitable to non jews. the talmud states that christians and non jews have no soul and are the same as beasts and that when the messiah comes christians will be slaves to the chosen people.... GOOGLE TALMUD/HATE

Posted by: yorkville7 | April 4, 2009 11:03 AM | Report abuse

I get so sick of that old saw from the gun nuts that laws restricting gun ownership won't help because 'criminals" will get them anyway ---- well, we don't have to make it so easy for them, do we?
What the heck is meant by 'recreation' anyway, hunting down defenseless animals?

All of you wingnuts who constantly complain about high taxes might consider what law enforcement costs taxpayers in this murderous country because of rightwing insanity about a gun in every pocket.

You NRA rightwingers constantly get a pass from the media for your insane life and death irresponsibility towards the people and the environment of this country,

First you Republican rightwingers scream about Roe V Wade, then you encourage people o kill each other, then you scream about taxes, then you make it possible for murder and crime to flourish and the costs to American society is into the trillions of tax dollars, much less the unbearable tragedy that casual gun ownership has wrought.

Just as you don't leave your car keys lying around, guns shouldn't be available at all, under any circumstances.

Thanks again Republicans for your great contributions to civilization!

Posted by: strohblumen | April 4, 2009 10:26 AM | Report abuse

Of course the shooting was senseless -- look at the intellect of the shooter.

None of those who practice mass murder are bright.

Certainly, it's just a matter of profiling these kooks, flagging them, if possible, to idenitfy future incidents, then taking a view of the whole to predict and eliminate such incidents.

Posted by: thegreatpotatospamof2003 | April 4, 2009 10:11 AM | Report abuse

- - -
...apparently still has a few imperfections.
- - -
Border Enforcement + Immigration Moratorium = Job, Crime & Eco Sanity

Posted by: tma_sierrahills | April 4, 2009 10:05 AM | Report abuse

Gun laws only prevent safe, law abiding citizens from the use of firearms forcreation and protection.
rePosted by: johnsj99 | April 4, 2009 9:35 AM

Yeah! Law abiding citizens are not allowed to possess nukes either....and I'm glad.

Posted by: rooster54 | April 4, 2009 9:55 AM | Report abuse

"ASSAULT WEAPON"! That term is thrown around so carelessly these days. First of all U.S. citizens have never been able to own a true assault weapon. The "assault weapons" that citizens can buy are just SEMI-automatic hunting rifles with mean looking black plastic stocks. And saying there is no real use for them, well, there's no use for a lot of things. For example, automobiles that travel faster the 100 mph, but you can't buy a car that doesn't do that these days. Gun laws only prevent safe, law abiding citizens from the use of firearms for recreation and protection. Criminals break the law, that's what they do. We need harsher punishment for criminals, not more easy to bypass regulating laws. Perhaps if one of the victims was armed the tragedy could have been prevented.

Posted by: johnsj99 | April 4, 2009 9:35 AM | Report abuse

The statement by nizamani_usama | April 4, 2009 4:16 AM that the Qur'an's view on, Allah be praised, "Killing one innocent human being is as if you have killed the whole of the humanity, and saving one innocent human being is as if you have saved the whole humanity" is not "professed in western society." This is utterly incorrect.

While I hesitate to puff Israel, especially to Palestinians, Whoever destroys a soul, it is considered as if he destroyed an entire world. And whoever saves a life, it is considered as if he saved an entire world.

- Jerusalem Talmud, Sanhedrin 4:8 (37a)

Memorialized in the final scenes of _Schindler's List_.

Posted by: dwyerj1 | April 4, 2009 7:13 AM | Report abuse

What has to be STOPPED is the LEgal POSSESSION of weapons, because the new terrorism is now INSIDE of the US, in hand of people mentally abandoned. Yours and my kids can be the next victims.

Posted by: REGIASAN | April 4, 2009 7:05 AM | Report abuse

It is really unfortunate to find such an incident has taken place, and I as a fellow human being and as a Muslim from Pakistan condemn such actions, whether it takes place in Pakistan, India, or in the West...

because Allah (God) says in the Qur'an:

"Killing one innocent human being is as if you have killed the whole of the humanity, and saving one innocent human being is as if you have saved the whole humanity."

However, I realize that the teachings of Islam are not in its true spirit professed in the western society. Furthermore, one thing discretely needs to be realized that incident such as this of New York need also to be classified as an act of Terrorism...because an act like this if happens in Pakistan, India, or Afghanistan then it is labeled as an act of Terror, where as if it happens in the west especially in United States then such cold hearted people are classified as only mere Gunmen or afterwards as suffering from a mental disorder.

Therefore I'd request the people not to commit an unconscious bias towards this act of terrorism, whether it takes place in any part of world, whether U.S or Pakistan, Afghanistan or India it certainly is one act, and that is of Terror only!

Thank you

Posted by: nizamani_usama | April 4, 2009 4:16 AM | Report abuse

Im glad to see him respond. I like pres Obama. Dont know why GOP keeps attaking him. I seen an online game thats coming out called Obama12, End of days. heres a link
I first saw something on Youtube, hmm I wonder if the GOP isnt behind this. :0

Posted by: pastor123 | April 4, 2009 4:03 AM | Report abuse

This is another tragic rampage and I am sure we will never know the underlying cause. My prayers go out to the victims and families.
I realize these are early reports, but I do not and can not understand the failure of the police to enter that building for an hour and a half. In that time the killer could have killer 26 more people that were in the building. The death total could have been 39.
39 Police Chief Joseph Zikuski, what were you waiting on? Your failure to act could have cause a headline to read, 40 DEAD, 39 VICTIMS PLUS KILLER.


Posted by: mack44 | April 3, 2009 11:17 PM | Report abuse

JakeD has not posted. Was he the killer!? Goodbye and good riddance to his offensive posts and pathetic positions!

Posted by: gregp1 | April 3, 2009 11:16 PM | Report abuse

Horrific shame. So many must endure unbearable anguish as our callous leadership condemns american workers to a 12% planned unemployment rate by delaying stimulus spending until their next election cycle.

Posted by: georgejones5 | April 3, 2009 11:08 PM | Report abuse

It's worth looking into the shooter's psych drug history.

Posted by: media3 | April 3, 2009 10:43 PM | Report abuse

Another sicko who would barely have been able to wound anyone without an automatic weapon. Great. Watch all the Second Amendment zombies crawl out of the woodwork and howl and screech about how great it is to have easy access to guns.

Posted by: chrisfox8 | April 3, 2009 10:37 PM | Report abuse

It is a tragic circumstance that happened today, but we need to remember....guns do not kill ppl, ppl kill ppl and they use the tool called a gun....but lets go deeper, actually this has to do with inequality in our economy, our housing, our labor force, and all of that adds up to frustration, and for those of us who do not know how to express that anger in a healthy manner end up doing things such as we really need to address the deeper issue and ask we truly care to treat each other w/respect? and if so, what does that look like?


Posted by: Hheeaatt | April 3, 2009 10:33 PM | Report abuse

VOXVERITAS...the first report from the police was that the shooter displayed a "power rifle" hence the comment about assault weapons. I have a concealed weapon permit, and usually I carry a small pistol for personal defense and I believe in the second amendement, but I do not understand the need to own an assault rifle. These weapons are not designed for defense, but for war, the only application is "hunting humans". Why civilians are allowed to own them is beyond my understanding...

Posted by: BFranco | April 3, 2009 10:12 PM | Report abuse

So Patterson and Obama both make sympathetic noises and say this shooting was "senseless." I wish that word would be banned from the official (or even unofficial) comments of all official persons when these things happen.

It is patently obvious to anyone who spends even a small amount of time observing human nature, that "running amok" is something that a certain percentage of human beings (especially males) are going to do. A person snaps. He sheds all inhibitions to his rage, arms himself, goes somewhere and sprays it with gunfire, and then kills himself. This behavior is so common, so STANDARDIZED, even, that the news stories about it practically write themselves.

We need to stop acting shocked and horrified and pretending we have never heard of such "senseless" behavior, and concentrate on (a) providing better mental health services to try to keep people from reaching this point; (b) doing more research to identify the warning signs, and then publicizing them the way we do for the warning signs of cancer and suicide; and (c) GETTING GUNS OUT OF THE HANDS OF PEOPLE WHO ARE EMOTIONALLY DESPERATE.

Posted by: herzliebster | April 3, 2009 9:44 PM | Report abuse

The shooter WAS a citizen according to news reports. He had been in the U.S. for 28 years or more. He had a beef with the office because he blocked it off to make sure no one got out. There are some 80 million people in this country who legally own firearms. To know which one is going to flip out would be to know which father or mother is going to harm their children-and they do that with more regularity now. Even if every firearm was registered-there would be no preventing someone from going off the deep end. If no one had firearms, this guy would have found a way to get one, or use a different weapon.

Posted by: rias2500 | April 3, 2009 9:32 PM | Report abuse

If people blame immigrants as opposed to free access to weapons for this incident, it show how fascist, xenophobic and degenerated this society has become.

Posted by: mea7 | April 3, 2009 9:05 PM | Report abuse

Our idea of rugged individualism has gotten out of hand. The obsession with competition, along with an aversion to cooperation because it reeks of socialism, has created a perception that others are a threat to your survival, rather than the key to it.
Too many people, therefore, think they have to go out there and win the big one to show everybody and gain the approval they don't know how to give to themselves. When people in this state lose there jobs, they are at a high risk of becoming irrational and violent as a reaction to their powerlessness and a belief that they now have nothing left to lose.
Those who leave economies that have been wrecked by globalization to come to a country that sanctions the same predatory capitalism responsible for the wrecking must be completely overwhelmed when that last act of desperation fails.

I can assure you the market doesn't care.

There are better ways to do things.

Posted by: rooster54 | April 3, 2009 7:31 PM | Report abuse

i hate to say this to the anti gun people but criminals will always find a way to get a gun. the police will usually be there after the crime has happen. and the report is only 17 percent of the Mexican drug lords guns are from the us but the Mexicans government being a lot smarter then ours has found a way to make a few billion by blaming that its USA fault.

Posted by: getsix1 | April 3, 2009 7:27 PM | Report abuse

The news reports that the police recovered two HANDGUNS at the scene. Yet the best comment "Jack Stephens" can come up with is "renew the ban on assault weapons" ??? I wish people first read the news story itself, and would stop posting comments about their unrelated personal agendas/vendettas, and perhaps make a topical comment on whatever actual news story the comment section is linked to.

Maybe this guy's application for citizenship had been turned down? Maybe he was scheduled to be deported? Maybe he was going after a particular person and decided to finish off everyone in the building? There are all sorts of questions raised by this tragedy, without someone wasting time and space lobbying for a political position that is not even relevant to the news story.

Posted by: voxveritas | April 3, 2009 7:23 PM | Report abuse

I'm sure that the terrible problem we have with illegal aliens contributed to this tragedy. This person obviously couldn't distinguish the fact that these people were legal. We MUST stop the flow of the aliens so tragedies like this wont happen !

Posted by: gjdagis | April 3, 2009 7:09 PM | Report abuse

many are being displaced and yet the goverment keeps importing workers to replace them...
it's bad enough that indians with any power in I.T. hire only indians...
where is the eeoc in these matters...

Posted by: DwightCollins | April 3, 2009 6:29 PM | Report abuse

Are we sure the suspect was not a disgruntled tax payer?

Posted by: cecil91 | April 3, 2009 5:58 PM | Report abuse

It is high time to renew the ban on assault weapons. They are the weapons of choice for mass murders and shipments to Mexico for the border wars. Jack Stephens Independence, MO

Posted by: jdstephensmd | April 3, 2009 5:53 PM | Report abuse

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