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POTUS Events: Land of Enchantment

President Obama arrives in Arizona, May 12, 2009, ahead of his trip to New Mexico. (Photo by Getty Images)

By Sarah Lovenheim
President Obama starts his day in New Mexico, also known as the Land of Enchantment. He holds a town hall meeting at Rio Rancho High School at 10 a.m. (local time) to discuss credit card reform. The president returns to Washington around 6 p.m. ET.

Check out our Federal City Digest for a rundown of noteworthy events around town.

Posted at 8:53 AM ET on May 14, 2009  | Category:  The Daybook
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I see you posted this before your careful analysis of President Obama's ASU speech.

Of course you understand that Rio Rancho is just outside of Albuquerque, which is on the way back to Washington from Phoenix. Therefore, your outrage seems to have been rooted in your (temporary) ignorance of the fact that the president was in Phoenix.

While it may be a good thing you are getting your information about the world from the Washington Post, perhaps you would be better served by a more linear delivery system than discussion boards.

Posted by: JimBfromNC | May 14, 2009 2:22 PM

The way this Jerk flies himself around on OUR Tax Dollars, to basically Campaign;

makes his GARBAGE about "Carbon Emissions" blatantly obvious Hype!

His Cap and Trade needs to begin with Capping his Flights, and Trading his campaign rhetoric, for some serious Executive Actions!

But wait! THAT, would actually require Executive Abilities;

now wouldn't it?! :-/

Posted by: SAINT---The | May 14, 2009 12:49 PM

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